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Ugh, stop twitching
july 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:33:57 by Jim Crawford
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Jul 01

  • Just pre-registered for California Extreme. Who am I meeting there?
  • @mcclure111 Woo!
  • So I guess BART is striking today? I hope they get things sorted before my dentist appointment on Wednesday.
  • "Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow"
  • Wikipedia list that doesn't exist but should: List of Culturally-Specific Emotions.
  • Will anybody be able to make it to Tuesday co-working at The MADE, with BART out of service? I could bike there relatively easily.

Jul 02

  • Pardon me, humpback whales coming through!
  • @Razpacho is it getting weird yet
  • @wavenger Hopefully consensual murder!
  • RT @michaelgapper For those asking, Edge went to print after Microsoft's DRM reversal and the story reflects it.
  • Who's doing Molyjam in Oakland this weekend? Pre-jam jam planned to decide on an East Bay hand signal, so we can give the SF folks what-for.
  • @Triplefox It's the best one anyway!
  • @pohungchen @Triplefox Once we figure out what the East Bay gang hand signal is I'll totally be making it rudely in your direction.

Jul 03

  • @Slumpwuffle @Triplefox Don't ask me! I barely know how I'm getting out of bed in the morning.
  • @pohungchen @Triplefox The financial district of Oakland is generally considered safe.
  • Laptop just died in a permanent-looking way. This may make me less productive at Molyjam.
  • @AmyDentata @hegelexercise Huh. Does that mean 5'11" in heels?
  • My 17 minute talk on mystery in games is currently about half an hour long.
  • @frank0127 What happens when a bowling lane finally opens up? The world may never know!
  • @BlueLineGames A magician never reveals his secrets! (I'm a loudmouth with too much to say.)
  • Ask a sociopath: "How to break up with a sociopath." Unintuitive, practical advice.
  • @mcclure111 Yeah, I don't think I could follow it without feeling like a sociopath myself.
  • @still You're right, that's actually a funnier name than the "ask a sociopath" one I made up. (Both are accurate.)
  • @hbmuscat Currently I have the "recap" slide in the talk show up about halfway through, with a spoiler warning. So it'd be fitting.

Jul 04

  • Eiji Aonuma talks about the two upcoming Zelda games.
  • @silentbicycle Why did I make a game about bugs again? I'll be over here covering my ears continuously in case one wants to crawl inside.

Jul 05

  • There's something very soothing about the process of getting a new machine set up exactly how you like it.
  • Ninite, go. Adblock. Block everything. Ghostery. Block everything. Not just the standard Dvorak, but the variant Adam invented in 2001.
  • @allenibrahim @NorthernlionLP Start charging and I'll start paying!
  • @NorthernlionLP @allenibrahim Yeah, that's a problem. But basically I mean provide me any excuse to give you money.
  • @NorthernlionLP @allenibrahim E.g. I subscribed to Giant Bomb even though I used basically none of the premium features.
  • RT @chrisremo Molyjam Deux: You Thought You Molyneux kicks off tonight! Find a location if you want to make a crazy game:
  • @allenibrahim @NorthernlionLP Agreed. And thanks!
  • RT @drhayes Frog Fractions and A Dark Room have taught me that my conception of games is too limited by what has come before. Thanks for the lesson!
  • Someone left a Jack in the Box churro on my front steps. Science time! Will it rot before a wild animal with low enough standards takes it?
  • At The MADE early, preppin' for Molyjam.
  • @Dacidbro I live less than a block from the Ashby BART station. Just follow your nose!
  • . @pohungchen @Triplefox It doesn't look like the MADE is providing food. Every man for him or herself!
  • @rachel_sala
  • @rachel_sala I'll be at the Oakland Molyjam venue.
  • I was worried about the terrible rattling sound in my Korg Poly-800, but Louis shook it a little bit and a couple pennies fell out.
  • RT @ForneusLex @mogwai_poet I've learned a lot from @LouisGorenfeld, but I guess I should start shaking my synths more.

Jul 06

  • @Teanah @doubleanna @chrisremo @tabacco I'm at the Oakland jam. (Not right this second. Right now I'm at home, about to sleep.)
  • @unusualcadence That's probably my favorite part too!
  • It's CGA, with PC speaker sound, but the developer clearly loved Alley Cat.
  • Data point: the Jack in the Box churro on my front steps is still there. I need to set out a non-Jack in the Box churro as a control group.

Jul 07

  • Award: most microtonal rendition of Greensleeves.
  • Stoop churro day 3.
  • Doing audio research. I never realized, but this is a clear antecedent for the Metal Gear Solid alert sound.
  • Oh man those Otamatone things are decently cheap. ADD TO CART
  • @katylevinson
  • @NicholasGolden Somebody left it here. I'm waiting to see if a squirrel takes it before it rots.
  • @katylevinson @ExpiredPopsicle I've been playing it repeatedly for the Oakland Molyjam.
  • @katylevinson @ExpiredPopsicle Perfect to give to annoying loud children to distract them!
  • Just sliced up a recording session with @cecilyismyruca. Acoustics worked great by accident; it sounds just like a school hallway! #molyjam
  • RT @NorthernlionLP Subject: Isaac Videos
  • @bengrue You should come make a Molyjam game in the next hour! We demo at 8.
  • Molyjam demos happening on this stream: -- We go on after SF and Las Vegas, so I'm guessing in like an hour?
  • Putting together a time-lapse video of Skirt Quest's development while we wait for our turn to demo. #molyjam
  • Cake time! #molyjam
  • @DrlemonWCGGG Sorta. Demos have been on in the background.
  • @DrlemonWCGGG Hi! I wasn't paying attention because I was still finishing our own game :(
  • I guess Molyjam SF took the stream offline after they finished, so nobody else can demo? I'm making the East Bay hand signal at you guys!
  • @pohungchen OAKLAND ONLY
  • Molyjam Oakland is demoing now!
  • @esdin I though that was a great ending but @frankcifaldi insisted there should be more.

Jul 08

  • @esdin Could you see/hear the game? I'm curious if the quality was any good.
  • @louroboros WeWant to touch it up a bit before actual release, but you can play what we demoed at
  • @louroboros Arrow keys to move, Q/W to shimmy your skirt up, A/S to shimmy down.
  • @esdin That's good. That's funny, considering it was the streaming iMac picking up @Triplefox's laptop speakers.
  • @TeamPoops
  • RT @necrosofty Great @molyjam everyone. Thanks to all participants far and wide, including home jammers, it was great fun, and you're all wonderful :)
  • @Slumpwuffle Me too!
  • Here's Skirt Quest, our Molyjam 2013 game:
  • @limbclock It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken, and sometimes that chicken is surviving 7th grade.
  • You know what's awesome? Coding custom scrollbar behaviors and breaking basic scroll functionality in some major way. THANKS EVERY AJAX APP
  • Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis has passed away.
  • I posted this at 2AM, but here it is again now that people are awake: Skirt Quest, our Molyjam 2013 game!
  • This jibes with the Valve employee who was quoted describing the mass firing as a "great cleansing."
  • Flat company structures seem like a great idea until you realize that that means all primate status games, all the time.
  • @manveerheir Office politics. Jockeying for social position. The head games that determine what table you're allowed to sit at at lunch.
  • @dislekcia Yeah, but they at least have things which are *not* primate status bullshit.
  • @AmyDentata Yeah, both are huge factors. It can absolutely work in small groups that all know and trust each other.
  • @AmyDentata I bet they totally had it for a while! From a purely outsider perspective, I'm guessing they had it for about 15 years.
  • @manveerheir Yeah, but at least if there's a hierarchy, that means it's not *entirely* primate status games.
  • @AmyDentata That'd be amazing. I'd love to read that book.
  • @vogon @manveerheir The high-stakes ones, at least. There's always the question of who gets the desk closest to the water cooler.
  • @AeornFlippout @manveerheir Yeah, a fair point. But her testimony isn't the only evidence that Valve is going through growing pains.
  • @dislekcia That bit struck me as odd because they definitely still have e.g. dedicated payroll people.
  • @dislekcia I'm pretty sure the payroll people aren't allowed to roll their desks next to the technical artists and start writing shaders.
  • "The Tyrrany of Structurelessness"
  • "NVIDIA installer cannot continue. You must install an Intel driver first." Um. Any Intel driver?
  • @bigsushifm This: It was definitely an interpretation rather than e.g. the literal reading that lead to Huggy Bear.
  • @633nm @thedarkbitches Yeah, esp. when you're a socially awkward geek like pretty much every game dev, structure can be super comforting.
  • Every Giant Bomb reader feels like they lost a friend today.
  • @BrianNumberOne
  • @bigsushifm Thanks!
  • Stoop churro update: somebody moved the churro to the side of the stoop.
  • @TeamPoops Man, you're right. I could go for one of those right now...

Jul 09

  • @watsonwelch That's when it starts getting hard, yeah. The trick is to cater to the girls wearing the crowns.
  • @watsonwelch We just patched to have actual NPC art, by the way. Makes it much easier to see their skirt lengths.
  • Hey everyone, it's Tuesday.
  • @evilbadman Hm, yeah, it said two weeks, yesterday.
  • @davidsgallant Just noticed that. I wonder what happened.
  • @MikeCosimano @ElizSimins I'm not sure what's up with that, it said "two weeks left" yesterday.
  • I'll be at Tuesday co-working at The MADE around 1pm today.
  • Looking back on it, writing scroll texts is definitely my favorite aspect of making demos.
  • Stoop churro day 6.
  • @AmyDentata So he named the song after the boat in the song, and the boat after his daughter, who he named after Ray Charles. Is that right?
  • @still That would be another experiment: how long would an unsupervised webcam last in this neighborhood?
  • @AngryBread We believe in you, little buddy!
  • "The FISA court hears from only one side in the case -- the government -- and its findings are almost never made public."
  • Skirt Quest patch 1.1 is up. New feature: "boy who likes wearing skirts" difficulty level.
  • RT @AlSweigart In the future, everyone will be a terrorist for 15 minutes. Which is also how long your secret trial will take. #Istandwithsnowden
  • Trying to get PSM deployment working on my new machine. I hope I don't need the publisher key ring that's on my dead laptop.
  • @silentbicycle Two beards on two chins? That's not iconoclastic at all!

Jul 10

  • RT @bradshoemaker @willsmith @johntdrake @Stepto @ollymoss @jennatar this one just destroyed me today. total blubbery mess
  • RT @CPriestman Skirt Questt is a survival horror in which you try to fit in by adjusting your skirt. Cross-dressing is hard mode
  • By the way, if you were into Skirt Quest you should really check out @m_kopas's Lim:
  • Stoop churro day 7. Enlarged to show detail.
  • @celsiusgs Judging from the surrounding environment, it seems like dust.
  • @silentbicycle They'd never make it past the balance team.
  • RT @silentbicycle @mogwai_poet I want a cheat code to play as Stoop Churro on Street Fighter II. They're freaking unstoppable.
  • Oh man, Randy took a Vine of Barber Pole Position at TIGJam. Proof that it exists!
  • RT @celsiusgs @mogwai_poet Not to cause any alarm but there is a very real chance the stoop churro is a lich's phylactery.
  • @celsiusgs Must be a young one! I thought they all snuck their phylacteries onto Voyager 1.
  • @LouisGorenfeld I wish I had time to prioritize finishing it up enough to release. I could ask Matt to send you an OSX build if you want.
  • @LouisGorenfeld Nobody does!
  • @henkboom Agreed! Though in the context of DroNES, if you're doing FM in software, you might as well be mixing a PCM buffer.
  • "I am Justin Carter: We're not children anymore, just criminals who have yet to be caught"
  • @henkboom That's certainly true, yes.
  • @henkboom Have you seen this LFT talk? He lays out a pretty convincing technical definition of "chip" music.
  • . @jonboy51 @DamianSommer To my mind, there's never been a better time for an individual to start making games. The golden age is now.
  • @truongasm I'm looking forward to shipping it so I can start on my next next project!
  • Analogies can be pretty useful.

Jul 11

  • @Satchamobob @KayinNasaki If it makes you feel any better, I've never met a dev as self-evidently crazy as the guy you're talking about.
  • @KayinNasaki @Satchamobob You know what region is great for meeting up with awesome game developers? Berkeley/SF!
  • @mcclure111 Earlier today @complextropy showed me his code that plots iterations of x = x*(1-x)*r audially, sweeping r with the mouse.
  • @mcclure111 I am now desperately trying to concoct a pretext for the two of you to meet.
  • @KayinNasaki @Satchamobob It's kinda chilly right now actually.
  • @PedroLP_ I don't get home until this evening. I will have to update everybody then.
  • @vogon @baconmeteor Probably he thought he was designing a Super Mario Bros. level.
  • Looking back on Alone in the Dark. It's so brilliant and influential, I'm shocked that I don't recognize anybody in the credits.
  • And of course Mobygames is hardly complete, but I don't see any other games I care about when I click through names in the credits list.
  • @mcclure111 Hah, that's hilarious that they have a picture from an article about Frog Fractions, but not Frog Fractions itself.
  • So @wavenger put together a time-lapse of our respective desktops over the development of Skirt Quest. #molyjam
  • @SpindleyQ No, is it worth checking out?
  • @Cabbibo @wavenger @LouisGorenfeld @cecilyismyruca And the time-lapse doesn't show the morning Brian and I spent replacing my broken laptop.
  • @mcclure111 I wonder if it's like Wikipedia where there's this super insular group of updaters, or if every updater died and noone noticed.
  • @SpindleyQ I was thinking of revisiting AITD soon. I'll probably throw Little Big Adventure in there and see what sticks.
  • This really sheds some new light on the Zimmerman case.
  • @still @bhsharp Check out what Jerry Bruckheimer has to say about screenwriting and the "gestation period."
  • Stoo churro day 8.

Jul 12

  • Stoop churro has disappeared. Which one of you guys got hungry?
  • In its place there are, um, four issues of the SF Chronicle. Perhaps we've just observed a natural metamorphosis?
  • @mcclure111 Since you think like the vandal, will you help me interview suspects?
  • RT @celsiusgs @mogwai_poet Godspeed, stoop churro.
  • @mcclure111 Yeah. I'll be going both days, actually.
  • @shr1k Me too! It was the highlight of my day.
  • @vectorpoem D'aww, it's okay, dog-owl thing.
  • Three years later, at any mention of GOG, I still think "oh, the assholes who shut customers out of their service as a marketing stunt."
  • So is there a GOG competitor yet? Specifically one selling the Alone in the Dark trilogy. Asking for a friend.
  • RT @shr1k @mogwai_poet I'm ashamed to admit I even had a little song. "We will, we will, stoop churro!". It's not very good, but then neither was SC.
  • @Cropcirkill I'll triple-check when I get home.
  • @IcarusTyler @rockpapershot Oh cool! Thanks, Nate!
  • @corywhiteland They issued a press release saying they were going out of business and shut down their servers, then two days later LOL JK!
  • @corywhiteland Along with an insulting faux apology video involving monk costumes.
  • @HaroldoNVU @dotemu @GOGcom Offering good product is a *baseline*. Making up for unethical business practices means going above-and-beyond.
  • @HaroldoNVU @dotemu @GOGcom I'm pretty sure orphans have to be involved.
  • @HaroldoNVU I'll have a look at DotEmu, thanks!
  • @TeamPoops Yeah, most people don't care about unethical advertising as much as I do I guess?
  • @GrowGiant
  • @PaperDino Like most large companies, Sony has a huge laundry list of shit like that.
  • @PaperDino Sony's basically a small country, though. It's like holding all of California responsible for abusive police in a small town.
  • @mcclure111 Cool! We should get lunch maybe.
  • @PaperDino On the other hand, enormous companies in general are basically the worst thing.
  • @mcclure111 Is it okay if you grind your own flour?
  • @PaperDino But they're human-scale, so it was actual human assholes making the decision. Not a bureacracy. Not snowflakes in an avalanche.
  • @corywhiteland It was part of moving their site to new servers, but they did this instead of figuring out ways to minimize the downtime.
  • @renaudbedard It's a lot more plausible as a legitimate crash on a PC.
  • @PaperDino Yes, probably by breaking up a company long before it gets to that size.
  • @PaperDino Yes, we should also break up hills before they become mountains.
  • RT @BrendanSinclair To those who wanted the gaming press to grow a spine: That means standing up to readers as well as publishers.
  • RT @gamespot Thanks to @riotgames work with the US government, #LeagueOfLegends pros can now receive visas, as pro athletes.
  • "How indie devs should talk to the press - by the press!"
  • Skirt Quest got on RPS! That makes my second time. Third if you count when Quintin Smith called me "The Last Biceps."
  • @YouOldSoAndSo It's on there. It's only a loose inspiration though, so I don't care enough to ask people to, like, issue corrections.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Hm, is it? Tell me more!
  • A pretty thorough takedown of Malcolm Gladwell's "Koreans crash more planes because they speak Korean" hypothesis: askakorean.blogspot...
  • @jeffatrad Well then you have to analyze a good chunk of what he says to back it up, rather than just this one statement.
  • Searching halfheartedly for Stoop Churro. He's still not under the SF Chronicle.

Jul 13

  • OH: "After you send them to fix the Sun you won't have to pay them any more."
  • I'd been wondering if the Giant Bomb guys would make it out to CAX this year.
  • The cabinet itself is empty. I guess you're just supposed to shoot at his portrait?
  • What's a more fitting Ryan Davis memorial than a Warlords cocktail? An eleven-string bass, of course.
  • Tragedy: Magical Truck Adventure is busted.
  • I do seem to have less to say about each CAX. Maybe it's just that I basically didn't sleep last night, though.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: "flame offsets" for robots for whom it is inconvenient to emit flames per Asimov's 4th law of robotics.

Jul 15

  • @esdin Next time!
  • @TeamPoops The Vita work I'm doing is PSM, which is based on Mono, which is uses garbage collection.
  • @TeamPoops I believe it's 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRAM. We are still having performance issues we haven't figured out yet, so maybe?
  • @TeamPoops This is interesting and possibly useful, thanks!
  • What a migraine looks like: artblogcomments.blo...
  • I was happy to see several indie devs showing arcade-style games at California Extreme. I do worry a little that it'll take over the show.
  • Actually, I worry more that modern arcade-style games will *start* to take over CAX and the organizers will clamp down for everyone.
  • "Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been revealed as the enigmatic dubstep producer Burial."
  • RT @necrosofty McDonalds has partnered with Visa to prove that it is impossible to live on the wages they pay.
  • RT @YourAnonNews Why isnt the NRA saying the tragedy wouldn't have happened if Trayvon Martin was armed,& calling on young black men to get themselves guns?
  • @patriciaxh We met at GDC! At the Venus Patrol thing. I'm pretty sure, anyway!

Jul 16

  • Heading over to Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) co-working at The MADE. (THIS IS YOUR CUE TO SHOW UP)
  • @dunkr Make sure you get there after me so I can unlock the door first!
  • @phubans SCP-4472: Haunted street view camera angle/zoom level.
  • Unboxing your new Gamecube:
  • @rupazero I just found out that technically the game dev summer camp thing is happening right now so we're not supposed to be here.
  • @esdin @vogon Yeah, they dropped backwards compatibility pretty shortly after launch.
  • . @IsHL3OutYet @WillValveEverMakeACampaignDrivenGameAgain? No.
  • @rupazero Want to try a coffee shop Thursday instead? Maybe a second attempt at the meetup we planned with @randyzero and @Disasterpeace.
  • @bvpeck Oh hey, man! Haven't seen you around at any jams since GGJ. What have you been up to?
  • @bvpeck Thanks! I've mostly hammering on a PS Vita project. It was supposed to be my day job but isn't quite paying the bills.
  • RT @LineHollis Priveleged people who find comfort in fantasies of persecution are the scariest people of all
  • Can't fail startup idea of the day: Broken Picture Telephone but with cooking instead of drawing.
  • @ForneusLex @mrasmus Yeah, I suspect "Eat Poop You Cat" was the result of an iteration of the game.

Jul 17

  • @cecilyismyruca Thanks! I'm piggybacking on a friend's hosting, actually. @wavenger, what do you use?
  • "As we're told that products are what matter, we see people actively turn away from life to engage with technology."
  • @henkboom That is interesting, thanks!
  • Programming is actually one of the laziest mental exercises, because it's dead obvious when you made a mistake. No need to double check.
  • @sparsevector Those also tend to be the cases where absolute correctness matters less. But yes, there are degrees of "dead obvious."
  • @sparsevector It's easy to write code that breaks in rare cases or in a non-obvious way. Or to write code that's hard to read and maintain.
  • @silentbicycle Hm. Maybe the reason I think programming is easy is that I'm old enough to know how to avoid unnecessarily difficult things.
  • @silentbicycle Yeah, driver programming, that's a good example of a thing to avoid!
  • RT @joyybox You're allowed to enjoy things you suck at.
  • @silentbicycle Yeah, that's why we pay you the big bucks! (I actually *love* systems programming. But fuck threads forever.)
  • @sparsevector Just prove the code correct! Except a proof will be as bug-prone as the code, and you can't run it to sanity-check the result.
  • @IAmNidoking Yeah, there are degrees of "dead obvious" and also degrees of "mistake."
  • RT @LouisGorenfeld C & C++ Music Factory
  • "New 'All You Can Arcade' replaces coin-op routes with $75 monthly rentals."
  • They say Bob Qwerty deliberately designed QWERTY to increase typing effort. He could've done a much better job:
  • @frank0127 @revvoice I've heard that. I've also heard that it was designed to SPEED UP typing -- by slowing typists down!
  • *Rubs temples* ... Maybe it's time to go back to using fixed point for everything. randomascii.wordpre...
  • In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure 32.32 fixed point covers 99% of use cases I care about without worrying about values going out of range.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman *Rubs temples*
  • Bastion is $2.24 on Steam for the next 8 hours. store.steampowered....
  • @ThemsAllTook Yeah, last time I dealt with fixed-point I remember making a 256-byte sin/cos lookup table.
  • @kasavin Thank you for making Bastion!
  • @dmmfix It's cool, I'll just teach myself to read base 32 when looking at debugging output.

Jul 18

  • @rupazero @randyzero Maybe we can split the difference between that and BART? I like Arbor except it never has free outlets. Other ideas?
  • @KayinNasaki Fun fact: launch TF2 is still pristine on the Xbox 360.
  • If you change "asshole" to "person with unreasonable opinions" then I've had the same thoughts. Being unreasonable often leads to great art.
  • RT @RealCarrotFacts One benefit of eating a carrot is hopefully it tastes ok
  • @frankcifaldi Everything I know about 80s anime aesthetic I learned from
  • When I tell people I don't understand the Steam trading card thing, they try to explain it to me. Luckily, I still don't understand it.
  • @dustbusta B-b-but it was already free?
  • @MikeASchneider They're really good at that, aren't they?
  • @tonyperriello Hrm. Saved $15 on what size of purchase? Is it like how these $600 boots are on sale for $300, so you can't afford not to?
  • @MikeASchneider Apparently it's much more profitable? It makes sense, because AAA games are pretty much the least profitable thing.
  • @tonyperriello So was this a matter of getting valuable cards at the right time?
  • @Pandawlf All I know for sure is that this is what 300 of the smartest people in the world are doing, now, instead of making video games.
  • Man, I wish this sort of thing existed back when I was 15 and desperate for any cheap synthesizer at all.

Jul 19

  • Pitch drop caught on camera.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Yep!
  • @UndeadManWalkin I was thinking it needed a laugh track.
  • I just talked at the MADE game dev summer camp thing, so the kids could meet a real life game developer. Two of them even seemed interested!
  • @dmmfix All questions get answered eventually. We'll have to come to terms with this some day.
  • @yoitstimothy After I talked they all wanted to *play* Minecraft. Except the kid who went back to working on his RPG platformer.
  • @NicholasGolden We actually showed them Frog Fractions, but of course they didn't really get it. (You kind of have to be over 30 to get it.)
  • @NotJoOrdinary That's cool too, but it's cooler that those two kids were interested :)
  • Almost as exciting as the hypothetical array of rail guns that could fire a burrito through any open window in SF.
  • @NintendoAmerica I just replaced a 3DS that was stolen. Is there a way to get my old eShop purchases back?

Jul 20

  • Game development, ladies and gentlemen.
  • @Teanah It's comin'! It'll probably be a little less glitchy by the time it gets to you.
  • @mcclure111 Have you considered electroplating?
  • @necrosofty @ADAMATOMIC The Overcloud has yet to issue any directives, but just looking at him you know they'll be for the greater good.
  • I've been really enjoying watching the competition-grade Binding of Isaac play at

Jul 22

  • Gunhouse title screen, working as intended.
  • @DMZilla I keep telling myself that I've still got all the easy 1000 point games in my back pocket in case I need to do a final push.
  • @DMZilla It all depends on whether I value reaching 100k more than not hating myself.
  • I go long enough between Amazon purchases that every time, they offer me another free month of Prime. Maybe I'll come around *this* time!
  • Stardock just bought the Star Control IP. Do not know if want; Stardock's stuff is all pretty dry and simmy.
  • @108 Toys For Bob is too busy printing money.
  • @108 I guess on balance I'm glad it got bought by someone who's gonna do something with it? But yeah, it feels like it "belongs" with TFB.
  • @108 Yeah, but I just can't imagine them getting the opportunity, short of a Bungie-leaving-Microsoft caliber miracle.
  • @cheepguava See, yeah, that's what I mean, that's the sort of joke I just can't imagine Brad Wardell making.
  • @polpo There's that too. It's striking how quickly that company went from indie darling to never-giving-them-a-cent.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I'm pretty sure Zoom field recorders are directly responsible for the upswing in high-quality fart sounds in indie games.

Jul 23

  • @cheepguava But we just *had* one of those!
  • I'm on my way to Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday but mostly Tuesday but maybe *this* Thursday) co-working at The MADE.
  • "Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult"
  • Nowhere Man was a show that I was seriously interested in in 1995, but I'm not sure if I ever actually saw an episode, or just ads.
  • I'm about a third through the first and only season. It feels like a re-hash of The Prisoner through the lens of The X-Files.
  • I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, but I'm not convinced it has any objective reason to exist.
  • @zhiwiller Yeah, do TV shows still have "internet episodes"?
  • Indie Games for Good 2013 date announced! The fun starts October 17th, 2013.
  • I just got a spam comment on Frog Fractions advertising "Cube World Free Download." Doesn't look official, but it's interestingly specific.

Jul 24

  • Cats woke me up with a startled yowl this morning. Turns out a neighbor's cat was peering, wide-eyed, into my bedroom window.
  • @LorenBednar Even in my just-woke-up state I'd *probably* have noticed that the cat was human-sized.
  • @LineHollis Statled... moning... neighbo's... peeing -- aha! That *would* be startling.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Exactly like this, yes.

Jul 25

  • @davidsgallant I guess Valve still feels the need to drive-by curate now and again?
  • @rupazero I will be. Not there yet.
  • @rupazero Heading over now.
  • @rupazero I'm here now, but I forgot that classes were still going on, and the kids are louder than usual today. Might be hard to work.
  • Boilr has me playing Binding of Isaac again. They've got the racing idea right -- it's way too easy to spend 20 minutes grinding an Arcade.
  • @dasupa1 I remembered being really good at it until I played it again and remembered how much harder Wrath of the Lamb made it.

Jul 26

  • RT @Fred_Delicious Bruce Willis is at a restaurant & his date keeps asking him if he likes to "Dine Hard" Bruce doesn't get the joke & is considering leaving
  • Like any other tool, UX design methodologies can be used for good or for evil: 90percentofeverythi...
  • "Connect Your Computer To A Higher Intelligence"
  • @rachel_sala Are you playing with the Wrath of the Lamb DLC? It's *way* harder with that installed than vanilla.
  • @dualhammers Yours doesn't?
  • @LorenBednar That's what I used. I still remember my login, with the generated username being a way better password than the password.
  • Here's a way any mildly technical person can spend a few minutes helping fix the software patent problem.
  • @henkboom Understandable. Any time C does anything sensible implicitly, you can thank your particular implementation, not the language.
  • @henkboom Because your compiler *happens* to initialize, right? This other one might play Pomp and Circumstance over the PC speaker instead.
  • @henkboom Life's little wonders!
  • By the way. 40,000 software patents per year times 15 man-minutes to kill each one works out to about five full-time employees.
  • RT @OptimistPanda @mogwai_poet can we kickstart those 5 employees?
  • . @necrosofty We'll need a pre-Kickstarter Kickstarter first to find someone to poke holes in my shitty math.
  • @spolsky 40k patents per year times 15 man-minutes works out to about five full-time programmers. Time to go to Kickstarter.
  • "Texts From J. Alfred Prufrock"
  • RT @Slaktus @ADAMATOMIC @necrosofty @mogwai_poet
  • RT @Slaktus Critics earnestly inspecting pop cultural media yet failing to engage with anything but their pet peeves is fucking up my quality of life.
  • RT @Slaktus Reading most media critique makes me want to grab the author and scream: DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY THIS THING IS WHAT IT IS? MOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEY!
  • @Slaktus Can you make a blog post about this or something so I can link to it rather than retweeting the whole goddamned thing?
  • @Slaktus Don't think the world's ready for 8k words on that topic. Really, like, copy the tweets into pastebin? Or something about as long.
  • @chrisremo You might've plausibly had the same thought about MySpace five years ago, if that makes you feel any better.
  • The dangers of with treating pop media a venue for artistic expression: doublenegation.tumb...

Jul 27

  • @vectorpoem @Jonathan_Blow Taking a step further, excluding those who are not worthy is what games are. You *want* to have to work for it.
  • @vectorpoem @Jonathan_Blow Fans hated ME3's "narrative mode" -- if anyone can see the story, that devalues your 10000 hours of FPS practice.
  • LegoŽ may only be used to refer to the brand; each piece is a LegoŽ Brick. Plural: LegoŽ Bricks. Or "Legos" if you're not a goddamned tool.
  • @mcclure111 @henkboom Right, my takeaway from this article is that GC always sucks on mobile.
  • @mcclure111 @henkboom I'm dealing with this in PSM. Keeping 80% of RAM free so the GC doesn't bog down means I get ~20 megs.
  • @mcclure111 @henkboom Before I was cognizant of this I was getting ludicrous profiler results. Best was the 200-item quicksort taking 20ms.
  • @henkboom @mcclure111 I'm pretty sure there was some boxing/unboxing bullshit going on in there too.
  • @mcclure111 @LorenBednar @henkboom No, it's sandboxed like XBLIG, so the general public can target it.
  • @henkboom @mcclure111 Hm. I assumed the performance falloff was due to memory fragmentation, not number of items looked at.
  • @mcclure111 @LorenBednar @henkboom Maybe! Or maybe it just seems familiar because everybody has that story about Android.
  • @mcclure111 @henkboom I wonder if the author read it.
  • I just remembered, Bandcamp has a download code feature. Maybe I should start paying for groceries with Frog Fractions soundtrack codes.
  • Phil Fish is both crazy enough to cancel Fez 2 and enough of a troll to pretend to cancel Fez 2, so who the fuck knows.
  • @Vahn16 I'm pretty sure that's how Andy Kaufman operated as well.
  • @ForneusLex Yeah. But Fez took five years to make; nobody'd notice if he took a year off in the middle of Fez 2.
  • @ForneusLex He's clearly crazy. Literally, needs-meds crazy. He also sometimes *acts* crazy on purpose. Being internet-famous isn't helping.
  • I'll be in Seattle from 8/7 to 9/4. I hope being a PAX Dev panelist gets me into PAX proper, or it's on you all to entertain me for 4 days.
  • @codemastermm I guess I should email them.
  • @Satchamobob Yeah, I still need to figure that stuff out.
  • @LorenBednar That'd be good for a few minutes I'm sure.
  • @westquote Oh, excellent.
  • . @necrosofty Er, whoops. I'm going to Seattle 8/*27*, not 8/7.
  • @h_e_e_l_s @codemastermm @Chiparoo I'm a panelist. I don't know if that's the same thing?

Jul 28

  • @rachel_sala @Satchamobob Is that an infection of some kind?
  • @h_e_e_l_s @codemastermm @Chiparoo Excellent, thank you!
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: a room-sized desk, because a mess on a desk looks better than the same mess on the floor.
  • @daemonpants Accidentally? Like, whoops, you crossed the UN-sanctioned altitude threshold where bouldering becomes free soloing?
  • RT @mrasmus @mogwai_poet Bonus: then you ALSO have a room-sized table *fort*. And you can make a mess in there, too, which nobody can see because fort.
  • RT @JustCallMeNovak @mogwai_poet In the next room, a bed the size of the room!
  • @NicholasGolden I can see a good chunk of room that's not desk there!
  • @daemonpants Hah, yeah, don't they always look safer from the bottom than from the top? That does sound both horrifying and exhilarating.
  • Eating dinner at the Chevy's featured in @Paperdino's Save The Date. Keeping a wary eye out for dolphin pods and tentacle attacks.
  • @NicholasGolden Liveblog it!

Jul 29

  • So who am I meeting at PAX/PAX Dev? Also, who am I *staying with* for PAX/PAX Dev? Got a day or two on either side to play with.
  • Nintendo wants a police report for my stolen 3DS before they transfer my eShop purchases. I'm sure Oakland PD will appreciate my patronage.
  • @WiFi_Pirate "I'll check with the boys at the crime lab, they've got four more detectives working the case. They got us working in shifts!"
  • Elena says she couldn't hear me in either phone call, and also my contact image is "weirdly white." Either my phone's busted or I'm a ghost.
  • @germdisco Yeah, but I'm pretty sure they could work out a DRM mechanism that doesn't involve going to the police.
  • @Satchamobob
  • @ellaguro doublenegation.tumb...

Jul 30

  • All of John Carmack's plan updates from 1997. Still as fascinating today as it was back then. fd.fabiensanglard.n...
  • On my way to Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) co-working at The MADE.
  • Hmm.
  • What's up with All You Can Arcade? Is it the responsibility of the machine owners to cover delivery cost?
  • I just realized, if you're not aware of The Binding of Isaac, this sticker probably makes you think I'm really into naked, crying toddlers.
  • @braktheman That's probably the smart move.

Jul 31

  • Here's the timeline: head itches; scratch head; find a hard thing in my hair; what the hell? Turns out to be the end of a lamp's pull cord.
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