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Ugh, stop twitching
october 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:36:14 by Jim Crawford
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Oct 01

  • I bet there's an entire generation of tracker music fans who think of tracker music as "keygen music."
  • @bengrue @necrosofty That's a fair point. Tracker music *does* have roots in the cracking scene.
  • I just discovered that Math.Round(x) and Math.Round(x+1) don't always give different results. Thanks, Banker's Rounding!
  • @LouisGorenfeld Except I need rounding behavior! Luckily the Midpoint.AwayFromZero enum has my back.
  • @Reetesh Hm, what do you mean?
  • @Reetesh Ah, no! I was just doing a calculation that assumed that expression to be true.
  • @Reetesh Yeah, I'm using floor(x+0.5) now!
  • RT @UpWorthIt Got A Minute To Change Your Life? Good, This Will Only Take 30 Seconds.
  • @DMZilla
  • @DMZilla I was pretty pleased!

Oct 02

  • All these numbers-going-up games like Cookie Clicker and Candy Box still have nothing on Prime Number Shitting Bear.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @Triplefox Have fun at Indiecade!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Hm, remind me what that is?

Oct 03

  • What does consent culture look like? "I personally wasn't able to imagine a culture of consent until I saw it." disruptingdinnerpar...
  • Action Park, 1978-1996, the water park where part of the thrill was that you might actually die on the rides.
  • Idly curious how many different emails with "integrated marketing help" in the subject I have to report as spam before Gmail gets the hint.
  • @wavenger I haven't seen any penis-related spam in a decade, not even when I look into my spam folder. Makes me wonder what's wrong with me.

Oct 04

  • @dualhammers Wh-- who's there? Who said that?
  • @dualhammers Hello, police? There's this guy who won't stop saying "creaking floorboards" at me.
  • Those who enjoyed reading about me screwing around in GTA should really check out the videos Tom Francis is making:

Oct 06

  • Here's the game we made at SFIGJam last weekend:
  • RT @SiSk_info Bild från dagens workshop i spelanalys på NTI i Malmö. Här spelas Skirt Quest.
  • "Picture from today's game analysis workshop."
  • Man, I should make more games with writing in them.

Oct 07

  • RT @virtjk Chris "@b_e_e_k " Hampton is the man who got me into the game industry. Please help his amazing band tour the US!
  • "Why is Grand Theft Auto's misogyny still getting a pass?" thinkchristian.refr...
  • RT @dualhammers @mogwai_poet "more odious than lying awash in misyogonic filth, it's the idea of missing out on a video game that is really fun to play."

Oct 08

  • I am pretty excited about whatever Frictional's new thing is:
  • @benprunty Judging by that and the other trailer it looks heavily SCP-inspired.
  • @benprunty It's pretty great! Well, a lot of it is great. Some of it is more like "SCP-3732, haunted episode of Everybody Loves Raymond"
  • Now that it's Monday and people are awake/back from Indiecade, here is jam game I worked on about hiking in a desert:
  • @Triplefox Yeah? What kind of reaction did you get?
  • RT @philnelson This game gets me

Oct 09

  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @Satchamobob Man, re serious games, you should've seen the game we *intended* to make for that jam.
  • @Satchamobob I would make that game, given a generous schedule for proper research. During a weekend jam, turns out not so much.
  • @Satchamobob @geardrops +1 food, -1 person to drain your food. Win/win!
  • RT @gt_effbee Please don't use the term "politically incorrect". It implies that not being an asshole is somehow politically motivated.
  • Pickup artist "Roosh" has trouble getting laid in Denmark due to "the country's excellent social welfare services."

Oct 10

  • I don't have this particular nostalgia but now I kind of wish I did. english.bouletcorp....
  • @troygilbert @MattThorson It's hard for me to tell how much of a douchebag he is because I'm pretty sure he pegged my douchebag meter.
  • RT @necrosofty When I smell cheese on public transit I worry that it is probably not cheese, and then I worry about cheese in general as a result :/
  • I think you could do a really solid touchscreen platformer with drag and flick gestures. Are there any existing ones I should look at?
  • @endrift I loved that game! But yeah, not so much of a jumping off point for anything else.
  • @Triplefox I only spent about 5 minutes with that because it made me itch. Did it have drag-to-walk?
  • @kiimpulsively @8bitpimp @phubans Yeah, tap-to-jump is the only touchscreen platformer control scheme I've seen done well so far.
  • . @Niyeaux Yeah, I was thinking of using flick velocity as a way around the awkwardness of charged jumps. Right analog stick would work too.
  • @driph I'll have a look, thanks!
  • @jonfaec That sounds like a smart idea. I'm looking forward to finding out how well it works.
  • @hbmuscat @Niyeaux Hm, that's a good point. It might not be that much more responsive than charging up a jump as I was imagining.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies Scientists awaken an ancient lifeform: a bacterium capable of lengthy hibernation. Research allows increased shelflife for non-dairy creamer
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies Gigantic beasts are attacking Earth's cities. Gigantic robots are designed to combat them. The design is rejected in favor of air strikes.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies Archaeologists find an ancient carving prophesying the end of the world. The prophesy does not come true. The carving is placed in a museum.

Oct 11

  • Hey Americans, everyone thinks you're disgusting again!
  • @vogon The common thread in all your dysfunctional bus drummer relationships is you.
  • People have asked me if it's possible to win Futilitris. I'm pretty sure I won while reading this comment.
  • @frankcifaldi Cracked is a surprisingly socially conscious entertainment blog these days.
  • BART might be striking again tomorrow.
  • Malcolm Gladwell's work is dangerously disingenuous and he seems both aware of and completely fine with this.
  • Need a co-working partner for much of next week. Who's up for it?
  • @codemastermm @Tishes34 What say you, Tishes?
  • Can you hurry it up in there? I really need to pee.
  • @BrianNumberOne I'm living in Oakland thesedays so actually I'm not sure if that'd work logistically.
  • @Tishes34 @codemastermm Cool! I guess the big question right now is whether BART will be running.
  • @Coding4Profit Not just any old self-hate! Hate of obsessing over games that are addictive well beyond the point where they stop being fun.

Oct 12

  • I still liked Alien as little as 5 years ago, but after re-watching it now, I wonder whether Prometheus ruined it for me or if I'm just old.
  • I see in Alien, now, the same murkiness of blocking and action, and editing for tone and pacing rather than telling a sensical story.
  • One thing Alien does have over Prometheus is that it successfully conveys character motivation and follows through on it. Most of the time.
  • @flangy Was it the understandable character motivations?
  • @celsiusgs Yeah. When Ripley goes back for the cat, it stands out as exceptionally dumb. It's not another dumb thing in a sea of dumb.
  • @benprunty @celsiusgs Yeah. It feels way more like a plausible future than most sci-fi films made this decade.
  • @benprunty @celsiusgs Given Apple's strategy of owning progressively more and more of each user's life, that is honestly not so implausible.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo His presence would've been welcome in Prometheus, yes!
  • @icecreamjonsey Thanks! Despite all the flaws I'm super happy with how it turned out overall.
  • RT @BooDooPerson Absolutely gross how hard it is to learn/get good at things when you're not a kid and have declining plasticity, get home ~7 instead of 3.

Oct 13

  • "We're all just screaming at each other across a wide, dark chasm. Why would you make that chasm wider?"
  • @wavenger How long are you allowed to stay bi-currious? Isn't there a rule against eating there all your life? What if it's the best food?
  • @HanFreakinSolo @pixiemania @ZoeQuinnzel Wait, so, uh, have they fixed the sheathing problem?
  • I just got an email asking how much it would cost to repurpose the Frog Fractions assets to teach children arithmetic. How could I say no?
  • @mikesuszek @JarMustard @FTLgame Oh, you!
  • I emailed the guy back. "Every time a frog eats a butterfly an amount is added to player account. This will teach additions to players."
  • "Be the person your dog thinks you are."
  • @STRd6 @LouisGorenfeld @Bananattack @Triplefox I'm in.
  • @benprunty What's remarkable to me is that Pokemon *still* has a huge youth fanbase, and it's basically the exact same game as before.
  • @benprunty Nintendo will be selling Pokemon to at least 15 years worth of of kids for their entire lives.
  • RT @STRd6 @mogwai_poet I hope they can find a good use for the @bengrue sprite.
  • @nosarep No child left behind!
  • Just figured out how to add my webcam to my Spelunky stream. Starting now:

Oct 14

  • Turns out, if you approach Alien Resurrection as a bizarro-world episode of Firefly rather than an Alien sequel, it actually kind of works.
  • @mikeambrogi I'll have to try that. This one?
  • Expectantly nonchalant, or nonchalantly expectant?
  • @LouisGorenfeld I must've been 5 when my family had that system. All my memories of it are primordial.

Oct 15

  • "A 37-stone man was forced to pay for two seats on a jet, only to discover that they were two rows apart."
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Does cat prompt a series of interesting decisions? Q.E.D.
  • @bengrue I'm slightly disappointed they didn't end up casting him in the Oldboy remake, as rumored.
  • "Much like today's serial killer homosexuals, dinosaurs lived a life of violence and sodomy." fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.a...
  • @lottelguy But secretly drawn to it.
  • @troygilbert @celsiusgs Well of course *they* can tell the difference.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies Lacking willing test subjects, a scientist is driven to test an experimental serum on his own body. It causes a rash, requiring cortisone.
  • RT @HardSciFiMovies A boy and his sister discover a space alien and provide him refuge in their home closet. Their parents correctly identify it as a groundhog.
  • "Programmers argue for simplicity in code, then turn around and build the most baroque build and deployment systems." typicalprogrammer.c...
  • @ollymoss Goofy foot
  • @8bitpimp Do they say that? Oh man, *and* .org are both registered. I guess I have to go for baroque.
  • "Heartwarming though it may be, the practice of plucking individuals from a life of poverty does not scale."
  • IGG Marathon is imminent. Sleep as much as you can now, because come Thursday you'll have a lot of watching to do.

Oct 16

  • @GuitarSalad @pennjillette I've found that the very smartest people are most likely to stay wrong, because they can out-debate everybody.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • "Usability issues were correctly interpreted as security flaws since a user mistake can unduly expose information." pressfreedomfoundat...
  • I was just informed that somebody showed up for co-working about an hour before I did, gave up and left. I'm sorry!
  • If you come to Tuesday co-working you should probably have my number so, um, you can call me and I can feel bad for not being there yet.
  • Twelve years after making the switch, the only usability issue I still have with Dvorak is that ctrl-v is right next to ctrl-w.
  • @adamrofer I can't switch *again*. That would mean admitting I was wrong the first time I switched.
  • The replies to this tweet give me hope for the future.
  • RT @still "Working hours are dictated by culture, not economics.... Long hours undermine productivity." #RyseFacts

Oct 17

  • RT @mrasmus Sometimes, late at night, @mogwai_poet and I have weird talks.
  • I just got an email from AWS saying my free trial period is over. Did I hallucinate the $200 hosting bills during Frog Fractions peak usage?
  • @eeJonathan That would explain a lot
  • "You can grill any kind of sandwich. You could grill a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if you wanted to." TRYING THIS RIGHT NOW
  • RT @hryx @mogwai_poet Ice cream sandwich
  • RT @johnnemann @mogwai_poet Portland: (so delicious)
  • RT @NicholasGolden @mogwai_poet it's actually good. Propane will toast, and no woody smell, while charcoals will make it a smoked pbj, which is odd.
  • RT @HateFox @drab_makyo I feel like fox fashions should be a companion game to frog fractions (cc @ForneusLex)
  • @pippinbarr It went okay
  • I am really impressed by "Louie." It's smart, well-written and clearly the product of a single perspective with interesting things to say.
  • @adamrofer Is that the one he did before this? I am curious about it now.
  • @pohungchen Yeah, I often spend the entire episode agape rather than laughing.
  • Spelunky streamin':
  • IGG starts at noon tomorrow.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Man, I guess I shouldn't just assume people know what IGG is. Here:
  • @NotJoOrdinary Hm, it looks like Android auto correct broke the link. I guess just Google for "indie games for good"
  • I had this awkward lock of hair hanging in front of my headphones for the entire Spelunky stream tonight.

Oct 18

  • Embedded in the IGG war room. Getting intense. Stream starts in under an hour.
  • IGG is live at -- the site is busted right now.
  • Starting 10pm Friday, IGG will be running a two-hour game jam. (Matt insists on calling it "JimJam.") Developers, get your frameworks ready!
  • We post more details on once we nail them down. Short version: make a thing in 2 hours and we'll show it onstream.
  • Best entry from last year, judged by the eponymous Jim: #jimjam2013
  • Tip: if you've never made a game in two hours before you will probably not make one in these two hours. So maybe practice? #jimjam2013
  • @LouisGorenfeld It runs Friday from 10pm to 12am.
  • The other best entry from last year: #jimjam2013
  • Er, specifically this:
  • @InfStateMachine No worries! IGG is the gaming marathon for charity. Happening now and running through the weekend:
  • @InfStateMachine "JimJam" is the game jam that's happening on the marathon stream Friday night.
  • @LouisGorenfeld Yeah, we can make that happen. Historically, non-primetime hours have been pretty lassez-faire.
  • @LouisGorenfeld Even better, if you want to show up in person Friday night.
  • @hbmuscat Yeah, I love game jams! It's all the fun of starting a new project with none of the worries of long term commitment.
  • @ShawnElliott People care about the artistic voices they perceive. The director's voice is audible over the cacophony of a 400-person team.
  • @ShawnElliott A journalist doesn't need to shout because that's his or her voice right there on the page.
  • @ShawnElliott (This is why people mourned you going into AAA dev. Your personal voice inevitably got lost in the cacophony.)
  • Next on IGG: Frog Fractions, Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, Save the Date, Euro Truck Simulator, Ridiculous Fishing.
  • BART strike is happening, starting Friday.
  • Playing Desert Hike EX on the IGG stream.

Oct 19

  • JimJam happening soon. Join us at 10pm PDT to hastily make games! Details:
  • I kinda forgot to announce this when it started, but your JimJam entries are due in 68 minutes.
  • Showing JimJam games onstream now!
  • @NotJoOrdinary I'm building Gunhouse with Brandon most other weekdays.

Oct 20

  • @NotJoOrdinary Right, at various coffee shops.
  • Here's the game I made for Jim Jam. Risk/reward schedules! #igg2013
  • @STRd6 @LouisGorenfeld @Bananattack @Triplefox I'm in.
  • @LouisGorenfeld @STRd6 @Bananattack @Triplefox Are you two gonna come to the Dojo?

Oct 21

  • "The Policeman," starring Kevin Costner. After civilization ends, one man takes it upon himself to continue enforcing parking restrictions.

Oct 22

  • I'm at a Mexican restaurant at 16th and Mission. I'm not sure how I'm getting home to Oakland. Do buses exist?
  • @vogon Thank you!
  • IGG's fundraising total this year: $10380. I'll tell you, we were pretty pessimistic when Saturday evening rolled around and we were sub-3k.
  • @corywhiteland Hm, they aren't open today. But the Elbo Room is presenting a big empty black rectangle:
  • @evilbadman @KayinNasaki I think a lot of it's that that's when Matt came out of his cave. He's the best showman among us, oddly enough.
  • @8bitpimp Thanks! Yeah, there's always that push at the end for just a few more hours.
  • @evilbadman @KayinNasaki Yeah, same as last year. We were less ambitious technically this year but not less enough. He did sleep this time.
  • @plentyofalcoves Does Kevin Costner play the robot?
  • @JBantha Hang on while I pull up search-and-replace...
  • @vectorpoem I would've preferred a pneumatic tube delivery system, but I think I left my druthers in Mountain View.
  • @MarcLaidlaw @vectorpoem Not today! BART workers are on strike.
  • IGG aftermath:
  • RT @frankcifaldi The guy who took every clean photo of a video game console you've ever seen in an article needs money to do more:

Oct 23

  • PSA: Tuesday co-working is not happening today, because, er, I assumed the BART strike would preclude it and planned other things.
  • RT @IwataAsks Iwata Asks can you just name kids whatever you want?
  • @Triplefox Oh, sorry!
  • "How to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes. This is probably the most painful bug report I've ever read." pythonsweetness.tum...
  • Gone Home is $10 on Steam. Also there is now a commentary track!? store.steampowered....
  • I swear, the first game to have a Rifftrax commentary track in it is going to make a billion dollars.
  • RT @Carin_McLeoud @mogwai_poet Rebel Assault 2 had an MST3k mode with silhouettes and all.
  • @Carin_McLeoud Did I say the first game? I meant the second...

Oct 24

  • A lifetime of dumb advice suddenly made sense: if you've never been the target, ignoring bullying really *does* make the problem go away.
  • RT @VirtualClint @mogwai_poet Disgaea on the DS had Prinny commentary where the prinnies made fun of the game all the way thru.
  • @VirtualClint That's amazing
  • Here is the first prototype of Gone Home, an Amnesia mod. frictionalgames.blo...
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Does that have riffing? I thought it was mostly jet ski racing
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Hah man, I like how it's clearly just the voice of the programmer who added the easter egg.
  • The 0-hour game jam is closing in!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Irrational was unusually strong too.
  • @ExpiredPopsicle Hey, can you package up your JimJam game for the collection? ("Package up" can just mean gzipping a.out if you want.)

Oct 25

  • Candy Box 2 exists now, in case you're into that sort of thing:
  • @mikethegratest Maybe it's a server load issue?
  • @ExpiredPopsicle Thanks!
  • @mikeambrogi Oh man, I forgot he was involved in that. I'll check it out for sure.

Oct 26

  • Visualizing Lempel-Ziv compression with 19th-century poetry. (Plus accidental background noise.)
  • For half an hour I've been wracking my brain to figure out why I was trying to remember the number 74.

Oct 27

  • Weird that the creators of Myst would need to seek money for their next game, but I guess making MMOs will do that.
  • Why did the Snowden leaks get people's attention when similar investigative journalism hadn't? americanreviewmag.c...
  • The Atlantic, on Douglas Hoftstadter.
  • RT @Disasterpeace "If I order an ice cream sandwich at a bar, do I have to tip?" - @mogwai_poet

Oct 28

  • Aw man, now that the Indie Custom Cube no longer exists, I'm told there was a Frog Fractions gag in there.
  • @EdibleToaster *You're* old? Get in line, pal.
  • RT @EdibleToaster Frog fractions came out a year ago and now I'm old
  • @Raminibar @EdibleToaster Thank you!
  • @KayinNasaki @EdibleToaster ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  • @Raminibar @EdibleToaster Yeah, I'm always happy to see big surprises. Like a loot drop, except what drops is the other half of the game.
  • @Raminibar @EdibleToaster Watch this space.
  • @Raminibar Frog Fragrances.

Oct 29

  • @necrosofty @Decinoge Well there's your problem: the percent scale only goes up to 110.
  • "The boss, not the workload, causes workplace depression"

Oct 30

  • "The Three Least Powerful Women in Gaming ... Heck, they've probably never even seen the glass ceiling!"
  • @FuzziestKitty Are you going as Andre Felipe or Andre Felipe Felipe?
  • "Fraction Frog Soundtrack | 3Point Instrumental Hip Hop Remix"
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • After playing games for 30 years, any worldbuilding that isn't built on a self-evidently sensible ruleset is obviously timewasting bullshit.
  • @FourbitFriday Just a sec!
  • @Teknobabel That's how I feel about almost every fantasy, not just final ones. But the magic system has to work, right? Like by definition.
  • "Typing of the Dead: Overkill." store.steampowered....
  • @WesleySusaya Awesome things pass through here.
  • @pillowfort @TomSmizzle Man, DMC is a pretty entertaining brawler if you're into that sort of thing, but Amnesia is... part of the *canon*.
  • @pillowfort @TomSmizzle It's like asking: Gulliver's Travels, or one of a thousand contemporary travelogues that people of the time enjoyed.
  • @TomSmizzle @pillowfort Oh man, I missed the part where you're talking about a wholly different game than I thought you were talking about.
  • @TomSmizzle @pillowfort Yeah, okay, never mind. I haven't played A Machine For Pigs so I have no idea.
  • "This is why you shouldn't interrupt a programmer"
  • (That's me, except also I'm desperately trying to cling onto my old state so I can't even engage with the interrupter's question properly.)
  • RT @rje Today is another great reminder why game devs should look at publishers like EA and run the other way as quickly as possible.
  • RT @rje @celsiusgs tl;dr: EA makes exclusivity deal with msft for titanfall, tells respawn after the fact
  • Spelunky is $7.50 on Steam. Play this. store.steampowered....
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Rubber band racing AI with physically modeled rubber bands
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Does your PC copy not do dailies? Wait, is your PC copy the Game Maker one?

Oct 31

  • "The NSA has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers"
  • @mrasmus Just enlarge the font until the text fills the necessary space.
  • @mrasmus I thought that *was* the lazy solution.
  • @mrasmus In the case, the new lazy way: scale the font up by scaling the bitmap up
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