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Ugh, stop twitching
software Posted 2002-10-10 01:29:16 by Jim Crawford
I spent some six years or so obsessed with the demo scene, and this page is what I have to show for it.

To the best of my knowledge, most of these won't work with NT-derivatives, and Foolish won't work under any form of Win32 (by “work,” I mean “work with sound.” Maybe that's just me, though. You might have more luck getting vdmsound to run well.)


MS-DOS binary
September, 1997. This “premiered” at The Stumbling '97 demo party. The source for this is long lost. This was my last project of any note whatsoever written in Borland C.

A couple of warnings. One, this demo could be considered the spawn of South Park, had we seen/heard of South Park before making it.

The second warning is far more mundane: this demo won't work under Win32 with music. And the music, as always, is half the demo, so please, quit to DOS before running it! And have some EMS free, or the middle part (written in glorious Qbasic) may not run.


MS-DOS binary
November, 1997. There's a long and fairly embarassing story behind this which I go into at length in the FAQ. A tip if you want to run it under Windows... actually no, half the fun of this demo was the trouble we deliberately gave people who run it under Windows.

Hmm... only three years ago [... five, now], I was the kind of person who didn't run Windows. I feel bad now [not so bad now... i'm still not giving you the tip, though!].


MS-DOS binary
April, 1998. This got second place in the Spring Break '98 demo competition. I still have the source code, but it's just way too nasty to give out :)


MS-DOS binary
April, 1998. A demo written in Norwegian. The source for this is lost, maybe deliberately. We (most notably an unnamed individual) attempted to get this entered in the demo competition at The Gathering '98, but I don't think it actually got through since there has been no official acknowledgement.

This was whipped up spur-of-the-moment, and it shows. It's more of a demo of the fact that we needed an artist than anything else.

Run with the command line option “dip” to enter the sekrit configuration screen.

SB99 Invtro

MS-DOS binary and Watcom C source (requires binary and Midas sound library)
March, 1999. An invitation intro to the Spring Break '99 demo-party. The most interesting part of this intro (apart from the music) is that once it runs out of text to display, it makes up new text randomly based on the previous text (using a Markov chain, or that's what someone to whom I described the algorithm called it).

People have complained about the jumpiness of the text scroller. This is the result of a conceptual problem I had with speed-throttling. I'd fix it now, but I don't have Watcom C any more. If you don't want to read the bulk of the text first, there's a key you can hit to skip right to the randomness. I think it's 'y'.

I'd recommend you look at the pud file to read the text, but -- ha ha -- it's compressed. My implementation of Lempel Ziv saved maybe three bytes total, but the text is fairly unreadable due to it.

Not Foolish 2

MS-DOS binary and Watcom C source.
April, 1999. I organized and did most of the coding for this demo. We entered this in the Spring Break '99 demo competition, and came in 3rd, thus winning Spring Break '99 T-Shirts for everyone involved (even zsazS, whose contribution amounted to making a farting noise). Very cool.

cd and prodos did some of the coding for a good chunk of this demo (camoufst.c and ugly.c, IIRC).

The default dip-switch settings for this demo will recreate the experience that the SB99 partygoers had at the compo, if not the one we intended. Oh, and the last four of them don't do anything.

The faq for this demo states that I'm working on Foolish 2 -- this is no longer true. The shooting script isn't top secret any more, though.


MS-DOS binary and Nasm source
February, 2001. A 256 byte “intro” named Rorschak. It's only one effect, but I think it's pretty neat. Works fine under Windows, cause hey, there's no sound. The size is most likely non-optimal, since I shrank it with very little trouble to fit my new email address rather than my hotmail address :).

[link to this] [See more on “software”]

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