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Ugh, stop twitching
february 2014 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:40:10 by Jim Crawford
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Feb 03

  • My life in the 90s, except it was a CRT monitor.
  • RT @zusty
  • @ForneusLex Sorry, what's the context for this?
  • Nintendo: saving us from ourselves, one profanity at a time. (Because he poops everywhere, geddit?)
  • . @AmyDentata It doesn't like that one either :(
  • @CodeSavage If you put your hands in your pockets, you might be arrested for carrying concealed deadly weapons!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I haven't been playing long enough to say. I don't remember those from Black though.
  • @ForneusLex I thought it was amazing just looking at the cover! If the prose itself holds up, it's a clear winner.

Feb 04

  • Someone ought to remind UK Parliament that A Brave New World was always a more plausible dystopia than 1984.
  • "How PayPal and GoDaddy allowed the attack that caused me to lose my $50,000 Twitter username."

Feb 05

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @KODNER Probably the same deal as the guy, i.e. he likes his job and is reasonably well-paid.
  • @koolboyman
  • RT @MaxTemkin Playstation paperwork requires us to submit a design doc for Samurai Gunn, which is already out. Here's what I sent.
  • RT @GunpointGame Ha, just found the 2-year-old original plan for Gunpoint. You were a robot PI, and the title was Human & Sons Carbon-Based Detective Agency.
  • "QuadStick: A Game Controller for Quadriplegics"

Feb 06

  • Mamoru Samuragochi confesses to hiring a ghost writer to compose his music after he went deaf in 1996.

Feb 07

  • "King County Sheriff fires deputy who threatened to arrest journalist" Wait, photographing police is legal after all?
  • Frank Cifaldi shows you his magazine collection and reads aloud the only known English review of Super Mario Bros.

Feb 08

  • "Choosing Comfort Over Truth: What It Means to Defend Woody Allen"
  • RT @stephenstaunton There's an astronaut camera crew reflected in George Clooney's visor in "Gravity"!
  • Once I saw an IP address on Wikipedia edit the runtimes of a dozen random movies by 2-5 minutes. Who's gonna bother to fact-check that?
  • "The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards"

Feb 09

Feb 10

Feb 11

Feb 12

  • @vogon Not stupid; it's a basic human need going unfulfilled. I was in that position not long ago. DM me if you want advice or just to talk.
  • @vogon (This isn't some PUA cult recruiter bullshit, by the way.)
  • @vogon Standing offer. "Smart person" culture is terrible at talking about this stuff.
  • RT @terrycavanagh New Game: Maverick Bird -
  • @terrycavanagh The first thing I thought when I played Flappy Bird was that it was basically a re-themed Super Hexagon.
  • Decoding a mystery signal from a helicopter:
  • @TheFuggle I chose those two words partly as a reference and partly to alliterate with the sentence surrounding them.

Feb 13

Feb 14

  • Idea: instead of Greenlight asking if you hypothetically would buy a game, it asks you to *prove it*, by paying money and receiving a copy.
  • @OneLetter @alexmonney Last I heard it was still the Fiscal Year of Luigi.
  • RT @rupazero Only a few hours into Facebook's gender revolution, and already I'm getting cheap androgynous clothing advertised at me. #utopia
  • East Bay residents, did you get your measles vaccinations?
  • @mikethegratest Gross :(

Feb 15

  • This is why using other people's code is bullshit.
  • Though his solution of "let's yoke ourselves to this other commercial, closed source engine instead" seems poorly considered.
  • @Lokno Yeah, I think he's setting himself up for more pain..
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: reusable microfiber chewing gum. Soak it in the flavor vat between uses.
  • Four-on-the-floor kick drum emanating from nearby car. Door opens briefly and the treble escapes: Pac-Man dot eating noises on the upbeat.
  • @Slumpwuffle Chewin' on the whiskey sponge
  • @wavenger Another form of "other people's code," really.

Feb 16

  • @ForneusLex Maybe it's a typo of "potable."
  • @davidsgallant Is that a CAPTCHA?

Feb 17

  • Our Time Travel Lab team kinda screwed ourselves by being too completionist. Frickin' video games!
  • @ForneusLex Same here, just one more puzzle!

Feb 18

Feb 19

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • Once again, this new Humble Bundle is so well-targeted at me that I already own most of the games in it.
  • RT @Vahn16 "I thought we'd have six more months of good games because the Titanfall saw its shadow." - @haydencd on I don't even know anymore
  • "It's not that there's 60 hours of work to do. You don't work at work anymore. You go to work to get interrupted."
  • @evilseanbot I'm guessing we'll be here until 7, then probably get dinner?
  • @polpo You are in for treat(s)!
  • @evilseanbot Sure. How do you want to handle meeting up?
  • @evilseanbot Sounds good.
  • All the shitty clones make it really obvious that the guy who made Flappy Bird is actually quite good at tuning for game feel.
  • @BROrayn Well-put, yeah.
  • @BROrayn Hah. I don't know why anyone would make a Unity game using cubes when there are piano and candy models for free in the asset store!
  • @TheGoldenDonut I feel like if someone's description of a shitty life reminds me of fiction rather than my own life, I'm doing pretty okay.

Feb 20

  • RT @craigtimpany Verizon, now post net neutrality, tries to throttle Netflix. Collateral damage: everything on AWS:
  • Irrational has "slimmed down" to about 15 people. Hmm. System Shock 2 was made by about 15 core people. Today's topic: our hopes and dreams
  • @evilseanbot I do think these technically count as "layoffs" because the plan is for Irrational to continue actually making games.
  • @Marwood What gets me is: if Irrational isn't safe, who is? AAA was always a dangerous business to be in but thesedays it seems suicidal.
  • @vogon @antumbral @Marwood I'd be curious to read more about this opinion specifically -- anything in writing?

Feb 24

  • How you doin', little Cthulhu All-Spark?
  • Just found out that I'm going to be speaking at GDC this year. I guess I won't need to bum a pass from one of you guys after all!
  • @Vanther @Tishes34 "Preserving a Sense of Discovery in the Age of Spoilers"

Feb 25

  • New low-score record for Super Mario Bros.:
  • "A crossed letter is a letter containing two separate sets of writing, one written over the other at right-angles."
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

Feb 26

  • Dismantling net neutrality is already paying off!
  • @LorenSchmidt Yeah, probably until ~7pm.
  • $120 million worth of Bitcoins stolen from Mt. Gox.
  • With the transparency of tracking Bitcoin transactions, I have to wonder how hard it's going to be to fence 750k stolen Bitcoins, though.
  • @vogon With as big a story as this is, the "bitcoin community" ought to care.
  • @slutbomb One silver lining about having no money is that I can truthfully claim to keep all my money in any format I want!
  • @vogon I don't actually know the details of the scam, I was just assuming that this is the sort of thing that can be automated.
  • Oh good, Humble Bundle 11 added more incredible games that I already own!
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Flappy Clicker.

Feb 27

  • "It's come to our attention that a user of your website, @555uhz, is distributing the Top Gun film, frame by frame."
  • X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: how janky a job can you get away with when tacking network play onto an existing engine?
  • Alternatively, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: trying to implement internet multiplayer without the luxury of reading reading Carmack's .plan file.
  • @jennatar Jenn Frank: person.
  • @Carachan1 "7 out of 10?"

Feb 28

  • @technivore That's a lot! Thank you!
  • "The Videogame That Finally Made Me Feel Like a Human Being"
  • Everybody's complaining about the pacing of the video I'm cutting, but I already cut out all the bad parts and even the less-awesome parts!
  • Man I'm super happy with this thing as an art project, but I have *no idea* if it'll monetize. It'd be nice to be able to pay rent in April.
  • @td_rules Hm. Even "Minecraft Movie 2" sounds better, somehow.
  • @antumbral Thank you!
  • @tylerglaiel Good to know! Maybe they were the vocal minority? But it's the voice I heard.
  • "The fax machine was invented the same year as the Oregon trail migration."
  • "Defense arousal prevents the listener from concentrating upon the message."
  • "An Oral History of Ghostbusters"
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