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Ugh, stop twitching
december 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:37:41 by Jim Crawford
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Dec 01

Dec 03

  • MADE co-workers note: there will not be MADE co-working tomorrow. I'm not certain about next week either.

Dec 04

  • Gunhouse is officially in the hands of Sony PSM QA.
  • RT @necrosofty DID YOU KNOW: working hard is dumb
  • @terrycavanagh @bfod @buenothebear Cly5m was making ZZT games in that style and mood years earlier.
  • @terrycavanagh @bfod @buenothebear Some ideas are just there, waiting to be executed on perfectly.

Dec 05

  • Mickey, Goofy and Donald in the midst of a mid-life crisis.
  • RT @deliciousbees The Year of Luigi will continue until morale improves.
  • Pretty sure Rat on an Escalator is more apt a metaphor for the human condition than the literal human condition.
  • @MammonMachine The tournament scene eventually co-opted it, but I think Smash Bros. did a pretty good job of this.

Dec 06

  • "To Kill a Centrifuge: A Technical Analysis of What Stuxnet's Creators Tried to Achieve" (PDF)
  • @vectorpoem @smestorp This is great. Is there a context for this? Beyond the obvious, I mean.
  • Ha ha man, Gunhouse failed cert because it hung during the Android soak test. I guess we should get some Android phones to test on.
  • @vectorpoem @smestorp Oh, you told me a bit about that, at an Int-Fic meetup last year. (I would still elope with you to make that game.)
  • "Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square"
  • @Sir5000 This is the sort of gameplay where it *looks* like you'd eventually find an awesome secret, except you never do. You'd like it.
  • @still @vogon The system works!
  • Hey, hey guys, has anybody else noticed that debugging memory leaks is actually way harder when memory management is non-deterministic?

Dec 07

  • @antumbral What does this mean in terms of how you actually go about solving the problem?
  • @antumbral Feel free to send me to a book or something rather than trying to explain in 140 characters :)
  • @silentbicycle IF ONLY
  • @silentbicycle I would much rather be debugging the equivalent C program right now.
  • @silentbicycle C#, in a PSM sandbox. (PSM is basically Mono except that every debugging tool not made by SCEJ is against the law.)
  • @doougle @ludist You see that at California Extreme occasionally. Never the same year as Sprint 8. I think it gets modded back and forth.
  • Five hours left to make the Windforge Kickstarter happen. This game was my favorite surprise at the Indie Megabooth.
  • @Seagaia2 @JonathanKittaka Prescriptivism vs. descriptivism. In this context, "pretentious" is basically a fancy way of saying "gay."

Dec 08

  • RT @Dr_star_T "My dog's got synesthesia." "How does he smell?" "Beige"
  • In researching why there are no Dunkin Donuts franchises in California, I discovered that they serve a beverage called a "Dunkaccino."
  • I may never find out what a Dunkaccino is, but in my heart of hearts it'll always be a cappuccino with a whole donut shoved into it to soak.
  • @manveerheir I donno, I think that might be a more effective strategy for getting up in the morning.
  • @manveerheir It's whatever you want it to be!
  • @vogon You believe whatever you want to believe.

Dec 09

  • Ask Reddit: what is a true fact that sounds completely unbelievable or fake?
  • @Carin_McLeoud I bet you could get a decaf Dunkaccino. You should go find out, for science.
  • @SpindleyQ There's gotta be a decent "learn Unity" book out there.
  • @SpindleyQ Your biggest barrier here is arguably that the tools let you do a lot of cool stuff without learning to code at all.
  • I really want to like Dark Souls. If I handled it just right I bet it could displace Ocarina of Time as my second favorite Zelda game.
  • RT @MoviusC @mogwai_poet Dark Souls is why there hasn't been a new Nethack version for a decade. Ever seen Nethack devs & From Software in the same room
  • @8bitpimp Was interesting to see SotC's influence on Twilight Princess. It was the first time I realized the Zelda series *had* influences.
  • @deviever @joshuamelnick It feels to me a bit like an attempt at a sequel to the original Legend of Zelda with the modern combat engine.
  • @8bitpimp Looking back at it, it has some brilliant moments but on the whole you're better off playing the Ocarina or Wind Waker remakes.
  • Custom-printed animated gifs.
  • I needn't have worried that it took 5 minutes to determine which track was north, because the next train is in 78 minutes. Thanks, Caltrain!
  • @kirkjerk @SpindleyQ Processing is an easy way to get cool stuff on the screen fast. For a younger kid easing into coding, I like Scratch.
  • @kirkjerk @SpindleyQ
  • Suddenly all these tech companies give a shit about consumer privacy! reformgovernmentsur...
  • Remember when everything you thought of as "Google" was just the support arm of a privacy-destroying ad company? Oh wait that's still true.
  • @Carin_McLeoud Like when I first saw "Wii" and wondered whether it was a typo for WiFi or WWII.
  • @Carin_McLeoud That was my plan too, yeah.
  • @troygilbert I don't know of anything public, but there is always corruption and misuse, and there are always, eventually, leaks.
  • Tuesday co-workers take note: Tuesday co-working at The MADE tomorrow is a go!

Dec 10

  • Hm, this cut scene goes on too long. I know, we'll hang a lantern on it! That's the same as solving the problem.
  • @bengrue Annoyance is the most salient emotion I get out of modern Zeldas. It took me... um, until basically just now to internalize this.
  • @bengrue And by modern I mean anything made after 1990.
  • @aNuChallenger @bengrue I'll live-tweet its redemption.
  • @bengrue I enjoyed them until Twilight Princess! Only looking back do I recognize the utter disrespect for the player's time & intelligence.
  • Yep, we knew you'd just want to start the game rather than taking more Zelda lessons, but you can't because fuck you.
  • @GameDesignDan Basically the first half of every Zelda game these days is Zelda lessons.
  • @Kimik00 @Carin_McLeoud A tutorial *dungeon*? That sounds exciting. Let me do that rather than watching this blacksmithing cutscene.
  • @IvanDashSmith @GameDesignDan I haven't given up yet!
  • RT @pepper2000 Introducing people to Frog Fractions is one of life's great pleasures.
  • @webbedspace I'm pretty sure that's how the Japanese legal system actually works. Source: Phoenix Wright
  • @brucevedder Believe it or not I'm also a big proponent of leading by example:
  • @watsonwelch Frickin' game design, right?
  • Okay so basically immediately after those three screens, Link Between Worlds had a cleanly designed mini dungeon and then opened up.
  • I wonder if this'll happen every time I publicly shame a bad game opening.
  • @troygilbert Toward what end do we allow the possibility of this much harm? The best possible outcome is for Google to remain merely creepy.
  • @brucevedder Do I know you? Is there some reason I should care about your opinion?
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Dec 11

  • Just bought a ticket to SF Global Game Jam. Who's coming?
  • While I'm asking about jams, who's coming to Ludum Dare at The MADE this weekend?
  • @vogon @vectorpoem @still I'm trying to remember now, if you got the full 16 colors in CGA text mode or if it used the 4th bit to blink.
  • Carmack speaks on the 20th anniversary of Doom.
  • "If 'it's done when it's done' and you're talking a month or two, fine. But if it's a year or two, you need to be making a different game."
  • @phneri Yeah. id's appeal was always partly cutting edge tech. Blizzard was targeting old PCs at least as far back as Diablo 2.
  • I wonder if there's something fishy going on with this 12 megabyte screenshot with a .zip.jpg extension... hacknslashthegame.c...
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: octopus trained to untangle wires, sold in a fishtank as a household appliance.
  • @Marwood If you rename it to .zip you can unzip it and there are goodies inside.
  • @Marwood ... I wouldn't put it past them to give different versions of the file to different downloaders. (CC @still)
  • @bengrue I played first played Link to the Past on the GBA so I don't have the childhood memories of it. I would say they are comparable!
  • I've been waiting for an accessible technical writeup like this for years. "How the Bitcoin protocol actually works"
  • "Interpreter for deaf at Mandela memorial service was a fake." Did they hire him or did he just, like, run onstage?
  • @Pandawlf That's pretty significantly incompetent :/

Dec 12

  • @Pandawlf Yeah, I'd heard that about Mandela specifically, that he was a much better revolutionary than administrator. It makes sense.
  • @tablefloor Flash definitely counts as last-gen.
  • @DankHerbMullet Hm. Ludum Dare *is* coming up this weekend...
  • If anybody wants to do the Winchester Mystery House flashlight tour this weekend, I have a ticket I for Friday night I can't use.
  • After four hours spent wrangling SIM cards and software configurations, Gunhouse works perfectly on the Xperia Play that Sony sent us.
  • That would be awesome except that they sent it to us so we could repro a crash.

Dec 13

  • RT @TheQuinnspiracy The fact that I can't do something simple like put a game on greenlight without shit like this (1/2)
  • RT @TheQuinnspiracy (2/2) happening while people say "oh it's not REALLY sexist here..." makes me sick with rage.
  • RT @davehogg The new Twitter block function is like reporting a stalker to the police and having them give you a blindfold so you won't see them.
  • RT @ashedryden Man, I really wish more dudes would crawl out of the woodwork to tell me my safety concerns aren't valid.
  • Man, I don't need a foot to make video games but I do need one to get to The MADE for Ludum Dare this weekend.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Walking! Stepped slightly wrong on an uneven sidewalk this morning.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Yeah, doin' it. We'll see how it goes!
  • @vectorpoem
  • @m_kopas @mcclure111 The chain of reasoning is probably closer to "let's use it to make the kind of game we enjoy"
  • @mcclure111 @m_kopas Yeah, this is basically the problem I always had making music. Too much fun, not enough listenable.
  • @mcclure111 @m_kopas I don't think I've ever seen Angels. You should show me and walk me through the development process sometime.

Dec 14

  • I should livestream me being too burnt out to do anything for Ludum Dare.
  • @manveerheir I don't know if I'm up for tracking down a bucket!
  • @UndeadManWalkin Sounds at least as compelling as Desert Bus.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Yeah, but it takes a couple hours to get there. Jimmy Physics skips right to the money shot.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Sorta!

Dec 15

  • @mcclure111 @dualhammers A janitor must take any job available. A programmer can take a 50% pay cut to work an ethical job and be fine.
  • @mcclure111 @dualhammers You mean because of salary or loan debt? I guess a combination. I think I lucked out by not really going to school.
  • @dualhammers @mcclure111 I personally would say that, yes.
  • Gunhouse playtester feedback "OH GOD THEY'RE TAKING MY ORPHANS! ... YAY I SAVED THE ORPHANS!"

Dec 16

  • RT @PorygonNews "It's basically Kerbal Space Program meets Shenmue and Glover." Interview with @mogwai_poet on the upcoming prequel to Frog Fractions.
  • @SchalaAsha This year I was most impressed by Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective:

Dec 17

  • Just fixed a major bug in how the difficulty curve works in Gunhouse. Good thing this doesn't affect every balance decision we've ever made!
  • RT @bengrue Hey you! Makers of games! Have I told you lately... that I love you? #indieHugs
  • Kinect voice chat and public co-op both on by default: welcome to the next generation. devinreimer.tumblr....
  • @vectorpoem That reminds me of a thing I can't find. Tell me your team's already seen that fake-let's-play thread of Pirate Fortress for DS.
  • "The Five Foundational Design Pillars Of SOMA" Read this if you want people to take your game narrative seriously. frictionalgames.blo...
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Dec 18

  • @KomradeJack You can't always not get what you don't want, but if you try sometimes, you might find that you don't get what you don't need.
  • @KomradeJack I'm saying, Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @virtjk If I gave this class the whole thing would be "Buy a Zoom H1 and realize that foley is fun as shit"
  • Epistolary storytellers, pay attention:
  • Remember when Microsoft publicly realized validating DRM online every 24 hours was a bad idea? Microsoft doesn't.
  • RT @frankcifaldi Morning affirmations. Recite these instructions out loud upon waking up to maintain toughness and mental clarity.
  • Gunhouse is officially in the hands of Sony PSM QA. (Again.)
  • "When the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger." hugtherobots.tumblr...

Dec 19

  • "Our current global currency system is pretty crap, but I submit that Bitcoin is worse."

Dec 20

  • @ANP60 Thank you!
  • Gunhouse passed cert! It's like Christmas in July.
  • @ActuallyPiMusik Have I got a recipe for you!
  • Gone Home is $10 on Steam right now. store.steampowered....
  • Oh man, so is Typing of the Dead: Overkill. Thanks, Santa!
  • @pohungchen @KomradeJack Christmas in July in December.
  • @evilbadman Is that the new rule? I always gotta keep learning new rules the kids are making up.
  • @evilbadman They had Steam sales four years ago?
  • @pohungchen @KomradeJack The July in December!
  • "Just add 'if you're white' or 'because I'm white' to each generalization or anecdote in the article."
  • Remember when I livestreamed Rogue Legacy for an hour last month? GUESS WHAT MONTH IT IS NOW!
  • @evilbadman This isn't the oldest I've felt this week but it's close
  • RT @triplelll045 Gunhouse by @necrosofty is coming to #PSM soon! Get excited! I know we are.

Dec 21

  • @Livelyivy Know your audience. Once I picked "discovering that the Minetown altar is co-aligned in Nethack" and the players got it.

Dec 22

  • "The attack can extract full 4096bit RSA decryption keys ... using a plain mobile phone placed next to the computer."
  • This security paper has a well-considered and accessible FAQ. I wish all papers had this.
  • People I know may be interested in this! Target is evidently selling the 3DS XL for $135.
  • @vectorpoem People "get" gravity. Even if a gravity problem is easy, like "staying upright," you don't get bored because failure is painful.
  • RT @brandonnn "you know what i could really go for? the dizzying anus-clenching terror of feeling like i am going to plummet to my death" - a Mario fan
  • A Link Between Worlds is the kind of Zelda game I didn't think Nintendo was capable of making any more. (Monolith Soft made it.)
  • I keep doing this thing where someone states an opinion and I assume they continue to hold it even years later. This almost never works out.

Dec 23

  • "These eight volumes contain 4.7 million LinkedIn clear text user passwords printed in alphabetical order."
  • @PackBenPack That could be anybody! That was my LinkedIn password for a while.

Dec 24

  • When predicting your opponent's move, ensure your mind-model isn't so accurate as to get you arrested for murder upon ending the simulation.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE! Or maybe more like Christmas Eve old video games at The MADE. We'll see.
  • @Triplefox That's okay, I'm just here kinda on principle :)

Dec 25

  • RT @AmyDentata "Beware the homeless, for they will make you human."
  • Hey @lmichet @dunkr @Triplefox @hryx did you guys see this?
  • @bfod I have high hopes for JSMESS solving this some day soon:
  • "The original version of [Ween's] 'Powder Blue' runs for 4:16 and ends with a sample from Muhammad Ali. "
  • RT @dan_schmidt I don't expect you to understand but my sister created custom-made fake Pringles cans for a Xmas gift for me
  • @vectorpoem I remember learning to emulate that style in Deluxe Paint to draw my demo group's logo.

Dec 26

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Pringle molds, for making homemade Pringles.
  • I'm imagining you'd buy them at BevMo next to the novelty ice cube trays.
  • @nik_narcotic We will have to settle for Sour Cream & Meth.

Dec 27

  • RT @Philoplastered I LIKE FLAT SEVENTHS and I cannot lie! -- Sir Mixolydian, 'Baby Got Bach'

Dec 28

  • RT @mathbabedotorg Women less likely to sacrifice ethics for money in business. Shall we change women or change how we do business?

Dec 29

Dec 30

  • "Lol My Thesis: Summing up years of work in one sentence."
  • Man, have I talked about Europa Report yet? Ran into it randomly on Netflix streaming and I liked it a lot. Riveting hard-SF.

Dec 31

  • Quit bitching, that company is well within its legal rights to turn a massive profit by making the world an objectively worse place to live.
  • @wavenger Oh, I didn't mean any company in particular.
  • @LouisGorenfeld @wavenger They still haven't given me back my e-shop purchases!
  • Trying to finish Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in the next 24 hours...
  • @YouOldSoAndSo That sounds wistful as fuck.
  • the depilation of smaug
  • Man, I was really hoping getting that phrase out into the world would get it out of my head, but no such luck.
  • RT @cardinality @mogwai_poet I tried the same with "the tesselation of Smaug", but it's still with me.
  • @daemonpants I would also have accepted The Desiccation of Smaug.
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