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Ugh, stop twitching
rants Posted 2003-01-15 15:58:34 by Jim Crawford
What is it with people who, right about the time they turn 50, suddenly decide to start dying their hair grey? Do they think it makes them look distinguished, maybe? Well, yeah, it does. But I honestly don't think it's an overall profit! And the slight blue tint some of them use is even less explicable.

If these people came to me for fashion advice, I'd advise them to stick to natural hair colors. There, I said it.

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Grey, no! Other colors....?
Posted by Anonymous (TheExaltedKarphoozi) on 2003-01-19 10:54:35
Its taken me awhile to get used to the trend of hair colors not found in nature, but now that I have, it seems almost like part of an outfit. Dying your hair grey is just odd, but dying it other colors is ok in my book, as long as it looks good and the purpose of dying it isn't to shock people.
re: Grey, no! Other colors....?
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2003-01-22 18:49:11
Hm. You bring up an interesting point, TheExaltedKarphoozi. The shock value thing. I've never been a big follower of fashion in general, but I can, at least in principle, appreciate the sentiment of turning yourself into a mobile work of art.

I had been operating under the assumption that people dye their hair only for purposes of looking good, but now the artistic reasons stand out in my mind as the most likely.

I shouldn't be deriding the grey-haired celebrities I linked to in my rant, I should be applauding their willingness to take a step back from conventional fashion sense in order to make a statement. If the statement they're trying to make doesn't seem very coherent, that's forgivable. After all, they're old.
dying hair is not the problem
Posted by fiskmeshi on 2003-05-07 18:26:14
my beef is with those guys who start shaving the tops of their heads for no apparent reason. there's nearly no shock value, and it doesn't look good on most of them. if they wanted to express their individuality, they could at least choose a more original pattern to shave in than those awkward not-quite circles, like a spiral, or a naughty word. they just don't get it.
thank god women have more sense than that.
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