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Ugh, stop twitching
june 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2012-07-13 19:03:38 by Jim Crawford
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Jun 01

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Is your company about to tank? I'll be the CEO who takes the blame. (Or is that how it already works?)
  • @fiskmeshi Apart from the general distaste of adding a corporation-mediated caste system to socializing, there's this:
  • @fiskmeshi Philosophically, being the product is bad because the company apparently serving you is prioritizing someone else's interests.
  • @fiskmeshi Being the source of a corporation's income is basically the only way to make them care about your interests.
  • @fiskmeshi Being merely aware of the situation goes a long way. The "being the product" talking point exists because people *aren't* aware.
  • @fiskmeshi Klout is an interesting case because the people who get the most value (i.e. ego boost) out of it are also the most influential.
  • @fullbright I get the sense that people ascribed much less value to "autonomy" or, like, "sentience," not so long ago. Maybe just for women.
  • @fullbright (Or maybe they just cared about "outbursts" and "mood swings" more than we do thesedays.)
  • @montijosh Tower defense isn't a particularly ambitious genre. I think it's very doable.

Jun 02

  • The finest of the Obama administration's achievements must be the airstrike that can literally never kill a civilian.
  • There's one medium left in which the OTBS indent style is still sensible:
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: bearded batman.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: counter-program Mario Marathon with Apogee EGA game marathon.
  • @benprunty Sorry, that's a VGA game! Will you accept Monster Bash?
  • @Triplefox I thought this one sounded good.
  • @benprunty Nope, that was Potomac Computer Systems! (Later known as "Epic Megagames.")
  • @benprunty But, but it can't fail! It's right in the name!
  • Now that Silicon Knights vs. Epic is over, can we please have Dennis Dyack back as a public figure? I miss him.
  • If every studio head had an emotionally-unstable public persona, and trash talked like a pro wrestler, the world would be a better place.

Jun 03

  • "The 20-Year Estrangement of the Two Guys from Andromeda"
  • Over at @BrianNumberOne 's place, finishing up Winter Vacation Story for release today. The spirit of George Broussard is watching over us.
  • Why are game solution spoilers taboo, but it's just fine to blurt out where the restroom is when someone gets up to look for it?
  • @evilbadman Speak for yourself! Without the threat of pants-shitting, the thrill of the hunt is gone entirely.
  • RT @_peterdn Imagining an esoteric programming language with gendered variables and operators. Applying operator of wrong gender would be a syntax error
  • RT @_peterdn The IDE for my language would helpfully highlight variables and functions in either blue or pink to indicate their gender
  • @evilbadman images.sodahead.c...

Jun 04

  • RT @robertashley Man, I can't stop thinking about becoming a plasticised human body pinball machine. Pinballs shooting through my exposed digestive tract.
  • RT @KazHiraiCEO Fun Fact: "Non-Specific Action Figure" was also the original name of Master Chief
  • Looking back on it, I'm suddenly regretting that I was too high on C fumes to give Pascal serious consideration. It looks pretty elegant.
  • @Triplefox I never really thought about it, but ECMAScript's type declaration is right out of Pascal. Does Haxe go further?
  • So I guess E3 is happening? Did I hear this right, that Microsoft released the Wii U early for iOS devices?
  • @xobs I've seen Steam Cloud screw up and overwrite a newer save with an older one from the cloud. Not that that helps you.
  • @xobs Is that the Linux port? Because if so, I mean, I guess Linux users would be the ones who'd know how to deal with a problem like that?
  • @xobs That's not quite a "port," is it? That's disappointing; all previous Humble Bundle games were true ports to Mac/Linux to my knowledge.

Jun 05

  • @Indy_Ray @BrianNumberOne
  • @mrfb Man, I loved everything about Event Horizon except for the movie itself. A good SF writer could've worked wonders with that concept.
  • @mrfb Lovecraft didn't work with "evil." It's a lazy shortcut. More like: "things that happen to be alien to and incompatible with humans."
  • I can't see his pulse yet. ENHANCE!
  • Have you ever looked at a list of ratios and wondered which was the justest? Now you can use this chart to find out!
  • RT @gamespite Since Wii purchases will carry over to Wii U, that tablet is now 100% the most awesome way to play old Nintendo games.
  • @mrasmus @evilbadman Chrome says that page is in Italian. Translation: "Donec id elit does not make me pregnant at eget metus."
  • @evilbadman @mrasmus Blamin' it as we speak!

Jun 06

Jun 07

  • @auntiepixelante I didn't see one when I was last there. Ace Monster Toys has them.
  • @Jonathan_Blow Just guessing here, but it might be that Psychonauts and Limbo don't have true Linux ports, only WINE wrappers.
  • Peter Molyneux's new game offers $77,000 DLC chisel, so you can be first to open the mysterious black monolith.
  • RT @ibogost Take it from me: people want to click on cows, not on black cubes.
  • I'm certain that this was a Philip K. Dick plot.

Jun 08

  • @jonbeilin I know, right? It's almost as good as being a straight white male.
  • RT @Horse_ebooks Then Max got a great idea!idea!idea!idea! He rubbed dog food
  • New security question policy: "Children warned name of first pet should contain 8 characters and a digit"
  • @mrasmus Today's guild leader needs a proper radio voice to sound authoritative. Bandpass, compress and distort!
  • @phubans What your senses perceive is not reality. This is just an engineering problem.
  • "'But what if the Dreamspangle could smell you too?' Molyneux suddenly declared. 'Tear-based controls?'" rockpapershotgun....
  • Lots of coverage like this. Has E3 really changed much in the past decade, or is the enthusiast press just growing up?
  • (Or am I paying attention to different people?)

Jun 09

  • The Idle Thumbs livestream Super Black Bass. Enthralling.
  • @amitorit @ibogost @samplereality Recognizing a Spin Doctors reference: wish you could unfollow your own brain.
  • Sea creatures.
  • Space Quest creators reunite after decades; have new game on Kickstarter; 3 days left and $80k away from funding.
  • RT @still The booth babes at #E3 train you to filter out all women-- including professionals. It pushes networking towards "men only." It's awful.
  • "Sass makes CSS fun again." ... CSS was fun?
  • No results found for "makes MFC fun again".

Jun 10

  • With all the inexplicable idiocy in Prometheus, the writers felt compelled to spend a scene explaining why the robot wears a helmet?
  • Thank god you closed *that* plot hole. Disaster averted!
  • Huh, it was written by one of the creators of Lost. That... actually explains a lot.
  • Fabien Sanglard's analysis of the Doom 3 source code.
  • Someone clearly worked very hard on getting all that Christ imagery into Prometheus. cavalorn.livejour...
  • One part of Prometheus I genuinely liked: as a self-contained story, the auto-surgeon scene was well-constructed and delightfully weird.

Jun 11

Jun 12

Jun 13

  • @Triplefox @Disasterpeace
  • There was a time when Jeroen Tel was deeply enamored with orchestra hits.
  • This reads like the corporate analog of the neighbor justifying loud music by saying "it's a free country!"
  • Yes, it *is* a free country, but... You're within your rights... Yes, I just... No, of course not... No, you're just an asshole is all.
  • Just a reminder, there's an "indie dev show and tell" at the MADE Thursday evening, and also a game jam on Saturday.
  • @Indy_Ray Human assholes are a social problem with a social solution. But corporate assholes? *This* ham-fisted law is a bad solution, but
  • @Indy_Ray As much as it makes 1999-era-Libertarian-Jim cringe, I do think we need to do something, systematically, about corporate assholes.
  • @Indy_Ray A systemic solution would ideally cover both.
  • @Indy_Ray I agree! I was saying that instead of that ham-fisted, bad solution, we need some sort of systemic solution.
  • @infinite_ammo It's hard to see IGTM as painting the ex-partner in a bad light; Phil Fish comes off as completely irrational on the subject.
  • @infinite_ammo More than anything it made me want to investigate the other side, but several hours of Googling turned up very little.
  • @infinite_ammo Right, yeah! I thought they did a great job portraying that.
  • Teaching security by forcing students to cheat:
  • @ellaguro Don't think about it too hard or you'll lose it!
  • @BrianNumberOne Both, most likely!

Jun 14

  • @BrianNumberOne No, no need.
  • @Indy_Ray -- close to 12th st. Oakland BART. The indie dev show and tell starts a 6:30
  • "We need music for this Yogi Bear game stat!" "Is eurodisco okay?" "Whatever, just have it on my desk by tomorrow."

Jun 15

  • RT @ominousoat #MisandryInVideoGames Waluigi creates an unrealistic standard of beauty for men
  • Just like D&D players, Orson Scott Card thinks morality is a law of physics.
  • "What worries me is when you have bad people trying to do good. They?re not good at it, they don?t have any instinct for it."

Jun 16

  • RT @grumpygamer In addition to calling out games that are sexist and offensive, we need to do a better job of celebrating the ones that aren't.
  • Heading to the MADE game jam. The weather makes me wish they had a swimming pool. I'll talk to Alex about it.
  • @auntiepixelante Is today's Klik of the Month still happening at the MADE?
  • @auntiepixelante Ah, too bad; I'm already there. (For the event that was booked for today.)

Jun 17

  • RT @ID_AA_Carmack I am content to infer the existence of lots of high quality people from the evidence on the internet but my wife likes to actually meet them
  • "Come On, Lighten Up, I'm Just Being A Total Asshole"

Jun 18

  • We've already pinpointed the Citizen Kane of video games, right? I'm waiting for us to discover the Emily Dickinson of games journalism.
  • A reclusive spinster who died unknown and unpublished, having written thousands of brilliant game previews and top 10 lists in her lifetime.
  • RT @vogon @mogwai_poet because I could not stop for Breath of Fire, it kindly stopped for me / the cartridge held but just ourselves and Immortality
  • RT @vogon @mogwai_poet fun factor: 8/10
  • There's an in-browser DROD now! It's one of my favorite puzzle games -- and one of my favorite genres of puzzle games.
  • Jandek, "You Painted Your Teeth"
  • Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be happier if I installed all the browser toolbars and tweeted all the in-game accomplishments.
  • Watch out, entire game industry: "The judge found the developer liable for infringing the Tetris copyright."
  • This is just how cars worked in 1990. You don't remember?
  • Accents in action: on the East coast, where Bethesda is,"Dawnguard" doesn't sound funny at all.

Jun 19

  • 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 1UP, 1UP, 1UP, 1UP, 1UP...
  • "A nation's rate of belief in hell predicts lower crime rates, but belief in heaven predicts higher crime rates."

Jun 20

  • RT @wilto ?Mobile users want to see our menu, hours, and delivery number. Desktop users definitely want this 1mb png of someone smiling at a salad.?
  • Spent much of today at the beach. I need more excuses to take naps outdoors.
  • @daphaknee I know, right?!
  • If you're wondering why you only have 60% of the pixels you were expecting, it's because the iPad simulator doesn't fit on your monitor.

Jun 21

Jun 22

  • Mario Marathon started happening 4 hours ago! I'm still excited.
  • That guy who's "perfectly fine as long as someone remembers to assign him a rape babysitter." pervocracy.blogsp...
  • Epiphany: casual players *like* that the outcomes of all these iOS Canabalt clones are more about luck than skill.
  • My favorite so far is Jetpack Joyride, but the core game loop quite frankly sucks; everything good about it is theming and structure.
  • Top Nosh Is the best name for a restaurant.
  • Where the Hell is Matt 2012: -- I'm in the rear right of the Oakland shot. You know, the one with 400 people in it.

Jun 23

  • Started a sympathetic Mario Sunshine run when the Mario Marathon guys were around shine 25. Beat the final boss when they were at shine 49.
  • Didn't have a memory card, so the data all went poof when it kicked me back to the title after the credits rolled.
  • @montijosh Only beaten? Five or six times, maybe. 100%, probably twice. Nothing compared to how much I've played Mario 64.
  • OH: "I can refactor when I'm dead."
  • @Triplefox That video has gotten like six startled glances from the kittens so far.
  • @montijosh Close, but that just makes the few flaws stand out more. The camera system would drive me nuts if I tried learning it today.

Jun 24

  • Playing Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor is literally making me itch.
  • Alan Turing's death may have been accidental.
  • The Mario Marathon folks are closing in on $300k, across all five marathons, to Child's Play charity.
  • Whenever the camera cuts to Yao Ming's face, my first instinct is to adjust the TV's apect ratio.
  • I've been saying "correct" instead of "right" for years, but that only solves half the problem. Do people understand "port" and "starboard"?
  • @geardrops Sold!
  • Mario Marathon have been on the verge of starting Lost Levels for 8 continues now. I'll need sleep eventually, guys!

Jun 25

  • There's context for this image, but you know what? Let's pretend there isn't.
  • " We Delete User Logs After Two Weeks. Your Internet Provider Should, Too."
  • 2x multiplier! Mario Marathon is working on 100%ing Galaxy 2 and Sunshine at the same time.

Jun 26

  • @karamisaurus Yeah, Mario Marathon is much less about schadenfreude for me. Though there definitely is that fan contigent.
  • So it turns out the reason the Mario Marathon guys sucked more than usual at the 2D games this year was a misconfigured HDTV. Friggin' HDTV!
  • Closing ceremonies as #mariomarathon winds down. Totals: 111 hours played, $111,211 raised. ... Now where's the torrent of the stream?

Jun 27

  • @CoW_mAn Is streaming from the archives more reliable than Ustream? Past Mario Marathons are *sort of* online, but not really.
  • @CoW_mAn When I click play on one of those old videos it feels like I'm waking up a dude to go dig through a closet for the backup tape.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: mere locks are no longer deterrent enough; try enclosing your bike in plastic clamshell packaging.

Jun 28

  • So that iOS project is pretty much a game now? It's more fun than staring at a wall but not as much fun as making scrambled eggs.
  • Um. That "Use Automatic Reference Counting" checkbox means I don't have to worry about memory leaks, right? I'm asking for a friend.
  • @LorenSchmidt I'm pretty sure those circles were drawn with Deluxe Paint's linear gradient tool.
  • CNN columnist LZ Granderson chides us not to be "nosy" about torture prisons and state-sponsored terrorism.
  • New medical procedure oxygenates the bloodstream without breathing.
  • @jonbeilin I don't swap assets, but I am allocating and discarding heap objects on a frame by frame basis.
  • @jonbeilin Aside from circular references, what do I need to watch out for? Is there a good game developer's reference out there?
  • @LouisGorenfeld Or when you take a shit.
  • RT @fart a good gag if you're talking to a blind person online with a text to speech program is to say "TURN TAPE OVER"

Jun 29

  • If you want to see a guy get the first two stars of Super Mario 64 and reset over and over again, do I have the channel for you.

Jun 30

  • Best goddamn street busker outside downtown Berkeley BART right now.
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