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Ugh, stop twitching
march 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-04-05 17:55:37 by Jim Crawford
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1 Mar

  • Fluid dynamics in Flash:
  • In any other city I'd be convinced that half the passers by were GDC attendees just by their dress. But this is San Francisco.
  • "I am a musician on tour. Your donations help me move on to the next town." Clever way to get both the "support" and the "go away" money!
  • Magicka: Vietnam. Apparently a real thing?
  • "Never fails. Every GDC, the guy who fired me comes up to say hi." I'm spared that indignation since Replay's focusing on enterprise now.
  • "Charlie Sheen Quotes As New Yorker Cartoons"
  • Time-lapse video of an enormous, 90-minute solar eruption.

2 Mar

  • Yep, this is exactly what playing Magicka is like:
  • Mario Galaxy team working on Mario title for the 3DS. Hope they get around to a 64DS port, too; the design changes deserved an analog stick.
  • Does Beyond Good and Evil have random content? I've played the intro like four times, and each time I'm like "I don't remember this at all."
  • RT @Fara1 Gaming, rape culture, and how I stopped reading Penny Arcade (by my Phoenix colleague Maddy Myers)...
  • Finally at the good part in BG&E: selling photos of a newly-discovered species to the humane society, then exterminating a roomful of them.
  • "The Korg Monotron mini analog synthesizer was made to be hacked"

3 Mar

  • "I'm a person who is training to be an abortion provider. As you can imagine, it's really fucking weird to be one of me."
  • "Sunspot 1164 has grown so large, it can now be seen without the aid of a solar telescope."
  • Podcast excerpt: portrait of Gordon Freeman as a sociopath: (From Idle Thumbs something something:

4 Mar

5 Mar

  • Naomi gave me a stick-shifting lesson today. Three hours of trying to start moving while facing uphill. (I did eventually touch the stick.)
  • It'd almost certainly have been easier to get some momentum by starting in reverse, doing a u-turn, then driving to the next stop backwards.

6 Mar

  • "On Tuesday I'll finally end my battle with cancer thanks to Oregon's Death with dignity act. Ask me anything."

7 Mar

  • "Ken Brennan became obsessed: how had the 21-year-old blonde disappeared from her room, unseen by security cameras?"
  • Would you say this imagined customer reaction is a lie told by MIRRUS to potential venues, or by MIRRUS to themselves?
  • Related: public benches that imprint advertising onto bare thighs.
  • For your consideration: (Your guess is as good as mine.)

8 Mar

9 Mar

10 Mar

  • Robert Florence over at RPS makes the new Lovecraft-themed board game, "Mansions of Madness," sound pretty good:
  • Why isn't the intelligence of the elephant more widely recognized?
  • ("Mainly due to the danger and difficulty of submitting the largest land animal to behavioural experiments.")
  • "Dong Dong Never Die," a sublimely goofy 2D fighter made by a Chinese indie team:
  • Hah, and it uses this cover of Mechanism 8 as background music:
  • "Gabe Newell revealed in an odds-defying statement today that 93% of Steam users were born on January 1st."

11 Mar

13 Mar

  • "Viewed through the lens of market forces, the surprise is that any company is still making antibiotics."
  • I wonder if you couldn't get better treatment going to a meth lab with black market antivenom in stock.
  • I'm really pleased that the drum circle is still going even when the rest of the Ashby flea market is completely rained out.

14 Mar

  • "Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit"
  • Exhaustive video review of the Squier Strat RB3 controller as a controller and as a guitar:
  • "Some Perspective On The Japan Earthquake"
  • "This was largely the story up and down Honshu. Planes stayed in the sky. Buildings stayed standing. Civil order continued uninterrupted."
  • More camcorder footage of tsunami flooding: [direct MP4 link]

15 Mar

17 Mar

  • Interactive infographic: scientific evidence for popular health supplements:
  • There is totally a mouse loose in my room. Danu and Aoibheall are sleeping on the living room couch, as usual.
  • Am I going crazy or is this URL a backdoor into old blog-style Kotaku?

18 Mar

19 Mar

20 Mar

21 Mar

22 Mar

  • "Half the combat logic [in Ultima Underworld] was devoted to the monster trying to look good onscreen."
  • "How To Be Happy," part of "The Science of Winning at Life":
  • Yearly reminder: tomorrow is asshole day. Expect people to be assholes all day. More than usual, I mean. 9:01 PM Mar 31st via web All the GDC25 classic postmortems (Doom, Populous, Another World, Pac-Man, Maniac Mansion...) up on GDC Vault, free:

24 Mar

25 Mar

26 Mar

  • Overheard at Nova Steampunk con: "Lord Featherstone! Telegraph for Lord Featherstone! Anyone? Seriously, just put me out of my misery."
  • Man, a steampunk con is the last place I expected to be complimented on a graphic tee. Did you notice the mechanical limbs on everyone else!
  • Dalek constructed from a hula skirt and coconut halves.
  • Unwoman was definitely the highlight act of the Airship Home Companion show. Highlight of every act, really; she guested in most of them.

27 Mar

28 Mar

29 Mar

  • First-person horror title "Nanashi no Game" not coming to North America because you don't shoot anyone:

30 Mar

  • @relsqui The alphabet was the only part of ASL I ever bothered learning. That might explain why they didn't teach it to you, I guess.
  • Jason Scott hired on at The Internet Archive:

31 Mar

  • "60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos"
  • The Silicon Knights case against Epic is going before a jury. I just assumed they'd settled out-of-court four years ago.
  • Gamestop to buy Stardock's Impulse: Remember how Game Informer became basically the only successful game magazine? Hmm.
  • Yearly reminder: tomorrow is asshole day. Expect people to be assholes all day. More than usual, I mean.
  • The prepared speech William Safire wrote for Nixon in the event that the Apollo 11 astronauts were stranded:
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