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Ugh, stop twitching
august 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2012-09-05 05:42:49 by Jim Crawford
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Aug 01

  • @geardrops Glad to be of service!
  • Kickstarter for the hardware that Carmack was demoing at E3. $300 gets you a dev kit.
  • Spelunky Stories: The ghost is already chasing me, how much worse can it get? TIL you can have two ghosts chasing you in Spelunky.
  • Cornea transplants need stitches too.
  • RT @cyberhitler take me down to the paraphrase city where it's nice
  • RT @tehawesome t-shirt idea: "ask me about my crippling social anxiety"
  • Photo set: "Extraordinary Microscope Photographs"

Aug 02

  • Podcast excerpt: Idle Thumbs on the newsworthiness of Max Payne.
  • "If we agree to disagree on this issue, you walk away a full member of this society and I don't."
  • "Holmes was so well equipped that he didn't just kill a dozen people. He killed the NRA's answer to gun violence."
  • "2K Games boss" Christoph Hartmann argues that only by hewing ever closer to reality can we invent new kinds of games.
  • "Slender creator Mark Hadley talks Amnesia, H.P. Lovecraft, music, and how to get horror right"
  • RT @mc_frontalot F all athletics, but I do care about game theory. Structure where throwing matches is optimal strategy was not teams' fault. #badminton
  • RT @ellaguro youtube comment on the portishead song "this song makes my psychotic breakdown sound sexy." - agreed.

Aug 03

  • 463 deaths in, I finally beat Spelunky properly. Being geared up from a full game run made the Olmec fight much easier.
  • Remember when Action Park got shut down in 1996? Turns out it was renamed "Mountain Creek" and reopened in 1998.
  • ... and that was my first Spelunky win that didn't involve a jetpack or a shotgun.
  • @bengrue I know a guy who has the address, birthday, and phone number of every sex worker in Portland. No man should have this much power.
  • "[Conspiring] to disqualify players for playing optimally inside a bad rules system is doing the sport a disservice."
  • Spelunky Stories: The City of Gold turns out to be a lot less, um, treasurey than I expected, and a lot more killy.

Aug 04

  • Anybody going to the South Bay jam tomorrow from the East Bay? Could use a ride.
  • Smash the state.
  • As expected, got way more done on the Caltrain to South Bay Game Jam than at the jam itself.

Aug 05

  • @Eliot_L I'd attend that.
  • @bengrue @Eliot_L With all the not-work I was doing, I'm surprised I didn't see your project. I'll have to check it out next time.
  • Predicting illnesses using tweet data.
  • @BenKuchera It's not "have gun, shoot assailants." It's "you're hypothetically dangerous, so they don't even try." Not really measurable.
  • If you can't imagine a purpose for the gun that is never fired, think about it until you can. Especially if you plan on debating politics.
  • See also: nuclear deterrence. See also: putting people in jail. See also: limited lives in Super Mario Galaxy. A threat is useful per se.
  • More generally, if you don't understand your debate opponent's arguments *even in principle*, you're at a huge disadvantage.
  • @Vanther Shit, I should try that.
  • Bear cub rescue time!
  • "Aim to the side. Dodge to be safe. Squint and aim. Bob down exaggeratedly. Aim like a drunkard. Jump like an idiot."
  • Livestreaming the Mars rover landing -- looks like 8:30 PDT tonight?
  • @mrfb They both explode.
  • RT @dannyBstyle i don't know much about science but I'm pretty sure we couldn't have done it without Mohawk Guy @tweetsoutloud

Aug 06

  • "Mars orbiter catches pic of Curiosity on its way down!" blogs.discovermag...
  • Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, you didn't look that fun, but after two peripheral games and a mediocre HD reboot, it's finally time to try you.
  • Proving Ground is broken as hell, but since I'd never played that one, I can continue to believe the earlier Tony Hawk games are awesome.
  • The entirety of The Karate Kid in rehearsal, shot on a camcorder in 1983.
  • Mat Honan's story of being hacked is very informative about how fucked we all are, security-wise:
  • Chevron refinery on fire in North Richmond/San Pablo area. Um. This sounds bad.

Aug 07

  • RT @Laroquod Criticising Apple is a civic duty. Letting them off the hook because you like their style, will recommend the same tactics to the unstylish.
  • RT @Laroquod Whither Apple, goes the world. Whatever strongarm tactics you excuse them for will be used against you by every other company in 5 years.
  • Neversoft alums Kickstarting iOS skateboarding game.

Aug 08

  • Making of Jet Set Willy.
  • This is like a cheat sheet for what developers are willing to make games gross enough that Zynga wants to clone them.
  • Extended, fascinating interview with Rich Vreeland on his music and the Fez soundtrack specifically.
  • Evolving the human face out of triangles. prostheticknowled...
  • RT @BenKuchera This is Nintendo's kung-fu. This is what everyone tries to emulate. After 20 years, Mario still makes me feel like an explorer.

Aug 10

  • Classics of Game strikes again.
  • Wreck-it Ralph's trailer is arguably just as blatantly pandering as Scott Pilgrim's, yet it's charming, not gross. What's the difference?
  • Possibly just that it looks like a real story, where Scott Pilgrim looked like another Michael Cera indie romance PLUS VIDEOGAME REFERENCES.
  • @vogon To be clear, I haven't seen it; I'm judging the marketing. Would you say the Scott Pilgrim trailer isn't representative of the film?
  • Oh man, horses and yoga balls.
  • Photo set: Martian Landscapes.

Aug 11

Aug 13

  • Toto the lagomorph letter-opener.
  • "If you are insured by Progressive, they will defend your killer in court in order to not pay you your policy." mattfisher.tumblr...
  • Podcast excerpt: Sean Vanaman on choosing a lord with your wife.
  • "'Cash for the poor, nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, murder.' And she's like 'I like that I can ignore all that with the same amount of energy.'"

Aug 14

Aug 15

  • "A federal appeals court said the authorities do not need a probable-cause warrant to track a suspect?s mobile phone."
  • A chance meeting with Russel Kirsch, inventor of the programmable computer, in a Portland coffee shop.
  • (He opens the conversation by shit-talking Apple for trying to turn computers into tools of pure consumption and discouraging creation.)
  • 20 minutes and $8,000 left on the Kickstarter to remove ads from the Penny Arcade home page.
  • Care for an ice-cold glass of PepsiCo's refreshing new Hitler Did Nothing Wrong?
  • @troygilbert The inflection point was Neo saying "Lots of guns." Like the sequels, it's a dumb (but well-made) action movie from there on.

Aug 16

  • RT @helvetica i would like to pitch a panel called 'are cats pets?' we will discuss both sides of the argument and also we wont define what pets are.
  • Photo set: lava tubes.
  • Show of hands: who thinks Assange is just how Britain and Sweden decided it should handle rape allegations from now on?
  • "My dog can be Sherlock because we already own the hat, and yours can be Watson because she?s missing a bunch of teeth"
  • "You think a relationship can stay afloat if you don?t occasionally write music for your wife?s theoretical animal-based detective shows?"
  • Be the medical miracle.

Aug 17

  • Kickstarter-equivalent to re-start development of ADOM, an early and influential roguelike.
  • "Making Punk a Threat Again: Pussy Riot is -- to borrow the Clash's mantle for a second -- the only band that matters."
  • PBS mini-documentary about glitch art:
  • RT @necrosofty @pattheflip whoa, you're not kitten around
  • " is a social feed for people who have $50. Let's create a service that puts users who have $50 first."

Aug 19

  • Single-segment speed run through Super Monkey Ball in 7 minutes. speeddemosarchive...
  • I say this as basically the biggest Mario fanboy ever: please wait until you have a good idea for a Mario game to make another Mario game.
  • New Super Mario Bros 2 feels like a cash-in in a way the series never has -- the way detractors always accuse Nintendo of treating Mario.
  • Metacritic score in the high 70s. Reference frame: Mario Sunshine, widely considered the worst of the series, is riding high at 92.
  • Add in phones taking the portable market and the muddled Wii U launch, and it really does feel like the beginning of the end for Nintendo.
  • Not the end as in death, but the thousand tiny deaths of making annual sequels to once-beloved franchises, for a dwindling, aging fanbase.
  • "US Congressman: Rape Victims' Bodies 'Shut Down' Pregnancies Automatically, No Need For Abortion" thenewcivilrights...
  • @benprunty I love it too -- honestly it might be the last Mario game that has a soul -- but I consider it to be a big mess, not tight.
  • @benprunty Lots of bugs, lots of rough edges. But it feels like a real, lived-in place, where the Galaxy games feel sterile.
  • @benprunty What drove it home for me on my first time through was the ferris wheel shine in Pinna Park. Very glitchy and frustrating.

Aug 20

  • Perhaps the only time an online survey has ever manifested a physical outcome:
  • "When are women going to face the fact that they don't know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?"
  • Once they offer a silk version with a heart pattern, I'm all over this.

Aug 21

  • Games we play: "Don't step in the lava!"
  • Every program not sold through the Mac App Store is "damaged" and should be "moved to the trash." molleindustria.or...
  • My roommates are out of town, but I find myself putting pants on in the morning anyway, because pockets are useful. Feels like a waste.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: A pants-independent pocket. That you wear. Like, a cloth container, with a shoulder strap maybe.
  • @benprunty I'm just happy to recontextualize every shoulder-bag purchase as telegraphing intent to parade around naked.
  • @Laroquod I stand by "pantsless-pocket"
  • @Laroquod @KateSherro So "unpantsed" mean the opposite of what you'd intuitively expect. Frickin' words.
  • @LouisGorenfeld No way am I going around wearing a "fanny pack." I'm wearing a pantsless pocket.
  • @mrfb Bitches love a dude with a cold face.
  • RT @ellaguro i'm continually perplexed that it's socially acceptable to portray poor white people as toothless idiots instead of victims of oppression
  • RT @ellaguro i think people should be directing their hatred against rednecks squarely at the rich who have manipulated poor whites throughout history
  • RT @Theremina Fave cab interaction of the day: I musically chirp "TAXEEE?" with cheery up-note. Passing cabbie roars "NOOO" in enraged Yosemite Sam voice.

Aug 22

  • @textfiles Do you know of an analysis/postmortem of the Penny Arcade Kickstarter -- or do you plan to write one? I'd love to read it.
  • I guess I wasn't dreaming when I heard EA bought PopCap.
  • David Crane's Kickstarter to make the spiritual successor to Pitfall:
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: spiritual sequel to Brain Age: Refractory Period Age.
  • Some people just know how to live.

Aug 23

  • The better educated your parents are, the more likely you are to die in a refrigerator. pediatrics.aappub...

Aug 24

  • Interesting technical analysis of Wind Waker's rendering techniques.
  • Cloudboat Armada is live-streaming a perma-death game marathon this Saturday. cloudboatarmada.c...
  • "Father?s Age Is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia"
  • If I can get my Ad Hoc Development Distribution Profile signing code properly, I can do *anything*.

Aug 28

Aug 29

  • The writing has been on the wall for a while, but it's official: RosArt is bankrupt and I'm laid off as of last Friday.
  • So I guess if anybody needs a programmer, I'm one.
  • @Vanther Thanks. I've got some savings and some irons in the fire, so I'm not *too* worried.
  • RT @Laroquod I really did not wish to see Joss Whedon spend the next ten years of his life rehashing Marvel superheroes. This is exactly what I feared.
  • @Laroquod Thanks! I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.
  • @Johnicholas Thanks! But yeah, I don't think I'm ready for that commute. How do they feel about remote work?
  • @montijosh Thanks, man! I think I'll be alright. But if you see an opportunity, throw it my way?
  • @Johnicholas Well let's talk then. What's the path forward?

Aug 30

  • @ID_AA_Carmack Use both in the same codebase, and you have an additional channel of information: ClassName, functionName, variable_name...
  • @Johnicholas Sent! Thanks again.
  • If you could ask President Obama anything, what would you ask?
  • "Who inherits your iTunes library?" Your digital rights are nontransferable. Teach your kids to pirate today. articles.marketwa...

Aug 31

  • David Letterman interviews Admiral Grace Hopper Inventor of COBOL Banana.
  • I've been working on a game project in C++ for the first time in years. Maybe I'm rusty, but: what a terrible language for game development.
  • One thing I do still like about C++ is RAII. Sometimes having a garbage collector makes your life harder. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
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