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the compleat podcast excerpts
minutiae Posted 2012-08-02 06:30:26 by Jim Crawford
I've posted a bunch of podcast excerpts over the past couple of years. Here are all of them in one place. I'm going to try an experiment here, where I keep this post updated, adding items and updating the date as I go. Take that, RSS readers!

Tom Bissell talks about playing GTA 4 on cocaine in the fringes of the former Soviet Union.
3:42 From The Brainy Gamer podcast, episode 29. play | download

“It went to a place of real darkness, and I took my gaming right in there with me.”
Shawn Elliott on trolling in Second Life.
5:10 From The now-defunct GFW Live. play | download
“He bought some kind of a flying scooter and found a way to replicate items, so he was throwing these red dildos, raining them all over.”
Jake Rodkin performs the Puffins: Island Adventure press release.
2:33 From Idle Thumbs episode 23. play | download
“This partnership takes the Puffins brand into a whole new format beyond cereal.”
Giant Bomb cast member pitch range expos?.
2:03 From Giant Bombcast 7/13/2010. play | download
Shawn Elliot on trolling in the GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod.
9:52 From 1up Yours 4/18/2008. play | download
“You know when in GTA 3, you pulled the cabbie out and stomped him, and it was fun? It's nothing like when the cabbie is played by a human being who thinks that it's a good idea to play a cab driver in a video game.”
The Idle Thumbs meet Pyramid Head. Crosses multiple Idle Thumbs episodes and is structured like a Lovecraft story.
4:29 From Idle Thumbs. play | download
“Earlier this week, I woke up in the middle of the night, more terrified than I can ever remember being in my adult life.”
Ken Levine et al, of Irrational Games, on the iterative design process.
2:36 From Irrational Behavior episode 7 part 2. play | download
“Everything is terrible until it's awesome.”
“Or until it ships terrible.”
“Or until it ships terrible. Or until it's cut.”
Tycho on awkward parenting questions.
0:52 From PADLC, The Spore Cult. play | download
“'What is a weapon?' Where the fuck did that come from?”
Shawn Elliott on designing games for the wide range of player ability.
2:15 From Out of the Game #17. play | download
“You wanna know why the controls for this helicopter allow no finesse or room for mastery? It's because you share a room with a subhuman brother and mom says you have to share everything.”
Chris Remo on inadvertent genocide in the design of King's Bounty.
1:54 From Idle Thumbs. play | download
“There's a continent full of pretty much purely hostile NPCs, so I'm marching around this country killing everybody.”
“The king demands it!”
The horrible price to pay for cohabitating with Tycho.
2:29 From PADLC, Doctor Feelgood. play | download
“'Hurting other people is my anti-drug.'”
“It is! It provides the same thrill. I'm completely off the stuff.”
Derek Sivers, on learning four semesters of music theory in 9 hours.
6:17 From TechZing #70. play | download
“The standard pace is for chumps. If you're a bright person at all, if you focus, you can always do better than that.”
Jeff Green, a chihuahua, a flaming couch, and the Bystander Effect.
14:19 From Out of the Game #5. play | download
“Who wouldn't do what I did? How do we survive as a species if we can't rally when our lives are in danger?”
“You have a chihuahua?”
Saw dad stories.
4:15 From From PADLC, The Law of Unintended Consequences. play | download
“I just can't be that fucking badass, I'm not capable of it. He managed to destroy this battery while his face was over it.”
QT3's DrCrypt on expatriate artists in Berlin.
1:30 From QT3 Games Podcast. play | download
“All of your friends are in their mid-30s, playing accordion for a living on a street corner, and aren't able to afford heat in the winter.”
Erik Wolpaw's one Portal development regret.
1:41 From GFW Live. play | download
“There's a chamber that's supposed to be a testing course for military androids, but the signage was still people.”
Denmark's "most-avid atheist" steps into The God Box.
4:24 From All in the Mind 5/29/2010. play | download
“I was certain there was this white, skinny, golem-like creature near my feet. I started to hear scratching noises.”
Bits and pieces from PADLC and the PAD&D podcast with Scott Kurtz and Wil Wheaton.
5:33 From PADLC and the PAD&D. play | download
“When fighters are sized up, they get all testosterone rushing and he's gotta come up and show me his dick's bigger than mine, but it ain't.”
“Which has gotta be killing him, because you're a dwarf.”
Sandy Petersen's top memorable moments GMing Call of Cthulhu.
6:21 From Yog Radio #7. play | download
“The things had succeeded. They'd gotten to the point where they didn't know they weren't human any more.”
Chris Remo on Metro 2033.
5:02 From Idle Thumbs. play | download
“That sounds literally nightmarish. That is a nightmare someone would literally have.”
Chris Remo on STALKER: Call of Pripyat.
4:20 From Idle Thumbs #2. play | download
“You could not possibly script anything that good ever.”
“And you're the only guy in the world who's seen it.”
Portrait of Gordon Freeman as a sociopath.
7:08 From Idle Thumbs. play | download
“The player will see a menacing robot perched on a nearby roof. It quickly disappears. Alyx asks 'Did you hear that?' Gordon probably should've replied 'There was a killer robot on that roof,' but he says nothing and the killer robot stabs Alyx.”
Shawn Elliott on working at Safeway.
3:19 From GFW Live. play | download
“The example in the training video is that the customer is asking for hot dog buns, and the guy's like 'Ma'am, you could get pickles with that!' and it was known in the store as 'giving the customer the pickle.”
"Duke stayed the same, man; we've all changed."
1:22 From Giant Bombcast 6/14/2011. play | download
“I've got a spare 'Big Johnson' shirt for you.”
David Jaffee on game design starting from a place of fear
2:03 From Giant Bombcast 6/7/2011. play | download
“That's why it's not cut-and-dried, because we love the game and we're passionate about it, but it came out of a place of 'We don't want to fail again, that was scary!'”
Ryan Davis on accidentally narcing on pot smokers; other interactions with corporate brands on Twitter.
10:01 From Giant Bombcast. play | download
“I've been replied to from the account @HyattConcierge: 'That is horrible! I wanted to let you know I have contacted the MOD and they are sending security up to the fifth floor.' I totally narced out some poor harmless pot smokers!”
The Giant Bomb crew try out a new podcast format.
2:41 From Giant Bombcast, 8/9/2011. play | download
“At the beginning of each podcast segment, roll the die, then depending on the results, proceed with the following segment.”
On how Checkers was effectively solved in 1863, and the extent to which Chess also is.
7:04 From Radiolab, 8/23/2011. play | download
“At the world Checkers championship at Glasgow, Scotland, in 1863. It is James Wyllie and Robert Martins, the two best Checkers players in the world, playing a 40 game series. All 40 games were draws, and 21 were exactly the same, move for move.”
Idle Thumbs, on the newsworthiness of Max Payne.
1:57 From Idle Thumbs, 7/25/2012. play | download
“If Max Payne was a real guy, he would be the subject of every single local, national, international, global newscast, newspaper, internet site, tweet, for as long as he was alive.”
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