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Ugh, stop twitching
software Posted 1999-10-15 04:30:00 by Jim Crawford
A non-realtime software synth, loosely bazed on the CZ-101 synthesis engine. This was my first Windows program. It was written using Visual C, but I didn't use any of the Visual features. (to my delight, this compiles under Cygwin with minimal changes. the source pack now includes makefiles for both compilers. The binary is still the old version, because I didn't test the Cygwin version too thoroughly :) )

Even when you compare it to the CZ series, the synth engine is quite odd. The program includes a random patch creator, which is probably the best feature. It makes great wobbly noises.

I worked on a realtime version of this kind of synthesizer... for about an hour. Update circa Sept, 2001: I've now worked on one for about ninety hours. It's a mess at this point, and there's no way I'm gonna get it done without putting that much in again -- mainly because I'd be starting over. It's not likely to happen soon.

I wrote this program partially in order to learn to code under Windows, so Windows API programmers looking at the source will have a little extra something to wince at. Enjoy (source)! Enjoy (win32 executable)!

If you use it in your music, I'd appreciate it if you get me a copy of what you've done. Emailing me the URL of an .mp3 or .ogg would be fine; snailmailing me a CD would be fantastic.

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