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Ugh, stop twitching
january 2014 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:40:10 by Jim Crawford
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Jan 01

  • RT @mcclure111 What if new years resolutions were something we gave each other and they were Steam achievement stuff like "complete year without jumping"

Jan 02

  • Showbiz Pizza animatronic band performing Huey's "Pop, Lock & Drop It."
  • @ColinNorthway I like Gifcam but it might be *too* lightweight for what you need.
  • @TronKnotts Related: a lot of people still think Donkey Kong Country looks good.
  • @Chewiejds @TronKnotts It was 2D trying to look 3D. 3D of the time looked like a noisy mess of hard plastic pixels. Not a noble aspiration.
  • I really appreciated The Swapper's ambiguous treatment of the nature of consciousness--except that mechanically it's completely unambiguous.

Jan 03

  • @glassbottommeg Did you hear about the guy who was dared to pee in nachos and later somebody was like "somebody poured beer into the nachos
  • @glassbottommeg and it's delicious!" and the crowd skeletonized the nachos within minutes? That's pretty much how I feel about beer.
  • Vlambeer's Jan Willem Nijman walks you through how to make a run and gun shooter feel good.
  • RT @mcclure111 So most people HAVE faces and names, but they don't have any idea how good it feels because they have nothing to compare to
  • RT @mcclure111 I remember this period from very early transition when I was going around excitedly telling friends I could see my reflection in mirrors now
  • RT @mcclure111 They didn't seem to grasp the idea I meant this literally

Jan 04

  • Voice recognition interfaces! The stench of the future is so strong I can almost palp it.
  • RT @vectorpoem Prison Architect would probably be much more effective political commentary as basically the same game but about schools instead of prisons.
  • RT @forwardresent @vectorpoem @mogwai_poet With this school mod, now you can!

Jan 05

  • "Hensch says the drug, valprioc acid, allows the brain to absorb new information as easily as it did before age 7."

Jan 06

  • The first important step towards being a programmer: look like you should be a programmer.
  • The last Denzel Washington movie I saw, he also played a hyper-competent alcoholic. Is this a thing?
  • @celsiusgs I was expecting that article to have his picture.
  • @Heewa Oh sure but I meant Denzel Washington specifically
  • In my life I have found that when the opportunity comes up to sleep or to go for a walk you should almost always take it.

Jan 07

  • "Our white kids are getting taught the best public-school education on the planet. Those are the facts."
  • @alicejoyk Never trust the Internet! I do my research with a physical encyclopedia that only I have a copy of.
  • Frog Fractions 2 stretch goal: I get a third kidney. There isn't a third ureter to hook it up, so just graft it onto a nearby organ I guess.
  • @FrogCroakley Watch this space!
  • @TomBurnsRogers But that's not my lifelong dream!
  • @Teanah Just keep reading, over and over and over and over...
  • @davidsgallant Oh man, I bet there's a med student following me who needs some quick cash...
  • @Sir5000 Must have 1000+ logged hours in Surgeon Simulator.
  • @Sir5000 That shows real dedication to the craft. I trust him implicitly.
  • For some, the post-antibiotic era will come sooner than for others.
  • "I know when it is time for a haircut because people start questioning my tone or dismissing my opinions."
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Jan 08

  • Have Twitch, uh, figured out how to make their massive success cash-positive yet?
  • @8bitpimp Oh they must be making money then
  • "There is no finish line. Take time to breathe. Sometimes you'll be terrified. Hydration really makes a difference."
  • @IvanDashSmith Ah, shit, sorry.
  • Hey look an Alien game that's not utterly doomed from the genre decision.
  • @louroboros Same! The closest thing out there is probably the first Dead Space.
  • @Lokno If only we'd thought of that before dismissing physics accelerator cards as a dumb idea!

Jan 09

  • RT @The_Millions (_) <) )?I've actually / \ \(_) ( (> Read / \ (_) <) )> Infinite Jest / \
  • There's nothing quite like fifteen years of IM logs to remind you that continuity of self is an illusion.
  • @HanFreakinSolo Man, even if I felt okay doing that, it's not an option. Too much of me not under my control.
  • @Johnicholas I have that affliction more than most do -- all my memories are tightly bound to the place I lived at the time.
  • @Flanlord That's a good way to look at it. A self continuum rather than a singular self.
  • @Raminibar How could I not have known I was being antagonistic? Not sure I'd've believed, 5 years ago, that "oblivious antagonism" existed.

Jan 11

  • RT @bcrypt #RSAC registration page sends 1 POST per password keystroke. Way to make side channel attacks easier on the most sensitive data you can get.
  • After scouring the house for soy sauce to go in my stir fry, I settled for salt. After scouring for salt I settled for bouillon powder.

Jan 12

  • @skullmandible @bombsfall Have you seen some of these popes though
  • Lauren McCarthy spent a month outsourcing her first date behavior to Mechanical Turk.

Jan 13

  • "Potty Putter. The game for the avid golfer!"
  • @slutbomb Makes sense. Take "Stocking" to the extreme re-create the image by building an actual business around it.
  • Why motivation trumps nearly every other factor when it comes to getting shit done:

Jan 14

  • "Learn Videogame Development Like Woodworking"
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Jan 15

  • "As a guy, I wanted to know what it was like to be a woman on a dating site, so I set up a fake profile."
  • RT @aristosophy Argument From Future Obviousness In Retrospect
  • Me watching "Primer" at age 24: "This is exactly how engineers think and act." At 34: "Holy fuck these guys have no moral compass at all."
  • @OptimistPanda And it was a great movie both times!
  • RT @necrosofty My new puzzle game Gunhouse, made with @mogwai_poet and @Disasterpeace appears to have launched! Here's a trailer
  • RT @CGSaw If anyone ever tries to tell you that unions are unfair because corporations don't organize against workers:
  • Can't fail startup idea of the day: sloppy handwriting generator to train handwriting OCR.

Jan 16

  • Alien: Isolation: "Think 'Amnesia' in space."
  • @MammonMachine Amnesia: think "Alien" in a Prussian castle.
  • @Marwood Yeah, I've been paying attention to all of these. Not too much, though, because I want to be surprised!
  • RT @webbedspace @christinelove @108 Luring people through your apartment Lemmings-style with strategically timed flirts.
  • @td_rules It's what you get for liking your dad's music!
  • "What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics"

Jan 18

  • @limbclock If you mean our endocrine system has less of the "that was amazing" hormone to dole out, yes.
  • Bill Murray, on why there probably won't be a Garfield 3:

Jan 19

  • Backstage.
  • RT @mrasmus "Oh, I need to ask @mogwai_poet about the pineapple." This is a weird video shoot I'm helping with.
  • RT @mrasmus "Great, now I've got mustache fuzz on my mandolin strings." #onset #weirdshoots
  • RT @wita @mikemeginnis @jason_wilson Gunhouse is super fun! I intended to play for five minutes last night and ended up going to bed two hours later

Jan 20

  • @NotJoOrdinary Yeah, I'm planning to.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Oh, that's this weekend, isn't it? I'd better get ready.
  • @NotJoOrdinary At the TinyCo office
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Freaky Friday Bible chapter where God swaps places with Man.

Jan 21

Jan 22

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @ZoeQuinnzel It's being rad right now!
  • @Burning_Luke Hey, Luke! Are you the guy I would ask about how to handle a Kickstarter for a game with unorthodox Kickstarter requirements?
  • "Simple chat program using inaudible sounds and a computer's microphone and speaker."
  • @Burning_Luke Thanks! I've looked through that stuff and I definitely still feel like I need to talk to somebody. Can I email you?

Jan 23

  • RT @Jeremy_LaMont Gunhouse is one of those games that makes me feel like reality isn't true.

Jan 25

  • "Simply thinking you got better sleep makes your brain work better"
  • "An Illustrated Account of the Great Maple Syrup Heist"
  • @bvpeck Thanks!
  • Hey, I just walked home from the Fruitvale BART station and didn't even get a little bit murdered!
  • @mrasmus That's because you mistakenly hired Junior PHP Ninjas. newyork.craigslist....
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Even less, inside!
  • @Triplefox o/
  • @mcclure111 I'm trying to think of experiments I could run, but they all would involve me being 6'2".
  • @jonbeilin @Triplefox | o
  • @Triplefox @jonbeilin I'm not sure about the physical geometry of this.
  • @jonbeilin @Triplefox Ohhh
  • "Google and its ilk have always known they could break the law until the day they were invited to make new laws."
  • RT @BoredElonMusk Hot glue gun filled with cheese. Perfect for keeping your lunch in place while dining in zero gravity.

Jan 26

  • Three months after the launch of Carrot Dating, remains unregistered. Somebody's dropping the ball here.

Jan 27

Jan 28

  • @xiSided Unless I'm misremembering you should be dealing purely with printable ASCII.

Jan 29

  • Robot Odyssey, the Apple 2 adventure game that teaches you programming from formal logic up.
  • Oh, I forgot to tweet about Tuesday co-working today. Well, it happened and it was pretty sweet.

Jan 30

  • I guess the patch is finally out so I can in good conscience tell you that if you want to play Gunhouse, it's in the PSM store on Vita.
  • RT @necrosofty Oh hey, if you buy an Xperia Z1S, you get Gunhouse and @108's Ten By Eight free! that's a thing
  • Trying to find my old FlashDevelop installation that has a Flex SDK that can target Flash 10. No idea how to otherwise get that version.
  • @redannick Presumably! Do you know where to finding old versions? I've been looking with no luck.
  • Without a drummer or a conductor, how do string quartets stay in tempo?

Jan 31

  • This review of Gunhouse is pretty apt, including the implicit call for a sequel that may or may not happen.
  • Evidently I'm guesting on the Insert Credit podcast in like 10 minutes. Not sure where you go to tune in, but maybe try Googling something?
  • Okay apparently it's this thing:
  • @LorenSchmidt @vectorpoem @raiganburns It's hard! We've had decades, as a species, to make these specific kinds of fun *incredibly* fun.
  • Can anyone name this RC helicopter sim in which you photograph ghosts throwing tantrums in a school chemistry lab?
  • @yoitstimothy @Lokno @magic_bane What really? They're gonna call it something that literal and not include the ghost photographing?
  • @Marwood Follow your dream! Half the games I've made have started with me thinking "man, that would be an incredibly dumb joke."
  • Hey, maybe I'm one of the good super rich and don't deserve to be Kristallnacht'd. Some of my best friends are poor!
  • @Vanther Most likely the super rich actually don't have poor friends. Or they think they do but they just mean their "millionaire" friends.
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