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Ugh, stop twitching
paradigm shift
judgement Posted 2004-05-28 17:00:19 by Jim Crawford
Jason: i was really upset... i had just been here a few months and my mom was making us move back to TN. all these new horizons that had opened up were gonna close back on me. i got so upset that i locked myself in the bathroom and layed on the floor for a while. went to sleep.. ( i forget alot of it) woke up the next day not believing in god...
Jason: suddenly all this guilt left me. i could fucking watch television without feeling guilty every 5 minutes
Jason: i could think about things that were forbidden...
Jason: i actually smiled over it
Jason: it was like a high or something
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double header
judgement Posted 2003-08-18 21:53:52 by Jim Crawford
The new Ween album is great. Rolling Stone gave it two out of five stars and complained that there were no Celine Dion jokes. The average user rating is 4.5, but they choose to put the one awarding 1 star on the same level as the official review. Gah.

The dual verdict:
Ween's “Quebec”: is great.
Rolling Stone: is suck.

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homestar figurines
judgement Posted 2003-08-01 14:37:52 by Jim Crawford
In case you haven't been paying attention to the updates, Homestar Runner has put out a set of character figurines. I bought them on Day Zero and they're now standing next to Mario on top of my work computer. By popular request, here's a review of the set:

They're decent quality work. About the same material and paint quality as the figures you get out of a vending machine for 50 cents, but bigger than will fit in those plastic bubbles.

  • Strong Bad, Bubs, Strong Sad and Marzipan all translate well into 3D and look about how I expected.
  • Homestar has an inexplicable grimace.
  • Strong Mad has an unpleasant-looking seam around the top of his head/shoulders.
  • Coach Z leans forward all the time. Presumably he's being weighted down by his bling bling.
  • Pom Pom and The Cheat do not translate well into 3D and only look correct from directly in front. Pom Pom's head is too far forward from any other direction, and The Cheat is just... really oddly-shaped.
  • Homsar, The Poopsmith, and The King of Town are all missing entirely.

So the execution isn't perfect, but that's more than made up for by the content. They're sold out at the moment, but they were great and you should've gone and bought them.

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judgement Posted 2003-06-08 03:24:39 by Jim Crawford
This weekend I was introduced by an Argentinian friend to the work of one “Quino,” a wonderful cartoonist whose sense of humor bears a striking resemblance to that of Gary Larson, though without the focus on Biology.

He doesn't seem to have gotten much exposure in the United States, because he writes in Spanish. However, I enjoyed “Dejenme Inventar” and “Bien, Gracias. Y Usted?” immensely without knowing much Spanish at all, because most of the material in those two books is wordless. I would recommend them to non-Spanish-speakers without reservations, especially those who are fans of The Far Side.

Quino also used to draw a serial comic strip called “Mafalda,” which I've heard compared with Charles Schulz's “Peanuts.” Most of these strips are text-heavy, though, and unfortunately I haven't been able to find any official translations into English. There are some unofficial translations available in a few places. It seems surprisingly political for a strip apparently aimed at children, though perhaps not so surprising when you consider that it was written in Argentina during the 60s and 70s. I could see myself learning Spanish from this.

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i have a playstation 2
judgement Posted 2003-03-30 23:08:19 by Jim Crawford
It's true, I finally caved. I'll probably have more to say later, but for now, you'll have to settle for my complaints that these pansy-ass “dUaL sHoCk iI” controllers break if you bang them against a hard object four or five times. It's pathetic!

GameCube controllers can really take a beating. And when they break, I can often fix them without much trouble. As soon as I cracked the case on my Dual Shock 2, the innards practically exploded all over the room.

Long story short, I didn't end up making it better.

The next one should last quite a bit longer, though. See, the trick is to keep an already broken controller handy, and vent your frustrations on that one. The only problem is that passers by tend to throw out non-working electronics for me.

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wireless headphones
judgement Posted 2002-06-12 10:46:00 by Jim Crawford
If you're like me, the idea of wireless headphones appeals. And Sennheiser is a well-respected name in the Headphone Industry. But if you're considering entering the market, take this short quiz first.

While listening to music, do you generally:

  • Move your head?
  • Try to avoid random blasts of white noise?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then the Sennheiser Wireless RS-30s are not for you.

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