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Ugh, stop twitching
april 2014 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:41:24 by Jim Crawford
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Apr 01

  • One week left in the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter, with about $10,000 until we hit the funding goal.

Apr 02

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • The Choice Chamber Kickstarter looks pretty sweet. A game designed to be livestreamed, with an interacting audience.
  • @yoz Hey the objective is to name the game, not describe it
  • @yoz Don't let it happen again
  • "Making games is EASY. Belonging is HARD."
  • Oh hey, did you notice Escape Goat 2 is out? I guess launching concurrently with Facebook buying Oculus didn't help. store.steampowered....
  • @necrosofty I think I saw news about *that* too, but of course nothing about Escape Goat.
  • @MagicalTimeBean This makes me want to go count articles and see whether your release got more press than my dumb stretch goal.
  • RT @Sumdian I had a great bonding moment with my sister co-oping the DDR section of Frog Fractions tonight. :)
  • @Flanlord @nicetrysean For some reason I just assumed that was a re-themed Threes clone.
  • We've had so much fun running the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter that we made a game about running Kickstarters!
  • We delayed Kickstarter Simulator 2015 by one day because with a 4/1 release, nobody would believe me when I said it's not Frog Fractions 2.
  • RT @fearv @mogwai_poet Shout out to the Emeryville Target
  • @bengrue @Sir5000 Shh, you'll blow my cover!
  • @marksteward It won't load for me. FROG FRACTIONS 2?!
  • RT @GIAWire Supreme Court strikes down all contribution limits! Now you can give as much money as you want to Frog Fractions 2.
  • @marksteward Oh man, I said I was looking forward to the hoaxes, but profitable hoaxes are not cool.

Apr 03

  • Man, could I look more like a startup CEO in this photo?
  • RT @alexgriendling @mogwai_poet I wish the caption was "SYNERGY".
  • @MOOMANiBE Yeah, I guess the ponytail is more late-90s-bubble.
  • @johmmmmmm I accidentally deleted some ms from your name so I don't know if you'll see this reply and now I can't think about anything else.
  • @dclingman Hmm. This might be an East Bay/Peninsula culture war thing.
  • RT @Talkingship Frog Fractions 2: Interview With Jim Crawford
  • @dclingman Hang on while I find that costume bowler hat I liked from New Years...
  • @AshgabatCat "Finding"? I'm not familiar with this word...
  • RT @rich_gallup I tried paying my bills and this Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter update got in the way: Thanks, @mogwai_poet.
  • @rich_gallup Here's a man with his head on straight
  • @rich_gallup @VinnyCaravella @jeffgerstmann I've been meaning to forever. And they're super easy to make since genre expectations are so low
  • @rich_gallup @VinnyCaravella @jeffgerstmann I still say the first team to get a smart-dumb, film-length FMV game on Steam sells a million.
  • @rich_gallup @VinnyCaravella @jeffgerstmann It's a date!
  • RT @StaringScreens We talked to @mogwai_poet about his Adventures in Crowdfunding
  • The designers of Threes post a year's worth of design emails. Some seriously amazing sausage factory action here:
  • Hm, I haven't been able to send DMs in a couple days. Am I in DM jail?
  • @OptimistPanda Hm, yes. Yes, they do.
  • @braktheman Hm, I should find him and see if he wants to be on the FF2 soundtrack.
  • Ah, apparently it's that Twitter no longer allows DMs with URLs! Thanks, @OptimistPanda.
  • @ThemGames Awww, thanks!
  • @Almodelicious The creator took it down, but I saw a speed run video with a time of 12:17. (I've done better, but I know all the sploits.)
  • @Raminibar Thanks! I'm pretty proud of that one. What was the context where you needed an example of frustration in games, out of curiosity?
  • @EdibleToaster Thank @RyanIkeComposer for that!
  • @ricothemad A noble goal!
  • RT @isTheJigUp No, The Jig is not up
  • @MaritalWheat @ilgoodi @TieWhisperer @CodeCrafty Watching the search results for "Frog Fractions" is basically my day job.
  • @Slumpwuffle @OptimistPanda ... huh.
  • @MaritalWheat @ilgoodi @TieWhisperer @CodeCrafty Making FF2 is a problem for Future Jim. Present Jim is just trying to get funding!
  • @MaritalWheat @ilgoodi @TieWhisperer @CodeCrafty And thank you! It's not going in the vault so I'm gonna post my own video of the talk soon.
  • @cgutteridge Frog Factions Pi will have four playable races: Frogs, Toads, Elves, and Toad Elves.
  • @KBsGameTOILET o/
  • RT @thomas_violence guys you wanna feel old? JK Rowling died thousands of years ago, you're the last remaining human, sustained in a VR pod below Omsk
  • RT @RockBand The Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter has Rock Band microphone support as a stretch goal. This is sublime.
  • @CammerheadShark Yes! Just responded to your email.
  • "Emma plays Kickstarter Simulator"
  • @vogon I think we should make it easy and pronounce that "jiff" too.
  • RT @rygorous @pervognsen I'm not locked in a room with a bunch of drivers. The drivers are locked in a room with ME.
  • I like the cut of this Kickstarter's jib. If you enjoyed Spaceteam, go help Henry Smith make more cool games!
  • RT @rje Kickstarter Simulator 2015 is the Citizen Kane of Mad Dog McCrees.

Apr 04

  • @TheSeg Hahah I've been wanting to figure that out. That frickin' header image!
  • @TheSeg They're mine now! Can't have 'em back.
  • RT @dresdencodak I know I'm a broken record about this, but my favorite modern Zelda game is Dark Souls.
  • @Westrunner Same design, but it should be a better quality product because it's an actual screen-printed thing rather than a one-off.
  • @oomgames Yes, it stands for Graphics Interchange Bond. Some people pronounce it with a hard g sound but those people are weird.
  • Scientists confirm that there is a liquid ocean on Enceladus.
  • @chrisremo @chetfaliszek This isn't its primary function, but Ghostery takes care of those ads pretty effectively:
  • RT @Jared_Wade DON'T START A TWEET THAT WAY. RT @NBCNews: Just In: Air Force fires nine nuclear missile commanders over two-year cheating scandal
  • @chetfaliszek @chrisremo @BrettACutler Understandable. You can configure it to block just those ads. That's a lot more work, of course.
  • @El_Jarado Haven't decided yet. Even if there's nothing explicit it will almost certainly be clear-ish from my sense of humor.
  • @El_Jarado It will definitely be longer than five minutes before you realize what's happening!
  • Frog Fractions 2 is less than one Beard Power Totem away from funding. You know you want that thing on your shelf.
  • @silentbicycle Hey it's sanitary
  • @VideoGamesTaco Hm. While you're trying to fool yourself, maybe you could could just skip right to playing Frog Fractions 2 in your head!
  • @Cabbidges Thank goodness. I don't need that kind of stress in my life!
  • @Cabbidges How young are we talking about here? :)
  • @Cabbidges I never did shoot the scene for the pitch video where a mother and four year old give a testimonial and the kid quotes bug porn.
  • I just worked up the nerve to look at Sidekick again, assuming they still gave Frog Fractions 2 a 9% chance of funding.
  • @VideoGamesTaco I'm partial to Clamato!
  • RT @dunkr @danbruno @mogwai_poet Stretch goal: 'American Idol'-style auditions for people who want their game to be "the carrier".
  • Frog Fractions 2 is funded! You guys can't take it back now! HA HA HA HA wait, can you take it back?
  • Thanks, everyone! But we can't rest on our laurels. The remaniing $199940000 is the true challenge!
  • @Rokashi Yeah, that's pretty apt!
  • @RandomOutput Thank you!
  • @PurpleMFTW Wait, really? I need to find my anti-anxiety meds.
  • @ricothemad Thanks!
  • @TheSeg Blind rage?
  • If I live in California, what are taxes like on $2 billion worth of income? I'm asking for a friend.
  • @tylerglaiel Oh, that's not too bad. Phew!
  • RT @GunpointGame Note: backing Frog Fractions 2 at the $40 level gets you early prototypes of FF1, like Gunpoint's fanciest edition.
  • @EvanBalster @mcclure111 Evan who? Imi-what?
  • @robinlvalentine Thanks!
  • @mcclure111 @LorenSchmidt Shit, isn't that what they got Bernie Madoff for?

Apr 05

  • RT @legobutts How the heck does one organize a Frog Fractions 2 Decoy Jam? I could make a site and just keeping adding "MAYBE THIS ONE IS IT" thumbnails?
  • @zarfeblong Hm, what percentage of that did you see with Hadean Lands?
  • @Marwood Thanks!
  • @MarcusTorrent Hm. Maybe I should've gotten an artist to make the thing beforehand so I could've included photos of it.
  • @avestal C'mon, you can figure it out by looking at the source code
  • RT @Lee_Ars It looks like "Frog Fractions 2" is fully funded! Now is probably the appropriate time to tell you that I am Frog Fractions 2.
  • @Teanah @kickstarter It won't be too late for a few days yet! Thanks, Tina!
  • @celsiusgs Thank you!
  • RT @Rokashi Here is David Gallant explaining @mogwai_poet's Frog Fractions to his parents. We indie devs are so cool!
  • RT @woofycakes
  • @Thund3rhead It's basically my day job right now.
  • RT @Lokno @woofycakes @mogwai_poet That was at Siggraph last year. It's called AquaTop.

Apr 06

  • @adlleong Brian Wickman. We were in a demo group together in a previous life.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Yes, sorry, been pretty busy lately!
  • @Meaningness @mcclure111 Can't-fail startup idea of the day: morality offsets.
  • 72 hours left on the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter. Come on, Rock Band Mic support, no whammies...

Apr 07

  • @ChasElt That's cool! I wonder if it has something to do with me
  • @ChasElt Oh, I'm as confused as you are about that. I can't even find the alleged pee cee version for download.
  • RT @nickd3000 Hmm, is this guy even authorised to sell frog fractions?
  • More measles on BART and Berkeley campus! It's the thing to do.
  • I just posted a video of the design talk I gave at GDC: "Preserving a Sense of Discovery in the Age of Spoilers."

Apr 08

  • @alexremington Hm, no. Probably wouldn't be too hard to produce one from my notes, though. What do you need it for?
  • @alexremington Right, but I guess what I'm getting at is: are other people more likely to post about my cool thing if it has a transcript?
  • @alexremington Thank you for writing about my cool stuff!
  • @alexremington Also if you send me that transcript when it's done I will probably find it useful.
  • RT @vectorpoem Any idea who the artist of this poster is? It's ludicrously beautiful. btw Doom + Myst = FUTURE
  • @NicholasGolden I think most are. It's a little misleading right now because *all* the talks just have slides right now.
  • @aurahack Awesome, thanks!
  • @glassbottommeg Eurogamer just did. Maybe they prefer to do it at the end?
  • @rygorous Can you save some state? Maybe the way to handle this is to pop up a notice when the user starts the program again.
  • I want to do a livestream in the last hours of the Kickstarter, in which I play weird/surprising PC games. Any suggestions?
  • @rygorous Oh, in that case a snarky comment will probably have to suffice.
  • Writing all these down, thanks...
  • @MattDenholmRoss Hahah, funny story: I'm friends with Chris. Save the Date and Frog Fractions sprang from of the same set of conversations.
  • Here's a transcription of my GDC talk on mystery in games. Thanks, @alexremington!
  • This guy has his head on straight.
  • @SkipperEl Can't be any harder than taking care of a human baby. Piece of cake!
  • @BaseCase Not ashamed at all. I'd guess one in a hundred people noticed the stars for themselves. I certainly didn't.
  • 24 hours left in the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter. If you delayed pledging to build up drama, now's the time!
  • @Crazy_Mike1991 @JSmithOTI Move the mouse a little closer... not all the way on top of the button... just... oh yeah, do that again...
  • @celsiusgs We don't believe they exist
  • RT @CAH Frog Fractions is one of our favorite games There's 24 hours left to back Frog Fractions 2:
  • RT @SolonCubed Just enjoy this link. There is resin beards and datamoshing in it.

Apr 09

  • RT @CammerheadShark Check out my first post with @onthemedia and @tldr about the infamous Frog Fractions. And thanks to @mogwai_poet for a great interview.
  • @ZoeQuinnzel Flirting. Some people are way better at it than other people?
  • @ZoeQuinnzel Hey do you like dating people? Because I'm a person.
  • @ZoeQuinnzel One time this cute girl asked me to hold her bike while she tied her boots, I held it, she said thank you, and I walked away.
  • Oh, I forgot to announce this earlier. Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @eaneuhaus @ZoeQuinnzel Dude she was way into you
  • My GDC design talk about mystery in games is now on Vimeo if you're into all that "embedding" or "sharing" stuff.
  • @edclef Thanks! I've been thinking about this stuff for a while so it's nice to get it out there.
  • @edclef Yeah, did you ever talk about the development of Proteus? I'd be curious to know more
  • @edclef I would read that!
  • @BaseCase Every Tuesday for the foreseeable future.
  • @JBantha I have to admit, I never tested it to find out. Does the one hosted on Kickstarter work better?
  • RT @necrosofty Last day for Frog Fractions 2! really hoping @mogwai_poet will reach the true meaning of friendship stretch goal
  • RT @korkyplunger Possible SQL injection attack against automated traffic speed cameras?
  • I'll be livestreaming weird games from 8pm (about an hour from now) to when the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter ends.
  • @doctoronion If I answered you would you believe me
  • I'll be live on Twitch streaming weird/surprising games until the Kickstarter is over. Help spread the word!
  • Because some on the Twitch stream expressed concern, I wanted to clarify: backers will have the option to never be told about FF2 ever.
  • Still livestreaming weird/surprising games on Twitch! I'll be here until the Frog Fractions 2 kickstarter ends.
  • RT @VideoGamesTaco J: "Glue hair to your face," he says. Why didn't I think of that?
  • Now playing Deadly Premonition on the Fractions 2 kickstarter countdown livestream. 8 hours left!
  • Iterative game design: I'm moving the Rock Band mic stretch goal to $70,000. (I'll update the image later.)
  • Now playing Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden on the Fractions 2 kickstarter countdown livestream. 3 hours left!
  • Now playing The Stanley Parable on the Fractions 2 kickstarter countdown livestream. 70 minutes left!
  • 26 minutes to go, and still nobody wants the beards!
  • You guys accidentally left some money here, did you want it back tonight, or...?

Apr 10

  • @alexremington Fixed, thanks!
  • @pezcore343 @jeffgerstmann I don't really remember last night, but that sure sounds like something I would do.
  • @Teanah Thank you! :)
  • @IvanDashSmith Thank you!
  • @ChucklesBrown Oh man, it's *your* fault we didn't hit the Oculus Rift stretch goal, then.
  • @asilearnit Was still learning Flash, and I wanted to follow up Futility Pong with something just a little bit larger in scale.
  • @celsiusgs Thanks!
  • @cphase Getting hungry...
  • RT @RandomOutput @mogwai_poet , @cabbibo just leaned there's more than fractions.
  • @FredericDogfood You've figured it out! Frog Fractions 2 is just a ploy to boost overall indie game sales.
  • @ForneusLex Thanks! Me too.
  • @td_rules Thank you!
  • @telarium Thanks!
  • @potatoTeto Thank you!
  • @mikesuszek Thanks! And thank you for your help!
  • @Satchamobob Thanks!
  • @NewtonsNinja Thanks!
  • @MikeASchneider Thanks!
  • @KTallguy Oh, okay. Thanks!
  • @ehahnda Thank you!
  • @Joe_Robins Thanks!

Apr 11

  • @asilearnit Thanks!
  • @SkipperEl Ah man, no. Wish I could be there!
  • About 100,000 people played Futilitris today. Even at its peak. Frog Fractions was never this popular. Maybe I did the wrong Kickstarter!
  • @Flanlord I just assumed that was a picture of you building a penis out of tetronimos. (Which is the true win condition.)
  • @Axis1500 Looks like it was a link in this Reddit thread:

Apr 12

  • Man, for the Psychonauts Steam rerelease I was sure they'd cut the worst parts from the final level, but I'd just misremembered the order.
  • RT @skimbrel "hack bright has placed more women in silicon valley software roles this year than berkeley and stanford" #pycon2014
  • @KestrelPi Yeah? Boss tuning? Short of actually redoing level design I'm not sure how else they could.
  • @MoviusC Same. Then the ending cutscene un-ruined it. Happens every time.
  • So multiple people asked me if this is Frog Fractions 2. If this is my competition, I've got my work cut out for me.
  • Here is an episode of Jeremy Kellerman's Advice Hour, for reference:
  • RT @chricraw @mogwai_poet have you looked at the developer's website?
  • RT @JeremyKellerman @triggerhapy639 @mogwai_poet Holy cow! I am unfamiliar with this gentleman, but any poet of little 1980s movie monsters is a friend of mine.
  • @SkipperEl Did you get surreptitious pictures?
  • @BTrain87 Hm, is that a Vita thing? Digging the art style.
  • @SkipperEl That's one of my least favorite kinds of badness :(
  • @coolgarydotnet Thank you!
  • "Ask Polly: Will Our Class Differences Tear Us Apart?"
  • Of all the dumbassery leading to the Heartbleed bug, the "oh I forgot to check the buffer length" part is the most forgivable.
  • The least forgivable is probably the "let's design this keepalive protocol so the user specifies the response string" part.
  • @vogon I think it's maybe so that you can make the server say "butts" and then laugh, "haha we made the computer say butts."
  • RT @danbruno PAX pro tip: if you ask an exhibitor if their game is Frog Fractions 2 they are required to answer, but the response may not be verbal

Apr 13

  • @craigtimpany They put so much care into disclosing the bug, too. There's a logo and branding and marketing copy and everything.
  • "Amy discovers that her boyfriend's war game unfolds very differently when the player chooses a female character"
  • @Data01 @ID_AA_Carmack @rygorous I believe the America's Army team did this for near-miss gunfire, but they special-cased it.
  • @SkipperEl @danbruno registered in 2003. Must be time travelers at work...

Apr 14

  • James Cameron's AMA is really good. Dude does a great job answering both the tough questions and the silly ones.
  • OH: "Do you know what's going on? In general?" "Um, women are allowed to vote now..." "What?? Oh, I thought you said 'moomins.'"
  • @necrosofty Not every human is good at giving interviews, though!
  • @ryanbarr It's what I do. (I'm doing it for a living now, evidently.)
  • @silentbicycle When I suggested that talk name, I thought it was clearly jokey enough that nobody could take it seriously, but everyone did.
  • @silentbicycle It means "you can search it," right? Like, there's an index?

Apr 15

  • @silentbicycle Yeah, I think I get it.
  • "This is the only time in my entire programming life that I've debugged a problem caused by quantum mechanics."
  • RT @PorygonNews We recently learned that protecting your source is important in journalism, so we just mailed nunchucks to a bunch our contacts.
  • RT @DamianSommer I am not pleased that this household is now playing terrible dating sims in the hope that it's Frog Fractions 2
  • @deviever If you look really carefully you can see footage of that game in the Kickstarter pitch video. A clue?!
  • @deviever I can tell you that it is probably not an Atari 2600 game.
  • @deviever Now you know how much I can't say
  • @deviever Think of it as a... circumquel.
  • . @deviever Yesterday somebody called me a jerk after playing Futilitris, and I realized, man, this is what I do for a living now.
  • @yoitstimothy @deviever I was a jerk to them real good one time and then I asked them, hey, what if you pay me to do that again someday

Apr 16

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @deviever Looks like it's working, you just have to ignore the warning messages. Let me see what I can do about those.
  • @deviever I designed that stuff to be a community effort. No one person solved every puzzle.
  • @deviever That *was* the case, until I rushed ahead and created more puzzles to solve.
  • @WorsleyTrevor @sarahkendzior First world problems.
  • @WorsleyTrevor @sarahkendzior What I was getting at was actually that that's an example of marginalization.
  • Like our respective games, @PaperDino's talk about player investment makes a great companion piece to my own talk:
  • We cover a lot of the same material but drill down to details in very different places. Here's mine again, ICYMI:
  • @Wiggmortem @locust9
  • @IcarusTyler I've said it before, I think the first team to put a film-length, smart-dumb FMV game on Steam sells a million copies.
  • @Marwood Thanks! Yeah, I still haven't given the series the time it deserves, but watching from the sidelines I've been quite impressed.
  • "Leaked Report Says CIA Tortured Illegally; Feinstein's Mad Somebody Leaked It"
  • RT @nilswloewen #futilitris

Apr 17

  • Writer explains why the entire cast of "Noah" is white: "They're supposed to be stand-ins for all people."
  • RT @BrianWithCheese @mogwai_poet Hollywood, "Remember kids, Caucasian is the default race! -even though there's billions of Asians and life began in Africa."
  • @deviever Cool, thank you!
  • RT @PeterMolydeux What if a game had so many easter eggs that you started to actually believe that the key parts of the game were the easter eggs?
  • On the invention of jaywalking, and the transition away from automotive deaths being considered the driver's fault:
  • Oh, Twitch is matching funds for the Choice Chamber Kickstarter? That's pretty awesome.
  • @Secret_Tunnel It was definitely more of a "I can't believe this shit" post than a "here's what's wrong and how to fix it" post.

Apr 18

Apr 19

  • Hmm. Yes. This will do nicely.
  • @slutbomb That's just his nature. You shouldn't have worn that dress.
  • Okay, so is there a formal name for the rock bass technique that's like a quick glissando up then down, not hitting any particular note?
  • I've always just called it "bwow" but searching for "bass bwow" I think I'm probably the only person to call it that.
  • @simoncarless Hmm. Here's what Youtube thinks you mean:
  • @jonbeilin There are some good bwows in this video, esp. at 3:18.
  • Okay, if Metafilter doesn't know the answer, it's pretty much hopeless.
  • @ragekit When I say "glissando" I usually mean between two notes. This is more of a semi-tonal sound effect, used to punctuate a crescendo.
  • @Molluskgonebad Hmm, I might descibe the THX sound that way.
  • @cphase You should demand this sound in every game soundtrack.
  • I don't know how to link to it, but there's a PSN sale this weekend. Braid, Tokyo Jungle and a lot of Telltale stuff for 99 cents each.
  • RT @Reetesh @mogwai_poet Here is the link to it [ store.sonyentertain... ] :D So many good games in there!
  • @Reetesh Awesome :)
  • Yörgh! modalauxiliary.tumb...
  • "I fabricated Frog Fractions in a little FIFA 14 Coins over a year, he says on the angle page."
  • @stx Oh no, I didn't realize that whatever that page had was contagious
  • How Americans Die, interactive infographic:
  • @VideoGamesTaco I'm doomed :(

Apr 20

  • If it fits, I sits.
  • 28 hours left in the Choice Chamber Kickstarter. If you want to see it in action, 10000 Twitchers are playing now:
  • This is a genuinely sublime mashup. Probably the only time you'll ever hear me or anyone else use that phrase.
  • @still My preferred strategy is still to buy them then pirate them.
  • @still Yeah, that's a fair point. I wonder when we get to start buying our pirated movies legally from Antigua.
  • @virtjk You know what bugs me? They only ever talk about a drug's effects on humans. Like we're all that matters.
  • @virtjk Asking for a friend
  • @smestorp It's not your whole schtick, though. You've made several reasonably widely-played games that aren't entirely about "the surprise."

Apr 21

  • @smestorp Hm. Maybe the trick is to keep them guessing genre-wise. Or maybe the ten yous have ten different audiences and you're fucked.
  • Schlieren Flow Visualization shows you what sound waves traveling through the air look like.

Apr 22

  • "A crossword based on the Adobe password leak." -- Guess the most common passwords based on common password hints.
  • For a movie I really didn't like very much, I sure seem to love reading elaborate essays deconstructing The Avengers.
  • Here's the previous one of those I enjoyed, for reference:
  • @LouisGorenfeld Does it work? I'd buy that.
  • @happionlabs Oh, is that the thing where you work through difficult programming problems by performing sex acts on a rubber duck?
  • @LouisGorenfeld Just tell 'em it's a laptop and run it through the x-ray!
  • @LouisGorenfeld Oh, yeah, I'm seeing it on ebay in the $110 range right now.
  • @b_cavello @Asher_Wolf Somehow we muddle through!
  • Hasbro's print ad for Cluedo in Mexican markets. NSFW if your co-workers are familiar with early-90s thrillers.
  • @TomBurnsRogers Don't forget your brain. The image is gonna be stuck there for a while too.
  • This is how good 3D engines could've looked in the 90s, given a modern art pipeline:
  • @glassbottommeg I don't think I've ever seen it *moving*, only super pixely screenshots. Wasn't that a software-only heightfield renderer?
  • @rygorous That's a classy one too! My personal referent for TBL will always be the softsynth stuff in Stash, though.
  • @rygorous Wait, they're not the same ... shit! I'm turning in my scene cred badge and gun.
  • @rygorous Was it a merger for, like, tax reasons?
  • Lymph nodes still swollen, gums still tender. I should post a FF2 backer update with my symptoms and ask for a diagnosis in the comments.
  • @ZackScott At this point I barely have the will to shake my impotent fist at the sky.
  • @daemonpants Yes. Keeping me from dying is the new game.
  • @SyntonicThief Hm, maybe! I never did get those. I have toothaches too but not where the wisdom teeth go.
  • @SyntonicThief Yes.
  • @SyntonicThief That sounds like a good idea.
  • @SyntonicThief I'll keep you posted!
  • @BaseCase Thank you!
  • @BaseCase I'll be there. I don't *think* it's contagious but I'll probably be off in a corner
  • @BaseCase Usually till 7 or 8 but I might call it early depending on how I'm doing
  • RT @necrosofty Oh, deer! still life.
  • "Using keyboard authentication." If SSH is trying to make me feel like a loser for using *hands* to authenticate a thing, well, it worked.

Apr 23

  • RT @septomin @mogwai_poet it's like a baby's toy
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • Seen 8:43pm.
  • @LorenSchmidt You are welcome all the weeks!
  • If you want to see an archived stream of me playing a weird game, maybe you'll find it on this list:
  • @Lo_Fi_ @BrettACutler Oh man, I was so tired by the time I got to that game, I didn't get it at all :)
  • @pohungchen @Lo_Fi_ @BrettACutler @JasonMeisel Probably!
  • RT @PaperJamGameJam Paperjam returns! We convene at @LondonGameSpace tonight, to ponder the game design of @TwinBeard's Frog Fractions
  • @BrettACutler @Lo_Fi_ I've been there. That experienced defined Frog Fractions for much of its development and still does, really.
  • @BrettACutler @Lo_Fi_ How do they teach playtests in Digipen? Do they cover not explaining anything, and asking testers to talk out loud?
  • @BrettACutler @Lo_Fi_ That sounds like a good thing.
  • @lidocaineus It's called "Dating all the Time" and it's a @LouisGorenfeld original. It probably just sounds familiar because it's so tropey.

Apr 24

  • RT @mikeBithell I fucking love human beings.
  • Ellen DeGeneres: "Portia was surprised I didn't try to scare her on Halloween. I'm gonna hide in the cupboard." nextworldover.tumbl...

Apr 25

  • Does Bob's Game give off an untreated schizophrenia vibe to you guys? The guy is clearly talented and high-functioning, but he needs help.
  • @Slaktus Wish I could believe that.
  • Good news you guys! It's just necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, most likely brought on by stress and poor nutrition!
  • @SyntonicThief It's cool, it's just necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, a.k.a. "trench mouth."
  • @BaseCase Thank you!
  • @SyntonicThief c'mon, what are the chances of it happening to the same guy twice
  • Oh, oh man, is that the feeling of an antibiotic doing its job? Don't quote me on that just yet...
  • I'll tell you this much, I've definitely had better gums
  • @aubilenon Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis! Some of my worst gums, really.

Apr 26

  • Mankind has always wondered, what does monorail-cat look like from below?
  • Here is a reminder that the Spaceteam Admiral's Club is a thing that exists and that you should care about!
  • @mrasmus Or when anything ends, really. Like when I go to bed, "day over, yeaaaaah!"
  • If only the developers of NES Remix had demonstrated this kind of imagination.
  • Hey writers, you know how in real life people sometimes pause dramatically before saying a euphemism, to sound more sinister? You don't? Oh.

Apr 27

  • RT @rygorous @mogwai_poet I actually do that! And really ham it up too!
  • RT @rygorous @mogwai_poet "That... interesting code I wrote appears to be... semantically deficient. We should fix it before it causes an... accident."
  • @Sir5000 Don't worry. The witnesses will be... murdered.
  • @lrlucchini That's what I'm here for!
  • Webdriver Torso sure has been busy.
  • @eeJonathan I wouldn't rule it out.
  • @aubilenon I donno, he's got part of one in his profile picture...

Apr 28

  • RT @iamrobrown why these pigeons look like they bout to drop the most fire album of 2014

Apr 29

Apr 30

  • Neil Cicierega's new album is kind of a masterpiece.
  • @Marwood The guy's body of work is pretty incredible:
  • Just received a package called SABRINA via Dropbox from a sender I don't recognize. It's a folder full of files like, os_x64.rar
  • win_x86.rar is corrupt and won't extract. unzips to what looks like a Unity publish directory, "SABRINA_SCII_LA_21.4.14_EMERALD"
  • I tried running an AVG scan on SABRINA_SCII_LA_21.4.14_EMERALD and Explorer crashed.
  • @magic_bane I think it *is* a message.
  • @Sir5000 Didn't I just?
  • I guess you guys are waiting for me to run this goddamned thing.
  • Here's the stream archive of me playing the thing:
  • Today's lesson: if you want me to run a mysterious thing, send it to me on a Tuesday. I would never have run it on my own machine.
  • @TheSeg Nobody panic. Everything will be cool unless SABRINA somehow merges with my zombie gums.
  • @RingJ5 I just pushed that a few times and couldn't figure out what it was doing, so you didn't miss much!
  • @mrfb They look like they were chosen by a mathematician.
  • RT @lawblob Hey conservatives mad at Sterling punishment: 30 billionaires self-governing an unregulated organization is literally a libertarian utopia
  • @gordcooper I'm tweeting from the afterlife. It's pretty humid.
  • "Gif." I pronounce it a certain way. I don't give a shit how you pronounce it.
  • @dualhammers You don't know me!
  • @rygorous It is *delicious* over here in creamy eff camp. I'm just sayin'.
  • @ChevyRay Okay, maybe I give a shit to the extent that I worry that you're choking to death
  • @BROrayn I thought GFY was the new hotness!
  • @MrDanMor Your way is pretty cool.
  • @Norgg Oh, that's where little Billy went. It's he okay?
  • @Marwood You will have to look into your heart. No-one can answer for you.
  • @Satchamobob @ForneusLex Oh, I forgot, I've got that too. I should play that sometime.
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