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Ugh, stop twitching
november 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:37:41 by Jim Crawford
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Nov 01

  • How had I never heard of Worms Crazy Golf? It looks amazing. blog.humblebundle.c...
  • @Marwood Hm, that's too bad.
  • Sometimes poor people buy expensive status symbols because "status" has huge consequences for everybody's finances.
  • I'm not sure whether this Super Mario World tool-assisted speed run works better with or without context.
  • @notalentcombo Hm, do you have a link handy?
  • RT @FuzziestKitty Thanks to @mogwai_poet for the costume idea that won "Most Obscure Costume" at my Halloween Party! #HistoryOfBoxing

Nov 02

  • I just noticed that my USB 3 port is filled with, like, melted cheese maybe? It spent 4 days at IGG Marathon, so I'm not surprised at all.
  • The 0-hour jam is this Sunday, if you live in the United States.
  • RT @saraspot @bombsfall
  • RT @ibogost How to codesign a Mac app: 1) Pay Apple $99 2) Install certificates 3) ???? ;??? 4) Codesign with codesign --force 5) ?????? ;???????????<
  • At 2:45 am I decided I wanted some pancakes, so I looked up a recipe. I AM STILL MAKING PANCAKES. I WILL NEVER BE OUT OF BATTER

Nov 03

  • @WolfPupTK Aw, I missed it!
  • Theoccasional's Practical Guide to Dealing with Schizophrenia:
  • @WolfPupTK It's cool, I'll just check out the archive.
  • @vogon @pattheflip @nanowrimo_txt But that doesn't add any extra words?
  • The 0-hour game jam starts in 2 hours, Pacific time. One hour, Mountain time. Except in Arizona. Sorry, Arizona!
  • @Triplefox Hurry up and update Hit Any Game!
  • @Triplefox (No, I'm set.)
  • @Lokno You're an honorary Arizonan this year.
  • Here is my #0hgame this year, about rubber-band racing AI.
  • @Marwood That's actually pretty impressive!

Nov 04

  • This sign says "no tocar" but if you're white and don't know Spanish you can totally tocar. I'm pretty sure that sign is racist.
  • @daemonpants I'm guessing the sign is still racist
  • I just spent an additional half an hour tuning "Rubbery Racers," my 0-hour jam game. It's almost fun now!
  • @lemon5029 We hardly knew ye a thousand times
  • RT @textfiles Did you know Ed Fries of Microsoft made a Atari 2600 version of Halo?

Nov 05

  • Found this futuristic triptych of Draggy Ceilingeater's family at the San Jose Flea Market.
  • @halsted This is the goal of basically all my games I guess.
  • More loot from the San Jose Flea Market: this photo of a Minecraft zombie pi˝ata.
  • The player choice in Beyond: Two Souls is so seamless, most players think it's a linear story.
  • @IvanDashSmith The one about how the choice doesn't make the writing any less terrible? Yeah.
  • @IvanDashSmith I guess Cage has hired writers for his PS4 game, but if he thought his writing was acceptable, how would he know who to hire?
  • @IvanDashSmith Yes! A riddle where you'll never be quite sure whether you got it right and there are millions of dollars on the line.
  • @zovirl @edclef I think you just need to somehow be made aware it's reactive, without feeling like the designer is elbowing you in the ribs.
  • @edclef @zovirl Right. Game design and player savvy have co-evolved so far down the rabbit hole that it's hard to even see anything else.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies A scientist would usurp God, to toy and tinker with the very fabric of life. The resultant kumquats have increased mold resistance.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies A mathematician finds a message encoded in pi. He goes on to prove that all possible messages are encoded in pi an infinite number of times.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies Scientists develop three laws of robotics to ensure machines can never harm man. The market share of robots designed to kill remains at 98%.
  • @Steve_Ince @mikeBithell That's not how the term is used in a video game context, unfortunately.
  • @MitchyD Sorry for the confusion -- I actually didn't write that article.
  • @Steve_Ince @mikeBithell
  • @frank0127 "This is awful," I thought, as I effortlessly sped through what I'd thought would be five minutes of drudgery.
  • . @vogon @ztiworoh Once I saw a headline about how the lead parrot of Hatebeak was murdered by a rival parrot bandleader. Then I re-read it.
  • RT @MaxGeiger Pants made out of a M÷bius strip. pros: technically never get dirty. cons: sometimes you are naked even while wearing them
  • @ztiworoh @vogon Dastardly!
  • @frank0127 I know, it's the worst!
  • @frank0127 No, I do get it. Although for me giving away codes was always hypothetical since everyone I know who plays games gets the bundles
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Nov 06

  • Virus uses audio to communicate across air gaps.
  • @frank0127 Oh cool! Best of both worlds
  • @henkboom Is there a reason simply A-B wouldn't work?
  • Can't fail startup idea of the day: stream and review every game in one of those 10000-in-1 NES cartridges.
  • @TomBurnsRogers They gave up a year ago! :(
  • RT @Triplefox this is a nice series about all the chiptune fx used on 2a03

Nov 07

  • Here is a Kickstarter for Windforge, the most exciting game I saw at the Indie Megabooth.
  • @dannyBstyle @grantkirkhope Once I opened all of @chrisjhampton's works in progress and added a whistle sample to the end of every song.
  • RT @usmanm This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships.
  • @dannyBstyle @grantkirkhope @chrisjhampton That's a bullshit ending. [leading tone]
  • @dannyBstyle @grantkirkhope @chrisjhampton Hang on I'm not done [leading tone]
  • Here is an interview I did for George London's A* interview series:

Nov 08

  • @DLTyrus I wouldn't have had it any other way
  • @YouOldSoAndSo @conkerhimself Well yeah but you don't *tell him*. You just subtly bring it up a year later and let him discover it himself!
  • @ehahnda I'm excited!
  • Sampling is weird.
  • @The_Daily_Net Yes!
  • @arara_ Yeah, that's my take on it.
  • @squidlarkin Mayyyybe.
  • I've been hearing people talking up the PS4 controller. Did they finally put the thumbstick under your thumb?
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Well, I'll give it a shot!
  • @Vahn16 This is a good death. There's no shame in this.
  • @dannyBstyle Still haven't resolved! [leading tone]

Nov 09

  • This Radiolab rerun about tumors does a great job shattering the distinction between organic tissue and organisms.
  • In particular, the Henrietta Lacks story, esp. in relation to her family, is utterly fascinating.

Nov 10

  • @YouOldSoAndSo Man, he's even wearing socks.
  • @ZoeQuinnzel It's like the anthropic principle. If the setting wasn't scary you wouldn't set a horror game there.
  • RT @SIGKILL oh my fuck, a pic of a guy with a microscope on the site, yet nobody with nutrition science background on the team.

Nov 11

  • Hmm, neat idea, except when you use your phone, you're staring at the Game Boy's battery compartment.
  • Spring into action!
  • @pohungchen It's at the San Jose Flea Market!
  • @shirejedi That would explain all the rubbing.

Nov 12

  • RT @jasonventer When I get half naked with my games, it's just another normal night. When @BenKuchera does, he raises $200 in funding for needy children.
  • RT @vihartvihart Hahaha I can't believe Google found a way to make YouTube comments WORSE. I can only understand it as interactive digital performance art
  • RT @vihartvihart The choice between linking with G+ and never commenting again is a hilariously easy one. Wonder how long until they stop letting me upload?
  • RT @vihartvihart Anyone considering right now where to begin building an online presence has got to be backing away in horror from this mess
  • holy crap this blows super mario away ("bubsyaddict")
  • Final days of the Cyan (of "Myst" fame) Kickstarter, and they're at $980k out of $1100k. It's gonna be one of those.
  • @Lokno Uru was a disaster *because* it was an MMO. This isn't one!
  • @zhiwiller Hang on while I reach out of this .NET VM and garrote your CPU.
  • @anactualspider @TheMorningSongs @Carin_McLeoud I still haven't figured out ghost mode.
  • @mdiehr I KNOW RIGHT

Nov 13

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE! While I try to get the wifi running again.
  • RT @mdiehr @mogwai_poet when bubsy lerped into the coffin I laughed and cried
  • RT @KestrelPi Cardiacs were one of the best bands ever to band.
  • . @wavenger I swear I can hear it when people say "would of"
  • I still haven't figured out ghost mode but I did find this:
  • @Marwood @wavenger I've heard people justify it as deadpan sarcasm. Maybe you could try lying to yourself.
  • Speaking of Kickstarters that are almost over and also almost funded, Scale looks pretty incredible.
  • I looked up the laws for this. Apparently private security is allowed to use exactly this color on private property!
  • So the driver's-side selfie I was gonna take with both the light and my duckface in the frame at 70mph would be illegal at least twice.
  • @Slumpwuffle It's not too late! We'll probably be here another hour or so.
  • One question missing from the FAQ: isn't this a little bit incredibly creepy?
  • @nickbreckon @johnnemann Apparently the guy's previous project was seekingarrangements...
  • So I guess the first level of Saints Row IV is trying to send up modern FPSes by being about half as over-the-top as recent Calls of Duty?

Nov 14

  • Women at tech events: "The only thing worse than when they think you're ugly is when they think you're pretty."
  • @geardrops Yeah. I think another meme at play here is the idea that women are insecure about their looks and need compliments all the time.
  • @geardrops Please cater more towards my personal taste in women's appearances.
  • @geardrops Just, here, look, here's a photo of my ex-girlfriend.
  • @mcclure111 In the early 00s I designed and wrote an emulator for a fake early-80s-era Russian game console.
  • @mcclure111 I wanted to make a dozen games for it for people to wonder about but then I remembered how much work making games is.
  • @adamctierney @TronKnotts Mario hates jumping. The entire series is the player torturing him. That's how you know it's art.
  • @mcclure111 @flangy @zusty It's not a Gone Home reference, but I don't know what it is even after asking Google.
  • littleBits, the $160 modular synthesizer that you snap together like Legos. createdigitalmusic....
  • @0sn @mcclure111 @flangy @zusty Excellent. So Chomsky's Revenge would be a game about Universal Grammar, right? Ludum Dare here I come!
  • @0sn @mcclure111 @flangy @zusty And I don't see anything about a cup controller here, so mysteries continue to tantalize.

Nov 15

  • Soren Johnson on having made basically nothing since Civ 5: "How did I lose almost a decade of my professional life?"

Nov 16

  • RT @dorseyshaw that's all there is for today, really.
  • Say, women in the military, what do you think about portrayal of women in video games?
  • @IvanDashSmith Yeah, I'm not sure that's the actual cause and effect there.
  • @Archfriend The fan base is mostly not in on the joke. Also even within the jokey context, there are lots of tropes played totally straight.
  • Game development, ladies and gentlemen!
  • We don't have time to implement an animated spinner to indicate that Gunhouse is loading. Workaround: ask the user to rotate their Vita.
  • @Raminibar No, but I have talked about it in various interviews and podcasts. Also I was working on a mystery-in-games talk for maybe-GDC?

Nov 17

  • @STRd6 @Bananattack @LouisGorenfeld @Triplefox Is this over already?
  • RT @Glinner Saddened to hear news that #BatKid was actually a very short man in his mid-forties. #Batscam #shame
  • making video games

Nov 18

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: electrical pants.

Nov 19

  • Real talk: when you're like "that's a little idealistic" and I'm like "idealistic like a *fox*" do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
  • RT @killscreen SONG OF HEALING: Can Monolift Soft save Zelda from itself?
  • @thomasastle Huh. I recognize nothing from that ad except for the background music. (And the phrase in question.)
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I'm probably just thinking of every 80s Saturday morning cartoon.
  • @Carin_McLeoud Hm, looks like the Simpsons did make that joke. If people think it's a Simpsons allusion that's reason enough to never say it
  • Evan is doing an AMA about Windforge over on Reddit:

Nov 20

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • Even though they used it to create an us vs. them dichotomy, I admire The Hunger Games willingness to portray future fashion as truly weird.
  • @CaptainBinky It's all really their work. They're driving the future of fashion.
  • @Johnicholas Hm, how far-future was it supposed to be?
  • @Triplefox Feel better!
  • @CaptainBinky A joke, or primate status jockeying playing out on a global scale. Basically the same thing.
  • Okay, I'm going to the Ludum Dare thing at The MADE on Dec. 13th-15th. Who's coming?
  • @theonewhogrins Yeah, that's kinda the point. It's all weird unless it's your normal.
  • Very apropos that Upworthy spent a slide in their presentation trying to convince themselves they're not bad people.
  • RT @mcclure111 Sometimes people suggest to me that an OS vendor being able to curate what software ppl can/cant install on an operating system is desirable
  • RT @mcclure111 It is literally like I am watching them transform into a monster in front of my eyes
  • RT @dan_shure Think anyone's been trying to hack healthcare .gov?
  • Going to the West Coast Ragtime Festival this weekend. BALLIN'!

Nov 21

  • Winamp is going away? Are they going to remotely pull the plug somehow on the media player I haven't downloaded an update for in five years?
  • @phneri They'll have to pry it from me with their cold dead hands.
  • @mikethegratest It's whipping the llama's ass in a better place now.
  • First I looked at the PS4 and Xbozone launch lineup and wondered if I was just dead inside. Then I looked at this.
  • Streaming Rogue Legacy at
  • @magic_bane Sorted it out eventually, thanks!
  • @daemonpants Hm! If you wanted to, y'know, invite me over, I could maybe come play a game.
  • Here's my Rogue Legacy stream from last night. I fix the terrible sound about 17 minutes in.

Nov 22

  • Power's out but I still have internet access on my pocket computer. This is the least out outage I've ever had.
  • @Triplefox The PG&E outage information hotline still says they expect service to be back up by 10:15.
  • Been playing Vice City again. I was gonna say it holds up really well until I started having to retry missions. What a brutal save system.
  • @evilbadman I remember The Driver being the subject of a lawsuit. They hired somebody to play the game so the jury could see the story.
  • @evilbadman He just couldn't finish the final mission, so the jury had to reach a verdict without seeing the ending.
  • @reutunes They fixed helicopter control schemes sometime in the past ten years, too.
  • @daemonpants I'm about an hour in and I just beat the first boss.
  • What can I say? I'm gifted.

Nov 23

  • Carmack officially leaves id.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo By far, mine too.
  • @daemonpants I play a shmups a lot so all I had to do was dodge bullets for two minutes while poking the boss in the eye with a stick.
  • RT @YuriyODonnell Game idea that @JasperBekkers and I came up with: text adventure written entirely in a compute shader.
  • Interpreting "because noun" as using "because" as a preposition rather than an omission of a preposition is idiotic. Because "except noun."
  • @STRd6 Also a smarter and more useful interpretation.
  • Analytics mystery: got 1500x more referrals from today than yesterday, but I can't figure out why.
  • @KomradeJack I've never been this confused about this big a spike, though. Usually it's like "oh, a new blog post about my game."
  • @KomradeJack That or the Kennedy assassination.
  • @berv_ Good question! I'm reluctant to just ask them for a favor out of the blue though.
  • The hellshrieks of bedtime.
  • @HartLabs Oh cool, thanks!
  • @berv_ That was it! It was incoming traffic from NerdCubed.

Nov 24

  • Not a single street pass at the West Coast Ragtime Festival so far.
  • It still weirds me out that there are absolutely no black people here to play or listen to what was a predominately black musical form.
  • @vogon Every hypothesis I've come up with is probably horribly racist.
  • This performance of Carmen in the boogie woogie idiom reminds me that musicians have been making musical jokes for a very long time.
  • I never was comfortable in this house.
  • @SpaceBeefJerky They made me promise not to give any context, so I can't even tell you what city it's in!

Nov 25

Nov 26

  • @mcclure111 People accidentally type ls lots of places. That's why it's a synonym for "look" in Frog Fractions.
  • I got excited enough about swimming rabbits that I think I woke up my roommates.
  • It's-a me, the year of Luigi. Luigi finally gets his own 3DS bundle in me, the year of Luigi.
  • When you get a job offer like this you either run away, or you slap the HR guy in the face and then run away.
  • Huge corporations pull this sort of exploitative shit because bureaucracies have no souls. PA does it because the two owners have no souls.
  • @IvanDashSmith Life doesn't have to be like this. It gets better!
  • @Lokno Yeah, that was pretty gross too.
  • @evilbadman Hey, just because *you* didn't figure out to dive under the pond.
  • @agmcleod @davidsgallant
  • @evilbadman Ah, I was interpreting your response as a pot-kettle-black accusation and I came up with a hypothesis on the fly.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Nov 27

  • RT @hryx Bay Area, don't forget about this Saturday - Hype o'clock Game Dev & Tea Time:
  • Do people get addicted to crunch? I'm sort of miserable but also sort of more invigorated than I've felt in maybe years. Just like cutting!
  • @ArthG I'm trying to figure out if I should let myself know.
  • . @ArthG Getting decent sunlight, exercise. Forcing myself to sleep better than usual. Eating no worse than usual.
  • @MrWasteland Hrm. Are you using two different definitions of "addiction" there or are you positing teams having brain-like reward pathways?
  • @ArthG Don't I know.
  • @mikethegratest For me, ~6-8 hours of "real work" a day. I can't do more than ~4 consistently without getting brain fog.
  • @mikethegratest (Working on my own time means I don't have to pretend to work 4 extra hours a day in order to keep being able to do work.)
  • @MrWasteland Okay, yeah. I get it, I was just hoping you meant something more specific.
  • @dualhammers @MrWasteland Yeah, I want to read about this in long form as well. Twitter sucks for this sort of discussion.
  • @Pandawlf I would also put spicy food and "runner's high" in the same category. Pain and stress release endorphins.
  • @Pandawlf Yeah, I'm anticipating that. Odd, considering that a couple weeks ago I felt like I just needed this project behind me.
  • @Pandawlf Right. In my particular case, it also helps that now I feel the game's coming together reasonably well. Two weeks ago not so much.
  • In Mario World, removing Pokey's head wasn't instakill yet, so my exhortations for Yoshi to "EAT HIS FACE! EAT HIS FUCKING FACE!" fell flat.

Nov 28

  • @HanFreakinSolo Primer and Europa Report.
  • Gentrification: not even once.
  • @still Happy to visit but I certainly wouldn't want to live there.
  • RT @necrosofty Is there a way to list people in the credits who playtested your game without sounding insulting? "Playtest" sounds a bit cheap.
  • RT @kleptonin @necrosofty Ludomechanical consultation
  • @YouOldSoAndSo ... you can do that?
  • I'd just been noticing how much more respect people have had for the Xbox since Microsoft stopped talking about it.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo !!
  • "The Video Game Bundle 2.0, a specially curated set of nine full-length game culture & history books and magazines."
  • RT @icecube A Jeopardy question. LOL.
  • Oh good thanks to wifi_rail I will have this build of Gunhouse uploaded to Dropbox in 3 hours.
  • The NSA is watching your porn. Surveillance has always been at least as much about shaming as enforcing overt rules.

Nov 29

  • Maryn McKenna paints a vivid picture of the post-antibiotic future.
  • "Girl, you must be an epiphany because you are a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something."
  • "Girl, you must be a stepfather because you are the husband of one's mother and not one's natural father."

Nov 30

  • @FourbitFriday Yeah, some are *almost* flirting. "Girl, you must be a light because you are mildly dizzy or faint: felt light in the head."
  • RT @joshuamelnick @deviever "A third person shooter about Sonic the Hedgehog & misogyny by Twinbeard for the TI-82." I'M PRETTY SURE THIS ONE EXISTS!!!!
  • Game development!
  • Oh, I hadn't realized the "Misery Loves Charity" broken/troll games marathon was this weekend. Happening as we speak:
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