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Ugh, stop twitching
march 2014 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:41:24 by Jim Crawford
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Mar 02

  • "92% of Afghans have never heard of 9/11. They are presently fighting a war with no history, and no future." talkingatthemovies....
  • Horse Head Squirrel Feeder. "Takes arrogant squirrels down a peg!"

Mar 03

Mar 04

  • Dungeon Keeper had a truly bizarre 3D engine. How did they do the naturalistic surface distortion? Something built into the texture mapper?
  • @GlennCorpes That's awesome! I love when a great outcome just falls into place like that.
  • RT @GlennCorpes .@mogwai_poet The poly routine had no perspective correction (like PS1) and used foreground subdivision to sort of lessen the distortion
  • RT @GlennCorpes .@mogwai_poet It also had 'random' vertex offsets for most surfaces and I got very lucky when it combined with the partly-fixed distortion
  • RT @GlennCorpes .@mogwai_poet They kind of worked together to make the geometry look denser than it was and the distortion more random. Total lucky break!
  • @dunkr Yeah, I was just looking over that guy's blog. Very interesting stuff!
  • @steverockan @Fireproof_Barry Looks like affine texture mapping is only half the answer!
  • @GlennCorpes @tom_forsyth This is why I always lamented the demo scene switching to hardware 3D -- until fragment shaders came around.
  • Here's how you know you're doing Thanksgiving Dinner right:

Mar 05

  • @troygilbert Looks like it originated here!
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • Oh man, I missed the announcement and the Venus Patrol GDC party is already sold out!
  • War is hell.
  • @bmau_ro I spent the whole time in the smoking area anyway, because I could hear people talk
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Twitch Plays Nethack.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Or any rhythm game, really.
  • Twitch Plays Game Maker: Studio
  • RT @vogon @mogwai_poet plays gamemaker studio, twitch simultaneously plays through the game the justin audience is making
  • @dannyBstyle @Flanlord Trying to think of the most idiot-proof version of each class of thing. Maybe Garage Band and Wario Ware DIY...
  • Twitch Plays Csound.
  • @Pandawlf Oh man you are a lifesaver

Mar 06

  • RT @TheOnion 15 Years In Environment Of Constant Fear Somehow Fails To Rehabilitate Prisoner
  • @glassbottommeg Frog Fractions disabled the full-screen glow if the frame render time was consistently above 30ms. Sometimes it's that easy.
  • RT @fourhman Protest outside Guacamelee developer HQ:
  • Okay you guys, the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter campaign goes live Monday afternoon. I just thought you should know that.
  • If successful, it will *definitely* be the vaguest and least-specific funded Kickstarter campaign ever.
  • @CPriestman Honestly I probably overthought it. I ran through probably a dozen math jokes in my head before getting sick of all of them.
  • @OptimistPanda Oh, it's something special.
  • @spikepoint A real thing that is really happening. THIS IS YOUR LIFE
  • @phneri Probably! But also wire me the money just to make sure
  • @NicholasGolden @rje Yeah, I'm speaking this year actually.
  • @NicholasGolden @rje Friday, 1:35pm, "Preserving a Sense of Mystery in the Age of Spoilers."
  • "In the year 2015 time travel has been invented, and like all new technologies it is abused by everyone"
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Close!
  • @psychicteeth @patrickashe That's the part where I decided the joke should be on the people who don't like text adventures.
  • @Bradcopter Ooh, I haven't had a good rival since @randyzero released Total Toads.
  • @psychicteeth @patrickashe I changed it to two words since testers were discovering it by accident
  • @psychicteeth @patrickashe It's cool, man, just go to a walkthrough, I won't tell anybody.
  • RT @Vahn16 Can we have, like, a week after GDC where all the rad people stay in SF and hang out and nobody works and we all just nap the whole time

Mar 07

  • RT @ForneusLex I won the lottery!
  • I need to figure out how naps work. I was all, "I'm kinda tired after being up for 8 hours, let's try napping!" Then I slept for 11 hours.
  • @TheGoldenDonut Naps: not even once

Mar 08

  • Hey you guys have you heard that sexism is over?
  • @detectiverole @AwfulHorse ME TOO
  • @DamianSommer @droqen After the first 6 jams or so I think you learn most of the lessons you can and what's left is the new-project rush.
  • @DamianSommer @droqen But that rush remains incredible. 100% exciting-and-new, 0% slog-to-finish.
  • Greg LoPiccolo and Randy Smith play Thief and talk about its development:

Mar 09

  • I've taken it for granted that Microsoft had the bro market cornered with Halo since the dawn of time. How *did* that happen, originally?
  • @ThemsAllTook Really enjoying your DROD videos on YouTube. Probably my favorite genre of puzzle game. I played the original back in the day.
  • @ThemsAllTook In that version there was no checkpointing, no undo, no spawn timers. I got to the floor 8 I think? Tar was impossibly brutal.
  • @ThemsAllTook The King Dugan's Dungeon remake still holds up. The *original* original was too cruel even at the time.

Mar 10

  • sElf plays "Back in Black" on drums and amplified Omnichord.
  • @TronKnotts @MixedUpzombies @twinbeard Kickstarter campaign launches tomorrow!
  • @MixedUpzombies @TronKnotts @twinbeard Don't worry. I'm not going to notify you even *after* it's out.
  • @TronKnotts @MixedUpzombies @twinbeard Yeah, I'd love to see that :)
  • Featureless levitating orb repeats what you say back at you. "Stop copying me!"
  • @EllisK01 Did I give you a good puzzle piece?
  • Not sure how I feel about the new redesigned BART car.
  • RT @simoncarless @ADAMATOMIC @mogwai_poet @necrosofty Wonder if those in-car dance dudes doing the lockin' and poppin' for tips can still fit in it...
  • @mcclure111 This just happened in Fallout New Vegas and I thought of you.
  • My new hobby: fretting.
  • @mrasmus I can't find the anti-star button...
  • @monstersden I wouldn't know! I'm all about the outsider art. Also fretting.

Mar 11

  • "Here's my proposal for the first thirteen derivatives of position over time ... Change in barflurch: dark jaunt"
  • RT @lynchtacular I'm proud & honored to announce @Midnight_City is working w/ @DoubleFine to launch Costume Quest 2 this Halloween <3
  • RT @necrosofty By the way, we used @spriter2d for Gunhouse, and it's really friendly and useful. (and cheap (unity support pending))
  • @simoncarless @emshort Whoa, the IF scene acknowledges Twine now? That's pretty cool.
  • RT @jennatar My boss trying to get neckties trending has reminded me: I am wearing pajamas to the last day of GDC and recommend you do the same
  • The Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter is live. Friends with lucrative day jobs, activate!
  • @danbruno @OptimistPanda Not gonna lie, for a long time my intended pitch was a six second video asking the camera: "Do you trust me?"
  • RT @danbruno @OptimistPanda That is a hell of a pitch. Basically boils down to "c'maaaaan"
  • @ellaguro Thanks!
  • @DoktorLoy I will accept a type of fruit juice in lieu of blood type
  • @deviever I actually tend to agree. I *feel* like I did a reasonable job keeping a foot strongly in that camp here. Did you read the pitch?
  • @deviever Please!
  • Email requests for Frog Fractions 2 download codes are coming in already. Nobody's guessed right yet!
  • @TheSparrowHunt Close! So close.
  • RT @TheSparrowHunt @mogwai_poet Is this Frog Fractions 2? Am I Frog Fractions 2?
  • @kavancleary I would love for it to end up being a fully word-of-mouth thing. That would be amazing.
  • RT @Appleguysnake @mogwai_poet Please don't send out codes. Nothing makes me happier than the thought that the game will sit dormant for months.
  • Man that makes five distinct events I've been invited to at GDC on Wednesday night. Pick another night, some of you!
  • @haydencd Good idea! Remind me again once it's funded
  • . @Indy_Ray @haydencd Hey, no worries, I did the math. It's been 90 minutes. At this rate we'll have $2.5 million by the end of the month!
  • RT @kobunheat Oh man. Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter. It will be released secretly and you only get a copy once people find it.
  • RT @lavos Frog Fractions 2: Lost in New York
  • RT @braktheman I remember on some stream a while back @mogwai_poet said the twin beards were no more and he was saving them. Now I see what for.
  • RT @Dacidbro @mogwai_poet is Frog Fractions 2 that game that everyone was really upset David Hayter isn't VAing in anymore
  • @kavancleary Nintendo's not answering my calls. Yet.
  • RT @robotspacer I think my wife is still angry about when I made her keep playing Frog Fractions
  • @Space_Bomber You are a true gentleman! My recommendation: throw some pork fat in with your pinto beans in a crock pot. Heavy on the salt.
  • @DMZilla It's not an HD game, but, hm. Can you see this? I forget what permissions I put on it.
  • @DMZilla I just changed it to unlisted.
  • @NewtonsNinja Is that out already? I gotta go check it for ponds...
  • @dominictarason That's the plan! In part!
  • @Marwood Thanks, man!
  • @Indy_Ray @haydencd I like your math better
  • @Indy_Ray Man, I'm already worried about the responsibility of making this sequel!
  • RT @ratfoot Only thing I want out of frog fractions 2 is a full FMV West Wing episode shot with all those characters.
  • @yoz My inbox is already filling up
  • @KestrelPi My reaction was the same as yours except I had to write the thing instead of reading it
  • @RingJ5 I'm estimating 18 months for development. But I'm happy for people to guess early. The nebulous release date is part of the fun!
  • @robinlvalentine Hm. I'd have to say make a mediocre first-person shooter set during World War 2.
  • @RingJ5 If it fits the frame game, definitely.
  • What I'm looking forward to most is all the counterfeit Frog Fractions 2s released by developers looking to capitalize on the buzz.
  • RT @magic_bane @mogwai_poet lets host a frog fractions 2 game jam
  • @robinlvalentine Sure! Just DM'd you my email address.
  • @RingJ5 That would be acceptable to me.
  • RT @ellaguro you can support me on patreon too. once again, any little thing helps.
  • @OptimistPanda @magic_bane That *is* the most sustainable way to do it. Could churn out sequels indefinitely!
  • @slutbomb I'm really really hoping that some of these turn out to be genuinely educational.
  • RT @Smedwicks What if the Marvel 3 patch was Frog Fractions
  • RT @kavancleary @mogwai_poet my girlfriend just told me she is pregnant, I smiled coyly, FROG FRACTIONS 2
  • @LineHollis I'm in!
  • @SyntonicThief @jasonrohrer I take that as a huge compliment!
  • @truewu Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • @frank0127 I'm pretty happy with it myself!
  • @MsMinotaur Thank you!
  • @RushJet1 Thanks!
  • @Xyless Thanks!
  • @spooksthebun I like how you think!

Mar 12

  • @mrasmus Thanks! It's a very solid start. Still a long way to go, though.
  • Man, so Kicktraq predicts FF2 will be 523% funded while Sidekick predicts it has a 14% chance of success. I'll just be fretting over here.
  • @KommanderKlobb And I'm playing it right along with everyone else!
  • @IAmNidoking I was hoping the quantum superposition would have collapsed by now!
  • @n0stranger It's definitely a solid start, but the first day is always the biggest. Gotta stay hungry.
  • @Triplefox Yeah, they can't just say "0%" or "100%" because that would be suspicious.
  • @christinelove @LineHollis @BooDooPerson @ScottMadin This was frankly my favorite part of the idea. I so want to play all the hoax FF2s!
  • RT @Molluskgonebad Spartacus moment where every game claims to be Frog Fractions 2
  • RT @RyanIkeComposer Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter is live! I took a bunch of cough syrup before doing the trailer music!
  • @evilbadman @mrasmus This is *exactly* the reaction I was going for. See also:
  • OH: "Anyone else proposing 'hey let's make a game while my kickstarter campaign is running' I'd know was joking."
  • Frog Fractions series lead artist @rachel_sala and I have been livestreaming FF2 SECRETS over at Rock Paper Shotgun:
  • @Shaxster Sure, yeah. DM'd you my email.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @vectorpoem Thank you!
  • Some people have asked for a higher quality version of the pitch video. Here is one that should play at 720p:
  • @mrfb
  • @celsiusgs I was pretty happy with that bit too!
  • "How did a chain-smoking geek from Hanoi design the viral hit Flappy Bird - and why did he walk away?"
  • @Hannahcomb ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • @happionlabs Hey, Jamie! I think our mail servers hate each other because I'm pretty sure you aren't getting *my* email either.
  • @happionlabs I basically just wanted to say thanks for your advice and also that I was a huge fan of the grapple mechanic in Spider Man 2.
  • I just set up a photo shoot with Wired. My life is weird.
  • @johmmmmmm I made the strangest mouth-noise trying to figure out this response
  • @MikeASchneider Hm. Have you considered sending a surrogate?
  • @plentyofalcoves Thank you!
  • @glassbottommeg Oh, good trick. I will probably do that!
  • @dcstarkey That's what I like to hear!
  • @dcstarkey Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

Mar 13

  • @MS2 We'll all find out together!
  • @dcstarkey Wait, you... close enough.
  • @WintersRead Yes, this seems fair.
  • Latest news on the imminent post-antibiotic future:
  • @slutbomb Creative director: Nancy Reagan.
  • RT @ScarPixel The most shocking thing about the Frog Fractions 2 KS is that $60k minus fees and rewards is enough to pay rent in Oakland for 18 months.
  • . @oomgames Gentrification: not even once!
  • @mechtroid Creeepy
  • @_Philosophica Thank you!

Mar 14

  • @JKalicki That track is all @Shnabubula!
  • @czechsun I recommend starting with the works of Adam Cadre and Andrew Plotkin.
  • @czechsun Specifically "Photopia" and "Spider and Web."
  • Here are the details for my GDC talk on mystery in games, if you'd like to add it to your itinerary:
  • @BenKuchera Sure, will do!
  • RT @TimOfLegend The new @camposanto game looks so good, I almost feel bad about installing two spies in their company to sabotage it. Almost.
  • @theshillito @evilbadman @mrasmus I was a big fan too, especially of the pilot.
  • Frog Fractions 2 is half funded! I'm pretty excited about this you guys.
  • @Axis1500 I can still be excited!
  • @Appleguysnake I'm not seeing any conflict here!
  • @Axis1500 Thank you!
  • @StephenKelly180 @LordMeldorr For reference: and
  • @yoz Keep guessing!

Mar 15

  • RT @NicklasNygren Googling for solutions to problems. Finding pages where people ask, and others answer "search on google".
  • @BitNoteFM In the original game? You can find per-song credits in the song notes here: frogfractions.bandc...
  • A major coup for the anti-vaccine movement. They worked hard for this, guys.
  • @STRd6 @Bananattack @LouisGorenfeld @mdiebolt @Triplefox Wish I could make it but between the Kickstarter and GDC I have no free bandwidth!
  • Finally, indisputable proof! "'True Detective' proves the genius of Frog Fractions, and the power of secrets"
  • @avestal I'll let you know after I watch it
  • @BitNoteFM Thanks!
  • Filming again. Trying to make this happen during GDC is *such* a bad idea.
  • RT @bvpeck "Warning: This post contains spoilers for True Detective, Frog Fractions and The Secret of NIMH" #aroused #safeword
  • @bog_mom butts
  • @xXForeverOddXx butts

Mar 16

  • @ellaguro I never remember my dreams, so it's nice to hear about others picking up the slack.
  • @ClintKeepin Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it
  • "Cat wearing jetpack in 16th century drawing baffles historians"
  • Man, I had no idea Flash decompilers had such readable output. At least they got my indentation style wrong!
  • Here I am on the Train Station at 8 podcast, talking about Frog Fractions and game music:
  • RT @yoz NBA 2K9 Pt 2: The Deadly Hoops of Knam'thuul @mogwai_poet #IsTheJigUpYet

Mar 17

  • Reddit wants to know: is this Frog Fractions 2?
  • @seecce Thanks! I'm pretty happy with my current framework. Can build pretty fast in it.
  • Edible palindrome:
  • @dmmfix @TomBurnsRogers I don't recognize the flavor! I would probably recognize cinnamon.
  • @dmmfix Only a little!
  • Hypermonkey prototype:
  • @LorenSchmidt Ah, I didn't mean to imply it was my work. It was on display in @vihartvihart's office!

Mar 18

  • RT @vectorpoem Story exploration game that takes place on an abandoned Minecraft server where a couple built a massive world together and later broke up.
  • @robinlvalentine I'll do it again, too!
  • RT @ibogost Save the Date Q&A is equal parts dinosaur questions and game questions.
  • Responsible game developers ask for the plain black lanyard.
  • @NicholasGolden So many people asked for them that they ran out? That warms my heart
  • @NicholasGolden Here now!
  • @Sir5000 Yeah, with a bunch of Saga logos on it. Looks like "Sega" if you don't look too closely.

Mar 19

  • RT @zarawesome Deadly Rooms of Death still has the best gameplay depiction of a single hero fighting an overpowering army
  • @zoewi Aha, I *knew* we were already following each other!
  • RT @johnnemann Wait, "Why Gone Home is a Game" is at the same time as "Subversively Queering Your Game"?! Who is running this conference? This will not sta
  • That's the first time in my life that I've gotten into a party by name-dropping. I'm excited!
  • @slutbomb Good tip! You should write a book on getting thrown out of parties. I would read it.
  • @septomin Better than you might guess.

Mar 20

  • @Shrubbette A roped-off installation piece, of a suitcase full of zip disks. No oxygen in the gallery, only argon.
  • RT @patrickklepek So here's my interview with the developer of Frog Fractions. The game started as an iteration of Missile Command?
  • RT @Teanah Spotted @mogwai_poet at GDC! He's kickstarting Frog Fractions 2
  • @Teanah Yeah, he's @PaperDino.
  • RT @westquote Just created future email address for my newborn boy, Quincy Saxon. It's official now: I'm a father!
  • @westquote So do I start sending him the bug porn now, or...
  • @ClintKeepin It makes me want to start smoking

Mar 21

  • Favorite Frog Fractions 2 interview so far:
  • @LavaLevel @JackMenhorn Unless your actors work continuously like Supergiant,, voice work hinders iteration *considerably*.
  • @LavaLevel @JackMenhorn More useful to be able to keep rewriting without having to work around dialog recorded halfway through development.
  • Zero props to Google for consistently implementing https on now, rather than at launch.
  • @JackMenhorn @LavaLevel you might be able to get away with that but it means you're iterating on incomplete information.
  • @JackMenhorn @LavaLevel Also it means voice won't be there when the press looks at your thing.
  • @ZoeQuinnzel One of the Frog Fractions voices was me imitating his laugh
  • @scallopdelion
  • @dualhammers

Mar 22

  • RT @rachel_sala @mogwai_poet at a live Giant Bomb interview!
  • For those of you still trying to plan your GDC agenda, my talk on mystery in games is at 1:35p today, in Moscone North, room 130.
  • Anyone from out of town I talked to about meeting up before you leave, remind me, because I am in no shape to remember things right now.
  • @dannyodwyer Thank you! I was super nervous but everyone says it was a good talk, so, cool.
  • @BrianNumberOne @Pandawlf Can vouch for Games of Berkeley. It's right next to the Downtown Berkeley BART station.
  • @fearv @bahrami_ I missed it! Anything I can check out online?
  • RT @tigerstylegames Jim Crawford gave my fave #GDC '14 design talk with Preserving A Sense of Discovery in the Age of Spoilers. Now must play Frog Fractions!

Mar 23

  • @fearv @bahrami_ Say no more.
  • RT @JurassicaxPark This is probably the best poster for Alien I've ever seen. #TakingItEasy #Ripley #Alien
  • @MaxTemkin @ZoeQuinnzel
  • @singing_pigs Thank you!
  • @MaxTemkin @ZoeQuinnzel Also, before or afterwards:
  • Surfing modern web sites in ancient browsers: virtuallyfun.superg...
  • @yoz Keep going, I'm probably going to use all these names.
  • RT @simoncarless Just tried to order rice for 8 people from the local Mexican restaurant and almost got ice for 80 people. #accentproblems
  • Found out about the #trax 20 year reunion 2 hours ago. Showed up for the half hour before the last BART. See you guys in another 20 years!

Mar 24

  • Dogs reacting to magic tricks:
  • @zarawesome My best guess is they want walking robots to improve the walking data in Maps.
  • @glassbottommeg @ibogost The Dogme 95 food photography movement is gaining momentum.
  • Reminder: @rachel_sala and I are doing a Twinbeard AMA tomorrow afternoon. Monday, 4pm EDT.
  • (Anybody involved in the Frog Fractions series who wants to join in, send me an IM and I will point out your username in the post.)
  • We're at the halfway point, and the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter is 7969/12000ths funded.
  • @NicholasGolden All of them.
  • I'm not normally a proponent of "absence of evidence is evidence of absence," but I'm pretty sure YouTube proves cow tipping to be bullshit.
  • @Wugga Depends. Are they Honeycrisps?
  • RT @bengrue /r/spaceclop is the opposite of Upworthy. - @mogwai_poet
  • . @bengrue I stand by this.
  • RT @fullbright @Soranomaru @MituK checks out.
  • RT @mrasmus Steve Gaynor is Frog Fractions 2.

Mar 25

  • @AngryBread Don't get ahead of yourself. The OUYA is Frog Fractions 5.
  • The Twinbeard AMA starts in twenty minutes. Go forth and ask!
  • @Laaph023 Yes but they will not show up in the AMA.
  • @Laaph023 Please!
  • "20 BEST TED TALKS READERS' POLL RESULTS. ... 2. How to Fight a Cow, Col. Frank Tuplin"
  • @GnarbroTaKa That's one of my favorite drives

Mar 26

  • Ric Chivo sure has his thumb on the pulse of indie game development:
  • @deviever Hey, so I listened to about half of that and got distracted, then after GDC I found the browser tab but the sound was gone.
  • @deviever I agreed with everything you said in the first half. Sorry for dropping the ball in the second!
  • @vogon It's funny how much easier, in many ways, making software for old computers is. Did you ever get the chance to code for the Sifteo?
  • @vogon It was really interesting to me in that it mapped the simplicity of e.g. the Apple 2 onto a C++ API.
  • @vogon Yeah, I love memory-mapped interfaces. So dead simple. Would be a terrible match for writing modern-sized software of course.
  • Garfield Minus Jon Plus Jon
  • @deviever No no, not at all. It's all stuff I think is important too.
  • RT @dunkr Any GDC people still in SF should join me, @Triplefox and @mogwai_poet for co-working at the MADE from 1pm!
  • David Sanchez has almost sorta convinced me that spoiling Frog Fractions for someone might sometimes be a net win.
  • @StudioBond @dunkr @Triplefox Usually it's: people show up, we work on stuff for a bit, get distracted by video games, then get dinner.
  • Keep kicking against the patriarchy!
  • [Head scratch]
  • Adding a stretch goal to Frog Fractions 2. $2 billion dollars: buy Oculus back from Facebook.
  • RT @PeterMolydeux Imagine getting a facebook poke. Now you'll actually be able to see the poke coming towards you. Or maybe BEHIND you? Exciting times.
  • @mcclure111 Super Monkey Ball! I loved that game
  • RT @rygorous "Can you come to my office?" ... *stern look* "Where do you see yourself in 5 minutes?"
  • @fwong Gotta play to their weaknesses. Claim that it's impossible in their favorite tool, and they'll race each other to prove you wrong.
  • @pohungchen @phosphoer @twinbeard Oh hi
  • @pohungchen @phosphoer At The MADE right now! Probably for another hour?
  • Flappy Thirds.
  • @NorthernlionLP @Undead_Merchant Oh man. And then I need even more money to actually make the game.
  • @NorthernlionLP @Undead_Merchant That's a load off my mind
  • @ricothemad Not your type.

Mar 27

  • "When Photos Lie: Sticking Up for Jalen Brunson" newsblogs.chicagotr...
  • @VideoGamesTaco I just mentally divide by 3 and go to my happy place.
  • Crazy Stone AI beats 9-dan Ishida Yoshio with only a four stone handicap.
  • @vectorpoem I parsed that as "Crazy Stone AI" and was just confused, because sans serif fonts are the worst.
  • @pxlsicle Yeah, they've come a long way in the last decade.

Mar 28

  • Holy crap, what happened in this thread?
  • @Meat_Jesus Thanks!
  • @Foamed1 @agmcleod @failnaut @austin_walker Wait, so the post itself was deleted? I only noticed a bunch of deleted comments about the post.

Mar 29

  • @Appleguysnake This is basically my day job now
  • RT @cmuratori I realized that @OinkApp's GDC lecture ( was missing a description, so I added one for them:
  • Oh good, Facebook is poaching game developers now.
  • RT @jeroendstout .@yoz @mogwai_poet Hope! at the sight, there we see spawn: no Speck of Light, perchance 'tis Dawn? Buffoons take aim: "This Is No Game!"

Mar 30

  • "The Brutal Ageism of Tech: Years of experience, plenty of talent, completely obsolete"
  • Found a pile of about twenty of these at an estate sale. What is it?
  • @GavinMate @Dorkus1218 @mrasmus Oh, interesting, I assumed it was for an obscure console that barely or didn't get released.
  • @JohnPoveromo Thanks!
  • @IvanDashSmith @Livelyivy As a designer I have the advantage that I am easily infuriated.

Mar 31

  • @MrChappyGames Thank you!
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Quicken Technical Support Phone Number @
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