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Ugh, stop twitching
threat part ii
horror Posted 2003-04-11 17:22:00 by Jim Crawford
I don't see how anyone can give a fuck, in relative terms, about “The War” when this sort of precedent-setting Gestapo Shit is going on right here in our own fine country.

All these people are protesting the war. “Stop The War,” they say. You can't swing a cat without knocking over an oh-so-clever “drop bush, not bombs” sign. Folks, the war's gonna end by itself. The aforementioned Gestapo Shit isn't. Where the fuck are all the “Stop imprisoning people indefinitely with no trial or access to a lawyer” protests?

The upshot of these recent events is that They can lock you up whenever They feel like it, for however long They feel like, without providing any reason whatsoever, without providing you any legal recourse whatsoever. So you've got a bone to pick about the war in Iraq? Your right to dissent is slipping away right from under your very nose. Wake the fuck up.

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horror Posted 2002-12-05 04:57:20 by Jim Crawford
[04:59] pf: i've started getting zits on my thighs. i wonder what brought this on.
[04:59] goggly: me too
[04:59] goggly: you know what? ive heard the asme thing from like 3 people
[04:59] goggly: in the last week
[04:59] pf: good lord
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horror Posted 2002-07-03 09:21:36 by Jim Crawford
Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen accused of discussing the detonation of a radioactive bomb in Washington D.C., is being held indefinitely in military custody as an “enemy combatant,” in a manner, Government Lawyers say, “consistent with the laws and customs of war.” In case you haven't been paying attention, this throws the whole “speedy and public trial” thing right out the window. Not to mention “innocent until proven guilty.”

I wouldn't even bother to mention this, but I haven't noticed much outrage over the matter, just a few cynical comments here and there.

Maybe I should go see what Conan O'Brien has to say about it.

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horror Posted 2001-09-18 01:17:00 by Jim Crawford
First and foremost, the United States should be responsible for its own well-being. With that priority in mind, the absolute worst thing we could do in response to the recent terrorist attacks is nothing.

Well, I guess bombing millions of innocents and bringing wrath of the (rest of the) civilized world down upon us could be worse.

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deus ex
horror Posted 2001-05-28 01:13:00 by Jim Crawford
Deus Ex is a good game. But it has occured to me that there are probably people out there that don't prefer the ending that I prefer.

These people are scary.

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your fantasies will be used against you
horror Posted 2001-01-23 01:13:00 by Jim Crawford
“Government lawyers ... urged the high court to revive the law against virtual porn. They said prosecutors would be hard pressed to win a conviction against a child pornographer if they must prove the illicit image is of an actual child.”

First of all, Government Lawyers, I think you mean “alleged child pornographer.” And second of all, if you have no fucking evidence, it should be hard for you to win a conviction!

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