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Ugh, stop twitching
life Posted 2004-08-11 15:45:47 by Jim Crawford
Before I launch into this story, I should probably explain that the company I work for is based in an apartment complex right next door to dedicated female ex-convict housing.

As I was going to lunch today, I saw a couple of felon children horsing around next door. There was a girl of about eight or nine years holding onto a railing, and there was another, larger girl, repeatedly trying to yank her off of it. As this was happening, the younger girl was yelling “This is base! This is base!”

My heart immediately went out to this girl. I mean, judging from her vocabulary, and my observations of the others living there, she's probably the only smart person in her family, and the poor thing constantly has to deal with the abuses of the mongoloids surrounding her. Being physically frail, her only defense is to point out how base the actions of her abusers are, and believe me, trying to appeal to the consciences of elementary school bullies is never effective.

Then I realized that they were probably playing tag or something, and in all likelihood she was actually referring to the railing as “home base.”

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