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Ugh, stop twitching
april 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2012-05-06 06:03:49 by Jim Crawford
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Apr 01

  • OMGPop CEO Dan Porter sounds like he's going to be a great cultural fit at Zynga.
  • Oxygen bear's really coming together. Take that, rival oxygen bear #molyjam teams around the world!
  • It's a little late, but having done a few weekend jams now, my best advice for #molyjam goers is to start with working tools and processes.
  • You do not want to waste precious time installing or configuring software, or learning a new API. Plan to do only what you know how to do.
  • RT @mrfb OH: "Is there such a thing as Comic Serif?"
  • @bengrue @Disasterpeace Demos start at 10p at the Oakland jam if you guys want to show up last-minute.
  • Huggy Bear is winding down; we're in pure polish mode rather than trying to desperately add needed features. A good place to be. #molyjam
  • OH: "A post-apocalyptic future in which cardboard is rare and precious." #molyjam
  • Is there a bell to ring when you've finished your Molyjam game? DING! twinbeardstudios.... #molyjam #molyjam2012
  • We need to release an oxygen-bear-game-only pack. How many teams ended up making one of those? #molyjam #molyjam2012
  • Streaming demos from Oakland Molyjam shortly.
  • @Triplefox Looks awesome! Say hi to Eliot and Matthew for me!
  • @bengrue Really? I should tune in. I think we're going to wait until they're done.
  • @bengrue Have you submitted to whatwouldmolydeux... yet?
  • Huggy Bear code stats: 1475 lines new AS3 code (3319 incl. existing framework), 71 SVN commits, ~22.5 programmer hours.
  • We're waiting on the SF Molyjam to finish before Oakland starts streaming. Can you guys put up a progress bar or something? #molyjam2012
  • Oakland Molyjam livestream is go!

Apr 02

  • RT @chrisremo It turns out that, like GDC, doing a game jam is a pretty great way to remember that games are cool and making games is cool. #molyjam2012
  • Where did Jack Thompson go? I miss that guy.
  • Still amped up yet socially exhausted from #molyjam2012. Can't wait to do it again. P.S. Re-plugging the game we made! twinbeardstudios....
  • @lmichet No homophone.
  • "You might not know this, but one of my responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief is to keep an eye on robots."
  • Why it's important for developers, and aspiring developers, to participate in game jams: gamedesignerben.t...
  • Just noticed I fucked up the loop in both songs Chris wrote for Huggy Bear. Is it gauche to patch your 48-hour jam game? #molyjam2012

Apr 03

  • Just uploaded a Huggy Bear patch to fix the most egregious bugs. Don't worry, I left in the entertaining bugs! twinbeardstudios....
  • @ibogost Ten years later: tables are still easy and behave sensibly across browsers; CSS is still a mindfuck and a compatibility nightmare.
  • I think I'm coming down with Molyjam SARS. The bad kind, I mean. I *knew* I should've employed Iron Guard rather than shaking anyone's hand.
  • @AveryCloseCall We need to put together an oxygen-bear-only Molydeux pack. There's clearly enough material out there for a top ten.
  • @TheSeg @AveryCloseCall @chrisremo @Maulingdeux And rename all the games to "Unbearable."

Apr 04

  • @Indy_Ray Clever of you!
  • The latest on Rain-Slick Precipice 3.
  • RT @Laroquod Naming EA instead of some bank the worst company in America is logical b/c the game industry might not yet be beyond caring what peons think
  • @benprunty I'm still trying to figure out how J-Pop chord progressions still make sense in English.
  • Skate 3's video editor coughs up scads of "Classics of Game"-caliber material.
  • Hirokazu Yasuhara, designer on the early Sonic the Hedgehog games, is working at Nintendo now.
  • @westquote Yikes :( Take care of yourself!
  • "Moral feelings attach to descriptions of reality, not reality itself. With no framing, we have no moral intuition."
  • "Most of us accept decision problems as framed, and rarely have the opportunity to discover how much our preferences are frame-bound."

Apr 05

  • They *want* you angry that James Bond now drinks Heineken instead of martinis. Anger means engagement with the brand.
  • "We are confident our activation plan will ignite the conversation with our consumers." You, sir, might be the most disgusting human ever.
  • RT @FakeCat_Fancy "Take this cup," the cat said to his disciples, "and drink from it. For this is the cup of my blood. OH MY GOD YOU REALLY DRANK IT HA HA"
  • Hey, cool, Sword and Sworcery is coming to a platform I can own without sublimating into a miasma of self-loathing.
  • (I'm not saying *you're* not allowed to own an iOS device. It's fine, really. I just hold myself to ludicrous ethical standards.)
  • Hey, the first documentary episode for the Double Fine kickstarter adventure is out. Um, the one you can only see if you're a backer. Sorry!

Apr 06

  • "ok lets see if that thing with glasses chicks suddenly becoming super feminine when they whip off their glasses works" magicaldeductions...
  • Pink slime: "If only we could marshal this kind of outrage on behalf of stuff that's actually making people sick."
  • This is welfare reform, my favorite meatloaf made from regret mined on Io, the volcanic thorax of Vice Chairman Earwax.

Apr 07

  • Mass Effect 3 DLC purports to fix ending. Coming this summer, but free if you download it before April 12. Wait, what?
  • @evilbadman [Facepalm]
  • Oh, oh, April 2014. Man, that's what I get for assuming the "Worst Company in America" did something dumb.
  • "Solitude is not the opposite of connection, but its complement." thenextbillionsec...
  • RT @SeeBeeWhitman "Game ideas are irrelevant." If every book was a Dragonlance novel, people would think book ideas were irrelevant too.
  • If you've spent fewer than 8 hours thinking about procedural tail animation, and you want to know more, probably talk to me I guess.
  • If you've spent more than 8 hours thinking about procedural tail animation, also talk to me because I could probably use your advice.
  • @lmichet In general using the word "real" to refer to the kind of a thing you prefer is both presumptuous and sloppy. Use real adjectives.

Apr 08

  • Procedural tail animation facts: no matter how long the tail is, longer is more majestic. And that's why Frog Fractions will run at 3 FPS.
  • RT @danbruno Just saw a woman in a Pyramid Head costume attempting to drink from a water fountain
  • "Wisconsin Equal Pay Law Repealed Because 'Money Is More Important For Men'"
  • @jonbeilin Sorry! :(
  • @jonbeilin Shit, you're right. I am busy for the next couple weeks, but: are you doing anything for Ludum Dare?

Apr 09

  • Video of Bastion after a month of development.
  • Similarly, for 75% of its development time, Huggy Bear was nothing but different-colored circles. (Who screamed at you.)
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: coin-operated crosswalk buttons.

Apr 10

  • "Huggy Bear Post-Mortem," or, more accurately, "a bunch of paragraphs about my Molyjam experience." twinbeardstudios.... #molyjam2012
  • Video of Daniel Moore and Matt Diebolt playing through their month's worth of daily one-hour games.
  • @westquote @hamst3r That's awesome. Does it top the 7-year-old's fan art for you, Tim? :)
  • Goatse-dude found. "Reader, I examined the moles. They match."
  • SFW produce porn of the day.

Apr 11

  • RT @MrWasteland There's a big article on Jonathan Blow in the May 2012 issue of the Atlantic. Print only for now it seems. Issue isn't even on the site yet.
  • RT @MrWasteland Important pull quote.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Many creative forms don't (usually) tell stories. Cooking, knitting, golf courses. Listing forms that do isn't an argument.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Games have been around for thousands of years and only recently started having narrative. It's weird and exciting and scary.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman My pet analogy is actually musicals. Songs, sure. Films, sure. Films with songs embedded in the narrative? That's *weird*.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman And awesome, if you've got a taste for it. But kind of off-putting for everyone else who just like songs and films.
  • RT @NewEarthquake 8.9 earthquake, off the west coast of northern Sumatra. Apr 11 2:38pm at epicenter (9m ago, 495km SW of Banda Aceh, ... earthquake.usgs.g...
  • @SeeBeeWhitman It's true, I've seen it done. Sorry, I thought we were talking about whether or not it's a good idea.
  • 256 byte executable? Impressive, but it still won't fit in a tweet. Back to the drawing board!
  • "Molyneux: This is my last chance"
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Yeah, no, I guess I'm approaching the discussion from this angle: I like narrative-driven games and musicals, but I'm weird.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Crosswords are socially acceptable, and novels are, but narrative-driven games are weird -- and it's not just their age.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman It's also that the more forms you combine, the more conventions your audience must internalize to appreciate the result.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I think there's a big *potential* audience for the non-game interactive narrative. Like if Heavy Rain were any good, e.g.
  • Yeah, do you really want Google doing your HUD UI design?
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Blah blah challenge, blah blah painting your failure condition as a "sad ending" rather than a reason to try again.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I don't think strict categorization is as useful as the idea that something can be "more" or "less" gamey.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman See, this is why we need to lose the word "game." People use it to mean too many different things to be useful.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman We just have other words. TV shows and porn and music videos are essentially the same medium but less "movie-like" than film.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Categorization does help me get annoyed that certain corners of "game-space" aren't explored enough. So there's that.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I do hope your perspective eventually becomes the norm. It's not like film-literacy was always expected from everyone.
  • "9 year old Caine Monroy built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad?s used auto parts store."
  • RT @gamespite I didn't really appreciate the novelty of Fez's non-violent action until my wife asked, "Why are all those animals there? Can you eat them?"
  • That Atlantic article about Jon Blow is online. Fascinating stuff.
  • Is there an online resource listing which BART stations have open bathrooms? Between, e.g., Fremont and North Berkeley? Asking for a friend!

Apr 12

  • It's like "free hugs," but with swords.
  • One thing I love about artists: the best ones usually have opinions about art that are ludicrously skewed, but still lead them to great art.
  • All games are inherently about X? That might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but please, continue making your amazing games about X.
  • RT @NolanBushnell At Atari we hired based on hobbies and not grades in school. We ended up with he best engineering group in the world.
  • RT @jeriellsworth We're hiring electrical engineers/makers for our R&D dream team at Valve Software.
  • @KayinNasaki So do you think you were overcompensating with IWBTG? Because it seems like the work of a pretty extremist mind to me!
  • Garbage: Keiji Inafune calls Japanese game devs that because he loves them. Actually, I'm not sure about the love part.
  • @KayinNasaki As you should!
  • @infinite_ammo @ZoeQuinnzel CSI: Jerry Bruckheimer's thoracic cavity.
  • @KayinNasaki Yeah, they are. But ... hrm. Maybe you *don't* want the great artists to start absorbing other viewpoints and ruin the magic.
  • Thunder's really freakin' out Aoibheall and Danu. I wonder when their last thunderstorm was.

Apr 13

  • If this Eurogamer review doesn't leave you aching to play Fez, I'm pretty sure you're missing some organs.
  • "Tetris-Loving iPad Owners Just Got EA'd Hard" -- That's funny; my term for this sort of thing is "app-stored."
  • Shoggoth wearing every monocle.
  • Al Lowe's answering your questions over on Reddit.

Apr 15

  • Text ruined Fez. Not completely; it's still good. Just not nearly as good as it would've been without the awful talking tesseract.
  • Even a few hours in, after he's stopped interrupting constantly, his mere presence is a constant reminder of condescending tutorial design.
  • And the part where you go around talking to villagers? Their dialog adds nothing, and detracts from the wordless, childlike sense of wonder.
  • Imagine how much more powerful the dimensional reveal would've been, e.g., without the "obligatory" village elder guiding you towards it.
  • Hey, Huggy Bear got some ink in the German enthusiast press: and

Apr 16

  • "Your Microsoft Points balance is too low to complete this transaction. Current balance: 40. Required balance: 4294967295."
  • RT @dresdencodak Dungeons & Dragons but without any of the roleplaying. You just roll dice and feel socially marginalized in high school. #ideas
  • 2012 Lyttle Lytton results are in:
  • Okay, one QR-code puzzle is arguably cool, but I'm pretty sure more than one qualifies as product placement.
  • RT @UtilityLimb save cash at the grocer! fill veggies w/ helium until your voice hits the resonant frequency of the chains binding consciousness to the body
  • Fez cryptanalysis paying off. This kid just called us a "rectangle head."
  • Well into Fez New Game . Poring over notes. I take back what I said about text not adding anything. (Not what I said about the tutorial.)
  • RT @UtilityLimb "anyone hear about this new ipad?" [jay leno pauses] "anyone hear anything at all?" [jay wanders the desolate cities. even the wind is gone]
  • ... and suddenly Fez goes masocore for five minutes. WTF?

Apr 17

  • Prince of Persia source code is available for your edification.
  • Speaking of source releases, Farbrausch has released the sources to a bunch of their demo stuff:
  • Included: Debris; .kkrieger, the 96k FPS from 2004; and V2, the software synthesizer used in all their 64k demos.
  • RT @BenKuchera Don't be scared by the motorcycles in Trials Evolution if you're not a racer: the game is all about platforming.
  • 282 pounds? I used to deadlift that much just by getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Pan-fried paneer slabs.
  • Apparently street cats like laser pointers too.

Apr 18

  • "Sometimes, When 'All the Facts are In,' It's Worse: The UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Report" bradhicks.livejou...
  • @KayinNasaki I guess incompetence is arguably better than outright fascism even if the effect is the same?

Apr 19

  • I wasn't doing no-carb for the weight loss, but I'm down eight pounds in the past couple weeks so maybe I should be.
  • But I haven't consulted a nutritionist or even really done any actual research, so for all I know it's eight pounds of bone.
  • Maybe I've been shitting individual ribs down the toilet without noticing. Who knows how many of those I'm supposed to have?
  • RT @lillianbehrendt She totally friendzoned me man. Like invited me to her place to play SNES and eat pizza. She cares about and values me then we went swimming
  • Fez has me thinking about language in games. You've all played Lucian Smith's "The Edifice," right?
  • The Nalian language puzzle in The Edifice is one of the most incredible bravura moments in all of gaming.
  • (Frog Fractions-related? MAYBE.)
  • RT @edclef Games that make you feel like you're 6 years old are so much better than games that make you feel clever
  • Browser demographics have led me to this medical diagnosis: you poor, poor Mac users. Statistically speaking.
  • Don't make the same mistake I did! When you start taking Fez notes, grab a Moleskine that'll make it feel like the Last Crusade grail diary.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: parking porn, depicting empty, convenient parking spots in downtown Berkeley and SF.
  • @bengrue The mistake was using looseleaf graph paper. What a wasted opportunity!

Apr 20

  • @LorenSchmidt Hey, I was gonna pester you about Klik of the Month. One's happening this weekend, right? Would I be welcome?
  • Did a 1-hour game jam with @LouisGorenfeld @STRd6 and @mdiebolt at @Disasterpeace 's house. We're the best party guests ever!
  • I need to come up with a name for my four-player one-button overhead racing game before I can release it. @mrasmus, bring the magic!
  • @KayinNasaki That explains why Journey didn't do anything for you. It's a subset of a game you've already played.
  • Breaking! Who else didn't meet with Gabe Newell last weekend? Obama, the Pope, Kanye West, Holden Caulfield, Gandhi? I want a complete list.
  • @jonbeilin Sucks to be them, because even where it exists, smartphone Flash doesn't run Twinbeard games playably as far as I can tell.
  • "Pope Says American Nuns Too Focused On Poor, Not Enough On Gay Bashing"
  • Our localization team is hard at work on 50 Cent's name.
  • @auntiepixelante Hey, Loren said I should check with you -- there's a Klik of the Month happening this Saturday, right? Would I be welcome?
  • @auntiepixelante Awesome! It's
  • RT @IcarusTyler Fav bug ever: Instead of spawning a missile I spawned another jet, which spawned another jet, etc. All in formation, it was glorious.
  • Cabin in the Woods is pretty goddamn amazing. Do as little research as you can to convince yourself to see it.
  • One-hour jam game from last night: Clockwise Carburetors. twinbeardstudios....
  • OH: "Super American McGee's Daikatana 2: The Sims Unleashed"

Apr 21

  • "Phil Fish understands what made Japanese 8 and 16 bit era games work better than any Japanese developer [today]."
  • "The apostate doesn?t merely dismiss; he renounces. There is principled violence in this act. It is unavoidable."
  • And here's Valve's employee handbook. Valve has to have a seriously depressing undercaste operating behind the scenes.
  • Like Google's mythical yellow-badge employees, whom nobody is permitted to talk to or about, except it includes low-level knowledge workers.
  • Diablo 3 testers wait in server queues to play solo. This must be what Raph Koster meant when he called single-player a historical anomaly.
  • Gus Mastrapa's writeup of the process of saving the Prince of Persia source code:
  • Also, Jordan Mechner's face is mesmerizing:
  • I think I just threw my back out by sneezing.
  • My Klik of the Month game: Pogo Grapple Racecars, reusing the assets from Clockwise Carburetors. twinbeardstudios....
  • @daphaknee I've been doing Bay Area game jams for a while, and heard about the Klik of the Month stuff from Loren. It's good times!

Apr 22

  • @Eliot_L You could split an arc in half at at the zero crossing and do two checks.
  • Neck feels a little better after sleeping, but I'm not sure if that's healing happening or just spinal decompression from being horizontal.
  • Okay, so nobody's really getting the control scheme in Pogo Grapple Racecars. Maybe I should add spoilers to the page.
  • I made three laps in a row today without crashing, so it's definitely possible to do stuff on purpose. Which I honestly wasn't sure about.
  • @KayinNasaki "Fuck my [body part]" seems like a reasonable reaction to dealing with malfunctioning reminders of your human mortality.
  • @Johnicholas Neat! I should start documenting my workflow like that.
  • Updated Pogo Grapple Racecars with instructions and strategy: twinbeardstudios....
  • @KayinNasaki Another burden of being a biological creature: penises occasionally seek to be inside you.
  • Missing line from Cabin in the Woods: "Why do we even have a button for this!?"
  • RT @Hermit_Thrush_ why is it always men's rea? women commit crimes too. #misandry

Apr 23

Apr 24

  • Fan-translated Game Center CX episodes.
  • Arino visits Musee Mechanique in the "USA" episode of Game Center CX.
  • "Valve [Wants] To Charge People Based On How Likable They Are: Trolls Pay Full Price"
  • This is a great idea in principle, but remember how well automated social punishment worked in The Sims Online? It's a *hard* problem.
  • "I find incredibly esoteric and specialized porn to be one of the most life-affirming things in the world." noseriouslywhatab...
  • "These flights of imagination are the impassioned obsessions of real people, everyday people. That?s not creepy, that?s *wonderful*."
  • "You guys, my @UtilityLimb toilet paper came in the mail today!"
  • I got an espresso machine as a gift. Last time I operated one of those... I mean, it didn't *literally* explode. But explosiveness happened.
  • @JmacDotOrg Vg'f abg "anzrgeba." Naq lbh'er cebonoyl nyfb abg ragrevat vg cebcreyl.
  • "Fox has greenlit production of an animated version of Axe Cop."
  • D'aww, you're so *levitatey* when you're angry.
  • Trying to get libmodplug to build. The first step is to port this 550k "configure" bash script to Windows, right?
  • @Eliot_L Honestly I should probably try the equivalent of "gcc *.cpp" before even looking at all this build garbage.
  • Oh man, stdafx.cpp. That brings back memories of never caring enough to figure out what the hell stdafx.cpp is.
  • You can judge the life of a programmer by what technologies he or she was cautious enough to remain ignorant of.
  • @mrasmus I don't think there's an in-game way to discover it. I never found it until I started reading forums.

Apr 25

  • "My mother, Ayn Rand, and God." "My parents, Ayn Rand and God." Surprise! No single rule, applied thoughtlessly, works in every situation.
  • Proposal: how about we use the serial comma when it reduces ambiguity, but not when it increases ambiguity?
  • Pogo Grapple Racecars 2, the fruits of another one-hour jam yesterday with @LouisGorenfeld and @STRd6. twinbeardstudios....
  • RT @xeni No more chemo. No more poison drip. No more torture chair. Surgery, radiation, other things to come. For now, news of a beautiful end.
  • @IcarusTyler I'm jealous. I wish I got that excited about *anything*.
  • We need better undo. We should have transport-style control over the timeline, and the ability to only undo changes made within a region.
  • Also, undo history for a document being lost when you save or load or restart, or basically ever? Unacceptable.
  • @Indy_Ray Agreed. Hopefully they'll unify before we get around to unifying disk and RAM.

Apr 26

  • Apollo 11 technical crew debriefing. [PDF]
  • Part of a larger release of technical Apollo program documentation, including guidance system source code.
  • Ferret evidently never played with that toy with the shapes and the holes shaped like the shapes as a baby ferret.
  • "Young men in Mexico say US no longer offers them a better future." Well, that's one way to solve illegal immigration.
  • "Quaid... start the reactor... free Mars..."
  • Pogo Grapple Racecars: Tokyo Drift. The final word in Pogo Grapple Racecars. We can only hope. twinbeardstudios....
  • The new AI code means no input makes your car anxious and it'll play on its own. You can't blame a pogo grapple racecar for pogo grappling!

Apr 27

  • The first puzzle in "realMyst" is, of course, how to get it to run on a modern PC without shitting the bed.
  • I'm young enough that sneezing my back out of alignment is still a novelty. So there's that at least. For now.
  • Context Free Patent Art Dot Tumblr Dot Com. contextfreepatent...
  • RT @auntiepixelante considering making a game about giving head. technical question: can flash read mousewheel flicking?
  • RT @UtilityLimb marmaduke's owners are taking him to the vet, but magmaduke violently erupts from the earths core and lays waste to the entire city

Apr 28

  • RT @ElectronDance @doougle I still like my idea of Slap Train Mafia. Where you have to slap people you *think* are playing on the train before they slap you.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet!
  • Making the hell out of a couple of cappuccinos.
  • After first playing Myst what, 15 years ago? I just last night made it out of the hub world. Thanks, Fez!
  • Also: as a teenager, I *never* got to the point where I felt I'd fully mapped the starting island. This time, I got there within 15 minutes.
  • Which probably is as much thanks to realMyst's interface as it is me. Curious now: were there many adventure games made in the Doom engine?
  • At the South Bay Game Jam at Daniel's place. Hoping to get back into Frog Fractions development for serious today. We'll see.

Apr 29

  • @tokidokizenzen Nobody knows that shit. Just google for whichever forms you're considering and pick the one with the most hits.
  • @tokidokizenzen I'm only half-kidding. Language is defined by its usage, and "rules" are our best efforts to codify statistical consensus.
  • The Invention of Jaywalking: "If you ask people today what a street is for, they will say cars." theatlanticcities...
  • @BrianNumberOne You've got time to play a video game rebuttal to your point so I don't have to articulate it, right?
  • @BrianNumberOne Oh, you click to give it focus, then hit space. This makes perfect sense if you already play IF!
  • Man, you know your project is too big for Flash when Flex starts crashing with out of memory errors trying to build it.
  • @BrianNumberOne You're going to make me bother articulating the point, aren't you?
  • There's a place two blocks from my house with signage saying "Hacker Moms." This sounds like something I should know about.

Apr 30

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: subcutaneous Peggy LED board in lieu of tattoo.
  • Duke Nukem Forever, $3, free shipping. Load up for future birthdays and Christmases!
  • Dumb Running Sonic Dot Tumblr Dot Com. dumbrunningsonic....
  • RT @tokidokizenzen Just watch the first minute or so of this clip. If it doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. #TheLastLovecraft
  • Oh man, it's on Netflix instant, too.
  • "The Principality of Sealand is delighted to announce its own all-female roller derby team"
  • @tokidokizenzen I'm going to be watching that film later for sure -- how did you come across it?
  • Yeah, that's about how I remember the OPL2 guitar patch sounding.
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