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Ugh, stop twitching
demos on youtube
software Posted 2008-06-13 22:13:57 by Jim Crawford
A couple days ago I discovered that DosBox ran all of the demos I made with Chris 10 years ago, so I've made videos of all of these and uploaded them to YouTube. Bonus DVD material: I was thinking of recording audio commentary for these.

. . .

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sample ripping
software Posted 2003-12-05 22:07:40 by Jim Crawford
Today, I had the occasion to write a program, in Python, to rip samples out of .mod files and store them in the .wav format. Here is it, the real mod sample ripping program from real mod sample rippers.

The needs this program fills that the competition doesn't are two: it runs as a batch process, and it tries to guess the intended playback rate of the samples by analyzing the note information in the patterns. Every other program I tried required two or three keystrokes per sample and set the sample rate in the output to 8363hz.

Despite these killer features, I realize that the cross-section of people who need to rip samples out of a directoryful of mods and people who have Python installed is very small. Consider this code a gift to the archaeologists of future civilizations.

And since I can't leave out my contemporaries, here's a summary of the information I gleaned from the experience:

  • .wav file format: horrendous.
  • .mod file format: utterly horrendous.
  • binary file I/O in Python: surprisingly pleasant.
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it's a basic interpreter
software Posted 2003-02-16 17:49:24 by Jim Crawford
This is fairly old news, but I was poking around in some of my old directories and I found this basic interpreter I implemented on the school “workstations” whilst taking a C programming course. I was working off of a floppy, which is why I didn't break the code up into multiple modules. Fewer excruciatingly slow disk accesses that way.

Nothing to get excited about, really. It's sub-1980s-micro quality, mostly because it has no array support. But I like it, because it's mine.

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software Posted 2002-10-10 01:29:16 by Jim Crawford
I spent some six years or so obsessed with the demo scene, and this page is what I have to show for it.

. . .

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prodly the puffin
software Posted 2001-02-08 09:04:12 by Jim Crawford
Like many diehard pokey fans, I'm subscribed to the pokey-themed Indeed mailing list.

To me, the most interesting part of this list is not the multitude of messages that read simply “GUN!!!” but the multitude of pokey-related projects that have been spawned.

Like, for instance, a text adventure game Craig Timpany and I created, called Prodly the Puffin.

. . .

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software Posted 2000-12-21 08:45:12 by Jim Crawford
I love platform games. Super Mario 64 is probably my favorite game of all time, with Super Mario Bros 3 being not far behind. I've always wanted to make one.

So I did.

Read more. Or just download the source or an MS-DOS binary

. . .

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dvorak for coding
software Posted 2000-11-20 01:48:00 by Jim Crawford
The problem with keyboards today -- any shape, any layout -- is that they're designed for typing text. What the people need is a keyboard that's designed for coding. I'm not just stating this problem because it bugs me, like everything else on this page -- I'm also offering a solution. A friend of mine, Adammil, designed and implemented this layout based on the dvorak key layout. Included in the package is a .kbd file for Win9x, and a TSR for DOS, and a .dll for WinNT.
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software Posted 2000-02-26 04:30:00 by Jim Crawford
Hardris is a malevolent tetris clone. I whipped this up in an afternoon as an entry to Flipcode's Lame Game Contest. My high score is 73.

MS-DOS binary and DJGPP source

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software Posted 2000-01-20 09:24:12 by Jim Crawford
A roguelike game. Unfinished. This is/was going to be set in the world of Pokey The Penguin.

If you get the source, some of the more interesting bits are the monsters tracking by scent (which I wrote about for the Roguelike News Page), the line of sight code (not because it's helpful, but because whenever I see that macro I cackle evilly), and the dungeon generation code (which probably isn't that helpful either, but had some clever bits).

Note, this project should theoretically be portable to other platforms. It uses a DJGPP-specific method of direct screen access, but all the input and output code is limited to one source file, so grafting in support for Curses, for instance, should be relatively simple.

MS-DOS binary and DJGPP source

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software Posted 1999-10-15 04:30:00 by Jim Crawford
My first Windows program was a software synthesizer (non-realtime) loosely based on the synthesis engine of the CZ-101.

Read about it, or just download the source code or a win32 binary.

If you use it in your music, I'd appreciate it if you get me a copy of what you've done. Emailing me the URL of an .mp3 or .ogg would be fine; snailmailing me a CD would be fantastic.

. . .

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