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Ugh, stop twitching
mario sunshine
games Posted 2002-04-02 01:48:00 by Jim Crawford
Guess what. Mario Sunshine, sequel to the best game ever, seems to have a plot. You know what this means? It means that it's going to be short.

The pressure to give games “stories” is almost as pervasive as the pressure to make games 3D, and I have to say, I don't approve of developers caving to either.

Say what you will about the repetitivity of the “collecting items” structure of Mario 64, it makes for long games. It took me 60 hours to finish Banjo-Tooie; only 15 to finish Conker's BFD. They were both good games, satisfying in different ways. Both had high-quality gameplay... Banjo-Tooie simply had more.

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Is it?
Posted by AdamMil on 2002-08-28 03:13:51
So... is it short?
re: Is it?
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2002-08-28 06:31:56
>So... is it short?

The story and the gameplay don't seem to be integrated very well, so the basis of my fear is gone.

As for whether it'll short, it's hard to say. I don't know how many shines there are in the game. Assuming 120, like Mario 64, I'd estimate maybe 30 to 40 hours. Not bad at all.
Posted by AdamMil on 2002-08-28 06:38:47
Well, keep us updated!
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