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Ugh, stop twitching
final fantasy 7 ending
games Posted 2000-11-06 11:36:12 by Jim Crawford
I've just finished Final Fantasy 7 for the first time.

The ending was a bit incoherent, and I don't think it's all because I barely paid any attention to the story line (Sephiroth bad. Aeris dead. Meteor about to destroy Planet. Cloud all fucked up.)

Follows my interpretation of what happens after you beat the final boss. There are spoilers involved, if you hadn't guessed.

Crater floor collapses. Tifa tries to save Cloud. Cloud saves Tifa. They make small talk while hanging off the edge of a cliff.

Crater starts to explode. Cigarette falls from Cid's mouth. Airship falls into crater. Ironic music plays.

Party enters airship. Crater explodes. Cid pulls the “don't explode” control. Airship does not explode.

Random little girl watches meteor approach planet.

Meteor penetrates Planet with its tentacles. Planet penetrates Meteor with its tentacles.

Dead Aeris looks upon the Tentacle Penetration Party she hath wrought and smiles.

Lifestream Ex Machina.

Five hundred years later, a descendant of Red 13, or perhaps Red 13 himself, runs up a cliff with his tail on fire (apparently noone ever told him that running whilst on fire only forces the flames up to your head. stop, drop and roll!)

Now... I'm probably missing something, but does the defeat of Sephiroth have anything to do with the Planet not being destroyed?

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