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Ugh, stop twitching
september 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:36:14 by Jim Crawford
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Sep 01

  • RT @manveerheir Stealth game where instead of killing, you knock guards out, then follow the guards as they deal with concussion symptoms for all their life

Sep 03

  • Like GDC, all the best parts of PAX happened well outside the convention hall. Except for the guy who sang Master Exploder in Rock Band.
  • @limbclock Man, I've wanted to go to Assembly since I saw Unreal in 1992. Remind me after Frog Fractions 2 1/2 makes me a billionaire.
  • @limbclock That's awesome, what was the award?
  • @limbclock Well done :)
  • @johmmmmmm Likewise!

Sep 04

  • @artenvelope Hi! Was good meeting you too!
  • Of course, as I'm getting ready to go to the airport, the only clean shirt left in my suitcase is the one that says "GIANT BOMB" on it.
  • RT @dannyBstyle "where is the death?" - @mogwai_poet

Sep 05

  • Post-PAX highlight: touched one of @virtjk's cyborg nipples after he came back from getting them installed.
  • RT @Livelyivy Here is a joke my brain just decided to tell me: "How tall was the overenthusiastic guy? About yay high."
  • For a brief moment, Gabe seemed to realize maybe he was the asshole, even if he didn't know why. Then, it was over. littlelull.tumblr.c...
  • @Marwood It's complicated, of course. Supporting an unapologetic misogynist and transphobe is just one aspect of the overall PAX experience.
  • @dannyBstyle Likewise! Was good to hang out, man!
  • @celsiusgs @MANvsGAME @dannyBstyle Doesn't everybody use AOL? I can email my friends all day long and it's easy to use too!
  • @8bitpimp @dannyBstyle The explaining part is what you're doing wrong. You're supposed to handcuff them to a chair until they figure it out.
  • @LorenBednar @MANvsGAME @celsiusgs @dannyBstyle No homophone.
  • @8bitpimp Words are hard. If you break it down into morphemes, you could assume it meant someone afraid to, like, cross the street.
  • @Flanlord Was good meeting you!
  • @icecreamjonsey Same deal with the NAMCO arcade collection whose title included an implementation of the RSA encryption algorithm.
  • RT @MaxScoville As I've gained a larger audience, I've paid more attention to how my words affect people. That's not censorship, it's responsibility.

Sep 06

  • Just get those glasses off, and the girls will be all over you.
  • @dualhammers I *think* so, yeah.
  • Monument to Azathoth manifests in front of Oklahoma City restaurant.
  • (Monument to Azathoth makes restaurant owner reconsider personal definition of art.)
  • The Anatomy of Super Mario: "I love world 3-2, because the entire thing is an elaborate troll."
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: "mark as unread" functionality on tweets, texts, IMs, phone calls, and dinner conversation.
  • @IAmNidoking Can't-fail startup idea of the day: emergency mashed potato fanny pack.
  • @SimonBob You should get some better conversational partners!
  • "Intelligence officials asked the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica not to publish this article."
  • "The record for prime factorisation using Shor's algorithm stands at 21, split into prime factors 7 and 3, in 2012."
  • I wanted to pledge $15 to a thing, but the closest reward was at $20, but it was sold out, and I couldn't afford $25, so I didn't pledge.
  • @davidsgallant You have a thing? I didn't know about your thing. What's your thing?

Sep 07

  • @davidsgallant Oh man, you're going to be traveling in style, huh?
  • @davidsgallant Have you considered pneumatic tube transport?
  • @troygilbert I can! But I didn't, because I couldn't get the cool side thing, even though I really did mostly care about the project itself.
  • @troygilbert Apes are pretty dumb sometimes, huh?
  • @Flanlord @dannyBstyle @MANvsGAME Sorta. You haven't been playing for the past two hours, right? I don't know if I could live with myself.
  • @Flanlord @dannyBstyle @MANvsGAME I'm sorry.
  • @Flanlord @dannyBstyle @MANvsGAME I'll just go spend the next hour repeating that under my breath to distract myself from deepening guilt
  • @Flanlord @dannyBstyle @MANvsGAME Thanks man. I'm only half joking when I say I feel guilty; I try to avoid abject compulsion in my designs.
  • @Coestar @Flanlord @dannyBstyle @MANvsGAME That, I can live with!

Sep 08

  • In case you were wondering, this is exactly what programming feels like:
  • RT @craigtimpany @mogwai_poet I like the guy slacking off in the corner playing with his phone. Prescient!
  • "Hesitation Marks was mastered in two ways -- the standard 'loud' mastering and an alternate 'audiophile' mastering." nineinchnails.tumbl...
  • @regameyk Was good to meet you!
  • @jvdgoot @peteisfat They even say in the description that the change is small. I wonder if I could even tell the difference.
  • @jvdgoot @peteisfat There's also this: sphotos-b-lax.xx.fb...
  • @jvdgoot @peteisfat (And this: fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.a...)

Sep 09

  • Oh, perfect, I've been looking for a conspicuous place I'll remember to put my house keys.
  • RT @lxndryng Dark Souls II confirmed for sequel to Frog Fractions.
  • Oh no, Animal Crossing stores your letters to the villagers? I hope they'll let me keep making games in prison.
  • @simoncarless This game is just a trap for people like me, huh?
  • RT @triumphofhearts @mogwai_poet Found this out when I played Wild World and one of my friends inherited one of my townsfolk and a stream of obscene messages.

Sep 10

  • @driph @simoncarless Spoilers for our upcoming surveillance state:
  • After I bought my copy of "Silence! The Musical" they evidently re-recorded it with women singing the female parts.
  • RT @nottechmeme We Know This Thing Is Not True At All But Pageviews So Question Mark?
  • @commentiquette Always glad to hear that story!
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE! I'll be in the classrooms across from the museum proper.

Sep 11

  • @8bitpimp Ah, yeah, that would've been cool! Do you visit much?
  • Pac-Man with ghost AI visualization:

Sep 12

  • New Humble Bundle has some pretty cool games in it.
  • @Fattony12000 Your mom is a pretty cool game.
  • @Fattony12000 Pretty is game mum cool your my.
  • Categories, ladies and gentlemen! comics.billroundy.c...
  • @KayinNasaki Better than breaking open the fortune cookie and the sound of a toilet flushing coming out.

Sep 13

  • Just bought a ticket to the so-called "Indie Game Jam." Is it indier than most jams? Let's find out together! indiegamejam-es2.ev...
  • @mcclure111 Will do!

Sep 14

  • RT @whitney "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." - Ambrose Bierce
  • Spent four hours reading/writing emails today. This is at least as exhausting as doing actual work!
  • @ForneusLex About South Bay meetups specifically, I actually don't know. @ExpiredPopsicle , @benprunty, @DanFessler, @OneMrBean?
  • @dmmfix You know how when you've just picked up a new skill you want to use it all the time because it's awesome? Kids love categorizing.
  • @dmmfix But you just did ... oh, I get it, "Baby" is her *name*!
  • @vogon World War 1 was pretty nasty too, so I'm told. For all the flack today's wars get, they've really cleaned up their act.
  • Take that Mirror's Edge cosplay and run with it.
  • @LorenBednar (No homophone.)

Sep 15

  • "I watched, completely entranced. I nearly cried. God damn, Chipotle advergame. Seriously."

Sep 16

  • "I hand stitched a poo. My husband looked over at me and said, 'I didn't know you could still surprise me.'"
  • So I got a mic hooked up for my Spelunky daily challenge streams. Welcome, additional sense!
  • @RVGSymphony Yeah, it's been a new game at least four times now!
  • By the way, this mic is definitely good enough to pick up farts in the room.
  • @RVGSymphony Yeah, I like the soundtrack a lot.
  • Given the option, rats choose a fulfilling, active, social life over an addiction to opiates. JUST LIKE PEOPLE MAYBE?

Sep 17

  • RT @vectorpoem ASCII art circa 1920:
  • @troygilbert I'm not gonna come into your house to judge your drugs, if that's what you're asking!
  • "Twerking is all us kids had left and now they're taking it away from us."
  • @EvanBalster Sounds like an infection. Go get it checked out.
  • @bengrue @EvanBalster The flu doesn't last two weeks! But yeah, I bet Ben's right about allergies.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Sep 18

  • "If we are not careful, we will soon be in a post-antibiotic era." Pshaw, when have we not been careful?
  • "3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo"
  • Somehow, somebody at Blizzard was able to make the user psychology case for removing the auction house.
  • I'm genuinely shocked. Pushing this through, in the face of making less money *and* losing a "cool feature," must've been a feat.
  • And looking at the reactions gives me hope (likely ill-founded) for gamers one day recognizing that sometimes not having a thing is better.
  • @dmmfix Notably, they're also removing the in-game-currency auction house.
  • @dmmfix Yeah, probably true.

Sep 19

Sep 20

  • "Twitch no longer automatically saves broadcasts by default." They must be really desperate to conserve disk space
  • I look forward to finding out how they're going to try to tie this into Plus.
  • Oh, I missed my chance to make the other obvious joke, about how in 3 years they'll lose interest and cancel the service, killing billions.
  • Hector Salamanca's bell, starting bid $3500. screenbid.auctionse...

Sep 21

  • "Crowdfunding's Secret Enemy Is PayPal"
  • Fifteen years later, selecting text in a web browser still sucks. And it always will, now that all dev effort is going towards touchscreen.
  • @need12648430 Hm, that might work better than just dragging. I wonder if I could get used to that.
  • @Slumpwuffle Yeah, I do that too, but I only actually get annoyed when I'm trying to copy something.
  • @rodiard Maybe if I use my middle finger it'll work better...
  • @YouOldSoAndSo ... can't-fail startup idea of the day.
  • I kind of want to go over and ask the neighbors if they know their house is running a fire drill, but how could they not?
  • On GTA V: "This is watching your sharp, witty father start telling old fart jokes as his mind slows down."
  • "GTA V is that character. Who used to be a rebel, who pulled the same damn tricks until they stopped working, and then kept doing it
  • @MSPRlNKLE Thank you!

Sep 22

  • Just spent half an hour mapping out the coastline of Los Santos on a jetski. Rockstar do still know how to craft a place.
  • Oddly, in spite of the sheer scope of the game, I was disappointed in the most mundane possible way: where'd San Fierro and Las Venturas go?
  • I'm naming this style of Olmec kill after myself. (Daily Challenge starts at ~5:20)
  • @MarcLaidlaw Do you have platformer fluency? After 20 years of Mario platformers, Spelunky felt like I'd been training for it all my life.
  • @MarcLaidlaw I bet after you beat Spelunky, you'd find yourself pretty good at Super Mario Bros. If you cared to try it.
  • @MarcLaidlaw Yeah! I love especially watching the runs where good players discover things that are new to them.
  • @MarcLaidlaw E.g. @ThemsAllTook entering the spaceship (around 25m in) and messing around with the plasma cannon.

Sep 23

  • "I'm writing a lot of SQL now. I'm technically on the marketing team. For the first time in my life I'm on a team that's 70% women."
  • Hrm. I don't *think* my loathing of all marketing is secretly rooted in sexism, but now I have to go do the math.

Sep 24

  • New GTA V hobby: hanging around the pond in Mirror Park and body-checking hapless joggers into the water.
  • If you punch joggers, the cops come. But if you *sprint* into them, they ragdoll and apologize for being such a klutz as they stand back up.
  • @mcclure111 I bet it would work in real life too. Want to make a field trip to Golden Gate Park?
  • @chrisdonia Reading that pair of tweets out-of-order is the official Frog Fractions 2 experience. Thanks for playtesting!
  • I subtracted correctly and streamed two Spelunky daily challenges in a row today.
  • @Naklsonofnakkl Arrested for resisting arrest

Sep 25

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • "Look, the diet itself is sound; it's the philosophy that's bullshit. Just leave the damn cavemen out of it."
  • @Flanlord Diabetes diagnosis, the easy way!
  • The story behind Horse_ebooks:
  • @dunkr Yeah, for a couple more hours at least.
  • Looking back at Myst, 20 years later:
  • @hryx I'm going to the other game jam this weekend, unfortunately! Hopefully next time.
  • @Twotoetimmy
  • "The synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping. Live performance, captured entirely in camera."

Sep 26

  • @watsonwelch Everytime this article paints getting lost in a 3D world as a bad thing, I cock my head like dog.
  • @watsonwelch I always fought the "Nintendo is for babies" mindset, but they're fighting really hard to own it right now.
  • @watsonwelch Esp. with their growing insistence on explaining every little game mechanic repeatedly through tedious text dialog.
  • @watsonwelch Don't know if I agree. Zelda is the worst offender for text explanations. The last Metroid game of any quality was in 2002.
  • @watsonwelch They're in a pickle right now with the Wii U, too. They've gotta make a big change in one direction or the other, probably.
  • "Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them."
  • Thinking about Goomba musculature. Wait, do you think they have bones?

Sep 27

  • @Triplefox The teeth might be found objects like gravel in a bird's stomach, or maybe chitinous growths like squid beaks.
  • @Satchamobob Judging by their respective stomping sounds I bet regular goombas have cartilage and Super Mario World goombas have a skeleton.
  • @karamisaurus I really like the idea that the just assimilated some teeth that they found somewhere.
  • @KayinNasaki @Satchamobob

Sep 28

  • "Way back when, there was a popular show called Jesus of Nazareth. It was canceled after just 3 seasons."
  • Do they let you nap in hotel lobbies? I'm in a hotel lobby for the next hour or so and I need a nap.
  • @lmichet I don't think so. I've just been working out of this nearby hotel today because it worked out logistically
  • @HunkyFlunkie Thanks! I'm glad to hear it.
  • @nickd3000 I didn't even get a chance to try, I realized I had more work I needed to do!

Sep 30

  • Pleased with the game @lmichet, @Triplefox, @dunkr, @mrasmus, @hryx and I created for #sfigjam. Gonna poke at it a bit more before release.
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