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Ugh, stop twitching
you ever get those balls in your earlobes?
life Posted 2003-09-04 23:36:30 by Jim Crawford
I'm assuming they're a member of the same family of dermal anomaly as a blackhead. The ones I get are disturbingly large. It's occurred to me more than once to stick a needle through one, just to see what happens, but I've never quite been able to work up the nerve.

Visit the comments area and read about other people's earlobe ball experiences! And then share your own!

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You're not far off
Posted by Anonymous (rf) on 2003-09-10 23:36:26
the needle isn't necessary-- you can pop them just like a blackhead! the only hard part is figuring out which side of the earlobe it's on.

best of luck!
i have TWINS
Posted by Anonymous (JACKATTACH\K) on 2003-09-11 01:21:04
Posted by AdamMil on 2003-09-12 16:41:00
Never had 'em.
more about earlobe balls
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2004-08-20 10:54:11
Since this page seems to be the people's primary source of information about earlobe balls on the world wide web, I should probably try to keep it updated.

I suspect that the reason that not many people know about these things is that their mothers, the source of all familial medical knowledge, all had pierced ears. No room for the earlobe balls to grow when there's a giant hole -- or better yet, steel rod -- going through where they want to be.

And, if this is your first time... they do go away by themselves. Just thought you'd like to know.
Posted by Anonymous (meh) on 2004-09-12 11:13:00
i've had one in my left ear for months. presumably it will go away on its own, but not soon, i suppose.
and this is after poking it with a needle, too. if you do, i suggest you try to squeeze some of the juice out of it through the needle (if you're using that kind of needle), or try and drain it through the hole you just made if not.
re: lies!
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2004-09-12 21:43:23
We're all about dissenting opinions here on!

So you're saying you squeezed a lot of the euphemism out of it, and it's still there months later? Maybe that's why it's still there! This could be important information for our readers at home.
Posted by Anonymous (fiskmeshi) on 2005-01-03 01:19:37
general consensus of the internet is CYSTS!

as in infected oil glands. apparently the ones in the earlobe are extremely hard to get rid of and generally best left alone.

cysts are generally treated like boils. if it gets infected (red and swelly) a doctor'll lance it and give you antibiotics.

other option i found is ingrown hair, but that seems unlikely for the earlobe.
Posted by Anonymous (barf) on 2005-01-03 17:06:43
re: cysts!!
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-01-09 05:35:51
  general consensus of the internet is CYSTS!

Interesting. I also queried the Internet and found no such information. How did you phrase the question?
re: cycsts!!
Posted by Anonymous (sugigrl) on 2005-01-11 12:53:53
ingrown hair is highly possible!
Posted by Anonymous (Kate) on 2005-01-16 08:43:47
I just wanted to tell you that I had that exact problem in my earlobe a few months ago. And I have two ear piercings in that ear, so it happens even if you have pierced ears. It got so swollen and painful after messing with it for like a week. So I stuck a sterilized saftey pin in the back of my earlobe, and instantly it began draining a brown/yellow pus. When I squeezed it, it GUSHED out. It was instant relief, it shrunk in half, no pain... in a few days it was gone. I wonder if it was some sort of staph infection?

BTW - this is like the ONLY resource on the internet that I can find about this problem.
be careful
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-01-17 18:18:28
[04:45:52] Tim: they are cysts
[04:46:26] Tim: careful when they are under your ear
[04:46:41] Tim: like, under the lobe on your neck
[04:46:58] Tim: in the place where you jaw meets the rest of your skull
[04:47:10] Tim: apparently you can kill yourself by popping them if things go just wrong enough
[04:47:29] Tim: a tragic way to go
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (fiskmeshi) on 2005-01-17 22:35:31
i actually found a page, first, with a bunch of teenaged boys complaining of a similar problem on their collective penis.

using the information provided by that page, i was able to correctly refine my search to find out about earlobe cysts
re: no subject
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-01-17 22:43:56
 i actually found a page, first, with a bunch of teenaged boys complaining of a similar problem on their collective penis.

"You ever get those balls on your penis?"
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (megan) on 2005-01-30 11:48:04
i get those kinds of balls on my abdomen, except they are really big (they feel like bruises) and a few millimeters beneath the skin, so popping them is out of the question. i've found that clindamycin works well, tho; i wouldn't know if this applies to the earlobe balls as well, but if you have a lot of extra money and a doctor who would be willing to give a prescription, it might be worth a shot.
hey plz
Posted by Anonymous (Juice) on 2005-02-19 11:01:21
Hey guys, you need some hugs. Come here. *HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG* :D I LOVE YOU. SMOOCH PLZ
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-22 22:40:48
i have one on my ear right now that is out of control. it just keeps getting bigger. so much pain. i've had them before but not like this. pressure feels like it is going to just blow my earlobe apart. waaaa
Posted by Anonymous (tom clark) on 2005-03-05 03:53:49
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Posted by Anonymous (goonies**85) on 2005-03-07 12:58:37
that's really gross. sometimes if you have pierced ears you can develop scar tissue inside you earlobe. my sis had to have one removed . . . very painful.
Posted by Anonymous (sugi_grl) on 2005-03-11 14:22:22
 that's really gross. sometimes if you have pierced ears you can develop scar tissue inside you earlobe. my sis had to have one removed . . . very painful.

had to have one EARLOBE removed??!!!?!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (cj) on 2005-03-15 18:43:33
I had my ears pierced over 10 yrs ago, and have not worn earrings in about 6 years due to this problem. Mabey it was because I did'nt care for my fresh piercings too well (I remember they got crusty and infected all the time because I was 16 and a boy with bad hygene). Anyway, I try to leave it alone but it's never gone away totally. The right one is the worst. One time it actually popped and SPRAYED this white shit out like a hose. It was sickening, so I don't mess with it anymore. My lymph node right below that ear is always slightly enlarged too. My doctor says not to worry and not to mess with the ear anymore or else it will get infected and sore again. I hate it and wish I had never pierced them in the first place. When it "acts up" (due to me foolishly squeezing) it hurts like hell and swells. It hurts so bad that it makes me hate being human. So I just try to leave it alone.
my earrrs
Posted by Anonymous (olivia) on 2005-03-22 20:15:52
hey, i read on a site that you can squeeze pus and dirt out of your ear lobe piercings, and i had just gotten mine pierced like 10 weeks ago, recently they have felt clogged when i put my earrings in, but they don't hurt, so i tried to squeeze the dirt out, and nothing happened :S how do you squeeze the dirt out?
Posted by DefHo on 2005-03-30 11:55:53
I have cysts in my ears too! Look!
squeezing earlobes
Posted by Anonymous (K) on 2005-03-30 19:08:22
I had my ears pierced when I was about 12 years old (first and second holes). They were constantly getting infected so I stopped wearing earrings and let them close up. 13 years later, I still get lumps in my earlobes (mostly the right one). I can squeeze them and white stuff comes out of the hole (smells bad). The holes are open enough for the substance to come out but not to put an earring through. After squeezing, it starts to build up and I can do it again in a few weeks. PRETTY GROSS!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (lrpnoi) on 2005-04-09 12:05:26
so how many of of those earlobe balls do you guys have? i have 2 on my left ear, and 1 on my right. I hate having these things. I popped my right one and thought it was a pimple or something because it gushed out the white stuff. But it's still there.
re: no subject
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-04-09 14:21:34
 so how many of of those earlobe balls do you guys have?

I've only ever had one at once.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (werd) on 2005-05-01 22:22:33
i dunno what this is but i have this hard ass ball inside my left earlobe it appeared like a year after i got my ear pierced its been there fo r about 6 months now but i ha vent fucked with it. i took off my earring for about 4 months but i rec en tly got it back on my ear. does anyone know if this cou ld lead to anything related to pain/infection :x if so i ll just take the earri ng off but so far i never fee l any pain. the only thing that ever happens is my earlobe gets hot so i take off my earing and let it cool down then just put the earring back on :o
Your Ear
Posted by AprilBise on 2005-05-05 16:58:46
There is nothing seriously wrong with your ear, the "ball" your feeling is actually dead skin within your lobe that has hardened and encrusted a hollow tunnel. This happens when a puncture to the skin, or in this case, your ear getting pierced, has healed itself from the inside out. Your body does this to fight off infections. Its normal and the only discomfort you will obtain may be a slight itch around your lobe. No worries, you will be ok!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Grawl) on 2005-05-09 08:36:47
Can you also have this when your ears never got pierced? My ear is all red and swollen right now, and I feel a ball too. Highly annoying.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 2005-05-14 07:36:02
Ingrown hairs can create cysts, or at least inclusions that are effectively the same thing. This sucks if you're prone to them, because science apparently has no known cure.

FWIW, I'm a male with unpierced ears, and plenty of congenital peach fuzz/ear hair thereabouts, and developed one large "ball" on one side, eventually followed by another. The problem is that if you're unable to drain all of the inclusion, pus, and scar tissue (generally the lining of the follicle), you'll only make things worse -- and build up more scar tissue that makes it impossible to drain. The large one bothered me enough that I did eventually take a pin to it -- some temporary relief, lots of hardened sebum in there, but I believe that this contributed to its continued presence. During a relapse of inflammation I managed to burst the thing inwards, and let's just say that's about the worst thing ever; sans-insurance, I just took Aspirin constantly to keep my circulation up, and thankfully managed to fight off the swelling over a week.

I think that all you can do (barring surgery by a professional) is avoid messing with it as long as possible (hopefully it'll come to a head large enough to allow *all* the gunk to drain, or recede on its own), and attempt to increase the natural turnover of your skin without applying any pressure to induce further scarring-over atop it. For the moment, this means I'm taking baths (with plenty of antibacterial soap in the water) and attempting to keep my ears submerged, then following that up with a shower and letting the water pressure do the work. If you're adventurous, you could try slathering on moisturizer regularly to soften up the skin, but I find that has about a 50/50 chance of inducing more irritation or edema, which can be painful and defeating. (Definitely wouldn't do that for a piercing that hasn't completely closed, where you're unlikely to be able to remove residues.)
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 2005-05-14 07:44:05
Oh, did I forget to mention that I've had mine going on about 5 years now?

I also suggest going for a course of antibiotics for a 'flare-up' if you have the option available to you. A course of Augmentin was a lifesaver when I had a worse (related) problem, meanwhile long-duration tetracycline/minocycline -- go for the minocycline if tetracycline is suggested, much easier on the stomach -- didn't do much for my chronic problem, and started to run me down over the year or two I tried it such that I was neglecting more basic skin care.
there goes my breakfast
Posted by AdamMil on 2005-05-19 09:58:41
Most disturbing thread evar!
Earlobe knots
Posted by Grrrrrr on 2005-06-01 18:27:34
I'm a 38 y/o male & i have had these "knots" in my earlobes for years. I've never had my ears pierced, so they didn't come from that. I've sqeezed, popped, pinched, & poked with a needle but they still won't go away & they drive me nuts. My left earlobe has at least 4, & the right has 2. I've heard that they were cysts, tumors, clogged sweat glands. Who knows? I say we all get together & have an ear ball party, cook some burgers & head for the mountains! What say ye? Grrrrrrrr
Posted by Anonymous (bluetigger) on 2005-06-10 05:36:18
I think they called ganglion cysts. You can pop them which can be really hard to do or they go away on there own.
no subject
Posted by DefHo on 2005-06-13 21:32:40
 I think they called ganglion cysts

Damn, a scientific name. That kind of takes the fun out of this thread.
re: no subject
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-06-14 00:15:52
 Damn, a scientific name. That kind of takes the fun out of this thread.

Threads about earlobe balls are serious business.
earlobe balls
Posted by Anonymous (jaki) on 2005-06-23 22:36:20
they are sebaceous cysts and if they're painful they're probably infected. A dermatologist can give you an antibiotic injection which can shrink it & reduce the pain.
earlobe ball
Posted by Anonymous (tina) on 2005-07-15 11:37:26
Gosh i looked everywhere for information on this. I had one earlobe ball in my left ear and had felt it there for quite awhile no pain though and eventually i got tired of it being there so i tried popping it and it did. Inside my ear. So i tried to make a hole on the side it was closest to and puss came out, quite a bit. But now my ear has been hurting and my jaw was hurting this morning. I want to know what this is.

And it hasn't really gone away
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (AJ) on 2005-08-08 01:33:20
My earlobe is swollen now, form those damn little knots. And they go away and come back. One time i went to see a doctor about it, all they did was cut the back of my earlobe and squeezed the nasty crap out, when u can do that on your own and save 500 bucks from a doctor bill.... i tried to "pop" mine again but it hurts to much, so i think I'll let this one heal on its own or see if its gets worse then take matters into my own hands.
Posted by Anonymous (<b>) on 2005-08-11 00:34:56
First off, cyst like thingy's on the collective penis are not earlobe zits. And, the guy that gets big lumps under his belly sounds like he's about to spew forth little aliens.
But me, I have earlobe and surrounding area zits. Or zit/cysts.
But anyway, to the important stuff. I have 3 ear zits on my left ear which also has 3 small piercings.
And I have no ear zits on my right ear, which has 8 small piercings from the lobe up.
I did have a doctor once tell me he didn't think the two were related because he sometimes got them and he had never had his ears pierced.
Go figure.
I've had ear issues since I was 21.
I'm now thirty.
I've had 3 within the last 9 years grow to be enormous and each had to be proffessionally lanced. Besides having a ton of tiny ones come and go alons the way.
One of the large ear zits, I think it was my first, was also STinky. It was so stinky, it would stink up the office phone. The stink would actually transfer onto objects held to my ear. Foul stuff.
Well, if you have any that get huge and are hot to the touch and if your earlobe is swelling to twice its size, get it LANCED BY A DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY.
I have tried myself and a tiny needle just doesn't make a big enough hole for that mess that needs to come out to come out.
My gawd their was this fibrous white stuff that came out kind of like playdough being squashed out of the little playdough press.
And a ton of of old thick blood.
Crazy $%*&!
The cool thing is after the quick care doc lanced my last one I was able to squeeze at least another ton out of my ear on my own at home. Yippy!

Anyway I have a little one right now thats driving me crazy right where my earlobe meets my neck. Wish me luck!
don't do it, <b>!
Posted by Anonymous (fiskmeshi) on 2005-08-12 01:15:59
wait, aren't the kind right where the earlobe meets the neck the kind that KILL YOU if you pop them? (at least, according to Tim up there)
angelkat writes in
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-09-16 01:58:19
The following was emailed to me by angelkat[rest of email removed]:

"Looked up earlobe cysts online and i was directed to your page. Reading all the comments, and seeing how many people suffer from this horrible disease (hehe) made me laugh and feel not so abnormal - with a constantly swelling earlobe. But...i do have to mention that most times the 'balls' are just blackheads or peircing holes that have crudded up. But in some cases these wonderful little things are actual cysts of tissues in your ear. I've had mine for almost 9 months now. They come and go, well...actually they stay but the size changes. At the worst I was in the ER for them one night cuz the infection spread into my lymph node on my neck in a matter of one day. Cuz, well I tried poking it with a needle and squeezing it. But nothing came out, so of course i squeezed harder and ruptured the cysts and all their nasty bacteria they cause. But now i've finally found a treatment, other than surgery to lob-off my lobe. A dermatologist injects some medication into the 'balls' and it is supposed to eat the bad stuff away. downer is that you also lose your scar tissue which means you lose any peircing you may have one had and they do not recommend re-peircing the area. The doc says its a form of keloid scarring that turns ugly. So tell our fellow ear-ball sufferers to not go straight to the needle for a self cure!!! would have loved to post this but your posting comments thing is outta whack. word. :)"

Posted by Anonymous (email) on 2006-02-15 03:17:31
most cyst are caused by an infected hair folicle it is called a sebaceous cyst they contain keritan which are cell sacks i am going through med school and actually just learned about this. most girls think it is herpes but herpes is actually quite different herpes is painful blisters that eventually crust but if you shave then you are subjectable to sebaceous cysts some people never get them but some do.
Too Funny/Therapy
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-07 03:19:06
Yes. I too suffer from this affliction, and have never had piercings. I decided to research it what that reoccuring bump on my ear was, and landed here. My bumps swell slightly, and when at the peak of flaring up, are warm to the touch. Squeezing or misguided "acupuncture" are both bad ideas....try tea tree oil, warm wet towel, or meditation. Good luck ya'all.
sebaceous cysts
Posted by Anonymous (anonymous) on 2006-03-28 18:39:51
Haha. I just stumbled on this site after seeking info about "earlobe balls". Unfortunately I am quite experienced in the matter and figured I would lend my insight for future visitors suffering from the dreaded earlobe balls.

I have had 4 or 5 of them (they are actually called sebaceous cysts) at various points around my earlobe and near the jawline. A webMD search will be all doom and gloom and make you think you are dying from AIDS or lymphoma so STAY AWAY FROM WEBMD (unless you think you may actually have either of those).

I have handled these bad boys many different ways so I can tell you the pros/cons. First one I got I thought was an inflammed pimple or ingrown hair so I picked the hell out of it and eventually it got nasty infected and I wa able to pop it. Next one I went to the dermatologist and he gave me some antibiotics and gave a steroid injection directly into it. This made it smaller for about a week and it came back.

I went back to the derma and told him just to lance the thing and be done with it. I got a little bit of anasthetic and then *chop chop*. He cut a tiny little incision and let the nastiness flow. All sorts of pus/infection/ was disgustingly satisfying.

Apparently some people are just genetically predisposed to these things. What happens is you get a tiny little "ball" that seems like a pimple. You try to pop it and nothing happens. Often you will feel it pop inward...this means it just got bad. You ruptured the pore wall and now the thing has enclosed itself in a nasty little membrane pus sack. This is when it just grows and grows and starts to look nasty and may start to hurt.

At this point is when I go to the dermatologist and have him lance it. If the cyst gets too bad you may actually have to have a surgeon extract the whole little pus enclosure and give you a stitch or two. This has happened to me once and was not pretty but it healed up fine.

The disadvantage of having it lanced is that it doesn't extract the membrane that surrounds all the pus so you may run th risk of having the little "sack" fill with pus again.

If you are feeling saucy go ahead and try to stick a needle in the thing and then squeeze like hell. You'll probably be morbidly amused by the amount of gunk that comes out but it is like immediate relief. Swab some alcohol on the thing and use a warm compress with plenty of pressure for about an hour or two whilel the thing drains and closes up. After that use some polysporin (over the counter) on it to make sure it heals nicely.

A quick note about self surgery:
NEVER EVER operate on one right near the juncture of your earlobe and jawline. There is a major nerve bundle there that controls many facial movements and expressions.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a nice earlobe ball that is bugging me to no end...I'm gonna go pierce this mutha.

re: sebaceous cysts
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2006-04-03 22:58:29
This is excellent. Thank you very much for the additional info, anonymous!
earlobe cysts
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 2006-04-11 18:54:12
People the best way to reduce those cysts that DO heal by themselves is to put a hot washclothe on them to bring down the swelling and breakup the infection thats inside your lobe. And secondly, DON'T play with them. They'll just get bigger and more inflammed which can be very painful.
Tip: When in the shower, let the hot water soak that earlobe.
Gentle technique
Posted by Anonymous (Scooter) on 2006-04-15 03:24:04
I've had the little bastards since highschool, about 6 years. They never get really bad and they come and go. I've popped and gushed twice and then got sick of the pain and giant red ear lobe I get for like ten hours. I can't say much about any that are serious possible cysts, but if they are pore related acne-type build ups then I would suggest a continued regiment of sea-breeze or other brand astringent on the pore area every 30 min or as often as you can remember for up to maybe 3 days. If it is pore related it should draw out the build up closer to the surface, give you a nice target like a pimple, and give you the quick gush relief without needing to stab yourself in the ear or squeeze your ear so hard your face actaully does freeze that way (see above...ask your mother).
i should have seen this BEFORE!
Posted by Anonymous (faulkton) on 2006-04-15 17:53:09
Well i had one of these that grew like a bubble on the back of my ear over many got about as big as a nickle, only round.

It started to bother me so i tried poking it with a thumback...hurt but nothing really came out except a little blood.

This is where i got a little saucy...i took a new exacto knife, cleaned it with alcohol, and cut that shit open myself.

All sorts of nasty white smelly cheese came out with a lot of bleeding.

I think it was a bad idea because now my ear is really hot and bigger than when i started.

Not having insurance sucks..

if it doesnt get better in a few days i guess i will have to go to the ER.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (ryan) on 2006-04-17 06:08:23
iv had 'balls' in my ears for about a yar and i am onli 15, i hav neva had my ears pierced and lst year 1 of them grew to the size of a bottle top on the back of my ear, i was given anti inflamitrys by the dr n that didnt help so i squeezed it n it gushed blood and pus. i hav jst sueezd it agn now n there is like a white line sticking out frm my ear and hurts wen i try n pul it out.:S help
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Heidi) on 2006-04-17 07:43:19
i get these all the time. id honestly just leave them alone, they go away. if poking them works for you then go for it .. you just risk infection. as long as you dont play with them they'll go away eventually
Me too
Posted by Anonymous (someone) on 2006-04-17 18:38:46
This is the randomest thread ever. I have a ball in my left ear lobe too. it really hurts. Should I leave it? I've already poked it a lot

PS I'm a 15 yr old male
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Mike) on 2006-04-19 08:11:46
I got my ears gauged out to about a halfinch, woke up one mornin an my right earlobe was red an swelled an started out as the lil ball no bigger than a pinhead size lump, now its bout sore to the touch, red an just out right annoying, i dont know how long itd take to go away or what it is but im bout to go to the dr bout it if itsnot gone by friday
earlobe cysts
Posted by Anonymous (steve) on 2006-04-22 06:13:31
I finally found a thread about earlobe cysts!!! Ive been looking for ages.

Ok, I first developed one in my left ear 3 years ago and squeezed and squeezed it to no avail...nothing. Then one day while I was squeezing
...BOOM! it popped and out came all this white smelly gunk which gave me a very satisfied feeling of relief. However it just came back a week later and yes, I still have it and drain it easilly every few days but its a pain in the arse (ear). Since then, I have developed a bigger one on my other lobe and also drain it regularly. I am on this thread at the moment, because it has become as big as a marble and is very sore, though I dont think it is infected but has been big & red for 3 days now & Im getting worried. From what I read above, perhaps I have popped it inward rather than outward. I am trying to leave it alone but its hard not to play with it. I still dont know what to do but plan to try tea tree oil & a warm washcloth & see waht happens. I dont want to lance it because of all the tiny blood vessles that the lobe contains & fear I will make it worse
BTW, ages ago I went to my doctor about the lumps & he said they were sebaceous cysts & apart from surgery I can do nothing about them. BUT WE HATES THEM PRECIOUS & THEY JUST WONT GO AWAY! ...nasty lumpses
balls on my ear lobe
Posted by Anonymous (cole) on 2006-04-22 23:28:45
well fer like a week i had this ball on my ear lobe tht kept getting bgger every day and it hurt like hell, i went to the doc n then lanced it n put me on meds, after tht it was fine fer a few months but just recently it came back so now im putting heat packs on it n im back on meds n its not going away, my doc said its probly a cyst so now they r going to numb me up n cut my ear lobe open to remove the cyst and stich me back up my advice do the same as me
earlobe cysts
Posted by Anonymous (steve) on 2006-04-23 00:32:25
Hi Cole, My doc says it is no use getting them removed because they will just keep comming back and if you have surgery it creates scar tissue that makes their recurrence even worse. If you do get it removed, make sure they get the whole sac or it will just fill up again. Id like to now how you go if you do get it removed. All the best, steve
Posted by Anonymous (faulkton) on 2006-04-23 04:26:20
I still am the the only one who actually cut that shiz open with an exacto that bishes..
Posted by Anonymous (kid kranky) on 2006-04-25 22:01:00
I boiled my exacto blade and cut into mine... not enough stuff came out, im considering another cut, but it is right by the neck where all the people are saying is the deadly zone. my neck is getting sore and under my jaw. i hope my brain doesn't get infected. How will I know if this is happening?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (steve) on 2006-04-25 22:25:09
I heated up a big needle and washed my lobe in disenfectant & stuck it in to the painful, swolen marble-sized lump. Immediate relief! as out poured a heap of blood & puss. It was obviously infected inside & while its getting slowly better, it remains to be seen whether I will still have the cyst once the infection has cleared. Felt soooo good to relieve that pressure though. I recommend keeping everything really sterile for this process
Piercings != Zits != Cysts
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-05 20:37:24
I got my ears pierced when I was about ten, but I haven't worn anything in the holes for about 15 years now. I'm female. Lots of great advice here, but just to summarise my experience:

For me there are three things that people could mix up: piercing remnants, zits, and cysts.

I sometimes fiddle with my piercing tunnel (which is filled in), but it never flares up. Every couple years, I put earrings in, which pokes out the smegma in there, and then the earlobe surrounding the tunnel feels red and hot for a few days (whether or not I leave the earrings in). I only have one piercing in each ear, so it's pretty easy to distinguish from the other two lumps.

So, zits. Sometimes I will get these inside my outer ear (not the inner q-tip zone) in one of those folds. They're just like any other zit I might get (on my face, my back, etc.). They start out like a vaguely inflamed hemispherical lump, then get more conical until they either recede or pop.

Cysts are different for me in that they're not on the surface of the skin, and they're more or less spherical. Anyway, although both cysts and zits are 3D, cysts are more symmetrical. They sometimes hurt, and sometimes not. They're just little (maybe the size of a dried pea) irregularities to my body, like moles or freckles (although those don't come and go like a cyst). I don't worry about them, although I do fidget with them, especially when they feel inflamed. It's probably a bad idea, as mentioned in other comments, to fidget with them, but oh well. It's never occurred to me to pop them, because geez, they're internal! I don't want to get internal bleeding or pussing or whatever! Yuck. From reading other comments, it appears I've been lucky that they haven't gotten too big or infected.

In lighter ear-related obsession: I discovered (while fidgeting a cyst) this week that my outer ears are asymmetrical (one of them has a pointier fold inside the v-shaped bit), and now I'm paranoid about wearing earbuds for fear of cauliflower ears!
Ear Lobe
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-06 17:02:47
Well this place is a little gem. Thank god for the internet :p

Mine are about pea sized - not so big maybe, just under pea sized, but there is one on each ear, they appear more like a cyst than a spot and ive had them for a few months, but it hasn't really occurred to get them checked out.

They are right on the bit where my ear lobe joins my neck though so I'm not going to touch them at all.

Reckon it needs to be checked out at all?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (rick) on 2006-05-08 13:32:57
i have two in my left ear at the moment...

i don't like them =(
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-08 20:14:08
I've been battling mine for a few months. At first it was tiny, like less than 1/4" but I figured I'd rather not have anything there, so there I go playing with it and pushing it. Next thing I know, it was over 1 1/2"! It was rather embarassing, so I eventually popped it, BUT. I was so wrong, it came back with a vengence the very next day and has stayed with me for a while. Then I did some research in did the warm compress and applied antibiotics. Now it's about 1/2" and sorta noticable, but I apply tetracycline to it and warm compress it daily. It's slowly going away, but boy do I wish this thing would just go back to it's original size.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-09 22:08:39
I've got 2 in my left ear and 1 in my right.

I've only had my left ear pierced.

God Damn ear balls.

I'm gun go stab my earlobes, bye.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (email) on 2006-05-14 15:54:50
I was just about to get my ears pierced when I suddenly discovered a small hard bump inside my ear. It's like right on the spot where you get your ears pierced. I also once got a visible small bump on the top of my eyelid and it went away gradually. Do I just leave it alone until it goes away? It doesn't bother me, but now I don't know if I can get my ears pierced.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-16 02:28:59
i have a hard ball in my right ear lobe for awhile now and i have never gotten my ears pierced. i've always suspected it to be a pimple deep inside. and it only hurts sometimes when i squeeze it. it's right where a piercing would go. i thought about getting it pierced to maybe drain it with a hole, but i didn't want to seem gay with my right ear pierced.
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2006-05-17 05:29:26
Ok, look... I don't want to put a damper on the proceedings here. I asked for your horror stories and I got them. But to those of you following up your horror stories with requests for medical advice: please go see a doctor.
Earlobe Cyst
Posted by Anonymous (Michael) on 2006-05-22 14:53:47
Man, thank god for the internet, I've been trying to find information about this for a very long time. I felt like I was the only one in the world with this ball behind my earlobe. I hate having this crap, I feel like people dont even look at my face everytime I meet someone, so I always try to hide my left side. Im very embarrased of having this and i felt like no one but me had this problem. I have had this for about 2 years now and never had it lanced or anything. I want to have it lanced because its real big and so noticable and it makes me feel ugly. I went to the doctors a long time ago and he told me that theres nothing he can do because it would just grow back and could get bigger, so i just decided to deal with it. However, once it grew a tiny bit more I decided to get it removed because it annoys me and I hate people stare at it like its a disease.

One question, has anyone ever had it removed and it didnt grow back?
earlobe cyst
Posted by Anonymous (robdep) on 2006-06-27 18:12:40
okay, so this place basically IS the definitive online reference for earlobe cysts (unfortunately) and i been browsing it for a few months. this is my first contribution:

i had a cyst in my left earlobe since birth, it had formed a rather large (1-2 mm) hole on my earlobe that resembled a botched piercing job. i had it removed in june 04. since then, i have had numerous occurences which have been outlined here, ie. swelling, tenderness, and the eventaully popping. i have been visitng with a dermatological surgeon who is performing another surgery next week. however, last sunday, my earlobe became inflamed again.

i spoke with him today about this and he informed me that it is not "infected", rather it is simply "inflamed". if it WERE infected, the pain would be unbearable (it hurts now but he said he would not even be able to touch it if it were truly infected). this inflamation occurs when the cyst becomes full of fluid and starts to cause pressure on the surrounding skin. this is healed in 2 ways: first, it could rupture on its own, or as many of you have, it can be drained. second, it may form an internal leak under your skin and your body would simply absorb the material internally. i usually pop my cyst on my own or with a doctor when it gets inflamed.

i am having it (hope to god) removed for good next week and i can only pray that it does not return.

i hope i helped someone with this. feel free to email me.
my ear
Posted by Anonymous (lindsey) on 2006-07-02 15:18:03
it started out with a small air filled bump at almost the top of my ear ,then it got hard . now its spreading across my ear making it poke out like mickey mouse. im a girl so it sucks i tried to pop it but all i got was blood . did i not go far in enough or is it not the same as what yall got i also have a small hard bump in the same place on my right ear . as a child and growing up i use to fold my ear in when it was cold i likeed the feeling it comferted me i thiught thats why the bubbles were there.. any suggestions?
Posted by Anonymous (Lexxi) on 2006-07-11 02:58:32
I've had my earlobes pierced since Kindergarden.
When I reached 3rd grade I noticed hard rock like things inside of my earlobe, near the piercing.
It's never gone away, and it's been 6 years since I got these 'lumps'.
Any idea on what they are? I have them around both piercings in each ear.

Posted by Anonymous (daezi) on 2006-07-25 11:05:16
i have these in my right ear, i've personally removed two of them so far, using a series of scratching, washing and cutting at with tweezers (tweezers were necessary for both). Both of the ones that i have removed came out as solid-style white heads, and that is most likely why squeezing them did not work. Second one i removed was the most satisfying, all came out in one bit, and blood followed it a few seconds later. Thought i'd let you guys know what happened with mine ;) Kinda feels like the recovering skin is hiding a new one.
I PWN 34RL0B3 B4LL N00Bz
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-03 05:23:03
To the guy who used an exacto knife: I used a pair of toe nail clippers. Beat that. I've also dug in and sliced and removed the yellowish sack with a dull safety pin. I don't scar easily so I guess I can pull more shit.

Ok, well it can go wrong too. I had a cyst on forehead. I guess it got infected because it swelled up fucking huge. I got freaked out and did all those hot compresses and squeezed all the cheese out repeatedly. My whole forehead was bruised. Evidently it formed scar tissue which formed into lypoma, which isn't pretty. That's a fatty tumor. I had a surgeon cut that shit out. No other choice really. It was right smack on the middle of my forehead; no scarring at all though. That's what you pay for.

The key is to remove the sack. Get that out and it doesn't come back. I find that a angled incision creates less scarring, and by that i mean do not cut straight across or straight in. The skin will not be sliced all the way through in any location if you do it right. --/--

Make the / a little less obtuse though.

Maybe it's different for different skin types, but I find that angled cuts and crazy uneven cuts (ie: toe nail clippers) do not scar like a straight incision.

Some kid said something about squeezing the fuck out of his and some white string sticking out that hurt too badly to pull out. THAT'S THE SACK. If you get that fucker out, you're cured. Some are loose and will practicly fall out, others are a little more stubborn.

I recomend that before any home surgery you drink heavily, preferably some cheap, bottom shelf bourbon. Old Crow, Early Times, or Evan Williams will do the trick. Remember Animal House? Remember that guy who was pre-med? His advice was to drink heavily. It's damn good advice.

Oh yeah, with my ears, I gauged them out several years ago because I was like OMG I = HXC!11!!11!oneoneone

They actually shrank down when I took the tardplugs out. Theres a good bit of discolored skin in a circle on both ears, but at least I don't have holes I can stick my fingers through; in fact, I have no holes left. GONE---and good riddance. I do have small earlobe balls though. That's small EARLOBE balls, asshole. I was actually about to take a sharp ass pair of sewing scissors to them. I get creative. I once cut off the tip of my finger with these scissors, so they should do the job. I got some astringent, which should work fine as a sanitizer. I got my Old Crow too. I think I'm ready.

no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-09 02:33:05
The existance of this thread is heroic. Also nauseating. I also seem to have a similar lump at the edge of my hairline on my forehead. :\
lobe issues
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-10 15:50:49
so i just want to say that everyone on here rules. i think i'm going to bookmark this page so that i can come back and read about another wacko who tops you all by just saying "eff this" and lopping his entire ear off a la van gogh.

tardplugs. that's what i'm calling it now. nicely done pond scum.

i've never had any luck other than them just dying down eventually. but i've got another one now and its really pissing me off. i'm not looking forward to doing anything about it what with all of your vivid descriptions of blood and stinky cheese explosions... GAG... but i'm afraid i'll have to do SOMETHING.

unfortuately nobody has given me any faith in any particular option. sometimes the doctor method.. sometimes the gulp... exacto method... lol. i think i'm going to try the tequila safety pin method to start.... at least i get to drink tequila.

thanks everyone.

- nick
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-11 03:03:30
First off, I was rather surprised to find this long document, as well as the reference in the previous post.

I've experienced this three or four times during the past few years. Typically I've done nothing and they've gone away. However, one became so painful that I lanced it with a razor blade. I'd recommend caution and precision to anyone using this method (we don't want any van gogh incidences), but it did feel much better after, and it never came back.
plastic surgeon
Posted by Anonymous (Will) on 2006-08-16 22:32:30
I just had my earlobe ball aka cyst removed by a plastic surgeon. the sob has been there for about 6 years. It used to just swell up and be troublesome once in a while, but for the last six months it has been constantly swelled. Nothing like having one ear lobe way bigger than the other. I learned quickly years ago to not mess with it - ie squeezing etc as it only made it look worse (sometimes black and blue spots) and more painful. I realized that squeezinbg it wasnt going to make anything come out - that I was fighting something much larger than just a zit. Well, to bed with my sewn up earlobe
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-28 21:19:40
I had one in my left earlobe about a month ago & now it's gone. But now I have an even bigger one in my right ear lobe.
My advice it to leave it alone & don't try to get any pus or whatever out. It will shrink eventually.
I also found it helpful to hold an ice cube to it for a few minutes every day (takes some of the swelling down)
cyst drained from ear canal
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-29 02:06:02
So this is jacked. I get these "ear ball" cysts all the time on both ear lobes - one pierced, one not. Anyway, today I was squeezing the jeebus out of one and I heard a pop inside my ear canal. All day I have had this smelly clear fluid flowing out of my ear. I have been trying to get stuff out of the cyst on the lobe, but every time I squeeze it I just get more fluid in my ear. I can't believe that the same cyst would go all the way into my ear canal
2 weeks later...
Posted by Anonymous (Will) on 2006-08-30 20:33:14
Looks fine and feels nice not to have the ball in there anymore! Don't have to worry it about it swelling up and being difficult.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Zareth) on 2006-09-01 18:10:01
these are usually the body's rejection of metals
its probably due to poor jewelry made of junk metal, plated gold or silver or something else of insufficient quantity.
Titanium, surgical grade stainless steel, and niobium, and a few others i cant think of right now, are the only metals that you can put in your body that will not create those silly boils/cysts.
it doesnt matter how much you pop them cut them poke them, they'll come back till you change the jewelry.
You can also use acrylics, or glass, those wont cause rejection.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-13 13:51:17
I've had several of these for about three years now, and today, I found my relief... I was able to pop the bastard, and let the juices flow. It has since scabbed over, and relief is at hand.
Tea tree oil
Posted by Anonymous (steve) on 2006-09-14 08:16:37
I recently discovered that tea tree oil greatly reduced my cysts on both ear lobes. I have had the cysts for over 4 years and pop them regularly, with lots of gunk and redness and swelling. But the tea tree oil has change all this. Its only been a week and Im only using a drop of the oil per day & rub it in well. I'd like to know if this works for anyone else...perhaps I found the cure. it would be nice to think they are going for good
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (sid) on 2006-10-08 04:27:36
ive been getting these lately, but they are too deep to pop these days. the one on my left ear is getting huge and hurts to the touch. i prolly messed with it and inwardly popped it.
would regular acne medicine prevent these from regularly sprouting?
Posted by Anonymous (Spike) on 2006-10-16 14:42:59
I've had something alot like this for a while, it's kind of like a small hard ball next to a jelly like section of puss. If i squeeze it in the right way, a small stream of puss comes from the same area of my earlobe. After a while, usually the night, the puss comes back. Anything to worry about?
Posted by Anonymous (me) on 2006-10-31 02:09:55
if i got my ears pierced but then took one of the earrings out...but now it seems like that side is...infected? i'm not sure if it is. how can you tell? and if some like yellow or brown stuff comes out of it when i squeeze it, what does that mean? and is there any danger in squeezing it?

Posted by Anonymous (kid) on 2006-10-31 09:19:01
um...i have 2 in my right ear, and 1 in my left. The ones in the right ear are swollen pretty big now, but are slowly going down after abot a week. I also have one on the shaft of my penis that keeps coming back after I drain it...
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-07 22:50:33
I'm 15 and i've been to othere sites and it seems like this starts while your between the ages of 15-16 kinda weird... i have 2 in my left and one big one in my right. I guess i'll go to the dr. cuz it bothers the hell out of me. As long as its not a tumor or some crazy s&#* like that i'm cool with it.
I survived
Posted by Anonymous (Lauren) on 2006-11-16 13:35:48
I survived a neck/jaw/right under the lobe zit. It wasnt originally a zit, I messed with a bump that turned into a GIANT infected mass, which I then messed with forever. Now its back to a bump. Even if I had read Tims thread before all this, if it had escalated to a zit I dont think I could help myself. I was always warned not to mess with zits/cysts near eyes, inside ear canal, and the ones affecting my sinus cavities but those are the ones that hurt the most O.o
I get them too
Posted by Anonymous (bigballs) on 2006-12-04 11:30:09
It's nice to know that other people have this condition too :) I just did my monthly 'squeeze out the white stuff in my piercings' thing and I thought I'd look it up. After reading a while I noticed that this discussion wasn't about the white stuff in piercings but about those nasty earlobe balls. Well I get them too and they're sometimes really nasty.

I'm 32 and I've suffered the earlobe balls problem for at least 10 years. Last one I had (left ear, also where I'm pierced) was one month ago, just where the lobe meets the jaw. It flared up over night (like they always do) and got real nasty. I popped it of course (with my fingers) and man the stuff that came out was the stuff of nightmares! Crazy yellow pus and lots of it. (popping one in this area won't kill you that's bullsh*t) I also get them right on the lobe sometimes.

I've learned to live with this condition - sometimes I pop sometimes I don't. But my advice for all you newbies out there is NOT to pop, the balls go away by them selves if you leave them alone.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-07 07:43:39
For the past 6 months or so, I've had these cysts in both earlobes. I'm 24, female and have never pierced my ears.
I had three in my left lobe but they seem to be going down.
Just now, I squeezed some pus out of the one on my right lobe that had been getting big and angry looking. It had created a small head so I figured it was a good a time as any to pop it. It didn't hurt but there's still a ball there.
alien implants
Posted by Anonymous (jadam) on 2006-12-11 17:33:07
i read a book a long long time ago, i forget what it was called, but this guy had ear balls and removed them and they were alien implants. like tracking devices or something. just a thought.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (chris) on 2006-12-14 17:32:32
I found one of these little like ball things in my left ear lobe. kind of in the middle of it. there are two of them really small but kind of togetherish... it kind of hurt when i found it probley because i was messing with it. Just kind of weirded out. thought it was canceris. but now that iv read these i have other thoughts. thanks!
Alien Trackers
Posted by Anonymous (Doyle) on 2006-12-15 00:38:13
The book that Jadam is refering is called "The Night the Heads Came" by William Slater I believe. It used to be my favorite book in elementary school.

I thought that was funny, because I have one of those ridiculous cysts in my left ear too, and every time it "flares" up, I always think about the character in that book who has the small, hard alien tracker in his earlobe. And he finally just slices it out.

My desire to slice mine out is intense, as no matter how much squeezing I do, nothing. And it only gets bigger and redder. Also when I squeeze, I use my fingernails so I end up cutting into my skin which causes it to scab over. So now not only does it hurt just to even touch it, but it's all scabby too. Nothing comes out!

I think the best way to go is getting it surgically removed.
Posted by Anonymous (Lisa) on 2006-12-15 23:37:59
They do NOT go away on their own necessarily. I am 45, and I've had them since I was a teenager! I had to pierce my own damn ears because I was afraid if they did it at the store with that device, they'd hit one of them and blow my ear to the stratosphere. I have less of them, now, but one that is persistent, and it bugs the SHIT outta me, and it's been there forever, and they won't always squeeze. When you DO get something out of one, it stinks to high heaven, doesn't it?

So, don't count on them going away on their own. I've had them for like 30 years!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (aritae) on 2006-12-16 22:41:54
So what's the consensus on how bad they have to be before they're able to be popped? I just got one that seems close-ish to the surface of the back of my right lobe (where the lobe meets the neck in the 'danger zone') and it's hard and maybe BB to pea sized, but it's not inflamed or really painful. Is it worth popping in that case? I don't want to go through the mess of having it pop inward or get really infected, but I sooooo want the satisfaction of seeing all the nasty stuff come out.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-16 22:58:01
Wow, bigballs. I never knew you could be a N00b at having earlobe cysts!
ear lobe lump
Posted by Anonymous (Hayley) on 2006-12-30 01:56:54
i have a small earlobe ball in my right and a big one in my left. I'm 15 and they hurt if i touch them so i probably won't try the exacto method. and the whole stinky cheese explosion gives me the heebie jeebies so i dunno what i'll do. either wait it out or see a doctor. gahh this sucksss
How I get rid of them
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-02 03:25:52
I'm 18 and have only had them for the last year. My ears have been pierced since I was 1. I've only had them in my left ear, and usually around my ear piercing. At first I thought they were caused by my earrings, maybe the metal... Anyway, they don't go away for long. Mine are usually the size of a small bb pellet. They usually go away on their own, but if I try to do anything with them they get bigger. When this happens I have to squeeze them until they come out of my pierced hole or squeeze my ear on either side where it is and they disappear... I hate this :[
Posted by Anonymous (anon) on 2007-01-11 20:53:41
I have had quite a bit of experience with these, so thought I would offer my experiences, hoping it can help some others out.

First though, mad props to Pond Scum and Xacto knife guy. You guys are hardcore.

What I have, and it sounds like what many of you have too, are Cysts, specifically Sebaceous cysts. These are the little, bb-sized hard lumps in my earlobes. Left on their own, they aren't really a problem, and I would reccommend not messing with them. If you do, or sometimes it happens just on their own, they can become inflamed, swell up, and you got this nasty, red, painfull tumor looking thing hanging off your face. As many of you know, its about the least fun thing I can imagine, as besides the pain you feel sort of like a freak show escapee. You can get some good information about them here, as well as some pretty gnarly pictures:
Go to wikipedia and search for "Sebaceous cyst"

I've had them swell up 5 or six times now, about once a year. The first time I just left it (not having medical insurance) and after about a week I was sort of absentmindingly playing with it and it popped. A truly horrendous ammount of pus came out, and I was pretty sure I had brain cancer or something. But the pain immediately subsided, and within a day things were pretty much back to normal. Times after that, I would go the "bathroom surgery" route, and stick a needle (plenty of sterilizing of course) in and squeeze all the junk out. Good tip if you try this route: When you first get them, the first day or two its going to be pretty firm. If you stick it then, it's just going to bleed like a mother and pretty much make it worse. After a day or two the pus seems to soften up and you can drain it better.

A couple of days ago I got another, and having health insurance now, I figured screw this, I'm seeing a dermatologist. He told me the same things I had already figured out, and lanced that sucker. He cut it open with a scalpel and drained all the junk out. This brings up an interesting point. While I have never had one near the Lymph node area, and would definetely reccommend seeing a doc right away for those, I'm pretty sure all the rumors that you have to be really carefull with these or you might die is bull. The reason I say this is this dermatologist I saw went after this thing like nobody's business. Homeboy was squeezing, prodding, and twisting (seriously!!) like crazy. This coupled with the fact he had a crazy Romanian accent made me wonder if he was some mad back alley MD reject and my freaking ear was going to come off in his hand. After that he slapped some bandainds in my hand, threw a prescription for anibiotics at me, and was out the door. you gotta love those HMO's.

Anyway, my ear's almost back to normal now, and I'm feeling good. Untill the next time I guess.

As a side note, I would reccommend NOT going to a doctor if you are in the army. My friend at work said his borother got one of these while in the service, and went to see the field doctor. That crazy SOB rolled up a phone book, and apparently just started wailing on the thing untill it blew up. Not cool.

Anyway, hope this helps some of you, as you know by reading this thread you are not alone dealing with this crazy shit.

earlobe balls
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-26 11:47:10
Just found this page searching for an explanation of earlobe balls! I've had one in my right earlobe for about 6 months. At first it was really sore so I thought it was a zit but it seems to be a little cyst. I haven't had my ears pierced but I'd like to get them pierced in the fairly near future - would the ball prevent me from doing so (the ball is right in the centre of the lobe)!?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-16 20:30:15
count me in as another random web-hopper looking for information on "hard balls in my earlobe." thank you, internet!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Megan) on 2007-02-17 01:44:27
From a doctor's guide for removing earlobe balls:

"Gauze or a splatter shield should be used to protect the physician from spraying of cyst contents." Describes protection for doctors.

"Expression of the cyst contents through the small opening can cause the sebaceous material to spray across the surgery room. Gauze can be used to cover the area as compression is applied, or a clear adhesive splatter-control shield can be used to cover the site. Some practices require the use of protective eye wear for the procedure." Describes protection for the room.

And, as if we thought that the reference to spraying was figurative before, the author assures us that "vigorous expression of the cyst contents can cause material to literally fly across the room. Gauze should be loosely held over the site to prevent spraying. Masks and eye protection may be needed for the physician, and care should be taken to avoid spraying the nursing personnel. Some physicians use a splatter control shield to avoid this problem." Describes protection for the nursing personnel who will shortly no longer be training to become dermatologists.

I wonder how expensive an earlobe ball splatter shield is.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (zach) on 2007-02-19 06:16:23

Well, I'm glad i finally found out what those things were. I've got one right in the middle of my left lobe, and one thats right where the lobe attaches to my neck. I dont have any piercings, so I know that has nothing to do with it. But yeah, awesome that this even exists. And kudos to pond scum and exacto man! you guys rule d^_^b
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Ed) on 2007-03-05 13:12:07
This has to be one of the most humerous yet scientifically accurate posts on the net. I almost dirtied up my pants reading through some of the postings...

I don't think I'm gonna mess with my cysts. They seem to go away after a couple weeks so long that I don't play with them.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-06 00:16:19
I've had balls in my ears a few times. I never knew what it was today until I was in dance. I had my teacher feel my ear and she goes "maybe its a blackhead" she then said "i had that once, i squeezed it and it was gone" being the daredevil went to the bathroom, and squeezed on my ear. WHAT PROCEEDED out of my ear, made me like, shiver and scared. It came out SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST like a hose, white stuff on the mirror, and the lump was like seemed like it was a white head inside my ear or something. I dont know, it was weird. The pains gone now..:-D
when will they stop???
Posted by Anonymous (Shorty) on 2007-03-14 19:58:08
alright fellow earball sufferers. i hate those little fuckers. anyways, ive had one for about 6 mos. IN my fucking right ear. right where the canal just gets smaller or whatever. i lost my earrings for those six months after it first appeared and then found them when i was cleaning like a day ago. i put them in my almost healed holes (like oww) and left the suckers overnight. the next morning my inner ear hurt like a mutha and my ipod earbud wouldnt even go in my freakin ear.

soo ive been using hydrogen peroxide and have done some squeezing but im a pussy so nothings happened. i cant see it but i sure as hell can feel it so i need like a friend to prick the fucker for me. no-ones volunteered. -_- i guess i havta try it myself.

oh, and a biiiiig Q to all youse earballers out there. it grew from an annoying pinprick to a PEA overnight and it is obstructing my ear canal. ohhh gawd. advice??
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-19 22:14:20
so yes, this most definitely is the only online source i could find for this topic so rock on everyone.

ive have my ears gauged out for six years now, they have been at 5/8' for about two of those years and every once in a while i will get an extremely painfull hott ball-like growth inside my earlobe around the earring. the first time it happened i asked my piercer and he said to do the warm compress deal and give it time to go away . . . which has always worked so i will say that, mine always do go away in a week or less . . . but they still come back!! i think we can all testify to how annoying these things are, after reading all these posts im extremely tempted to stab it wil a needle to see if its scar tissue gathering in my ear or a pocket of infection . . then at the same time i know its going to be gone in a few days, so maybe ill just put some ice on it cause it feels like its 150 degrees. . . . . thats all i really have to say . . . they go away, i wouldnt pop them inside your ear because if it is a pocket of infection your just releasing it into your ear, make sure you give it a way out, aka stab that mofo.

man, these things are annoying.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-21 16:57:39
Yes, this does appear to be among the only online resources for this problem - one that I have endured for 10+ years. Started off in college - small granules like pimples in my ear lobes - I'd squeeze them out like any pimple although they were much harder to get at... but they just got bigger. Eventually, I had one really BIG & painful one on the back of my ear - used alcohol & a pin to pierce it & drained - eventually used same process whenever I'd get another one growing... it seemed to be a cycle, cyst, pin, drain, new (or refilled) cyst, pin, drain etc...

After getting insurance & having gone thru a number of infections resulting from my meddling, not to mention the fact that my lobes were noticably warped plus the futility of having the cysts ALWAYS come back, often worse than before... I finally went to the doctor thinking - hey, this seems simple enough - medicine, a shot, maybe some minor surgery - and I'll be cured! After all, it doesn't seem like THAT difficult a problem for a doctor to resolve... Well, like many of you - I was greeted with a curt, "...ah, just leave it alone." Leave it alone!? That's all you got? Bottom line, they basically said that outside of surgery, there wasn't much they could really do for me... so I opted for surgery - doctor had me come in two sessions where he cut & sewed me up... couldn't get them all, but the major ones were gone - or so I thought - at least a few returned & I did have minor scarring on the back of my ears. Anyway, to make a long story a little longer - I did research & didn't find much... tried a few hollistic approaches that didn't cure anything really... but decided to try & not monkey with it too much & REALLY tried to avoid using a pin. Nowadays, they're still there... When I work out, I put tea tree oil on them - work up a good sweat - put tea tree oil on them again, then go in the sauna for a spell & massage in the oil - then shower it off (tea tree oil will dry out your skin if you overexpose) - that seems to keep it fairly under control - but they're still there... and it still bothers me.

All these medical advancements & I can't get cysts out of my earlobes... this just sucks.
matching pair now!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-22 15:36:37
Following my post on 26th January...

I woke up this morning with a new ball, this time in my left earlobe. It's just like the one in my right lobe was when I first had that one - sore when I touch it, quite big and hard, and very round.

I think the one in my right lobe is very slowly shrinking.
hurts like hell
Posted by Anonymous (cat) on 2007-03-29 01:31:04
i have had one on the side of my face before. i went to the doctor and got anti biotics for it. but she told me if i tried to pop it, cause its underneath the skin i could get blood poisioning... NO THANKS. now i have one in my rigth earlobe. it started out rather small, an i would say, just in the last month it has grew to the size of a marble. it is hot, and sore. i am going to the doctors tomorrow. i have to flippin pay though. no insurance= pain in the ass. i think i might be one of those people who are prone to them?? my brother gets them too. i have my ears peirced but i havent worn earings in ages so i know for a fact its not that. i hope they will just give me medicine and it will go away. i'm afraid to even touch it, let alone poke,cut, lance it with anything...
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Batman) on 2007-03-29 02:25:38
Okay seriously wtf? Im with "grrrr", Ive looked all over the place on the net and everyone seems to have a different answer as to what it is. I dont have my ears pierced. I dont have acne. Mine started about 6 months ago.. it scared the crap out of me. Its actually moved further down the back of my ear, still on the jawline tho. It started really small and HARD and semi painful when i pushed on it. Sometimes it itches. I dunno. But now, like literally right now i just realized its gotten bugger and when i press on it, it feels like theres some ooey gooey puss inside of it. I dont care if the POPE himself says its EAR BALLS its still really freaking me out. Someone said warm compress a few times a day. Ima try that for a week and if it doesnt go away.. or rather if you dont hear from me again... im DEAD!

BTW someone said DONT LANCE IT, it could seriously get infected if you do.. more so than it is already.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Batman) on 2007-03-29 02:42:40
LoL Okay Im sorry I was re-reading all the posts and I saw someone mention "ganglion cysts" so I looked it up on and found this.. funny considering someone else mentioned something about a phone book:

"One traditional method of treating a ganglion cyst was to strike the lump with a large, heavy book. And since even the poorest households usually possessed a Bible, that was what they used, which is how ganglion cysts came to be nicknamed "Bible Bumps"
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-04 10:19:52
I stumbled across this forum looking for information about this ridiculous pimple I have in my ear canal. Anyway, I suffered from ear balls for about 8 years. Like everyone else, they would start small, proceed to become huge, red, hot, and painful. I found that if I waited long enough I could usually squeeze them until they popped out the front of my ear lobe in what can only be described as a chunky, gooey, bloody mess. When squeezing did not work, I was left with squeeze marks on my lobes for several days and ended up sticking a needle in the lobe to drain them. I found that when I used the needle method, I would usually only get a mix of oil and blood to drain... never the chunkyness. Eventually they became less frequent, then non-existant. Today, I can still feel remnants of them in my lobes, but they are tiny and inconsequential. I suppose there is always the chance that someday they will return... and if that day comes, I will be back here looking for relief in the hopes that someone will have found a remedy more advanced than "leave it alone" or "poke it with a needle"
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-28 02:19:06
Well I've had mine for about a year, I'm 17. No piercings.

They seem to alternate, one week it's in one ear, the next week it's in the other ear, I'm going crazy with this. Although, it doesn't hurt or cause any distractions for me, but when I touch my ears (sounds weird), I feel them, so that's kind of annoying. Other than that, I'm too much of a chicken to poke my ears with a needle, not only am I needle-phobic, I doubt I'll do a better job than injecting myself with lead
Earlobe Ball Enthusiast Speaks Out
Posted by Anonymous (Earlobe Ball Enthusiast) on 2007-05-30 17:54:06
"I wonder how expensive an earlobe ball splatter shield is."

LOL...I nearly spat milk out my nose when I read that. I'm seriously guys, I think all medical practices should implement earlobe ball splatter shields IMMEDIATELY! God knows what may happen if that cheesy puss was to inadvertantly splatter into your eyes as a result of neglecting to employ the necessary preventative earlobe ball splatter shield measures.

Smelly eyes would almost certainly ensue.
Posted by Anonymous (Earzgreg) on 2007-06-01 05:17:48
I have had these things for a number of years and not always in my ears.

If you play with them they will swell. best to play with them a little so they burst easier.

if your going to try to remove it yourself make sure you get it all out, if you dont then it will come back or worse yet the empty sack will half fill up with blood and be difficult to burst as there is no pressure.

I have had all sorts of puss come out green/brown/red/cheesy and white/sometime a mixture of coagulated blood and white cheesy stuff.

just be sure to keep draining it and apply pressure to suash the empty sack to ensure that it doesnt fill back up.

even if this means picking off the scab cos its really annoying to let it heal up just to find it is still half there.

dont be afraid of doing it your self if you cut yourself on a fence in a park you wouldnt worry, sterilisation is a good idea i got some needles from my doctor and some antiseptic. just make sure the needle width isnt too small or it will be hard to drain through the hole or too large as it can leave pot holes (scares). Do a google search on cysts and sebaceous cyst.

I have also been told that if they are hard its because the flesh around it is swollen and you are best to stab them with a needle when tehy are soft to ensure you can squeeze it all out.
Earlobe Ball Enthusiast Speaks Out
Posted by Anonymous (Earlobe Ball Enthusiast) on 2007-06-03 14:14:03
I recently had the one in my ear swell up and become inflamed. After doing some DIY surgery with a sterilised needle I managed to get most of the crap out. But afterwards, it continued to fill back up and because the pin hole was so small it was unable to drain properly; especially the chunky bits.

I went to the local walk-in center and they froze my ear, sliced it with a blade and drained the rest of the crap. Then I was given supplies to dress the wound for the next few days as it would be constantly draining because the incision was much larger than a pin hole. They also put me on antibiotics.

In conclusion, I would recommend having it seen to by a GP, IF, and only IF, it is bothering you/inflamed/infected. The Earlobe Ball is a part of life, and if it doesn't bother you, leave it alone.

Earlobe Balls have feelings too.
Posted by Anonymous (tweety) on 2007-06-05 16:57:55
God please let it go away, pleaaaaase
Got it cut off
Posted by Anonymous (tweety) on 2007-06-06 19:40:12
I went to the doctor because my ear boil was about cherry-sized, and he cut it off and filled the area with some antibacterial tape thing, and bandaged it.

Dont cut it off yourselves, you cannot see the ear area well enough to get out all the crap, a doctor must do that, or it will just fill right up again.
bad people in town?
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no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-29 21:33:51
I got one of these cyst's on my right
side of my face, under my right ear.
Its huge and puffy and sore to the
touch. I feel for all you folks, and
please oh god let it end!
Ear sack puss
Posted by Anonymous (CraX) on 2007-08-06 04:20:10
To my amazement, no one has mentioned soaking the mother fucker in salt water. Please do me this favor and soak that nigger for 30 minutes, when in pain. It will go away. You don't have the satisfaction of cutting the piece of shit open yourself but fuck it, it work's
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (jj) on 2007-09-01 18:41:36
I get these balls too sometimes, but differently, it seems.

I used to wake up in the morning with them sometimes and for the longest time I couldn't work out why. Eventually I came to the conclusion that sometimes I end up sleeping with a bit of my earlobe folded over under itself on the pillow and that they were a product of that (it cut off bloodstream or something, I always presumed). Since then I actively try not to do that and I haven't noticed any in a while (mine are painless and impossible to see when they come, I can only tell they're there if I feel for them).

Today they came back for the first time in ages and did so (I believe) because I was yanking away at my ears to remove my earrings (which were coming out for the first time since I got my ears pierced and were stuck in very hard). That was around 3pm and at 11pm they [the balls] had gone.

I don't know what kind of medical conclusion to come to from all that other than for me it seems to be caused by pressure of some sort or something and they go away on their own without really bothering me. I'm not really sure. I think the older ones did used to stay longer than these two today though, perhaps because I lay like that all night.

Anyone else have this type?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-13 11:57:41
^ -- same, my most recent ball appeared after I'd slept with my earlobe kinda squashed up.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-14 14:53:04
i have the same thing i pierced my ears years back and since then it started off as scar tissue i think and i kept fooling with them and got bigger since my ears have yet to close as i touch them as nervous habit ive been using warm water on a rag to increase blood flow seems to be helping also not touching is the big part! if any1 else has some healing procedures lets hear them also heard salt water.
Can't belive this is 2 years old
Posted by Anonymous (Sine Botchen) on 2007-09-19 16:43:02
I found this page after searching for "what happens if you leave cheese out overnight". I do have the puss thing in my pierced ear hole. I no longer have an ear ring. Every now and then I'll dip the post in Neosporin and stick it in the hole after squeezing the spooge out.
Got balls!
Posted by Anonymous (earball king) on 2007-09-25 09:22:59
Hi, i've had cysts on my ears for 3 years already. I'm 25 now. It started by being a black head that my girlfriend promptly removed, not knowing what she was starting... It infected and then the earball story started... From that day until now, i've had more than 10 cysts burst out, i had 2 of them cirurgically removed (those didn't reappear) but they seem to multiplicate like rabbits.

Right now i got: around 10 on my left ear, ranging from 1mm diameter to like 5mm, they are deep in the skin, so they are kinda invisible unless you touch the ear. On my right ear i got more than a dozen, all very small except this one very close to the jaw line. I've noticed that under my ear the neck area is kinda swolen which is worrying me a bit after reading some of your comments.

When they're not swolen they're pretty much invisible, but they can be easily seen if stretch the ear skin a bit, or just touch the ear.

I must warn everyone that the situation GETS WORSE everytime i try to squeeze them and i need antibiotics to stop the inflamation. When they get big, if i'm lucky, they'll burst alone.

I think they multiply when u squeeze them and they pop inwards, giving origin to multiple cysts.

So, please take my advice. Try not to touch them, or squeeze them, or pierce them because it will only give a short time relief and they will get back with a vengeance. Bigger, stronger and meanier.

I know they're hard to ignore, but it's either ignoring them, or cirurgically removing them.

You can try those not invasive methods, like acne lotions and stuff like that, but do yourself a favour and not make the problem worse! If left untouched they will not grow bigger. (take my word for it)

The solution to my situation is a plastic surgery in which they cut the back of my ear off, fold the skin out and remove all cysts underneath. I have to do that on both ears... The whole idea makes me sick just to think about it, ive always condemned cosmetical plastic surgery and now that's my only chance of getting rid of this problem for good (and even that is unsure, as they're bound to re-appear...)

At least i got health insurance. Thank god i live in Europe.
Ear Balls
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-02 15:05:24
I started having this problem several years ago. I tried putting a needle to it, but it came back, went to the Dr, he stuck a giant sword in it, squoze the funk out and gave me antibiotics, but it came back. Eventually I put a needle all the way through and stuck a think posted earring in there. I slept on that side (I know... I have a high pain tolerance, which is probably what allowed me to put a needle through my ear at home in the first place) it constantly drained this way and eventually went away. I have not worn any earrings for some time now, but I have another one of these things, so I might have to do it again!
Ear Balls
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-02 15:06:28
That should say a **thick posted earring**
me too
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-19 12:19:23
The past few days ive had an 'ear ball' grow. I had them a few years ago, im 17 now, and must of had the last ones when i was about 14.

Well, this seems to be the most popular thing about this, it seems pretty common, last time mine went away in a few days but im not too sure about this one, as ive got a 6mm plug in my ear with the 'ball' sticking out underneath it, very visably.

I dont really have time to go to the doctors as im going on holiday, in a few days.

I dont really want to take the plug out of the ear with the lump, as it will be a bitch to get back in, but i dont want to hsve to have an op to have it removed either!!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (dillon) on 2007-10-21 23:46:20
i realized i had one today cause i used to think it was a freckle. its on my right ear and about the size of a tiny pea. i was scared for a while cause i thought it was cancer. by doing a little research i realizd it wasnt a rare thing. i popped mine a few min ago the best i could. i LIGHTLY kinda openned it up with a bobby pin than popped it like a zit. i got alot of crap out but i can still feel a small ball. i think it might just be blodd cause its bleeding a little bit. i was wondering if this happened to anyone else? it kinda hurts now.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (dillon) on 2007-10-21 23:49:35
damnit........i just read earball kings comment not that far up
Posted by Anonymous (ohmanearballs) on 2007-10-22 01:10:41
oh man, that is very nasty. my dad had them unitl he was like 40ish. and i have em. imm 22. had them since 16. i get bout 2 or 3 a year, but my dads advice (a physician) is to leave them alone. but god, having cysts/cheeseballs in the lining of your earlobe skin, like a bunch of worm eggs lined up for ripening- is fukin sick to thing about. man, imagine peeling the skin back and seeing each "cyst" being a maggot that somehow crawled in without leaving an entrance hole? and we got bunches of them and we walk around normally.
oh man, isnt nebody else super disgusted out?
i wish we just had holes in the head to listen with. what the fooks the purpose of a jelly ear lobe anyway?
tiny pebble like balls
Posted by Anonymous (anonymous) on 2007-11-04 02:00:47
yea i have 2 right next to each other in my left ear, the one closer to my face is smaller. I notice them every now and again but they dont bother me that much, unless i concentrate on them. I do remember getting them right right where the ear attaches to my cheek but it seems like that one is gone for now. I guess they do go away if u dont play with them, but they are annoying!!! and kinda scary when u dnt know what the heck it is.
ive had em
Posted by Anonymous (john) on 2007-11-11 02:20:03
ive had many of these strange balls... ive had 1 in my right earlobe, and about 6 in my left. ive got rid of about 4 the same way. i take a needle, hold it over an open flame and wait for it to get realy hot ( always have mirror obviously) find wich side its on, and slowly press the hot needle into your lobe... everytime ive done this it makes a little popping noise, youll see liquid come out, its not out yet. put your thumb on the oposite side of the lobe ball and push realy hard. you will see what looks like a bone. keep pushing. it will fall out. ive kept all mine in a bag, to show my freinds. they are about the size of a pea. white. and squishy. ive ate one of them, very hard to chew and even harder to swallow. i dont recomend taking em out with a hot needle since it is very painful and i do not recomend eating them for that matter. the one time i ate mine, 30 minutes after i ate it i was having a full on conversation about fusing atoms with my 4 month old german shepard... anyways. i dont know what they are. some people beleive they are alien eggs planted in our ears in our sleep, i think thats bull, i think they are from stress, i dint start getting them until i started working in the exhibit feild, wich is realy long ours, about 80 a week... id ask a doctor about them.
Posted by Anonymous (anonymous) on 2007-12-16 22:11:12
I get these bally CHUNKS in my earlobes sometimes, and they never really seem to hurt, but are very aqward. IDK what they are, but I don't get as many CHUNKS (thank God) and now i get crustified zits. I used to think little animals were burrowing into my earlobes making CHUNK factories and baking the ballies. Oh well..
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-26 21:12:15
I have ears on my balls. Is that the same thing?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-27 21:01:11
I have one of those balls in my right ear, it's been at least a month since I had it. It hurt at first but now it's just sort of there and kind of annoying. I asked my sister about it and she said she had one before and it took months to go away.
Is there any definite cause for it?
I noticed a lot of people have been mentioning it's near a piercing. Mine is right above my piercing. I've been wearing earrings practically all my live, hell, it didn't even occur to me that I could take them off (Filipino kids tend to get their ears when they're babies). I stopped wearing earrings every day a year ago and only wear them rarely now. I was thinking maybe that might've caused mine.
chunky funky
Posted by Anonymous (sense) on 2008-02-08 11:33:26
I get these things all the time, I just grab a thumb tack and pop trhat shit. If you do that make sure you clear out your bathroom and take off your shirt because that shit sprays everywhere. It keeps growing back so I know i havent gotten the sack out yet, these are fucking annoying. My ear gets really swelled up afterwards too and I look like an asshole. grrrr...
ear worm
Posted by Anonymous (popped it with an exacto) on 2008-02-21 20:15:14
i noticed them about four years ago.

well i didnt notice them a girl i was dating did, she was the touchy feely sort.

anyway, i have never had my ears pierced and i do not even have peach fuss on my earlobes.

for three years the never bothered me, i never even thought about them unless i was touching my ears, and then i became fixated on them.

i have three little pimple type ones on my left ear, they pop by squeezing from time to time, again i only started trying to get the stuff out a few months ago.

i have one large on my right ear.

it was annoying the piss out of me, and like i said i became really fixated on it, i thought i something majorly wrong, and thought i was the only one with this problem.

if they are little leave them alone.

the one on my right ear became so large and hard, about the size of a dime, that one night while heavily intoxicated i decided i was going to pop it one way or the other.

i got a brand new exacto blade, got it red hot with a lighter, and stuck it in the back side of my ear, the larger side.


a little blood.

remember i was heavily intoxicated, so i stuck to front of my ear.

i'll be damned if as soon as i heard the blade cut the skin pus, and blood streamed out onto the mirror.

i was freaked.

i squeezed it slightly and more chunky smelly puss came out.

i drained the bad boy.

this was two months ago.

i just did the same thing tonight, sober, and it is a terrifyingly wonderful experience.

although not that it is fully drained, my lobe is twice the size of my left ear, and it still feels like i cannot get it all out, feels tough, like maybe there is scar tissue that has hardened.

i suppose i will go to the doctor in two weeks if it comes back.

i literally want to pull a van gogh and cut the fucker off.

I hate these things
Posted by Anonymous (D'oh) on 2008-02-24 14:28:03
This thread is morbidly fascinating.

I've gotten these earlobe balls for years. I'm 20 now, female. I squeezed the small one on my left earlobe last night, and the ball is smaller today but still there. I have one the size of a BB on my right earlobe, where the ear meets the neck/ jawline. After reading this page I'm scared to mess with that one.

I told my mom about them this morning, and she said my brother just had her look at some ones he has last night. He's asleep so I haven't talked to him yet.

Anyway, if this keeps hurting and/ or gets worse I'm probably going to the doctor. All the chunky/ cheese/ maggot descriptions freak me out and I do want the satisfaction of seeing this stuff gush out.

UGH. Earlobe balls. I guess my dad used to get them, too. I have my ears pierced but my brother doesn't and neither did my dad.
Posted by Anonymous (aly) on 2008-03-17 21:35:59
okay, so, im 16, female (single for those who are overly curious) and have one of these ear ball things on my earlobe

its like, to the side of my peircing and goes up my ear a little. Its painless untill i try to squeeze it or poke it or anything like that, my mom says its a zit, but it wont go away! its only been a week, but its getting bigger, and it is getting 'leathery'

so UGH! what do i do? my mother (bless her) wont take me to the doctor, it hasnt been too long, but its like, 1" by 1/4" in size and is bright red.... seeing as i may never find this thread again, anyone with good advice can email me at more thing, ive had my peircing since i was four, so that CANT be it
Stabbed One Last Night, and God was with worth it!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26 13:47:37
I've have a pretty decent cyst in my right ear lobe for about 8 months. I finally lost it last night, and took a very sharp awl from a swiss army knife to it. One good stab was all it took. The amount of puss was unreal,it looked like coconut cream and had the consistency of instant mashed potatoes. The smell was pretty overwhelming as well. I managed to get most of the "sac" out too, which was an even more intense issue, and took tweezers and a razor blade.

All in all, it was so worth it. The satisfaction of finally getting that thing to drain, made it all worth it. Even if it comes back, I shall repeat the process again.

Thanks to ya'll for sharing your suffering, I thought I was the only freak with horrifying lumps in my ears.

I've had to drain some blood/clear pus mix this morning, but it feels surprisingly well all things considered. I've been applying neosporin liberally, and sleeping with a band-aid over it. Anyone have any post DIY surgery tips for this?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-09 14:32:44
my boyfriend gets these in his earlobes all the time!!! he lives in army barracks so we thought it was because he got dirty ear pimples...and i would try to work them out for him but they jst drained little oil and were very painful and would always come i asked my mom and she immediately said they were cysts (3 medical degrees at UMD .-.) so i thought i'd look into it to help the poor guy...according to my mom you go to the dermotologist and get them drained like any normal cyst, breast, whatever. but these things in his ear feel like bebe pellets rolling around in his's so weird!!
Earlobe Ball
Posted by Anonymous (Rich) on 2008-04-10 14:49:31
I had 1 in my right ear it was like the size of BB. It used to be smaller but i fidled with it and squeezed it. Then it got bigger to about bb was there for a few days and i was kinda getting pissed off with it. So i took a pin to it, i used anti-septic spray on my ear and the pin and did it in the mirror. It was hard at first cos it hurt..but i built up the courage to just fuckin pop it. Suprisingly not much shit came out, minor white puss hard and soft it made a tiny explosion...Anyways that was like 4 days ago and now its nearly pretty much gone after shrinking day by day. I was quite worried that ot would get bigger after poping it, but it seemd to go down! Im happy now that i have no earballs in any of my lobes. May i be earlobeball-less forever \o/!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12 10:54:24
I had one of those ear-balls, too. And when I popped it, a bunch of baby spiders came out. Now I have AIDS.
Nearly gone!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-09 15:26:31
After almost 2 years the ball in my right earlobe has almost completely gone! So has the ball in my left earlobe (which later became two balls), after about a year. Hooray! Maybe I can get my ears pierced now. :P

Oh, and a few weeks ago I found out my friend has a ball in her earlobe too! :D
Posted by Anonymous (G-Mo Fo Sho) on 2008-05-16 07:23:47
I can't believe how many people have this mysterious "ear-ball" affliction. It's an epidemic, I tell you what! I googled "ear balls" for info, and this is where it brought me, after a few broken links-and it was actually informative. Yay for forums. I use to have pierced ears, (both sides, cartilage and lobes) but I got them taken out over two years ago (they got infected on one side, and I'm not a homosexual, so I took out both, so as not to provoke assumptions). Ever since , I have these two pin-head size lumps in my right earlobe, that when squeezed produce a thick, sticky white substance. It's almost dry-not liquid-y like pus, and no blood ever comes out. No matter how much I squeeze them, they never get smaller or go away. I have also had my lip and eyebrow pierced, both with metal pieces, not gold, and never had any infections. Actually, my lip had a safety pin in it before I got a proper piece. So I'm not prone to infections. Scarring, however, I'm great at-so the dumb b*tch that pierced my ears on the lobes probably f*cked some sh*t up when she kept jiggling the gun around, trying to get it off the stud... c*nt. Also, this provokes a memory-my ex-boyfriend had a major problem with these "ear-balls", but his were extreme... EXTREME EAR-BALLS-GET EXTREME! ... It should be on the side of a bus, I tell you what. Anyway, he had hundreds of these little bumps all inside both of his earlobes-it was nuts! I'm a sicko, so I tried to pop them for him-but he said they hurt, and nothing came out anyway. It was strange, and I never got him to go to the doctor, so I still don't know the prognosis. Oh well.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-19 12:27:44
They are cysts, yes, and they go away on their own...most of the time. If they get big enough or there are enough of them to bother you or they hurt badly very badly and are red (and are therefore infected), I'd suggest going to a doctor, where you will be prescribed antibiotics or something. Other than that, you should probably not mess with them, as with most cysts, if you bother them, they can and most likely will get worse. I've had them in my ear lobes for a long time, coming and going, and they are prone to migrating.

Also, however, these small cysts can develop in other areas of the body, pretty much anywhere, but also in and around the female genitalia. They are not dangerous unless caused by cancer, but that is not at all a common ocurrance.
I hate them!
Posted by Anonymous (Rowan) on 2008-05-31 23:59:17
I'm a 17 year old male and I've had a cyst in my right ear for about 2 years. I really hate them! There is absolutely nothing as satisfying when you finally lance those bastards.I don't really get a cheese. It's more of a pale green ooze. I once got my sister, who is a paramedic, to do it for me and it came back again in a couple of weeks. After a couple months of ignoring that little fucker i just lanced it again but the sac is being a cunt to penetrate so now I just have a massive earlobe with blood coming out. Until I can afford to go to the doctor I just have to live with that little shit in my ear. It makes me so self conscious. When normal it's invisible but I could never let someone touch it: it would be too embarrassing. I just want it gone! Sometimes I have daydreams in class of getting an ear-piercing gun and centring it on that fucker and show him who's boss. Usually I get a pain in my neck and jaw afterwards but it goes away. I went to the local G.P. and he just gave me some antibiotics but they did fuck all. No size reduction or anything!

Oh and this site is fucking hilarious! The story about the field doctor smacking it with the book and the toe-clipper thing: gross but oh so funny!
Fixing this
Posted by Anonymous (Clark Griswald) on 2008-06-22 16:05:28
FIGURE 1. Incision in the top of a cyst with a no. 11 blade. The cyst is squeezed to remove all of the cyst contents. A hemostat can be placed in the incision and the blades opened while the cyst is squeezed to facilitate removal of the cyst contents.
FIGURE 2. After vigorous squeezing, removing the cyst contents and loosening the cyst wall from the surrounding tissue, a hemostat is placed in the wound, and the entire cyst wall is gently delivered through the small incision.

The skin overlying the site is cleansed with povidone-iodine solution. The skin overlying the cyst and the tissue to the sides and beneath the cyst are anesthetized with 2 percent lidocaine with epinephrine.
A fenestrated drape can be placed on the patient, with the lesion beneath the fenestration. A no. 11 blade is used to create a stab incision into the center of the cyst. A small-tipped hemostat is placed into the cyst, the tips gently opened and compression applied to allow the cyst contents to pass through the opening (Figure 1).
The hemostat can be removed, and both thumbs are used to express the cyst contents. Gauze or a splatter shield can be used to shield the physician from splatter. The hemostat can be reinserted, if needed, to assist with passage of the sebaceous material.
Following vigorous and complete expression, the hemostat is reintroduced into the cyst cavity, and the capsule at the base of the wound is grasped and elevated. An attempt should be made to gently remove the entire sac through the small opening (Figure 2). The sac may break, and several pieces may need to be removed.
At the end of the procedure, the wound should be inspected to ensure that all of the cyst wall has been removed. The cyst wall can be pieced together to provide additional confirmation of complete removal.
Direct pressure is applied to the site with gauze. Antibiotic ointment is applied and gauze is taped over the site. The patient is encouraged to hold direct pressure (using gauze) to the site for one to two hours following the procedure. Most small incisions do not require suture closure.
I have had one all my life
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-24 10:53:31
Greetings everyone....I've had something like this my entire life!! I'm 34 now! I remember as a young boy my mom would lay me on her lap and squeeze the bottom of my ear and "smelly" white solid or brownish fluid will come out. It builds up for a few days and either I must squeeze it to get it all out, or it will explode on it's own! I don't know if it's a cyst or not, but it is quite embarrassing when it explodes when I don't want it to. It's nice to know I'm not a freak! LoL ...I thought I was theo only one.
me too!!
Posted by Anonymous (JayJay) on 2008-07-03 12:02:40
There's a ball the size of a marble on my earlobe and it hurts a little when i press it so I'm scared to put a needle through because if I cant even touch without it hurting how am I going to poke it with a needle. Ouch!!
Posted by Anonymous (anonymous) on 2008-10-06 15:09:43
try drinking 1/4 cup pure unsweetened cranberry juice with a teaspoon of organic unsweetended apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add water to dilute it. Drink it twice a day for a few days. My boils stopped forever after drinking that juice.

Don't use the ocean spray stuff. It has other juices and doesn't work.

I drank it for two weeks for a liver detox and it made all the boils (on my tongue or body, ears - all of it) go away forever.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (evoleht) on 2008-10-27 12:39:38
so i have really tiny ears, &i had one of these ball things on my ears the size of a marble! i googled it n came up with this site.. it really freaked me out!! ppl are sayen they had it for weeks n months n years n what not n if you pop it white cheesey smelly stuff comes out!?! but boyfriend told me to wait it out n not do anything like that,, so i did n it went away within days. im sure ppl have had them for a long time,, but what im tryen to say is.. dont do anything drastic till you wait awhile. thats just my two cents,, mweh!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Earlobe Nutsack) on 2008-11-03 14:17:08
Hi. I got one of these in my left ear about 6 months ago. I used to think it was cool because when I would fuck with it, it made this cool noise that only I could hear. But then it went all downhill from there.

Over the past few days, it got red and sore. Somebody commented about it at a football game yesterday so I immediately became insecure, yet determined to be a ear-ball survivor. It came to a head today at work and that's when I decided to act.

I grabbed a thumb tack off the wall, doused it in that hand sanitizing stuff, and proceded to make my way to the bathroom while walking at a brisk pace. IT WAS ON, MOTHAFUCKA! YEAH BRING IT! BRING IT NOW!

So I get in there (true story, by the way.. I'm not making this shit up) and decide it's time. In goes the thumbtack and I hear a POP. Nothing happens, so I squeeze. Out comes a RIVER of yellow/green pus of a magnitude I had never seen before. I kept squeezing and it kept coming, running down my finger and my neck... ok not down my neck, but I'm not shitting you about the finger. Then the blood came and I squeezed harder to get it all. POP! and blood shot across my cheek! Nasty! I immediately put my finger to my nose and couldn't smell anything. Disappointed, I carried on.

I washed off my ear and washed my hands. I wanted to actually save the pus because there was so much of it but realized I didn't have a container or some small tupperware around to preserve the moment. So that was fucking demoralizing.

But in the end, my ear now feels better although I can feel my pulse in that mother... Time will tell if I have won the war and not just the battle. I bet that ear-ball thought it was safe while I was at work. "Maybe he'll get me later at home". No sir. Not on this day.

In all seriousnessm get topic and hilarious comments here. Good information too.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (ANONA) on 2009-01-16 02:59:20
some of you people need help, lol

i have some in my ear, the left right now but ive had them in both before

they dont really hurt, so im not going to do anything.... but please guys, stop stabbing yourselves in the face
It's All Alright.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 2009-02-04 22:51:46
Quite strange this problem is. Never thought I'd find so many people in the same boat with so little solutions! Seems like a doctor would be able to cure this rather quickly, but from what I hear it's unlikely.

Seems to occur mainly only in males aged 13-20 something?

Anyways, I had one in each ear. Not too big, they fluctuated in sizes, were not visible, but definitely horrifically annoying when you start touching them. The more you think about them, the more irritating they get. Itchy too.

Mine disappeared completely, now one of them is back. But this time I won't touch it AT ALL, and I;m sure it will go away soon. My advice to people- don't cut at them or do anything (even touching), just leave them alone! Unless they get noticeably large?

Leave them alone! Nothing to worry about!
3 balls in one ear
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-13 23:37:00
i have three balls in one ear. i've had all of them for months now. i've occassionally messed with them but never attempted to pop it or cut it open. one is large in the middle, feels like there's somethin in it. another smaller one under that. and one small one next to that, that feels hard - like it's just solid (nothing in it). it has never hurt me but it's been months and it's annoying. i might go to doc soon. thoughts?
Always get them!
Posted by Anonymous (gretchen) on 2009-02-21 22:18:20
UGH, I HATE THESE THINGS! I'm a teenaged girl and I keep wanting to get my ears pierced but I almost ALWAYS have either one of the little "seeds" on the outside of my lobe that will turn into a ball, or an actual ball in one of my ears. I got one for the first time when I was like 11 and I was so sure it was some cancerous tumor or something!

Usually mine aren't too painful and after they get inflamed, they always go away on their own but sometimes they take foreverrrr, like months and months.

But I have one right now that is realllly bad. Like my ear lobe is almost twice the size of my other one and it's kinda red. It hurt REALLY bad and felt so hot the other day and I kept taking Ibuprofen, but now it's better, just a little sore to touch. It feels bigger than it did the other day but a LOT more soft and not as "firm"?? So I don't know if that's a good thing but I take the decreased pain as a good thing.

I have never gone to the doctor for them because I hate going to the doctor and needles and stuff like that. But this one is BAD, if it's not smaller and still a little painful by the end of the week, I think I should. I've been putting coverup on my earlobe so you can't tell it's red haha.

Also I have never tried to stick it with a needle or anything either, I'm too worried I'll make it worse and again, I don't like needles.

I kept trying to "pop" this one, because I had kind of a visible blackhead-looking thing on top of it but I kept putting acne stuff on it so there's just dry skin covering it now and I see no visible opening or good place to pop it, plus it's sore to try to do that!

So hopefully it's not some deadly infection haha but I think I would know and as I said, the pain is getting better.

I HATE THESE THINGS! I want my ears pierced ASAP. I feel like they would happen less because they always happen in the dead center of my lobe, where I would have a hole.
the ear
Posted by Anonymous (ep) on 2009-03-05 16:54:22
The Internet is an amazing thing. I Googled "pimples on the ear lobe" and this thread was linked in the results. I've had this problem for years and it never seems to go away. The occasional popping of the little boogers(hmmmm, maybe it's compacted boogers) temporarily relieves the bump somewhat, but it always reloads. I'm in day 3 now of just letting the damn thing go for an extended period of time to see what happens. I hope it doesn't cause my whole head to explode.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-06 01:28:54
Great thread, seems like I remember awhile back I had one in my right ear, not painful or anything... I just so happened to notice a small hard ball in the earlobe. I did nothing and it went away.

Recently while wearing earphones I thought I felt a bit of irritation in my left ear, turns out I've one of them in my left earlobe. Didn't mess with it much and its less noticable now... Can definitely feel it though. It's about the size of a pea and seems like it's getting slightly smaller. It's pretty firm also.

I did briefly attempt to "pop" it (At first thinking it was a pimple, it felt kinda like one) but it's almost in the center of my ear, no way to pop it and have it extract externally. (And certainly don't want the internal kind)

I've been tempted to sterilize a needle and lance it, or even sterilize a knife blade and cut it out. (I was thinking it'd be a hard ball that'd fall out).

After reading this thread I think I'll just let it wait, since my last one went away and never came back I'm hoping this one will do the same.
sick nasty
Posted by Anonymous (Holli) on 2009-04-03 01:46:36
First of all, I love this thread. So funny.

A couple weeks ago, I went through a "wear earrings every day" phase. Just like it always happens when I do that, my earring holes got infected. Here's the weird thing folks: my first hole in my right ear got infected, but my second hole in my left ear got infected. I wasn't wearing any earrings in my second hole.
I also have developed this HUGE lump inside my right earlobe. I tried to lance it today with a pushpin but didn't go deep enough- only got blood.

I went to the doctor this afternoon. She says I have a staph infection and gave me doxycycline for it and told me not to touch it. So she probably doesn't want me to stab the sonofabitch again.

I KNOW that if I went deeper that something horribly fascinating would come out and then maybe my earlobe wouldn't feel like it was going to erupt like an em-effing volcano. We'll see what happens.
Epidermoid Cysts
Posted by Anonymous (professor) on 2009-04-15 12:49:41
I came across this forum months ago when my daughter, 7 years old, had one of these develop and drain...or "pop" if you like. I won't even tell you the search string I googled to get this topic up. Crazy world we live in is all i'll say 'bout that!

Since that time, her ear "bubble" as she was calling it - has drained two more times. The last time being a complete shock when it happened during a test at school!

She will NOT let me touch it, so off to the dr. we went. We went to see a dermatologist yesterday who has unofficially ruled it an Epidermoid Cyst (won't know for 100% sure until it's removed).

This is how he defined this cyst to me - there are hair folicle 'ducts' that exist and when they get clogged (in my daughter's case, it was likely her ears getting pierced 1 year ago that clogged the duct - just dumb luck!), they will fill up with an oily (stinky) substance called Sebum. Sebum is actually the substance that is produced naturally and normally in your hair folicles which acts as a waterproofing mechanism for your skin and hair. But when the duct that allows this Sebum to drain naturally get clogged, it will build up a wall, thus creating this cyst. The cyst will build up over time, then will become infected too (It was not clear if the infection is the same as it filling up or if they are mutually exclusive). Then once drained, it will shrink back to it's "dormant" state and grow in size until....repeat above! Vicious cycle.

Once the cyst wall exists, you're screwed. It's something that WON'T go away on it's own...the only way to rid yourself of it is to have it surgically removed. But caution, that's not a 100% cure either, because if they don't get the whole thing cyst wall,'s back again.

My daughter, now 8 years old, is scheduled for this procedure in 3 weeks. At 8 years old, I dont' think she needs to have this hanging over her head (no pun intented) for the rest of her life. Let's get this taken care of now, even if it's not a 100% guarantee.

I hope this helps someone, and I hope to heck that this thread lives was a great help to me as I was trying to figure out what was growing on the back of my daughter's ear lobe!!!!
ear ball GOOOOOOO pus grimness splatter
Posted by Anonymous (Jon) on 2009-04-28 12:25:51
I've had these b*stards for a couple of years now, gradually getting worse, they occur on the font of my earlobes (very annoying because when they are burst it looks like ive unsuccessfully tried to pierce my ears) and on the back of my earlobes (not so annoying until they grow to about an inch in diameter) and this thread has pissed me right off as i was hoping to find a cure for the b*stards!!! oh well at least im now part of the elite "ear ball" crew!!! i will check this thread from now on and see how everyone is getting on!

be safe people, and carefull when getting drunk to pierce your ear balls! you dont want to end up like mr Van Gogh!!!

Posted by Anonymous (anon) on 2009-04-29 16:56:22
This whole thread is genius, and i've suffered from these bad boys ever since i was about 11. They never bothered me much, and seemed to go down by themselves BUT it turns out my brother AND father BOTH get them, and have since they were wee. SO i guess it's some natural, safe, go away on its own thing for me at least.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Cwis) on 2009-05-30 15:50:36
I've had these pesky things for a few years now (only ever get it in my right ear lobe). It happens around once or twice a year. I have visited the doctor about it and they just popped it so I'll take matters into my own hands and pop it from the back I think (that seems to be how other people have done it successfully!). It's really annoying because I'm not a confident person as it is, and having this in my ear just makes it worse!
ear ball
Posted by Anonymous (bob) on 2009-06-09 18:39:54
I have had a few of these, all small and have gone away on their own. Now I have one in my right earlobe that is slighly bigger than the rest. I want it to go away on its own, but if it doesn't...

I'm going to let it grow, nurture it, feed it and super glue that shit if it trys to leak. Then when it is as large as a small child, and I can feel it kicking and wanting to run free I will release it in Central Park NYC.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Cwis) on 2009-06-12 11:09:19
Just an update for you guys. I went to the doctors in the end. They released the puss and I was prescribed antibiotics and they took a swob.

I'm going to give them a call in a week or so and find out the results of the tests. Mine seem to appear during summer so I'm wondering whether it's heat or UV related.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-25 07:44:17
wheww, i feel like singing "you are not alone... i am here with you".. blah blah.. away.. blah blah. thank god i'm not the only one with ear lobe balls. Its probably one of the most disgusting things i can think of squeezing the white shit out. good luck and squeeze away everyone!

p.s. - dude, i'm totally diggin on Grrrr's ear ball party get together in the hills.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-28 15:59:26
Mine come when I eat pizza (which gives me a greasy face for some reason) or when I get boiled alive because my workplace doesn't care for aircon.
I now clean my earball areas before and after work (beginning and end of the hot period) with "Clean & Clear" - an alcohol zit repellent lotion.
They are still there, but they go supernova much less than they did.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (word) on 2009-09-15 21:00:41
Best topic evar.

I'm 21 years old, and I got my first ball about six months to a year ago. I dug into it with a needle, and it vanished. Now, it's back. It doesn't hurt and it's not very noticeable, I think, but I can't resist fucking with it. I think I will leave it alone and hope for the best. Still, I have an almost unbearable desire to revel in a bloodbath of pus and blood and destroy this fucker.

PS. I wear earbud headphones a fair amount, could they be responsible? hmmm..
earlobe pus ball
Posted by Anonymous (anonymou) on 2009-09-21 03:18:07
I'm a 17 yr old girl and am I survivor of the ear ball! I got my ears pierced when I was 6 years old and found out I was allergic to pretty much any kind of earring, so I let the holes close. About 5 years later the back of my left earlobe started building up and getting huge and pressured and eventually after a week or so if I was messing with it it would pop and nasty pus, sometimes creamy or greenish colored, would come out followed by blood. Then it would heal and a few weeks later build up again. This went on for years but now finally it just stopped getting infected and huge. now i'm left with just a tiny bump in my ear that will squirt out chalky stringy stuff if a force it to. I still have no idea what it is... but am guessing it has to do with getting my ears pierced as a little girl and having infections from that.
honestly, i kind of miss the build up. Squirting it was fun... and it'd spray pretty patterns on my mirror. it was fucking awesome.
yep, me too
Posted by Anonymous (robert) on 2009-10-01 08:34:49
im a 46y/o male and im a earlobecystholic... I had them since a teen, a lot of them.... nowadays i leave them alone untill they are ready to pop.... then i go into the shower and drain hotwater over them which makes them naturally pop... i also believe the water running over the wound helps suck them out, i usually got to only do them once, but the ones i get on my asre upto three times.... the worst thing is when they pop, i havnt noticed and im in public with gunk running down my collar.... my rule is, dont squeeze them, they only get bigger, wait till the shower sucks them in off to find a thread about the evil little coils of ingrown hair i sometimes pull out of my chest
Posted by Anonymous (Khai) on 2009-10-14 02:22:57
Well, i'm 17 this year.
I just pierced few months back.
After the first month, my friend help me clean my ear. he says there's alot of white thing inside . Well, after that day.
I began washing my earsticks every few days, and reuse them back. i wash my earholes frequently too .

Sometimes i feel pain.
And there's something in my ear.
what should i do?
Posted by Anonymous (steve) on 2009-10-31 09:58:21
I first posted here several years ago & have been following this excellent thread every 6mths or so.
I have the cysts in both earlobes but they seem to only be in one lobe at a time & they sort of alternate. I cant help playing with them & if they feel like they are full, I pop the bastards.
The trouble was that I was developing some scar tissue in my lobes & this made them harder & harder to pop - very unsatisfying. So I went to the doc who said I needed a plastic surgeon. I saw the surgeon & she cut them out 5 weeks ago. The elitist b itch charged me a small fortune ($850)for this minor op that took less than an hour & even though the cyst is gone, I somehow feel it will come back. I will wait & see, but if they do come back, I'll be doing self-surgery from now on
Posted by Anonymous (adamboy) on 2009-11-23 14:57:28
I've had the same problem for years... Once I did the pin thing and it just got worse. I talked to a pharmacist who recommend just regularly washing behind my ears and applying soap / rubbing alcohol before sleep.

I've had some minor success getting rid of them by doing this. Right now it has moved just below my ear lobe and is really inflamed (hurts like hell!) but if you're diligent you can keep them away for the most part by just cleaning regularly!
Posted by Anonymous (bob) on 2009-11-26 00:33:41
i have had these bumps in my ears for years started as one in right ear then one in both ears now multiple in both ears i pop them and sometimes stuff comes up and sometimes nothing
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (mike) on 2009-12-03 21:59:03
Well hell, thought I was the only one looking for answers on this topic.Yeah I've been on the fence for bout a year or so now on what to do about mine.This fat bastard on my ear is a little bigger than a dime and bout half inch thick.The odd thing about it, it doesn't hurt what so ever.The only thing that reminds me that it is there,it has gotten big enough to offset my ears and that just ain't cool.Have never really messed with it, it's been really hard not to take a needle to it and try to lance it myself,but being that I have no health insurance and reading all the war stories from above who did it themselves does raise a red flag.I would love to see what all would come out of there because it is so big and juicy, but don't want it to make matters worse.What to do?To pop or not to pop
Posted by Anonymous (patrick) on 2009-12-20 22:18:38
me along like alot of you have this wierd thing, and again like a couple ive been stickin a needle in the back of my ear lobe to drain it out, after that its goes aways for a while and sometimes comesback but never gets infected, just make sure whatever you use is cleaned with alcohol. good luck
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (josiah) on 2009-12-27 04:43:21
I have one on my left ear right now. Ughhhh. I popped it earlier like a zit, but I can't decide if that's what it is haha
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-28 19:44:44
I'm amazed at how many people have this and the lack of knowledge people have.

So I shall share the my findings and experiences with you. I've had Doctors tell me to leave it alone and it will go away. That is true, but very annoying.

Never ever touch it. You will only cause it to inflame becoming very red and sore to the touch. I should have known better because I touched one and it grew to like 4mm big.

The best solution is to put a cloth in hot water. Apply on the cyst for 10-15 minutes. Do this twice a day. It will reduce in size in about a week. Basically it's dead skin cells and oil accumulated in the sac. Warming it up will make it easier to penetrate the pores.

Never pop it, it will just get worst and leave a scar.

Diet plays an important part too! People who eat too much read meat and dairy products will have a higher chance of getting them. Also if you don't eat enough fruits.

Hope that helps.
Posted by Anonymous (trevor) on 2010-02-22 12:10:34
FYI I am 27, male, ears have been pierced years ago (doc says that doesn't matter its genetics) Just got home from having an infected cyst (ear ball) cut open and drained. I have a small drain in the opening of my ear, and have to stay home from work today while it drains more blood and gunk out. I saw an Ear Nose and Throat doctor, he said he had never seen one swell like mine. Took me to what he called the "torture room" injected something to numb my ear and then with a small scalpal cut the back of my ear and squeezed the most puss and blood out of my that I have ever seen. It smelled some what, hurt like hell, but at the same time gave me some instant relief. He said its rare to have a cyst get that crazy but there is NOTHING you can do to stop it from getting infected, since it is already inside of your body, it just happens. The cyst will stay in my ear lobe unless it happens again and again. Rule one; DONT MESS WITH THE CYST they are vicious. Rule Two; DONT CUT IT OPEN YOURSELF, they like to send all that nasty stuff out to make sure there isn't something more serious going on with you. Anyways that was my experience... good luck fellow ear ballas!!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-08 12:00:57
i have 2 balls in my left earlobe, and 1 ball in my right one... id like to know how to handle them... but i really dont want to go through all those comments, cos as i read a few in the beginning, some of those comments arent even about ear problems...
Kill the White String!
Posted by Anonymous (X) on 2010-03-22 01:52:45
I've been having some for a 2 years. Most of them I just popped at when they where still small, and that was the end of that.

But then this one ball came around that kept on coming back regardless of how many times i burst it. What I noticed about this one was that there was like this slippery white "string" that came out, but I never managed to do anything about it.

...Until recently. I left the ball alone for 4 months until it grew to about 2mm in diameter. And then I went straight at the mother with nails. After some digging it let A LOT and A LOT MORE puss out. But people have already said that.

What I'm adding is that you should NOT IGNORE THE WHITE STRING! It's actually a kind of sack that contains and generates the dead white blood cells (that make up the puss in the balls).

!!!!!!!!!KILL THE SACK!!!!!!!!!! It's very very hard to get a hold of the slipery bastard, especially if it's covered in blood, but it's like the Ring: you just have to destroy it ensure mordor won't come back.

The "string" may show up at differnt ball-popping stages. It doesnt matter: rip the hell out of it any time you see it. If you do so and the puss comes out, you're not yet: go back and finish the string off.

Warning: although popping the ball didnt hurt, the string pulling part was painful.

My advice is to let your nails grow a bit. After you pop and squeeze out the white crap, just keep trying to pinch the string until you get a firm hold of it, at which point you start pulling gently and increase strength progressively. It will probably tear though, so repeat several times until you can tell it's gone.

I have no scientific fact backing this, i'm just talking from experience. The House of Representatives passed Obama's health bill a few hours before I typed this, so hopefully the uninssured readers here will be able to go see a real doctor soon!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-24 01:25:02
had one for over 10 years in my earlobe. last year started to smell. nothing i did worked on the smell just made the cyst worse. so I tried sticking it with a sterile needle. that just pissed it off. after 2 days had to go to the ER as the swelling and pain went down my neck. the doc lanced it today and put me on antibiotics. still draining alot of puss though.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 2010-04-15 12:34:09
I have two of these bastards in my right ear, I was messing with them quite a bit and like rolling them between my fingers and they got all angry (I was even getting my boyfriend to do it too), but I haven't touched them in a while now and they're ok. When I pop them (going to do it when they're massive just because I want to see what's in my ear) I will film it and put it on youtube. Watch this space!
Posted by Anonymous (santaslittlehelper) on 2010-04-24 06:17:02
hi all,
I've had these "ear balls" from time to time, and read a bit about them. Just like some of you mentioned it can be due to an acumulation of oil.
It just so happens that toothpaste absorbs oil. And so I covered both sides of my year where the "ball" had formed (quite a bit of toothpaste!) and then let it be there for something like 5 -6 hours, ideally it could have been kept overnight. The next day (today) the ball size has almost halved if not become one quarter of its original size.
This technique of using toothpaste to get rid of excess oil is sometimes also used if you have severe acne issues (although it's best to get the appropreate cream for it of course!) but just to say that it does the same job and over night, the whole thing shrinks and in a matter of 1 - 2 or 3 days disappears completely at times.

So bottom line: cover your ear lobs (or wherever the "ball" has formed) with toothpaste, let it be there for several hours, and repeat this once a day, like in the evenings or over the weekend and you will see that it will slowly disappear !

No popping no tweezing no damage :)

Hope this helps !
Ear Cysts
Posted by Anonymous (Unicorn Sam) on 2010-05-26 13:03:58
So I went to get my ears gauged last week (never had them pierced before), and the piercer was hesitant to pierce my right lobe because of the tiny BB size cyst in my lobe. I know this is genetic because my dad and grandfather would get these same cysts in their ears. My father's were much worse, mine are very minor. I have two, very small ones in my lobe. The piercer tried to stab the cyst, but was unsuccessful because the ball would move so easily and escape the needle. So what he told me it, when they're that small, it's a lot easier for your body to absorb it. I need to agressively massage the ball, but not too hard to where I squeeze it and it gets bigger. Massaging it will help soften it up and break it up to where your body will absorb it easier, also... YOU MUST WASH YOUR HANDS AND EAR BEFORE YOU DO THIS. Some people are just prone to cystic acne, and their body just doesn't expell oils as they normally should. People who get cystic acne on their faces, neck, ears, etc, tend to have oily skin, but can dry out very easily, as does mine. Anyway, just my info. Good luck fellow cyst people
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (superlobe) on 2010-06-07 04:34:58
so glad i found this. im 18 male, and have had mine in my right ear for around 4 years now. it was about the size of a bb and i didnt really care, but yesterday it swelled to 10x its size, and it hurts so bad i cant sleep. i was just going to split my earlobe in half from the bottom and pull it out, but i read that thing about toothpaste, and i already use toothpaste for my acne, so ill try it for a few days before ear mutilation. will post back with results and pics!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-16 23:51:47
toasting in this epic bread
squishy balls.....
Posted by Anonymous (tyler) on 2010-06-30 00:37:07
hey guys, im 15 (guy) and ive had these earlobe balls for almost a year now, most notably in my left ear. anyway, i noticed that the ball is a bit squishy... i dont know if someone has said this or not beczause i didnt have the time to read all 100000000 comments lol. anyay, is the squishyness normal?
ear ball removal
Posted by Anonymous (ear ball sucker service) on 2010-08-11 20:44:33
if you have balls on your ears i will remove them by oral suction and my teeth at a premium price of 15$ per pop

painless, clean, delicious snack
Posted by Anonymous (SwissArmyKnife) on 2010-09-21 16:06:26
I posted on here a couple of years ago regarding my ear balls. The temporary relief of popping mine with my swiss army knife was short lived. The little bastard has been there for 3 years now. I'm still getting small pimple like cysts behind and in the ear lobes. I've been treating those with over the counter zap zit, once I discover a new one. That seems to abate the thing from turning into a full blown rager like the one that's been there for years buried in the middle of the lobe. The little bastard hardened after my DIY surgery, and has been a constant annoyance ever since. It occasionally gets a bit inflamed, and I keep hoping against hope that one day it will explode in blinding spray of funk. No such luck yet...

I had another one appear behind my left ear yesterday, which prompted me to check back for any updates. Thanks again ya'll for sharing your ear funk stories and suggestions!
follow up post
Posted by Anonymous (will) on 2010-09-22 18:35:18
its been four years since I had mine removed by a surgeon. It hasn't come back since. Nice to not have to think about it or deal with anymore.
Just Popped One
Posted by Anonymous (Dan) on 2010-10-02 05:35:37
I just popped one, it was massive, felt perhaps like 4-5 small internal lumps, and i squeezed it really really hard, both thumb and pointer fingers, using other hand to clamp the other down. Removed perhaps 5 cent / a dime sized amount,but spherical of yellow, gunky, smelly sebum. Im now draining it every 2 days, to allow it to heal, and also to see if the amount lessens, but it has remained the same over a period of 1 fortnight (7 drains) though recently, i have noticed a small amount of sebum is being replaced by fresh blood, perhaps signifying ive burst the wall, and am in for bigger problems, i hope not, though i have attempted popping them in the past, and they have popped internally, giving me a feeling that i did something wrong. im hoping to be able to drain it long enough to only be draining either blood, or especially hopefully nothing. i had no heads developing, but just squeezed so hard, that it popped at the bottom of the lobe. im hoping ive done the right thing, as it was able to pop, its so raw and red and lightly bleeding, but i feel im helping it by extracting the badness. im guessing its either a pimple thats wildly infected, causing a cyst, or a cyst thats increased in time.
hate this thing
Posted by Anonymous (lumpdy dumpdy) on 2010-11-12 02:33:31
My earlobe lump (left) first formed when I was a senior in HS, I'm now 35. Still there. It swells when I'm stressed and under pressure. The seasons seem to aggravate it also, summer being the worst. I usually just leave it alone when it starts to get inflamed. But every once and awhile it'll get to that point where it is intollerable. Yes, I pop it. Not with a needle, but with one of those diabetees testers. Works great. (got the idea after seeing one being advertised in a commercial)After popping it and draining it I'll keep it clean with those zit pads and in a couple days it'll go back to it's dormant little stage.
Tips for sebaceous cysts
Posted by Anonymous (Chris) on 2010-11-20 21:35:20
I've been getting these most of my adult life (I'm 30 now). I have fairly large ear lobes, so there is just a lot of surface area for them to develop and plenty of tissue for them to hide in. I also have single piercings in each ear lobe, although I haven't worn any jewelery for years now, so I just put a stud with triple antibiotic ointment on it through the holes every now and then to keep them clean. These cysts seem to be unrelated to the piercings, however an infection from a piercing could make them much worse or may leave you requiring a surgical lancing and oral antibiotics to clear up the infection.

The best suggestions I can offer for dealing with these are:

1) Heat. The sebum, the waxy stuff that builds up inside these sebaceous-type cysts, is usually hard-ish and pretty well solid at normal body temperatures. It feels almost like cartilage or something of that consistency. It is usually under great pressure too, so it will usually be compressed into the "balls" described here.

To prepare the cyst for any poking or prodding you may be tempted to try, make sure to put a heat pack on the area for at least 20 mins prior to doing anything with it. Just don't even touch it without the prerequisite heat, because the effort is wasted unless you've heated it up enough to soften up the sebum. Doing this every day for a week is even better if you have the time and patience to do so. You basically can't force a popcorn kernel-sized piece of hard, compressed sebum through a tiny pinhole without causing extreme pain and possibly serious damage to the dermis you're trying to force it out through. Getting it hot will help "melt" the waxy sebum so it liquefies and can be more easily and less painfully extracted.

For a heat pack, I have found that 1 cup or so of plain uncooked white rice inside of a clean cotton sock works the best for me. It is flexible enough to get it in and around such a small area as an ear lobe very well. Just microwave the dry, white rice inside the sock for a minute or two on high and cover it in a tea towel so you can control how much heat is applied. The more heat you give it, and the more sessions like this you do, the easier it will be to break up and emulsify the sebum, which brings us to number two...

2) Emulsification. Along with heat, some gentle, but very firm squeezing of the area from different angles once or twice a day may also help to break up the sebum. If this is successful, there may be no need to extract or lance the cyst. It's contents may very well be absorbed by your body and simply go away. This is, ultimately, the best and probably the safest way to be rid of these(learned this from several visits to a dermatologist).

I know it's tempting to stab them and squeeze them to relieve the pressure, but that is only necessary for a small number of these, usually the largest and worst ones I've had have required more than just heat and a bit of squeezing followed by time to go away. The risk of infection is much greater if you are going to attempt to pierce or lance these types of cysts than if you only do the heat/emulsification methods and let your body clean up the mess. If this hasn't worked or you are just as daring as I tend to be with needles, you are left with...

3) Extraction. For extreme cysts you may have no other option than extraction. This can be done by a doctor or at home, but I would only try doing this on myself if the cyst is on the front of the ear lobe. The ones which are closer to the back of the lobes may be too difficult to see or do successfully by yourself. When doing this alone, make sure you soak the whole surrounding area of skin in peroxide or alcohol, burn the needle or lancet you plan to use with a match to sterilize it and then wash it with peroxide or alcohol as well(or use sterile, disposable surgical ones if available), and thoroughly wash your hands(or wear sterile gloves) and your work area before beginning.

The plan is to solve the problem, not make it worse, so you don't want to risk it getting infected. Take no chances, because the only thing worse than a sebaceous cyst is an infected sebaceous cyst. If you have any doubt about your ability to do this by yourself, definitely go see a doctor.

If you have already done a few rounds of heat/emulsification treatment to the area for a while, a simple sewing needle is probably all you will need to pierce the cyst's wall with. Try to find an existing pore near the center of the mass and very gently work the needle in towards what you feel as the "center" of the "ball". Twist the needle in more than you push it, and you should quite easily be able to break the cyst wall and gently remove the needle. Any squeezing or pressure applied should be done extremely gently and slowly. I have found that a pair of narrow tweezers with alcohol-soaked cotton balls stuck on the ends of them works very well for doing this without injuring the surrounding area(and is much better and certainly more sterile than fingernails). You could also use a q-tip folded in half to do more or less the same thing.

Try to start at the outer edges of the cyst and work inward towards the pore you created the extraction point at. Take your time and work slowly, but make sure to never give the area more than a few minutes without another bit of squeezing or the hole will begin to heal before you've completed the extraction. When you are satisfied that you've gotten the majority of the sebum out of the cyst and relieved the pressure, get the whole area slathered in triple antibiotic ointment and cover it with a band-aid or even gauze/surgical tape, depending on the size of the affected area. Change the dressing daily after you shower.

DO NOT attempt to do an extraction over and over again. The area will never heal and may end up worse than it was with a big cyst there(becoming an inverted pimple made of scar tissue, etc.). You just need to get the majority of the sebum out and your body should be able to handle the rest. If one of these cysts returns after you have performed an extraction on it, I would definitely go see a doctor about it.

Here's hoping someone finds this useful. It took me years and thousands of dollars spent at a dermatologist to finally figure out how best to deal with these for myself. I have even considered having the sebaceous glands surgically removed from the skin on my ear lobes, but it no longer bothers me enough to consider such a radical surgery.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-29 00:12:12
I have a wierd ball way below the skin in my earlobe. It's small and can't be seen but I can feel it if I squeeze it between my fingers. It doesn't seem like something that would be poppable though and it kind of moves around but not really. It hurts a little when I press on it, I've never had my ears pierced. My mom says that it could be a solidified collection of fat in the lobe. So far I havn't done anything to it.

Posted by Anonymous (Colorado) on 2010-12-07 11:02:29
I have approximately semi-annually, since as young as I can remember, had the oversized bbs in my earlobe. In my late Teens I began to notice that the bbs always proceeded my fall and spring (or sometimes 1 extra) sinus infections by a few days. They became a tell for my body and I could stock up on medicine and tissue. I thought it was just the same bacteria causing my sinus infection effecting my ear. In my later 20s I visited an acupuncturist who saw my ear and immediately asked if I was having sinus problems that month. Apparently the lower center of the earlobe corresponds with a sinus point in acupuncture. I cannot explain what causes the body to become painfully tender at this point, but her and I have been able to use this tell to significantly reduce the severity and length of my sinus episodes with this knowledge. I just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else can benefit from it also.
Posted by Anonymous (NinjaG) on 2011-01-29 09:43:23
I went to the doctor a few months back and he thought it might be a cyst at first, then said probably a pimple. I think he is wrong though and it is a cyst, considering how hard it has been to get out (he recommended just squeezing/lancing etc!). I tried squeezing, a little puss came out but not much. I would break the scab every few days after trying to stop from touching it, to then attack my lobe again, but would never squeeze through any hole (too big wouldn't make one).

So without any research, I decided to lance the other day - doesn't hurt at all (actually kind of erotic I found!) to stab ear with needle.. but I didn't sterilise properly.. I will definitely do this in future. I'm kind of lucky though, I don't usually get infections etc.

However I must say, for me, I only got this in left lobe dead centre maybe 6 months ago, when my mother died and stress came on. I'm also eating terribly. But I think the PRIMARY thing is either a) not changing pillow case enough/sweating onto pillow in hot weather, b) wearing ANY type of headphones (I have closed ear design sennheiser, when hot, ears get very sweaty and gross) - I am sure this is related, or c) predisposition

I won't be lancing any more.. I think I'll try cold pack to reduce swelling now and then the toothpaste trick.

I would warn though, fluoride in toothpaste can be very dangerous so go easy. Or perhaps use a tea tree-oil based / non-fluoride toothpaste for this.

Finally, after lancing a 2nd time tonight and LOTS of squeezing (mostly just getting clear white plasma), my left ear lobe is 3/4" or more lower than my right. Wahhhhh hehehe.. and yes it makes u feel very van gogh. But remember it's not worth it!! Unless you make your lobes a new cool shape like V's or zig zags or something (hehe).

Also it is almost impossible to stop playing with these things.

I wish that lancing them worked though, I really did enjoy sticking a needle through my lobe. Didn't hurt a bit, that lovely 'scritch' noise as you break the skin, the feeling as you twist it around inside trying to prod and find and poke the ball.. kind of erotic for me! I wish it didn't mean I might get infected lol. I now understand the appeal of those people that hang themselves from hooks etc :)
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (NinjaG) on 2011-01-29 09:48:39
what I meant to ask is, if you squeeze and prod and do enough to your lobe.. will it stay stretched out/mis-sized?

I really never looked at my ears before, but they were alright before... as of tonight and squeezing, the inflammation makes me look like i'm getting one ear ready for a big tribal hoop in it hehe - I hate those things!! And people with droopy ears!! Unless you are masai!! Then it's ok. But I don't want that for myself, thank you!!

So I hope my ear goes back to normal - another warning for people.

Oh and also it's very unattractive no matter WHAT you do - I found putting bandage tape on it made look less bad, also helped heal, also if you squeeze or do ANYTHING, before going out, you REALLY won't feel like going out. So push it to the back of your mind until it changes shape.

Honestly, all of you should be more worried about a) deworming yourselves (how many of you do?!?! preventative, like we do for our pets??) and b) getting moles AND ANY SKIN GROWTHS checked regularly!! Don't post on the net for advice.. go to a doctor you trust. If you don't have one of those, go to 2 or 3 diff doctors.. btw, I'm in a country where it is free to go to the doctor.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (mb) on 2011-02-09 23:30:43
Since this is random, I'll input.

My husband and I both have this problem. I get big hard lumps in my earlobes, with no seen openings. Usually I lance them and they go away after a couple weeks.
My husband actually has openings in his. You can squeeze them daily, and never ending streams of thich puss pours out of them. It stinks too. They get smaller but don't seem to go away.

Point is a coworker had this and his ear swelled like a cherry tomato. The Dr. told him not to pop it and gave him steriods. Two days later it drained and went away.

There's three solutions.
For more info...
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-10 13:27:00
I've had somewhat hard lumps in my earlobes for years, even since I hit puberty I think. I can always remember my mother rubbing her earlobes and I find myself doing the same thing, playing with these cysts.

A post waaaay above called them 'ganglion cysts' -- WRONG. They are either epidermoid cysts (uncomplicated) or sebaceous cysts (can lead to abcess)

See wikipedia for more info (graphic images):
So I went to the doctor...
Posted by Anonymous (None) on 2011-06-24 02:39:22
I had a small bump inside my upper earlobe a few weeks ago, and started to play with it. I squeezed it really hard hoping to make it disappear. I felt the bump break but the result was pus filling into my earlobe. I hoped it would go away by itself but after 2 weeks I gave up and went to a doctor, who put me on antibiotics and reffered me to an ear doctor. Instead, I went to a skin doctor, who cut open the infection and drained it. He then put a gauge on it. He reccommended changing it twice a day for a week, and apply salt water to the area before putting a new one on. He also prescribed me "Clindamycin phosphate topical" cream to apply to it twice a day.

Hope this helps
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Tom) on 2011-08-24 19:13:11
I think I am different because I have had my ear lobe ball all my life. It's a little ball in your ear lobe that you can move around like a ball in your ball sack.

Mine is on the side of the earlobe facing my face so no one has ever noticed unless i showed them. It's one of those weird things that everyone seems to have. When people in a circle go around showing their weird things (i.e. they show how they are double jointed or can go cross eyed), I whip this bad boy out.

Funny story...I was messing around with this pretty hot girl on the couch and she was a biter. After biting me a couple times, she proceeded to THAT EAR! When she came up for air, I saw lips glossed in blood and puss and a chunk of my ear hanging from her teeth! She must have not realized it because only when I started laughing, she freaked out and ran to the bathroom.

Yup, that sucker never came back.
An update
Posted by Anonymous (Cwis) on 2011-09-13 04:32:51
Just an update on how things have been since my previous posts...

I never heard back from the doctor who took a swob.

My lobes have been MUCH better lately. I tend to not play with the lobes so much (e.g. itching, scratching etc.) and also once I get the first indication that the ball in the lobe is getting larger I will pour boiling water into a bowl and soak a flannel in there and when it has cooled down enough I apply the flannel to the ear with pressure using the thumb on one side of the lobe and a finger on the other side (like you're trying to warm up the lobe from both sides).

I do this until the flannel cools down and then put it back in the bowl and repeat. I do this for about 5-10 mins and then later on if the problem doesn't look like it's going away I do the same again.

It's definitely working for me so I hope this helps others.

Good luck peeps!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (chris) on 2011-09-16 21:34:15
i had 9 balls inside my earlobe, got a opp the other day at the hosptial for them to be tooken out, turns out to be a blood clot & broken tissue... only bad thing about it a had it for 2 years and just faught they were spots inside my ear... so in my experience anyone that has them go to your doctor asap honestly you wont regret it the way i did...
From personal experience
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-24 15:49:17
Ok people. I used to look for things about the ear balls but not anymore. I just took the matter into my own hands when I couldn't find anything and have been dealing with them every since. The bottom line is, people have different types of skin, some people have big pores, some have small pores. If you have big pores like me, then the ear balls are probably always a problem. I always manage to catch mine before they get out of cotrol. What basically happens is your pore gets clogged and nothing can come out of it. Well, what happens if you stick a cork in a waterhose? It will develop a ball. After it is too big you will not be able to squeeze the access out and reopen the pore. Do not try to stick anything in it if it has not come to a head, has a small area that is soft to the touch, almost like a thin layer of flesh colored paper. But the good nes is that you can make it come to a head if you keep it compressed with a wet warm towl. But dont squeeze it too hard, that will pop it inward as I notice that some have experienced and it will make your neck hurt at the jaw joint. DO NOT MESS WITH THAT LUMP THERE!! FIX YOU EAR AND THAT PAIN WILL GO AWAY, HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME!! What happened is the primitave cyst popped and gravity did its job, bringing it downwards. If the pain starts to extend past that lump in your neck I WOULD advise to go see a doctor. Whenever your cysts act up it will always make that lump in your neck bigger and I'm going to tell you why. It is not necesarily a collection of nerves, and if it doesn't kill you, it will hurt like hell if you stick a needle in it or anything else of that sort. It is a lymph node people. If you check the other side there is one there also, they produce white blood cells. The only reason you can feel it so easily is BECAUSE the cyst in your ear is acting up and the lymph node closest to it is in overdrive trying to get rid of it. You'll notice that after your ear is better the node gets smaller. I've done many things to lance it myself because I don't have insurance. Something else I have noticed that will help a lot is DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!! Don't overdo it though, you can die from drinking too much water. I normally drink about a half gallon and a couple of hours later, it pops on it's own. The water does the trick. Something else that will make it act up is if you wear FAKE jewelry. That will almost make it act up everytime. And if you get the pain in your neck when you wake up don't worry. You probably just popped it inward while you were sleeping, happens to me all the time. I currently have one in my right ear that I am bringing to a head and one in my left ear that is going away on it's own. I hope this helps. And my neck hurts and I can feel my lymph node. I'd also advise you to get a hot towl and clean your ear 3 times a day. If you have big pores and oily skin then you know this will help.
Posted by Anonymous (Deanie) on 2011-10-04 22:26:03
I have to say, I think the best preventative method is DIET.
I used to get these ALL the time.
Then they slowly seemed to stop, even though my stress levels raised over this last year.

The only real difference is I have been eating a whole lot more fruit and less processed/premade crap.
They have 100 percent disapeared and have stayed gone.

No more painful sucky ear balls!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Leave my earlobes alone!) on 2011-12-15 22:31:55
I had the same problem of tiny ball-like lumps in my earlobes for several years, but because they always eventually went away and rarely hurt, I never really worried about them. People told me they were probably acne inside my earlobe. I thought that was nasty, but decided to leave it alone.

After I got my ears pierced, however, I was wearing some cheap earrings day and night, and another of those ball-like thingies formed. Since I'd had them appear on and off for awhile, I took no notice at first, but it got larger and eventually was visible from behind my earlobe. It hurt every time I touched it. Both my parents and the doctor didn't seem to take me seriously until they actually saw it. I never heard a doctor say, "Oh my GOODNESS!" before. XD

Anyways, the doctor told me it was called a keyloid and that it was a kind of infection, and that there was a chance it might never completely go away. I was getting kind of freaked out at that point, so I took out my earrings and applied hot washcloths, cotton balls soaked in apple cider vinegar (only for about five minutes at a time), and then smeared tea tree oil all over it.

After constantly applying all of the above, it became very squishy (ew) and broke open that same night. Same thing that happened to other people -- a ridiculous amount of nasty white stuff came out, but it hurt a lot less and looked far better. I continued putting on apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil every day, and one day I noticed it was entirely gone.

Anyways, recently I've noticed a new one has appeared in the same spot. It's still only inside the lobe, but it's definitely getting bigger. I suspect it's because I've been wearing cheap earrings for the last couple of days. I plan to give it the same treatment as the first one. After reading this thread, however, I'm worried -- will this be a constant cycle for the rest of my life? D=
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-17 21:39:13
i cant beleive this many people have the same problem i do. i have had this problem for years and just dealt with it myself by lansing and squeezing altough i find doing that makes it feel better and smaller but it never really seems to go away. i get them on both ears and as i get older it seems to get worse as in more of them show up sometimes they seem to disappear for awhile but always come back. i have one on my left ear it was the first i had ever had and i popped it a few years ago and nasty brown yellow white and green puss game out in abundancy but still to this day if i squeeze in that part of my lobe liquid will come out. i think that it is because of this that it never gets bigger and causes the problemthat it did but now i have several of these "earlobe balls" in both ears and no matter what i do they will not go away pop them or leave them alone for weeks nothing helps i believe maybe the only way to do away with them is antibiotics and even if that does it will i have to take them all the time to keep them away. but the warm wash cloth and bringing them to a head is the safest way to keep them under control i have found. P.S. i laughed forever reading some of the comments on this thread
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-17 21:39:19
i cant beleive this many people have the same problem i do. i have had this problem for years and just dealt with it myself by lansing and squeezing altough i find doing that makes it feel better and smaller but it never really seems to go away. i get them on both ears and as i get older it seems to get worse as in more of them show up sometimes they seem to disappear for awhile but always come back. i have one on my left ear it was the first i had ever had and i popped it a few years ago and nasty brown yellow white and green puss game out in abundancy but still to this day if i squeeze in that part of my lobe liquid will come out. i think that it is because of this that it never gets bigger and causes the problemthat it did but now i have several of these "earlobe balls" in both ears and no matter what i do they will not go away pop them or leave them alone for weeks nothing helps i believe maybe the only way to do away with them is antibiotics and even if that does it will i have to take them all the time to keep them away. but the warm wash cloth and bringing them to a head is the safest way to keep them under control i have found. P.S. i laughed forever reading some of the comments on this thread
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-22 22:20:19
i always seem to have several tiny ones in my left earlobe and 1 big one in my right D:

The left ones are easily forgettable, i usually dont notice the right one and forget about it, but it occasionaly gets bit enough to hurt when i lay on it(side sleeper)

So i get to deal with this shit till i die?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-29 09:47:54
Im 17, never had my ears pierced and have just started getting these (one in each ear at the moment). I've been planning to get my ears pierced for a while but I'm now worried that if I do these things will go icky like some of the ones mentioned here. Anyone know what will happen if I get them pierced?
Posted by Anonymous (Vile Pube) on 2012-02-14 04:29:06
Only way to make sure these fuckers never come back is to fucking mutilate your ears right off your head, make sure you burn those bastards or your grandchildren's grandchildren will be afflicted by the beloved malteaser. Throw yourself a fucking ceromony and have your family chant various spiritual verses.

This is necessary as it helps to calm these mother fucking evil spirits the fuck down, seriously. they float about the air until the find some innocent little fuck they can latch onto, once you got them, you're fucked mate. They can fuck you up, so chill the fuck out and eliminate the threat.

I actually used a rusty pair of fabric scissors, fuck me they're good... not only at cutting fabric but flesh.
i also numbed the area with insette hair shit, found it in a fucking bin outside, made my skin go hard as goat shit.

Their seems to be a lot of males on this forum too.... hmm.. it could just be a fucking pair of mutant testacles, who knows... mine are gone.

Help me
Posted by Anonymous (Matthew) on 2012-02-14 04:36:34
I have 5 on my right ear, i look like one of those fucking bloaters from left for dead :(
Posted by Anonymous (Lawrence) on 2012-08-01 16:24:06
Well...thanks to google I've stumbled upon the holy grail of ear ball information. I had one inside my left earlobe about 12 years ago. I Squeezed it and it ended up blowing up to a large size and was painful. My doctor, after lancing it and draining it, referred me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed. Now...12 years later I have on in my right earlobe (no head on either side of my lobe). I purposely this time did not squeeze it but I've noticed it's grown within the last two days and I fear I'll be going under the knife yet again. Can anyone confirm if the tea tree oil or warm wet towel method could work for my situation? Thanksj

Earlobe cysts
Posted by Anonymous (BK) on 2012-11-25 09:51:05
The puss/goo is most likely CHOLESTEROL escaping the body. I recently went to the doctor about the problem that's being described in this thread. He said the puss is really cholesterol trying to make its way out of the body. Apparently, the ears, neck and face are all regions which are mostly affected. I used to wear pierced earrings, but had to stop wearing them because one of my ears would become "infected" with hard waxy goo which would surround the post of my sterling silver earring. This too is cholesterol. You can get this condition at any age after puberty. It seems to become more of a problem as you age. I went to a surgeon who cauterized (burned) both of my ears because the white puss was starting to drain out of my earlobes and was stinky, messy, and gross. The procedure was inexpensive and didn't take very long to do. Both ear lobes scabbed up and after about 8 weeks the scabs dropped off. My earlobes are still painful, feels like a bad sunburn and are very sensitive, nerve damage that will eventually go away. I still squeeze white puss from my piercing holes about once a month and I then clean them with alcohol to keep them from getting infected. I don't recommend lancing or squeezing your earlobes if these white lumps/bumps of cholesterol become troublesome. Have them lanced or cauterized by a surgeon to prevent infection and ear damage.
not alone.
Posted by Anonymous (blahh) on 2013-02-19 11:57:58
These comments were crazy (i didn't read them all lol) but I've had these for probably six or seven years now idk, i thought they were just ingrown pimples, im going to take better care of my ears,i havent worn earings in ten years, i know people are saying ear piercings arent affecting the problem but wouldn't it make sense that oils and dirt would get in through the holes? We'll after reading some of these i wold never try to pop them, i think my next doctor visit should be interesting if i remember to ask about it. Clearly everyone has their own way of dealing with the situation, and clearly either its a cyst, cholesterol build up, keytones, or whatever that word was....who knows clearly it's something doctors don't care to research for us poor ear ball survivors lol...oh well i just bought tea tree oil..i think this ones for hair hope it helps anyhow haha, im going to clean teh back of my ears daily with it. Well see what happens....i wonder why the doctor never called that one guy back??
Omg so that's what this is
Posted by Anonymous (Susan) on 2013-04-03 01:28:08
So I think I've been getting these. Although by everyone's descriptions - mine have never been that big. I admit - I remove mine on my own. I sort of wait until they are ripe ( near the surface). Sometimes I use a hot compress to bring them up. Then I grab a pair of sterilized pointy tweezers and I sort of skim the head of it. I don't stab, but I gently pull at the head. If it lifts - it's game ON! If it doesn't - I wait a day or two.

Once the head is lifted , I use my fingers to push from below towards the surface of my skin. I have seen pus but most of the time it's that weird stringy cheese. I basically go until all the cheese is out. Then because I have plenty of topical prescription MRSA-strength antibiotics - I literally pack the inside with the antibiotics. I've been lucky - they normally go away after that.

I may see a new one months or years later in a different place or different ear. However I've never had the infection or red hot ear issue.

I never understood why but there's this amazing release of relief when you get the cheese out. It's like I've expelled this alien parasitic crud that was trying to make a nest under my skin. I'm like overwhelmed with joy that at least today I'm free from it haha!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-09-04 16:29:40
Congrats guys this thread has been going on for a decade today, I'm pretty sure at this point one of these posts gets to be in the New England journal of medicine....
Life of balls
Posted by Anonymous (Matt) on 2013-11-08 17:11:51
23yo male, and I've had these darned things on and off for years. Rubbed 'em, scrubbed 'em, plugged 'em, tugged 'em, squeezed 'em, teased 'em -- fell-down-to-my-knees 'em!

I should know to leave them alone by now, but there's nothing like the satisfaction of finally bursting one of those buggers. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
link for home remedy
Posted by Anonymous (amb) on 2013-11-24 09:10:37
Earlobe cysts are those painful bumps that most people experience at some time in their lives. They are very similar to pimples in that they are pus-filled bumps growing under the skin. Depending on the severity of the cyst, there are many home remedies than can be used to cure this problem.
sing a heating pad or warm water can bring the pus and bacteria close to the surface, making it easier to remove. Place a heating pad on the cyst if it is located on the exterior part of the ear. Use this method twice daily, 15 minutes each, for a week.

If the cyst is not accessible to a heating pad, use a warm washcloth. Place the washcloth over the affected area for about 10 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. It may take 1 or 2 weeks of the warm washcloth method depending on the depth of the infection.

The pus inside of a sebaceous cyst is waxy and will melt into an oily fluid because of the heat. It can be reabsorbed into the body safely and will create less of a chance of blood poisoning.
Clay masks can be used overnight to draw up the pus inside an earlobe cyst. Most any clay mask found at the supermarket or drugstore can be used. Place a dab of clay over the cyst before going to bed and let dry before lying on a pillow. This can be done every night until it draws the bacterial matter up to the surface.

If your earlobe cyst is small, accessible, and the pus is close to your skin's surface, it is okay to lance it with a few precautions. First, saturate a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and place it on the affected area for cleaning purposes. Then light a match and sterilize a needle in the fire for 5 seconds. Place needle in the peroxide-soaked cotton ball so it cools down. With freshly washed hands, lightly poke the cyst with the needle and gently squeeze out the liquid. Once fluids have been expunged, the cyst will heal naturally.

If your cyst is too large, you have had it for a long time, or it is inaccessible, you will need to seek medical help to safely lance the infected area. There is a greater risk of infection or blood poisoning with larger cysts and they should not be dealt with at home.

just google "cyst in earlobe".... here's one link
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-01-06 20:34:15
I am a 15 y.o. girl and I appear to be a victim of an earball in my left earlobe. It's about the size of a pea and it's unnoticeable from the front but the back of my earlobe is raised a little and there is dry skin and my skin is almost blue? There isn't a head and it doesn't hurt but I find myself squeezing it for something to happen. Cysts run in the family. I got my ears pierced when I was 7 and I was allergic to most earrings.. I haven't worn any earrings in months. My hole is closing but the earball isn't where the hole is it's a couple millimeters away from it. WHAT ARE YOU EARBALL
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-01-26 05:28:05
I took a leather man and basically cut open my ear, to the point where I actually pulled out the whole little sack thing (I have pics), its been about 2 and a half months and it has not come back, but my ear got kinda fucked up when I cut it, but I think it's better than the ball. Also I've noticed people saying that they pick at it, and I'm curious, mine was actually inside my earlobe and would be impossible to pick at because it wasn't actually exposed at all, are we all talking about the same thing?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-02-25 02:38:57
tea tree oil available at most drug stores / pharmacy's --put a couple drops on a cotton ball and place it on bump for about 15 minutes a day until bump is gone. oregano oil will also work - don't let any of these oils enter your ear canal. use baking soda paste at night let it dry on the bump overnight.
or see a doctor if none of this helps. you can also place triple antibiotic ointment on it 3 times a day to keep an infection away for up to 7 days. Just noticed tonight on my right ear lobe and will try these out ,be back in a couple weeks for a report on how it went, unless when I go to my doc for blood work up and have him remove it, smart guy.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (K) on 2014-03-30 09:19:42
Hi I'm a 21 yold female. I have been getting these "cysts" for over a year now. They form sporadically as if overnight and stick around for a few weeks until I forget about them and then suddenly they're gone. Most commonly they appear in the earlobe but they have also formed within the ear close the opening. Most recently I have had one form just under my right side jaw. They seem harmless as they disappear eventually, but if they are painful to the touch there has to be some sort negative impact? Confused.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-06-09 12:02:34
Christ everyone on here is weird... maybe we all get them because we're strange?
Hard balls in earlobe
Posted by Anonymous (Mindy) on 2014-06-12 21:23:20
I found this thread through a search for "hard balls earlobe" and all I can say is Thank God Al Gore invented the internets. My husband gets these. Last night a sesame seed size hard white ball rolled out of his pore. Right next to it was another pore with a whitehead. I didn't squeeze it but I was tempted. Now I'm glad I didn't because I am sure it would have stunk. He has them in both ear lobes and at various times they get bigger. This was the first time a seed popped out, though. Usually he squeezes smelly pus and blood but no sack. Maybe this sesame seed was the sack? He also has a nasty toe fungus that has only responded to tea tree oil. So he will try the tea tree oil for the lobe balls. And for the record, I do not put my mouth anywhere near those nasty lobes, heh heh heh. It is just wrong not to warn a horny biter that you have earballs. Not a visual I really needed but I do admit I laughed at the story about the poor sop who had ear pus and blood on her lips earlier in this excellent thread.
bb ear ball
Posted by Anonymous (anonymous) on 2014-06-15 01:43:06
Epidermal inclusion cyst (EIC), also known as sebaceous cyst and epidermoid cyst, is the most common cyst of the skin. It ranges in size from a few millimeters to a few centimeters and originates from the follicular infundibulum. Its contents are a cheesy, malodorous mixture of degraded lipid and keratin.NOT THE BUSINESS! They are irritating I did the needle thing etc etc ,my husband had one before and he reminded me what happened when he poked at his it grew to the size of a effn gulf ball and had to go to the ER@4 am...however I'm a girly girl I don't want some random BB sized bump on my earlobe ,so thanks for ALL this info it's been AWESOME!
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-07-05 02:00:43
Wearing ear buds a lot may cause these (I should know happened 2 times) takes a while for them to go away but it should
be fine. Mine really went away when it sort of felt like it popped but I forgot if a lot came out.
Posted by Anonymous (anon) on 2014-07-20 00:20:40
whew uhh i JUST noticed a tiny lil bump in my ear, down in the soft part of the ear lobe. 14, never had my ears pierced, but i do wear earbuds alot.

it feels like a lil seed and it makes me super uncomfortable. i might see if the toothpaste trick works. but ugh, it does feel like a bb and i will be so relieved if/when it disappears.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (val) on 2015-01-01 22:57:18
Had all the same symptom when i turned 50 . now am 57 and still had those balls in ear lobe . i wonder if this is the cause of buzzing sound..
Of like mind, and ear lobe
Posted by Anonymous (The Popper) on 2015-01-06 18:44:44
I've been trying to find what it exactly it was in my ear lobe for some time now... cyst, abscess, boil, or just a plain ol' huge zit. Now I've found this forum and I see I'm in good company...

Here's my story (from about 10 years ago):
One evening I felt a small bump in my right ear lobe. It was something I could feel on both the front and back of the lobe and could 'pinch' it with my thumb and forefinger. ... I checked in the bathroom mirror but there was no whitehead or blackhead evident. Just a small bump (maybe the size of a bee-bee) without any discoloration... I went back to watching TV but couldn't leave the bump alone. I pinched several times, never with too much pressure, and eventually I felt and heard a 'pop.' I looked at my fingertips to examine the pus, but there was nothing. Completely dry. I felt my ear lobe again and the bump was gone, but whatever was inside it was now in fluid form, and I could feel it move back and forth inside my ear lobe as I pushed it with my fingers. .. Nothing on the outside; it was all internal, and still very small....

Fast forward to the next morning. I was curious to feel the fluid moving in the ear lobe again, but what I felt instead was a very large ear lobe. I went to the bathroom mirror and saw that my lobe had swollen to the size of a grape. It was reddened, I assume because the skin was stretched so much. And whatever was moving around inside the night before could not or would not move now. It was either solid or just fully packed in with no place to flow.

I wasn't sure what to do at that point, so I left it alone. Or tried to. I just couldn't resist feeling this thing. It didn't hurt per se, but it was tender to the touch. Finally, at one point, I felt some wetness on the front of the lobe. I looked at my fingertips and sure enough, there was a breach in the ear lobe.

I went back to the bathroom to examine it with my eyes. I gently squeezed and a very small amount of fluid slid out. So I squeezed harder and...

A huge rush of dishwater/beige/yellow fluid--mixed in with small amount of blood--began to flow from small hole in the ear lobe. It didn't 'pop' like traditional pimple and it didn't snake out like a large blackhead or clogged sweat gland. This shot out like a stream water coming from a water pistol, splashing against the mirror with a good amount of force. I was maybe 18 inches from the mirror, but my guess is that, if unencumbered, the stream of fluid would have easily gone 10 feet, if not more. It was unlike anything I had ever seen...

I looked at the mess I made on the mirror, and as I did the lobe grew again. And so I squeezed again, and the same thing happened: A fairly powerful stream of liquid-y pus and blood came shooting out.

By this time, the mirror was a mess. My ear lobe, apparently, had drained. It was definitely discolored at this point but it didn't swell again. I sort of washed the lobe with soap and water but you really couldn't tell where the opening was unless you were looking for it...

Fast forward to the next morning. Voila, the lobe had swollen again, and the whole thing was replayed: I was able to squeeze a powerful stream of pus and blood onto the mirror, and just like the day before, I did it twice.

Like others on here, I was fascinated by the draining process. Like everyone else, I have popped my fair share of pimples and blackheads, but never anything like this. I'm glad I did it this way and never saw a doctor about it. The payoff was just too great to pass up.

But it all started with a small bump. And no, I've never been pierced. To this day, I can see the spot where the fluid came from; it's just a small indentation now on the front of the lobe. You wouldn't be able to tell that anything extraordinary happened there.

So thanks for starting this. I guess we call it some sort of cyst. And truthfully, I wouldn't mind having one appear again.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (val) on 2015-01-10 11:44:37
normally, i would just leave the ball alone. and just let it pop on its own. Usually, i would feel a fluid and sticky substance at the back of my ear lobe and just wash it afterwards. no need to be allarmed.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (val) on 2015-01-10 11:44:42
normally, i would just leave the ball alone. and just let it pop on its own. Usually, i would feel a fluid and sticky substance at the back of my ear lobe and just wash it afterwards. no need to be allarmed.
Posted by Anonymous (Amazed) on 2015-01-18 18:34:10
I have been looking everywhere too. I went to two doctors one said it was a cyst and offered surgery but I rejected it and the other said it was a keloid
A keloid! Now no surgeon on the nhs will touch me with a barge pole I am so angry sitting here with this lump everyone stares at I want to cut it off!! I'm going to try tea tree and compression. I will be back with results hopefully saving some money.
I had a few before..
Posted by Anonymous (email) on 2015-03-02 07:53:02
I've had one appear on my right ear lobe a couple times; I've popped it and the only thing to really come out of it was water..or at least what looked like it. I found putting polysporin on it was helpful in reducing size and pain and made it go away a lot sooner; The one I currently have one my left ear lobe however was a lot bigger than the one I've had one my right, after touching it to feel where it is and how big it is, I've noticed it's gotten slightly smaller, haven't tried to force pop it; it's too painful and I have 3 earring on each ear lobe.

So just try a an anti infection cream of sorts at the pharmacy over the counter.
Posted by Anonymous (Operated) on 2015-03-04 14:13:21
I have had one in my left ear for 12 years. During these years It has come and gone, and trust me you can't squeeze it out completely. Finally I got around to removing it. Took 15minutes to remove and no pain or scars. Trust me. Surgery is the only permenant option.

Its called an Epidermal Inclusion Cyst. Google it.
got two right now on my right ear
Posted by Anonymous on 2015-04-30 20:57:41
So disturbing! I have even tried hitting an extra dose of "Mary Jane" to help me ignore their presence. But damn!It is not possible pretend that they are not there! Somebody Saaaaave Me!
Posted by Anonymous (Clark) on 2015-07-17 12:54:35
I was about to pop this ear ball thing when I came across this thread. Some people say pop it, some say leave it, and some say surgery. I'm a 14 year old male with no pierced ears. What do I do?
Posted by Anonymous (Clark Kent) on 2015-10-26 13:11:54
Found a lump in me earlobe. Tried popping but to no avail. Advice?
Ear Lobe
Posted by Anonymous (Shane Havens) on 2015-10-26 13:15:09
I have a Weird Lump in my right and left ear lobes. the right one is bigger than the left. I have tried popping but nothing happened. Anyone have an idea?
post piercing
Posted by Anonymous (email) on 2015-11-03 00:03:34
wild this thread's been going since 2004...anyways, i had a piercing done about a month ago and now i'm noticing my right ear seeming to be inflamed and i noticed a small lump. wonder if i should just leave it alone or take out my earring or what?
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (Big Ears) on 2016-02-05 06:32:31
I have a slightly different problem. I have an earlobe growing on my balls
Me too!
Posted by Anonymous (Josillia) on 2016-03-30 16:05:31
I can't believe this thread has been going for 12 years. But i can. I had a painless lump in my earlobe and was a little worried and then I just touched my ear and felt liquid ... it was clear ... then i put some pressure on my earlobe and the amount of blood that came out was very exciting ...
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (anonymous) on 2016-08-29 12:33:54
I have been getting "earlobe bumps" for years. My grandmother told me to put a piece of potato on my ear. By the next day it was draining. No pain at all
no subject
Posted by Anonymous on 2016-09-05 06:22:43
I have lumps on my ear lobes that come and go. But this big lump I had for several months now. I think it got infected because it grew bigger and reddish. It looked horrible. It is very soft and filled with fluid and painful when touched. It popped today and a lot of blood and pus went out. Also a white solid substance appeared while I was cleaning the affected area. Wtf is that? I will go to a doctor if this doesn't get better in a week.
bump in ear...
Posted by Anonymous (Chewie) on 2016-10-07 11:22:45
So I have had these "cysts" in my earlobes for the last few years and I can't help but pick at them all the time. I know the best thing to do is to leave them alone but I just cant! Whenever one gets big enough I go to pop it, just like a whitehead. Puss comes out and it's nasty but satisfying. Usually washing the area with soap and water and little neosporin keeps the swelling down. But it can get infected.

One of mine got infected and it swelled up to the size of a pingpong ball almost. Just this huge massive pimple thing. I was afraid to mess with it because I didn't want to increase the infection. One day while I was in the store, it just starting oozing out on my favorite hoodie! I went to the bathroom and squeezed it all out. I have never seen so much puss leave my body ever before. It was disgusting but oddly satisfying. It has never gotten that bad again.

No matter how many times you pop them, they will come back. I also find that sometimes that if you are squeezing them, they can rupture inside your earlobe and the puss is pushed back further into the ear. I know this is dangerous because its close to your lymph nodes and could make you very sick.

Best advice I can give is just leave them alone. But if you are like me and can't help but pick at them, try to angle your ear so all the puss goes out and not back in closer to your ear. And always wash them with soap and water and neosporin afterwards.
epsom salts
Posted by Anonymous (Maxxie) on 2017-11-21 18:13:34
July of last year I got one in right ear, small ball feeling. Two weeks later, a twin formed! I reckon they formed from wearing my headphones in hot, humid, sweaty weather. The sweat had nowhere to go, so it retreated into the pores, built up, and voila!

I had something similar happen a couple years ago when I rushed to apply deodorant, but didn't check in mirror. Turned up with a lump in my armpit, from leaving a small amount of deo - sweat backed into pore and left a little ball just like the ears! Had to pry it with a cleansed needle, and then soak in boiling epsom salts. Applied triple antibiotic multiple times, and soaked at least twice a day. Went away in a week.

As for my ear balls? I did the same, pried with my special 'zit' needle, and went after them with a 40x zoom beauty mirror. Pore was stubborn, so I soaked them hot HOT HOT! After a good 20 min soak, I slept, and woke up with huge blemish! I popped it, and out came the most putrid and oozy cheese-like junk! Within a few days it healed up, and that was that.

Best advice? If you're brave, needle away and ooze the cheese! But epsom salt is like a magic tool, use it well! Don't read the package, it doesn't know crap! Pour 1/2 cup of epsom salt per cup of water (boiling), and wait ~5 minutes before sticking your ear into it. Make sure you do it in a small bowl and then leave it 20 minutes at least. Either the pore will get cranky and fester to a zit, or give up and just shrivel up the ball as it dissipates.

EPSOM SALTS! Magic you can buy in any aisle of your local store, wooo!
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