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Ugh, stop twitching
may 2014 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:42:05 by Jim Crawford
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May 01

  • "Teslagrad features not a single snippet of text or squeak of dialogue." Holy shit, are we *finally* recognizing this as a selling point?
  • 21 hours left to make the Spaceteam Admiral's Club happen:

May 02

  • It's not that I'm suddenly into mashups this week, it's that mashups are suddenly worth linking to this week.
  • @Kirocuto No there is not some option like that, I'm sorry.
  • @ForneusLex Yeah, I was really impressed.
  • Looking at The X-Files from today's political climate, the striking thing is how much shit two low level employees are permitted to stir up.
  • It's like Edward Snowden had one late night foot chase and then just went back to work the next day because Deep Throat was a fan.
  • @RockGrumbler Today they'd be in Abu Ghraib by the end of episode 2.
  • @AmyDentata Did you hear this guy's recent album? The one that was mostly Smash Mouth mashups.
  • @yoitstimothy I thought the sinister guy in season one was actually called Deep Throat.
  • @AmyDentata Don't worry, it's not exactly a respectful treatment.
  • RT @AmyDentata thanks to @mogwai_poet I'm inconsolably saturated in a bad trip flashback to the 90s
  • The other thing about X-Files is it's an hour long drama with 25-episode seasons. That's a lot of minutes to write and shoot each year.
  • Frankly I consider it a miracle that series TV made under those circumstances is even slightly not garbage some of the time.
  • @shinyemptyhead I'm up to season 3 and I still consider the plot-advancing episodes a rare treat

May 03

  • RT @PatrickRothfuss Dear @Salon I was going to share a cool article you wrote, but then a video ad started playing. So no. I'm not doing that.

May 04

  • RT @celsiusgs @LorenBednar @manfightdragon
  • @Space_Titanium Make something up! You can always email me corrections later.
  • @Space_Titanium Delicious!

May 05

  • @velvetnsatin Glad to help. Hit me up any time!
  • @burgerbecky
  • Oh man, do you want a new Amplitude? Because I want a new Amplitude:
  • @NicholasGolden Maybe? Harmonix was never doing awesome financially.
  • I just watched the X-Files episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose." Is this episode a thing people know about? Because they really should.
  • @gtwade Yeah. Apparently Darin Morgan only wrote four episodes. I've seen two. Don't know what I'll have to live for after seeing all four.
  • @gtwade And by "live for" I mean "continue watching the X-Files"
  • @gtwade I intend to!
  • @jvdgoot Yeah, I was really impressed!
  • @unusualcadence Oh good, there is justice in the world in at least this respect.
  • @NicholasGolden Yeah, I'm not sure who gets that money. I also wouldn't be surprised if it went entirely towards paying down debt.
  • What I want to know is why the Alien Isolation devs haven't airlifted Thomas Grip in as a design consultant. frictionalgames.blo...

May 06

  • @MoeticOfficial Glad to help! Was awesome to see what you were able to build in a weekend.
  • @quantumpotato Yeah, I think mystery has been a strength of fighting games since the hidden moves in Street Fighter.
  • @quantumpotato Unfortunately, that operates in direct conflict with the fighting game as a platform for competition.
  • @quantumpotato Yeah, and part of the fun there of course is feeling like you're putting one over on the game designers.
  • @quantumpotato Very hard to do on purpose. Often the best choice as a designer is to choose to keep balance issues that come up in testing.
  • Wolfire's David Rosen talks about procedural animation techniques.
  • RT @AmyDentata Google has become the drunk frat boy "aw come on baby, just a little bit more" of UX design
  • RT @AmyDentata There are parts of Google where there is no "cancel" button but you can effectively cancel by navigating elsewhere or reloading the page.
  • RT @AmyDentata That's pretty much every situation I've been in where a dude won't listen to me say "no" and I have to get a girlfriend to help me duck out.
  • RT @Dacidbro @AmyDentata @mogwai_poet wow this is profound and disturbing - I now most accurately understand -that feeling- because of google.

May 07

  • Curious how Harmonix came to the 18-day length for Amplitude. Certainly the middle third of the FF2 Kickstarter felt pretty meaningless.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!
  • @LorenSchmidt Yep!

May 08

  • ISS is livestreaming the Earth.
  • @slutbomb It's okay, I'm pretty sure public nudity is totally legal in low Earth orbit.
  • @LorenBednar What was your favorite part of human existence, for reference?
  • @LorenBednar Alright cool I'll put more of that in v2
  • Still the most uplifting reddit thread:
  • RT @still IT: "It says here you've requested a 3rd monitor for 'space'?" Me: "Well... the ISS is livestreaming from space... and... uh... NEVER MIND."
  • I just received the following set of images in a mysterious email. Investigation is ongoing. More as it develops.
  • @MrGYoureSwell You will have to look into your heart for the answer!
  • @legobutts As are we all

May 09

  • C++ is just as ridiculous and user-hostile as PHP, it's just better respected because its users have CS degrees.
  • @naklsonofnakkl Oh it wants you to learn it. It wants you to spend your entire life learning it.
  • @NicholasGolden Lutefisk?
  • @Lokno That's fair. They are both languages for pragmatists.
  • @yoitstimothy Comparison operators *are* hilarious, aren't they?
  • "A turkey sandwich has trouble getting online."
  • @Dacidbro Very carefully!
  • @silentbicycle Or has a Winmodem.
  • Protip: there is no "real you," just a swirling cloud of conflicting desires in constant struggle over who gets to be you *this second*.

May 10

  • @need12648430 That's probably a reasonable way to think about it.
  • @Kelly_hengels This is probably good. Figuring out who you are and what you want is way easier if you're cognizant of what's happening.
  • @Kelly_hengels You never stop rethinking this stuff. At least, I haven't yet
  • @dougwillsaveus Other way around is how I'd put it.
  • "You sound like two horses."
  • @TheQuinnspiracy Now they can just swipe it near your hand while you sleep

May 11

  • Nintendo planning NFC figures. This is an excellent business model if your goal for Q2 is to make me hate myself.

May 12

May 13

  • @GloriousU That's what I'm here for
  • @GloriousU I'll try to live up to the standard of the crazy games you'll be playing in your head in the meantime!
  • "A wizard tries to impress a girl by summoning infinite soymilk."
  • "What universal human experiences are you missing without realizing it?"
  • @rygorous @nothings @pervognsen Man, I've gotta get back in the habit of reading lesswrong. Pretty consistently fascinating stuff.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman And yet they all still listen to music for some reason!
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Well, and also, there are other things to get, like sonic texture, rhythm, and lyrics.
  • Related, Jason Scott's experience regaining his sense of smell:
  • @rygorous @nothings @pervognsen Related:
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Hm. I haven't seen much of it, but how much of your reaction do you think came from the first-person conceit?
  • @SeeBeeWhitman @MOOMANiBE The laugh track adds emotional trauma to any source of physical pain for free.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I don't think it's so weird. Laughter is as natural a reaction to horror just as it is to comedy in my experience.
  • @rygorous @nothings @pervognsen It's really hard to be aware of this stuff without being prompted. Brain's too good at pattern matching.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I know the sort of thing you mean I think. My experiences with it have generally come down to otherization.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I.e. somebody watching that "don't tase me bro" video and the ensuing discussion focusing on the use of the word "bro"
  • @rygorous @nothings @pervognsen Startup idea: service to text you random questions about your mental state/surroundings throughout the day.
  • @smestorp Interesting, but you suddenly developed a sense of it later in life?
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Well in the case I mean it was more like, because he used the word "bro" he is different from us and therefore deserved it.
  • @smestorp @ADAMATOMIC What I'm sorta afraid to ask is did this open the floodgates or is that still the only music you can hear?
  • @lingmops @jennatar Notably, the literal eyes themselves don't have much information. They actually mean the eyelids and surrounding tissue.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman I'm pretty sure that's everybody who goes into investment banking
  • @lingmops @jennatar I'm *still* not convinced of that.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Did you try to explain it? Sociopaths function better when they understand the people around them.
  • . @SeeBeeWhitman Oh, speaking of, this might help:
  • @mcclure111 @smestorp That's amazing.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman You should definitely read that FAQ. And this:
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Right, no, empathy for your in-group is normal. Empathy for *everyone* is just as much a weird exception as sociopathy is.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman My takeaway from that particular post was basically that selfish love can still present the same way neurotypical love does.
  • @mcclure111 @smestorp Man, didn't you have grunge music growing up :(
  • @mcclure111 @smestorp Oh right, we were just talking about that
  • @LineHollis @lingmops @jennatar One pertinent thing here is that most people's "old" memories are actually rememberings of rememberings.
  • @LineHollis @lingmops @jennatar Another is that the brain reconfigures memory entirely around age 3-4, rendering older memories unavailable.
  • @LineHollis Mine too, just as a data point. Hell, I don't think I have any sort of continuous memory of any age.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Hrm. I read that as more about intensity than a literal proclamation of understanding.
  • @squidlarkin @mcclure111 @smestorp I think something like DDR or Rock Band drums provides a lot of the pleasure of traditional dance.
  • @squidlarkin @mcclure111 @smestorp The physical exertion interacting with the music. There's a joy there.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman That makes sense
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Notably, I think that's actually a valid way to look at it. Their perception is closer to the physical state of the universe.
  • @mcclure111 @squidlarkin @smestorp Is it a coordination thing, a safety thing, a social awkwardness thing?
  • @mcclure111 @squidlarkin @smestorp One thing I liked about DDR is it provided a socially safe way to practice coordination.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Hm, in what way?
  • @LineHollis I suspect most of my "story" memories formed because I thought they were notable enough that I actually told them as stories.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Okay, yeah, I agree but I feel like this has to be a separate discussion from the sociopathy one, for nitpicky reasons
  • @SeeBeeWhitman The brain's audio processing gives you additional information about sound that's actually mathematically meaningful.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Whereas emotional processing gives you information about emotions, which, if you don't give a shit, are just a distraction.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman You know what, fuck Twitter for this conversation. Email me:
  • @piesaac @mcclure111 @smestorp Are you talking about composing for active listening music or for background scores?
  • @piesaac @mcclure111 @smestorp If it's the former, you've gotta just bite the bullet and choose a target audience, right?
  • @piesaac @mcclure111 @smestorp Well you've got your work cut out for you in that case because they have pretty different goals!
  • RT @pushinghoops smh that 'manic pixie dream girl', coined to expose emotionally shallow male fantasies, became just another way to make fun of women
  • H.R. Giger dead at 74.
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE!

May 14

  • @BaseCase No worries! Whenever you're ready.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guest on Oprah to promote their new album.
  • @Appleguysnake @floatvoid @mikeBithell No. They sure were trying real hard to push that angle though.
  • And after the after party is the after after party, and so on.
  • @tylerglaiel What I like is that Youtube saves your listening progress so when you come back to the video you're at the same party
  • @Marwood It's so soothing. You can listen to it while going to sleep!
  • Studies show that being a bully is good for your health.
  • @Marwood @DLTyrus I like that idea.
  • @adrianchm @ThomasGrip The most effective threat is always to attack the player directly, any way you can:
  • Okay you guys, should I try playing Dark Souls again or go right to Dark Souls 2?
  • Thanks you guys I think I'm gonna try the first one again. Probably actually read spoilers this time.
  • @MarcLaidlaw Right, yeah, I even discussed that in my GDC talk, without mentioning that I'm a total Dark Souls poser!

May 15

  • Your separation of church and state at work:
  • @cphase Wishing makes it so
  • Why a self-driving car, optimized to save lives when a crash is unavoidable, may choose to kill its passenger.
  • @Erichermit The more important factor is that, regardless of collision ethics, you will be *way* safer in and around a self-driving car.
  • @FumanchuSarat Huh, yeah! I could see that being the seed of a great inversion story, a la The Things. clarkesworldmagazin...
  • Birds are always making bird noises outside my window, but I sit up and take notice at the ones that sound like Exploders from Dead Space.
  • @ForneusLex Did it work in Arkansas?
  • @ForneusLex Excellent!

May 16

  • Damn it, only after gathering all the backers' shirt sizes and being about to place the order do I discover the concept of women's sizes.
  • @SkipperEl @thalmic Didn't make the stretch goal sadly!
  • RT @Molluskgonebad Hoping for a flood of games called Frog Fractions 2 that start out simple and never change into anything else
  • RT @RyanIkeComposer On this episode of "Ryan Begs Twitter," anyone who can sing Japanese want to be on the Frog Fractions remix album? Please RT!
  • @NotJoOrdinary I think that'll work, yeah
  • @NotJoOrdinary Probably like 2 or 3?
  • @NotJoOrdinary The MADE? Wait, what were we meeting for again?
  • @NotJoOrdinary Ok, right. Can you come to me?
  • @NotJoOrdinary You've got my address!
  • @NotJoOrdinary Yeah, too much, lately! Tomorrow I'm a homebody.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Will do, thanks!
  • Wait, the protagonist of "Clarissa Explains It All" was an indie game developer? How had I never heard about this?
  • RT @awesomonster @mogwai_poet she was always making video games! I think Clarissa was the first person to make me realize I could make video games too
  • @johngorenfeld No! Also, those fake orchestra hits can't possibly be the real trailer score.

May 17

  • @johngorenfeld See, that sounds like an actual score. The trailer thing is some sub-John Carpenter bullshit.
  • Hm, lost another filling. How long are these things supposed to last again?
  • @LouisGorenfeld @johngorenfeld I just skimmed through the whole They Live soundtrack to find a clip to prove you wrong, but man, he's okay.
  • "I auditioned for the 'fat girl' episode of 'Louie,' and here's why I'm so glad I didn't get the part."

May 18

  • RT @humble FLASH SALE ALERT: System Shock 2 is 80% off for the next 8 hours
  • On my way to @hryx's Hype O'Clock Game Dev and Tea Time, where I will drink tea and figure out backer reward logistics.
  • "Adobe ID failure takes Creative Cloud down for nearly 24 hours." Pirated copies continue to work perfectly.
  • RT @dril my opponent's eccentricities are well known. hes probably the one who drank bird bath. he is on record as calling birdbath water "bird juice
  • "This game took three years to make. All they had to do was Google 'pakistan language.'"

May 19

  • Tomorrow's Allan Blomquist just finished a series of articles breaking down the operational details of NES Contra.
  • Man, I'm really impressed by Hoplite. Just abstract enough to be a great puzzle game, just concrete enough to feel like an actual adventure.
  • @aubilenon Not just!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo The Quake engine does the same thing. Treats moving objects as points and expands the world hull to compensate.
  • RT @dril u know irt's a Monday when you rear-end a cop car and your trunk pops open, launching 500 or so jars of piss onto another cop car behind you
  • Pardon me coming through excuse me pardon me
  • Photo set: the technology of World War I.

May 20

  • I enjoy Hoplite more with "legacy graphics" on, because it's so much easier to read the playfield. This is why roguelikes are still ASCII.
  • Admittedly roguelikes are also still ASCII because of no art budget. But it's also a legitimate design/usability decision.
  • @dominictarason Good graphical roguelikes are designed around using graphics. I can't imagine making a Nethack playfield readable with tiles
  • @dislekcia Yeah, that's taking good advantage of the medium.
  • @dominictarason Hm, searching for screenshots I can't tell the version you mean.
  • @DLTyrus The "D" means dragon. That 16x16 mess of pixels means "dragon." They're both abstracted, It's not like a first-person thing where
  • @DLTyrus there's a huge literal dragon in front of you. You have to learn what both mean, but the "D" is easier to pick out on the screen.
  • @dominictarason That's legitimately impressive.
  • @DLTyrus Yeah, of course you're right, part of the reason e.g. Nethack's tiles suck is that the art isn't very good.
  • @Green9090LP @DLTyrus Above a certain level mimetic quality, yes. But in a traditional roguelike there's so much information on the screen
  • @Green9090LP @DLTyrus that conveying it all at such a quality is effectively impossible.
  • Filler words like "uh" convey to the listener that a new or more complicated concept is about to be introduced.
  • "[Listeners] were quicker to follow directions that involved objects they hadn't yet manipulated when their instructions included an 'uh.'"
  • @Data01 As usual the people telling you how to speak properly are proven wrong and also most likely racist.
  • @vectorpoem Still waiting for devs to catch up to Toys For Bob circa 1992 and realize some players may be uninterested in the core mechanic.
  • @JackMenhorn @Data01 Unless they're telling you how to cook a great pot roast, in which case maybe they're racist but it's delicious anyway.
  • @NotJoNacho Cool!
  • Join me for Tuesday co-working at The MADE! I won't be here next week, maybe the week after either, for reference.
  • Peter will be here next week, though, so the event will still happen.
  • With modern CPU caches, linked lists perform worse than arrays even when inserting and deleting. blog.davidecoppola....
  • @ADAMATOMIC @patrickklepek Me and @halsted had plans for a series where an Ikea hippo asks me simple game dev questions and I blow him off.
  • @craigperko It's not my blog post! I think you can find the author over here if you want to notify him:
  • @craigperko I didn't see the warning or I'd pass it on myself.
  • @benjohnbarnes @mrfungfung A good point. Linked lists need to be treated more specifically than that to perform well.
  • I still want another Amplitude. Actually, I want another Frequency, but this will do in a pinch.
  • @benjohnbarnes @mrfungfung Hm. I would call that performing well *except* if you treat it specifically.
  • @danbruno ... Let's do lunch.
  • @yoitstimothy I didn't think they had much of a chance 3 days ago. Check this graph out:
  • @necrosofty @leighalexander @p0rk1ns I was wondering the same thing -- turns out it's actually in the FAQ!

May 21

  • RT @nickchester @necrosofty @leighalexander @mogwai_poet @p0rk1ns We actually thought we were selecting "18 hour," so this has been really tough on us.
  • @cmuratori Doesn't Sony own Amplitude? They don't need to make a backroom deal to get exclusivity.
  • @LouisGorenfeld I'll stick with Jenga.

May 22

  • @dan_schmidt I remember distinctly the on-disc documentary for Guitar Hero not having a segment where programmers pretend to be incompetent.
  • @TheBarringGaffn Agreed. A more literal but less marketable Kickstarter title would've been "weird thing reminiscent of Frog Fractions 2."
  • RT @tinyspikylady 'frog fractions but about murder' drakengard 3 sounds really different to what i expected it to be and that is what i said about it
  • RT @christinelove I'm not going to make an edutainment game about kink safety, but if I DID, I would definitely call it Flog Fractions 2
  • After seeing what they did to Metroid, Nintendo still thinks working with Team Ninja is a good idea for some reason.
  • @merusworks Interesting. Do you have reading material about this? I was just looking at Other M's "Iwata Asks" to suss out some intent.
  • @merusworks Sakamoto! So not the Smash Bros. guy. Okay, cool, Yoshio Sakamoto is part of this Iwata Asks.
  • Mario 64 120-star record, 1:43:42. Superhuman. It looks tool-assisted except the parts where he fucks up and curses.
  • RT @SciencePunk People claiming this image shows how much games have changed since 1992. Really it shows how much they haven't.
  • "How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics"
  • Also, Buzzfeed has actual journalism on it now? Stereotypes?
  • @hryx The last 15 mins is heart-stopping. I can't think of a game that creates a more visceral fear of falling better than Mario 64.

May 23

  • RT @tactful @mogwai_poet Buzzfeed started hiring actual journalists, they've been shifting into actual news coverage for a while
  • This story is baffling in every respect. This is news? This is hard? This wasn't the case from day zero?
  • RT @JasonMeisel @mogwai_poet But like... why is it news? SSB announcements somehow went from "holy crap Sonic is in it" to "now Bowser stands up straight!"
  • @_nl1 @squidlarkin They should be able to handle this by rotating 180 degrees rather than flipping.
  • Amplitude funded! So with this budget and Harmonix's burn rate, we should expect it in the next three months, right?
  • @ForneusLex Ah, six months then
  • The sock puppet who directed Drakengard 3 speaks about the social forces requiring him to make games about murder.
  • @JAH2488 He's literally a puppet! Did you know? I didn't know!
  • @dominictarason Wish I had a better sense of the economics of going indie in Japan. It's probably worse than here, and it's not great here.

May 24

  • RT @bradylee_ has science gone too far
  • Flying to New York in like an hour. Will be in the vicinity for a week probably? Plans still coalescing, but if you want to meet, hit me up.
  • @samuelcole @kickstarter @shinyee_au That would be fun! Where are you guys based?

May 25

  • @TheQuinnspiracy Oh no, so sorry to hear it.

May 26

  • East coast update: still on east coast.
  • @wavenger Right now, visiting friends. Later, helping my sister move back to California!

May 27

  • A practical guide: "15 potential headquarters for the Illuminati: theories and conspiracies"
  • One weird takeaway from the Amplitude Kickstarter is that apparently Harmonix only has one order of magnitude more fans than I do.
  • @lediva It is Twinbeard policy to say "maybe" to rumors and speculation.
  • @Miranda_Dragon A good point. I bet a PC port would've helped a ton.
  • I will not be at Tuesday co-working today or next week. However, Peter should be there to let you in today. (Not sure about next week.)
  • This is definitely the only restroom stall I've ever seen that locks from the outside.
  • Both parties need to agree to the transaction to open the bathroom door. I'm pretty sure this is a requirement of ACID compliance.
  • RT @antumbral @mogwai_poet Does flushing the toilet require two different operators to turn their keys

May 28

  • Amazon patents photographing subjects against a white background.
  • @axelradical
  • Sick burn on Oscar the Grouch.
  • RT @tinysubversions @warnick @betajames FYI, ctrl+shift+V pastes without formatting on win/linux. Mac is cmd+shift+opt+v, or remap:
  • @pragmatism Yeah, my sister is graduating and we're helping her move!
  • @VirtualClint @tinysubversions @warnick @betajames Regular Adblock?
  • @pragmatism I would suggest we meet except I'm super busy the whole time. You should come to Tuesday co-working at The MADE in Oakland.
  • @pragmatism Tuesdays at 1pm. Not next Tuesday though since I won't be back by then
  • There's this strange body of water in the way of our walking path. This never happens in California!
  • @pragmatism Thanks!
  • @Secret_Tunnel That only happens during the two weeks a year when San Diego becomes a district of Seattle.

May 30

  • @burgerbecky @joonturbo Pretty sure it's not malware, but I can't tell you what it is.
  • I'd be writing more about my trip but so far the only place on Long Island that's had decent mobile phone reception is the Verizon store.
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