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Ugh, stop twitching
a practical guide to electronic music
music Posted 2010-05-18 19:43:01 by Jim Crawford
<Jim> they're in the military, they have to be legal, right?
<Jim> what do you call this kind of music? melodic trance or something? this isn't the first time i've heard one of these songs end on a toneless drum hit. it's completely governed by music theory all the rest of the way through, not a single interesting chord or progression, but they can't remember to hit the tonic at the end.
<Chris> isn't it house?
<Chris> is trance house but with those supersaw lead/pads?
<Jim> yeah, i guess!
<Jim> louis says if it has gates on everything and four on the flour -- uhh, he said "floor" but i'm keeping it -- 909 and cheesy drop-out-build-up dynamics, it's trance :)

<Danny> hm, yeah, i don't think trance is allowed to be in a major key
<Jim> is it happy hardcore? :)
<Danny> i don't know, man
<Danny> it's not hardcore enough for happy hardcore
<Jim> happy casualcore
<Jim> gated pads in a major key over a house beat is definitely a style i've heard a lot*
<Danny> no search results for 'electronic music genre flowchart'. this seems like a conspicuous hole in the internet
<Jim> there was totally one of those
<Danny> yeah?
<Jim> it has a wikipedia page :D
<Danny> hah
<Danny> i think what i need is more of a cataloging algorithm that works per song, with questions like "does it go 'boom-tss-boom-tss'" and "is it >150bpm"
<Jim> that would be incredible :)
<Jim> you could base it on one of those binary tree "20 questions" solvers you can find in 1980s books of basic listings you can type in
<Jim> fuck, you could totally do it from a celebrities in prison* node!

<Elena> oh man!
<Elena> that would be the most hilarious set of nodes
<Elena> "ugh, there's this song stuck in your head, but you're not sure what genre it is"
<Elena> and then the next 20 nodes are questions about the song
<Jim> that would be awesome :)
<Elena> i think the most amazing would be if at the end of every branch of the tree, it would be all "Oh, of course! It's $Song by $Artist!" with a different song that fits the description each time
<Elena> i would get to noding, except i don't know anything about categorizing songs, and i need to go to the bank
<Jim> word
<Jim> i'll foist it off on one of my friends
<Elena> sweet
<Jim> i'll paste the past few lines of this chat to each of them, except changing "one of my friends" to their name

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packers and movers
Posted by Anonymous (Packers And Movers) on 2018-02-07 01:27:32
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