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Ugh, stop twitching
may 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2012-06-06 03:27:09 by Jim Crawford
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May 01

  • Keep lions away from your livestock with science!
  • RT @ID_AA_Carmack I can send an IP packet to Europe faster than I can send a pixel to the screen. How f?d up is that?
  • Whose idea was it that aging and death be considered normal and acceptable? I mean, what the *fuck*, people?
  • Sure, a two's-complement value has slightly larger negative range than positive, but players will never notice, right?
  • Carmack elaborates on transatlantic pings being shorter than display latency.
  • "Nonstop Nyan Waits"
  • Just got SMS spam from 619 306 5439. Where's my personal army?
  • So this is like Earth Day or Black History Month, right, where we don't give a shit the rest of the time?

May 02

  • RT @textinstagram Open laptop framed by relaxing view
  • EA, not content with shutting down multiplayer servers, is moving on up to deleting your single-player games too.
  • @KayinNasaki Which would be worse: him being a shill, or him just deciding to fight to protect the honor of this multinational corporation?
  • @zarawesome @KayinNasaki XBLA torrents exist already. When historic data archival is outlawed, only outlaws will archive historic data.
  • @KayinNasaki That's actually clear-cut to me -- like asking who's worse, the guy who murdered Kitty Genovese, or the people who watched?
  • @ChevyRay The idea that someone might credit an entire game to the guy whose only contribution was blurting out "grief!" is pretty gross.
  • @KayinNasaki I get it -- in general I also value activity over passivity.
  • The only sensible reaction to political press releases, really.
  • @theonewhogrins It's unclear what they stand to gain; possibly they licensed music on a time-limited basis, and sales were too low to renew?
  • @ellaguro The Wolfenstein 3D level analyses have all been pretty amazing. I never really took that game seriously from a design standpoint.
  • @JmacDotOrg 200% is around the point where it stops being puzzles for individuals and starts being an ARG for the whole community to solve.
  • @jonbeilin I totally read that, actually! I don't remember it going into the thought process behind the design. Should I read it again?
  • @JmacDotOrg Yeah, too late to actually participate. Find a forum thread from the week after release and you can follow the process, though.
  • @jonbeilin I'm almost sure that qualifies as fair use.

May 03

  • RT @auntiepixelante "but what should we call tiny self-published freeware games?" call your games whatever you want. i call mine "games"
  • RT @auntiepixelante Q: fez was sponsored by microsoft! maybe? is fez an indie game??? A: who fucking cares
  • Like Indie Rock, "indie" is clearly a game genre now as opposed to anything to do with financing. Pixel-art puzzle platformer, probably.

May 04

  • New 1-hour jam game: Pogo Grapple Murderers. A four-player, one-button racing/murder sim. twinbeardstudios....
  • Oh, uh. Yeah. That's what I get for not checking the zeitgeist before blurting out my own news. Gonna go queue up Paul's Boutique now.
  • "People loved to draw the Colonel and bags of Doritos." Players *love* defining their identity with corporate branding.
  • I feel like Warren Buffett begging to be taxed. CONTENT CREATORS, CHARGE ME FOR YOUR CONTENT. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. (Except you, Zynga.)
  • "'Mythic' Kickstarter project exposed as scam, canceled"
  • The more interesting case, yet to occur to my knowledge, is the good-faith Kickstarter that the team is incapable of following through on.
  • Like this guy, if he'd been a better pitchman:
  • RT @Hokuboku CNET: The FBI is quietly pushing a plan to force surveillance backdoors on social networks, VoIP, and e-mail providers
  • For the sequel to Pogo Grapple Murderers, I'll give every player a different control scheme. I guess I'll have to call it just "Murderers."

May 05

  • RT @daphaknee The patient and assistant died of sepsis, and a spectator died of shock, resulting in the only known procedure with a 300% mortality.
  • Sure, I'll go see Joss Whedon's latest thing. ... Wait, didn't they already try remaking this 15 years ago? Well, that's Hollywood I guess.
  • Setting up for the MADE game jam. Adam Cadre is giving a talk on the other side of the room. Neat!
  • MADE Jam is streaming. I'm onstream for once.
  • @iWinRar You're watching us make games!
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: conjoined beards.

May 06

  • @dogbomb The cool kids used ADPCM encoding back then!
  • RT @mattMICKenna Does anyone know anyone who's been murdered and is now a ghost trying to solve their murder? This is for research for a screenplay.
  • I figured Netflix search gave random results out of desperation, when my request wasn't streamable, but no, it actually is just *random*.
  • Search for "Let the Right one In" -- which *is* streaming on Netflix -- and the literal title isn't on the first 5 pages of results.
  • (I'm guessing it's not on the remaining 312 pages of results either.)
  • @evilbadman Man, you know your in-built search sucks when people are making a living off of how bad it is.
  • PSA: Have you been outside yet today? It's goddamned gorgeous outside, Berkeley and SF both.
  • Park Different. 1955-2011.
  • Injectable male contraceptive lasts 10 years; can be reversed with another injection.

May 07

  • @GreyAlien @weasello Optimistic projections start US trials this year, with release in 2015. But yeah, it's been in trials for decades.
  • @DamianSommer @infinite_ammo I've seen this procedure mentioned a bunch but I've never seen that side of it -- what's your source?
  • @DamianSommer @infinite_ammo Yeah, I was glad to see it on Reddit; often a commenter will have an informative retort. But they didn't here.
  • This is the most life-affirming Reddit thread:
  • Our team built Heavy Metal Princesses in 8 hours at the 5/5 MADE jam. It's an asymmetrical co-op arena escort mission. twinbeardstudios....
  • We didn't know there would be prizes until Brandon Sheffield showed up with this gorgeous Scott Belcastro print:
  • Long story short, ours was the only team that followed the theme, and I was the only Zelda fan on our team, so I took it home. [Fist pump.]
  • RT @MaxScoville As a game, Black Ops II looks interesting. As a piece of proto-fascist pop-culture and propaganda, it's terrifying.
  • RT @IwataAsks Iwata Asks is it possible to change your blood type? This is really important.
  • @Triplefox Delay sustain attack hold decay sustain hold release? At some point you might as well just give the parameters numbers instead!
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: traffic cone iPad app, so you can prop up your iPad and people will know not to drive past.
  • @ExpiredPopsicle Gun ownership isn't about shooting all the people all the time? What's even the point, then?
  • Was ready to walk out of Avengers 10 minutes in. It got better, but I can't recommend to anyone not already a big fan of the Marvel oeuvre.
  • @KateSherrod The Whedon helped, but he was in fanservice mode. He probably spent half the film setting up "what if X fought Y" combinations.
  • @KateSherrod I mean, sure, I bet it's great if you're already a fan!

May 08

  • RT @Horse_ebooks Laura LosAngeles. LosAngeles. Los Angeles. LosAngeles. LosAngeles. LosAngeles. San Jos6 : LosAngeles.
  • @justinfic You mean games that "pay out" and might be covered by gambling law? Regulating purely virtual loot drop will be an uphill battle.
  • @Laroquod @KateSherrod I tend to agree, but I hated the opening 10 minutes so much I suspect my judgement is very different from genre fans.
  • The best MCA eulogy:
  • @garywhitta But players *love* drawing bags of Doritos and Colonel Sanders. Dan Porter said so himself!
  • If I like your product, I'll tell people. If you ask to put marketspeak in my mouth for me, you're a fucking douchebag.

May 09

  • The second-best reason -- after "basic human decency" -- for being nice to those willing to admit ignorance:
  • I took my 4p, one-button murder simulator, rounded it up to 5p and added three classes and a class selection interface. twinbeardstudios....
  • I didn?t spend much time balancing the classes, but I did ensure that they?re all very effective at murdering. (Music by Alan Smithee.)
  • "Wolfenstein 3D Director's Commentary with John Carmack"
  • @Greenspeak Word of mouth for "Pixeljunk Shooter" is slow, because if you don't say the full name people will think you mean something else.
  • RT @jenstatsky Wonder if anyone's ever received news of a loved one dying while on a football phone.
  • "Fourth Lawyer Not Yet Stabbed With Pencil in Trial of Man Who Stabbed Three Lawyers With a Pencil"
  • OH: "So my mom said, 'If I look a little lightheaded, it's because I was just the stunt dummy in a cutting workshop.'"
  • OH: "A robot must emit flames, except where it would conflict with the First, Second or Third Laws."

May 10

  • RT @MrWasteland this is just to say / i have delayed the plums that were in the icebox to the next fiscal quarter
  • From the news-that-shouldn't-be-news department: EA knows how to treat transfolk.
  • Banning unethical game mechanics isn't the answer, but it's a good way to at least get people to see them as a problem.
  • @KayinNasaki Yeah, same.
  • "The Internet is for Music"
  • The name "Jason Rohrer with Music by Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London." was one of Nintendo's terms for DS approval.
  • RT @MuseZack The most unexpected & fascinating aspect of the Romney bullying story is the anecdote about GW Bush sticking up for the gay kid at Yale.
  • RT @MuseZack I wasn't a fan of Bush as President, but always found him really interesting psychologically-much more so than the lefty caricature of him.

May 11

  • RT @DuncanFyfe A man kicked a dog. When he got home the dog was wearing his suit and eating cereal. "I have your life now," the dog said. #twitterchillers
  • PSA: Friends don't let friends buy Activision games. Diablo 3 is out next week; they need your strength now more than ever.
  • In a better world, 1950s SF authors would've popularized the non-gender-biased term "anthroid" instead.
  • Sadly, that world is forever lost to us, because the furry community has adopted "anthroid" as meaning, I guess, "android anthropoid"?
  • (That misapprehension of English morphology is probably the most off-putting thing I've seen come out of the furry community.)
  • (See also: the "auto-" prefix as having anything to do with cars or automation. Fuck you guys.)
  • @Triplefox Right, I'm sure that's where "anthroid" came from.
  • Robot ass can express fear. Possible applications: 1. teledildonics, 2. ???
  • New Exploratorium under construction near the Embarcadero BART. No idea when it's due to be finished, but that'll eventually be convenient!
  • I can't safely play Trials Evolution, but I recommend it to any platformer fan with good anger management.
  • "Your mind contains sections from 124,564 copyrighted works. To continue remembering these, a license fee is required."
  • @Eliot_L @antumbral The story I heard was that Microsoft put spaces in important Win95 paths to force programs to be able to deal with them.

May 12

  • Looks just, um, just like a person.
  • Pro-tip for friends doing their best to not let friends buy Activision games: Runic is releasing Torchlight 2 shortly.
  • H... hey, "crescent" and "croissant" are totally cognates, aren't they? Words!
  • Just, y'know, chip a hole in the basement of the Empire State Building and lower your lure into the water below. bldgblog.blogspot...
  • Thinking back on it, I'm pretty sure this is where I got the scar on my elbow, just a few years before they shut down.
  • I remember being annoyed that the people in front of me on the Alpine Slide were too slow. Now I suspect they were just trying to survive.
  • Duct-taping this dangly car bit so it doesn't drag on the freeway. It's cool, I've got this.
  • (Actually, "duct-taping" is misleading; we ended up folding the duct tape along its length and tying a knot.)
  • Hm, that didn't last as long as I'd hoped.
  • RT @chrisremo Also included on Jurassic Park 20th Anniversary Director's Cut Blu-ray: the unaired pilot episode of unproduced sitcom "We Got Dodgson Here"
  • Jake Kaufman, "Whoa I'm In Space Cuba"

May 13

  • This ancient Egyptian statue has a plaque saying "do not touch," but I kind of want to tip it, just a little, just to see how stable it is.
  • These non-sealed display cases have humidity gauges. I wonder how long I'd have to exhale into one to measurably increase the humidity.
  • RT @virtjk AHHHHH, political attack ads, so many great things about their music (like cymbal rolls, used here like Render->Lens Flare in print ads)
  • RT @virtjk And the triumphant cresting of the hill / breaking of dawn via minor-> major chord changes. Vote for the guy with the add9!
  • RT @Newsweek This week's cover: @BarackObama, the first gay president!
  • Unless the ATM actually spits out a physical badge I can sew to my sash, I'm not interested.
  • Module, "Argon Refinery"

May 14

  • The second Double Fine Adventure documentary episode is out, and now you can buy in if you missed the Kickstarter.
  • Just figured out that Judge Dredd and Demolition Man weren't the same movie.

May 15

  • RT @MikeDrucker Diablo 3's login screen is the best ad for Torchlight 2 ever.
  • "My next book is 65,000+ words worth, about a single-line Commodore 64 BASIC program"
  • @xobs Your problem is that you commented out the closing brace
  • The fun part is, the original "Sabotage" video already *was* a bunch of kids playfully imitating what they saw on TV.
  • RT @IcarusTyler The idea of Ultra-Subtle #Horror is that you have a normal film, but on the 2nd/3rd viewing you notice the horror/insanity strewn through it
  • RT @IcarusTyler Imagine the 20year-old movie on your shelf and suddenly you notice the inconsistencies. The monsters in the reflections.The hidden messages.
  • RT @zarfeblong .@Sargent It's a point worth repeating. The BBC and HBO etc don't have a piracy problem. They have a problem *accepting my damn money*.
  • Waking up to Nirvana.
  • I hope nobody's just trusting all these terrible attempts at parsing out chord progressions on guitar tab sites.
  • Since there are no "legitimate" sources, all existing tab sources are bots that clone each other's databases of this one 14 year-old's work.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: fake book wiki. This is a for serious one -- I'd do it myself except I don't want to deal with the C&Ds.
  • Finally I understand Pinterest.
  • Unlockable character revealed for the upcoming "Just Murderers: Havana Nights"

May 16

  • If Max Payne 3 were part of the Kane & Lynch series instead, I'd be calling it a glorious improvement.
  • RT @chiefbrody1984 If you've seen a better picture of a #dog dressed as two pirates carrying a treasure chest today, I don't believe you.

May 17

  • Do you think every corporation does this kind of reprehensible shit? I bet that's how Kotick justifies it to himself.
  • "Bobby will take care of you. ? Don't worry about repercussions." -- This was also ATVI's PR message to Diablo 3 customers.
  • Sure, it's funny the first time, but the hawk's gonna be saying that line for the next 40 years.
  • @mrasmus That's the A.V. Club, so it's totally for serious, right?
  • @Sosowski The reward masquerading as a death penalty! A classy design move.
  • @ForneusLex @mrasmus It's called a "cornuthaum"! Why you gotta be ignorant all your life
  • Watching Nick Hanauer's talk, it's pretty clear TED chose not to post it because it's not very good or interesting.
  • 40,000 people and not a single goddamn 3DS street pass at the Giants game yesterday. Bunch of savages in this town!
  • "Renting a clown suit for a day costs $125. But hiring a clown for a day costs $75."
  • RT @exploratorium Spring of 2013! MT @mogwai_poet: New Exploratorium under construction near Embarcadero BART. No idea when finished but it'll be convenient!

May 18

  • I just remembered the boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now I'm gonna be grouchy for the rest of the day.
  • RT @ibogost "The United States Government seeks UX Designers for its Guantanamo Bay studio"
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: "truck lips."
  • Man, I just want to give twenty-year-old me a big hug.

May 19

  • Hrm. Walking around all day at Maker Faire when I'm running Bay to Breakers at 7am tomorrow might've been a tactical error.
  • Great job, San Mateo civic planners. Halfway through the curve of a freeway onramp is an excellent place to put a crosswalk.
  • I've done a terrible job not letting friends buy Activision games in the past couple of weeks. I've failed you all, and I'm sorry.

May 20

  • I'm never in a BART station this early, so I want to believe everyone in a BART station this early is always in costume.
  • I'm alive! Trying to figure out how to find my finishing time, but it was in the 1:30-1:40 range.
  • The finisher medal has blanks on the back for place and time. Next move: go down to Ace Monster Toys and engrave a penis on there.

May 21

  • Would've been nice to see the Tentacle Bento folks defend themselves with this kind of self-awareness and coherency:
  • So it could've, y'know, actually been part of the dialog rather than a thing nobody will ever read.
  • Naughty Dog fixes ludonarrative dissonance by building a world where murdering thousands of people every day is normal.
  • I still hold out hope that one day someone will invent the action-movie-styled game that isn't all shooting people in the face all the time.
  • "Shooting plant zombies in the limbs"? I'll allow it. This time.
  • @samuelcole I love everything that isn't shooting about all three of those those games!
  • @samuelcole Mechanically, the combat only gets worse over the course of the first game. But it's considerably improved in the later two.
  • @samuelcole You do get to shoot white people later, if that helps.

May 22

  • RT @smashingmag We removed FB buttons and traffic from Facebook increased. Reason: instead of "liking" articles, readers share it on their timeleine.
  • RT @pocahontasshole Tattoo of Leviticus 18:22 forbidding homosexuality: ?200. Not knowing that Leviticus 19:28 forbids tattoos: Priceless.
  • RT @quinnnorton "If you see something, say something." I see an over-reaching, militarized, and oppressive police presence. Who do I report that to?
  • When I lived in San Diego, I went to Comic Con on a regular basis, and I heavily associate the San Diego Convention Center with the event.
  • As if I could visit at any time I felt the urge, and disappear into a throng of costumed geeks. But no, it's a temporally-linked phenomenon.
  • Lightning storms are similarly ephemeral. But in Venezuela, such a storm has been happening nightly for over a century.
  • It feels like the universe whispering in my ear: might there be a continuous Comic Con after all? Is my childhood out there somewhere too?
  • @bengrue I have always meant to play Anachronox, but at this point a better analogy would be visiting *someone else's* childhood.
  • I want a Z-machine interpreter for Flash with a permissive code license. I want this because of reasons.
  • If I foresaw anybody but me needing this, I might be willing to put in the time to get an appropriate cross-compiler working, but I don't.
  • textfromxcode.tum...

May 23

  • Hey, Cards Against Humanity is available for purchase. That never happens.
  • Now that J.S. Joust can be played by the hoi polloi and not just the cool kids, there is nothing that makes me special.
  • Do you believe cloning is wrong? Then it's your moral imperative to buy the original game instead. Go on.
  • If, like me, you were wondering whether Richiex is still serving the scrotum needs of all Wikipedia users: he is. commons.wikimedia...
  • @UnitedJousters Yeah, I was just talking about it in the tweet you replied to. Thanks for paying attention.
  • @C418 Given that Papa Quash is available to play and J.S. Joust isn't, we'll never know which is the better game.
  • @C418 I understand; I would also probably vastly prefer the game that merely owning confers upon me "indie in-crowd" status.
  • For reference: Apple's severs don't just retain your queries; they also retain query context, e.g. your contact list.
  • Slinky on a treadmill:

May 24

  • Matthew Weiner, Vince Gilligan and David Milch talk about writing series TV.
  • My favorite is people defending Activision-Blizzard's despicable behavior as the norm, or "something we just have to learn to live with."
  • It's "where the industry is heading anyway" because of people like you encouraging consumer complacency. You're part of the problem.
  • You don't have to live like that. Just admit that loot drops were more important to you than not being a dirtbag. You'll feel better.
  • (Sorry, I was irrationally lashing out back there by conflating the merely scummy Diablo 3-specific stuff with ATVI's larger behavior.)
  • RT @IcarusTyler My mind went spontaneously through a hypothetical scenario in which I lost an arm. Am now depressed as fuck. Nice work, brain.
  • Ron Gilbert's upcoming game:
  • Not sure what it is yet, but it looks a little like Maniac Mansion reinterpreted as a platformer.
  • Hennessy Youngman on beauty: "See how I was more empathetic to the tears of someone I wanted sexual intercourse with?"
  • Visual Studio 11 Express only targets Metro apps; no desktop apps allowed.

May 25

  • RT @TheKevinDent Curt Schilling has gone from being a complete idiot to being the Voldermort of video games in a day. mobile.theverge.c...
  • "Hot Chicks Farting to [Muse's] Uprising"

May 27

  • If Spielberg can change guns to flashlights in E.T., he can damn well Adobe(R) Photoshop in some proper dinosaur feathers in Jurassic Park.
  • Get your calendars ready! Mario Marathon set for June 22nd this year.
  • @MammonMachine But, but, "frame" also means "physique"! Words!
  • @KayinNasaki It seems disingenuous to say the Zelda essence is missing from every Zelda game since the first one.
  • @KayinNasaki I think the newest couple Zeldas suck and I like the original best too. But the series hasn't been that game *since* that game.
  • @KayinNasaki It seems to me the game Tevis Thompson wants is the Demon's Souls series, and he *has* it. From Software is still making them.
  • Years ago I thought of a pastry-related pun involving the Mi-Go. Then I forgot it. I've been haunted by this ever since. WHAT WAS THE PUN?

May 28

  • The Binding of Isaac expansion, "Wrath of the Lamb," is out today. store.steampowere...
  • @ForneusLex @satchamobob Lucky me, I'm getting the "game is currently unavailable" error! *productivity dance*
  • In case you've ever wanted a bust of Duke Nukem, "Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition" is down to $16 on Amazon.
  • @bengrue Part of this balanced unboxing video.
  • RT @justinfic Found a printout of C++ of a game I wrote in HS. It was called Crazy Juice, an ASCII daleks clone starring Jimmy Hoffa:
  • I think I'm doing something with somebody Tuesday. Was it with you? Did I dream this? I remember zero details.
  • This kind of thing is always awkward. I have to basically tell everybody I know what a crappy friend I am if I want to figure it out.

May 29

  • My copy of Cards Against Humanity arrived, but I think I made a strategic error: I never have three friends in the room at the same time.

May 30

  • The wasp stuck between the window and the blinds sounds like it's getting angrier. Aoibheall and Danu are getting more and more fascinated.
  • Ween hasn't exactly been vital for the past few years, but this is still sad:

May 31

  • Game jams as we know them encourage stagnation by rewarding incomplete games. Jon Blow et al explore a possible fix:
  • @wordner Are we talking about golems here?
  • @LouisGorenfeld Bare Karplus-Strong is pretty specific. It says "my first Buzz tune" to me.
  • New Humble Bundle. Good selection. I ... already own literally every game in it. Oh well, *you* still win.
  • @robertashley @ShawnElliott Already a playable character in "Just Murderers: Havana Nights"! twinbeardstudios....
  • Kyle Pulver on the process of getting a game onto Steam.
  • I'm in Session 2 of Sword and Sworcery. Um. I don't get it. Not just don't care for it, but don't even see what's interesting about it.
  • The constant pestering to tweet text from the game suggests that it's the writing -- Echo Bazaar did that too -- but it's pretty flat.
  • The word EP in the name suggests that it's the music, but I have yet to even notice any music. The sound design is okay.
  • RT @mrasmus It's official, he doesn't know it yet but @mogwai_poet will be doing another microgame-dev segment on the next @iggmarathon, called JimJam.
  • First I've heard about it!
  • Oh good, the session 2 boss finally gave me a strong opinion about Sword and Sworcery. I was waiting for one of those.
  • RT @auntiepixelante mag for affluent american gay people turns against trans woman for biting the hand that feeds them. FUCKING DISGUSTING
  • RT @auntiepixelante "we should be the ones advocating most loudly that he face the strictest possible punishment for his treachery."
  • RT @auntiepixelante this is someone who is being tortured by the government, like, right now, while you sip your fucking cosmopolitan.
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